Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 36

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
“Yeah, so you say. How do you know for sure he didn’t sneak out on you.”   “Eiri has never dyed his hair. Don’t you think if as you claim he did leave me and colored his hair, I’d have woken up or at least seen some signs in his hair that he had colored it?”   “Perhaps not if he washed it out well enough. As for you waking, well he just slips out of bed after he’s exhausted you from activity and you fall asleep.”   Shu blushed darkly as it wasn’t hard to catch on to what he was implying. “Um, actually Eiri hasn’t tried to do anything like that. He wants wait and break in our new house. I slept curled up next to him on the couch.”   At that Kyo smiled brightly. ‘So, the big bad wolf is blowing smoke and hasn’t touch little Shu yet. Perfect, it means there’s still a chance!’ Trying to keep his smile as light an innocent as possible, “Shu, let’s go talk in private.”   Hiro and Akira weren’t so sure that was a good idea. They were totally suspicious of Kyo. Shu however either didn’t sense it or chose to ignore it.   “Um, okay sure.”   Hiro and Akira couldn’t believe this.   “Shu, I don’t think…” Hiro started.   Shuichi turned around and said, “It’s okay Hiro, Kyo’s a friend.”   “Still, I’m not so sure leaving the two of you alone is such a good idea, Shindo.” Akira said.   Shu cocked his head, “Why? Is there something I don’t know?”   Kyo glared at Akira, “Yes, Akira. I’d like to hear it. I’m hurt that you don’t trust me. Let’s go, Shuichi.” Kyo said gently pushing Shu towards the door.   “But…” Akira started but faltered with the glare Kyo gave him.   “Don’t hurt him, Kyo.” Akira said in a voice that was practically pleading.   Kyo smiled, “Why would I want to hurt him? I care for him very much.”   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Kyo opened the door of one of the upstairs apartments that were used for renters. Kyo often stayed in one when he was kicked out by his parents or had a fight with them and none of his friends would let him stay. He flicked on the light and opened the door to let Shu in before closing it.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Akira sighed, “Nakano, would you mind taking care of Shindo when he comes back?”   “Sure, but why?”   “I’ve had problems with Kyo’s attitude in the past, concerning Shindo. He usually ends up upsetting Shindo in some way. A few times we went on anyway after he’d done something. Shindo didn’t know Kyo was the reason that these things happened and though the audience didn’t seem to sense it I did. It affected his performance. Not in a way that if you didn’t know him you could tell kind of way but…”   “No need to explain I’m his best friend and former band mate, trust me I know what you’re talking about.”   “Good, then it’s settled. A girl came in to the bar a month or so ago and asked if her new band could play here and give us a day of downtime. Her band hasn’t been getting many gigs and she calls at least once a week or so begging me to let them perform here. I guess tonight she’s going to get her wish. I’ll also deal with Kyo.”   “Alright.” Hiro said, “So what kinds of things did Kyo do to Shu?”   Akira started to tell Hiro all the things Kyo did.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Kyo motioned to the couch. “Have a seat. Would you like some tea?”   Shu turned around and said, “No, um, thanks.” Then sat on the couch with Kyo in a chair opposite him. Then Shu asked, “So, what was it you wanted to discuss?”   “US.”   Shu frowned and cocked his head, “What do you mean us? If this is about the recording contract, I’m really sorry, Kyo. But I just don’t think it would work out. Not to mention I think Eiri would skin me alive if I suggested it.”   “What’s so great about him?”    “I-I don’t know. There’s just something about him that I can’t describe.”   “You’ve known me a lot longer and I’ve tried to show my feeling for you many times. Even going so far as to offer to show you how to French kiss, yet you still ignored me.” Kyo said anger seeping into his voice.   “I’m sorry. I…I didn’t mean to ignore your feelings. It’s just that with Hiro gone, I guess I latched on to you. I was trying to replace my best friend. That’s how I saw you as my best friend.”   “I see. I guess I should have seen that. I didn’t think about you’re feelings. I would see you laugh and cut up and your eyes light up. But yet you never looked at me like that. Now you want to just up and leave.”   “I never meant to hurt you Kyo. But my dream has always been to be just like Nittle Grasper. But it was going to be different and it was going to be better with Hiro on the guitar.”   “But you’ll still need a keyboardist. I promise I can be better. I’ll keep my feelings in check from now on. I won’t interfere with you and you’re little boyfriend again.”   Shu bit his lip, “I-I don’t know Kyo. I mean we’ve known each other for a little over a year. I know that Caliban has been covering up several of the things you’ve done.”   “And how do you know that?”   “Well one of the waitresses told me that Caliban talked with them and that we should be friends and that they didn’t want to upset you. They wouldn’t explain any further than that. But learning of your feelings I guessed that Caliban was covering for you.”   “I see. But I told you, I’ll do anything you want to prove that I can behave.”   At that Shu got up, “I’m sorry Kyo, but I can’t. It’s not just that I know Eiri wouldn’t like it, I mean I want to trust you, but I just don’t know that I can.”   Kyo was seething with anger and grabbed Shu’s wrist as he started for the door. “Kyo, what are you doing? Stop this let go of me, you’re hurting me.”   “I’m sorry, I don’t want to hurt you. But what does that bastard have that I don’t! Why, Why Shu? Why couldn’t you accept me?! What is so un-describable about him that makes him special?”   Shuichi kept trying to pull away but Kyo only pulled him forward and kissed him. Shu’s eyes widened. Shuichi continued to struggle and push away from him. Irritated that Shuichi wasn’t responding he threw him down on the couch. “I’ll show you I can be better than him. I’ll prove to you that I’m better. He’s refused to even touch you. But I can show you so much more. I know all about his reputation. He was a ladies man to the extreme. Going from one to the other, all the while he was married to some bitch who obviously couldn’t satisfy him. What does he have that I don’t? He hasn’t even touched you intimately yet! I’ve heard about him and he doesn’t exactly sound like the most romantic person in the world. I can offer you that and more. Has he told you he loved you, or hell even like you?”   Shuichi continued to try to get away pushing on him. “No, but it doesn’t matter. I know, I don’t need the words to know that Eiri cares about me and my feelings. He knew I wasn’t ready to go that far. That makes him special not cruel like you think!”   “Really? You really believe he’s being loyal to you now? I’ve heard he never goes even one night without getting some ass. How do you know when he’s not with you he’s not out getting him some? Mmmm? You said that wasn’t him at the amusement park, well it sure looked like him. But for the lack of argument say it wasn’t. He was married to that bitch for several years and not once was he loyal to her.”   “Eiri said it was only a business agreement marriage she meant nothing to him.”   “Really, you honestly think he’ll be anymore loyal to you? Has he ever really told you in detail about this alleged business agreement that forced him to marry?” Kyo said his hands by now had moved to undo Shu’s pants and reach inside despite Shu’s continuously trying to fight him off. Irritated at Shu’s pulling of his hand he pulled both up and held them above his head. Kyo was slightly taller than him but not as tall as Hiro but he was built a lot like Hiro and was also stronger. He resumed his hands trek into Shu’s pants and just growled as Shu kept trying to move and shift his body away.   “No, but it doesn’t matter. This isn’t funny Kyo, stop this. I thought you wanted to prove we could stay friends.”   “Well you also rejected that, if you recall. You said you didn’t think you could ever trust me and had to have than pansy ass boyfriends opinion on whether I was worthy!”   “Please Kyo, don’t! I thought we were friends!”   “We were and now we’ll soon be a lot more.” Then he kissed him his hand moving up and down Shu’s member. Shu continued to struggle. Then he bit Kyo’s lip.   “Stop fighting me Shuichi! This is something we both want, you’re just too afraid to admit it. I’ll show you what its like to truly be loved!” Then Kyo moved and started kissing down Shu’s neck. Shu started struggling even more as he felt himself getting closer to the edge despite not wanting too. Kyo sensing Shu was near growled and bit down on Shu’s neck. Shu gasped and came and his struggling temporarily ceased. Kyo wanted to mark what he felt was his and prove to Eiri once and for all that Shu belonged to him!   Kyo smiled, pleased as he brought his hand out and started to lick his hand. “Now it’s time to move on to the grand finally.”   “Kyo, please, stop this. I-I’m sorry, but I l-love Eiri!” Shu said.   But seeing Kyo was going to ignore him and do it anyway as he started undoing his pants Shu got up and tried to reach the door. But Kyo quickly grabbed his hand but this time he wasn’t able to pull Shu to him as easily as last time. Last time Shu didn’t truly feel there was danger. Now he was going to do anything he had to do to get away. Shu tried to pull away but then Kyo twisted his arms behind his back and really twisted his wrist hard causing him to cry out. Shu again tried to wiggle free despite the pain in his wrist. But Kyo just kept twisting harder as he started to kiss down the other side of his neck. The pain soon was blinding and Shu snapped and twisted away and was able to kick Kyo between the legs. Shocked and in pain. Kyo looked up but it was enough to snap him back to reality and look up to see Shu’s face.   Realizing what he’s done, he shakily reached out to touch Shu’s cheek. Shu pulled back as Kyo said, “Shuichi, I-I’m sorry. I just lost control, I never meant to hurt you.”   Shu looked down at him and despite the pain and the tears that threatened, he violently slapped Kyo causing him to fall back in stunned disbelief. Shu stormed off and opened then slammed the door behind him.