Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 45

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
As Hiro with Shu behind him entered the room at first it looked empty. But then they jumped as a figure stepped out of the shadows in a corner of the room.   “Shuichi where the hell have you been, all night?” Kyo said in a voice that sounded similar to a wife accusing her husband of cheating on her after staying out all night long.   “Kyo I…”   “Don’t talk to him!” Hiro interrupted. “If this is your way of trying to apologize for what you did and worm you way back into his life forget it! He doesn’t need you! He has me and he has Mr. Yuki.”   Shuichi smiled and beamed at Hiro.   “That Yuki guy is no good for you Shu!” Then he turned to Hiro, “And as for you Shuichi barely talked about you. Best friend huh, well if you were such a good best friend then why is we’ve never seen you before the other day?”   “I made a mistake by thinking it’d be better to listen to my parents and turning my back on Shuichi when he obviously needed me! I thought I could be happy becoming a doctor and fulfilling my parents wishes, but I realize I was wrong. I’d been focusing so hard on my medical school that I lost touch with my best friend.”   Shuichi blinked, he thought Hiro was happy being a doctor. “H-Hiro does-does this mean you’ll-you’ll help me and reform Bad Luck?”   “What? Shuichi he abandoned you and you want him to be apart of your band over me? I’ve been there for you every step of the way for the past year!”   “Hiro didn’t abandon me. I knew his cell number I could have called him.”   “But you didn’t and apparently neither did he!”   “It doesn’t matter now does it, Shuichi’s made his choice. We will reform our band and you’re not invited!”   Shuichi was so excited he hugged Hiro tightly. Kyo just stared in shock and anger. Since it seemed Shu wasn’t going to budge at the moment on Hiro he’d try attacking Eiri.   “Shu listen to me, that Eiri guy is a player. I’ve looked into him and he’s with a different woman almost every night. I doubt he even writes his own novels. From the research I’ve done I don’t see when he has the time.”   “So, that was then this is now. I don’t believe Eiri has been with anyone since he’s been with me.”   “What do you check his clothes or something?”   Shu glared at Kyo, “No, I don’t have to. I trust him! I believe in him. If he was still seeing other people why would he ask me to move in with him?”   Kyo walked forward, but as he got closer Hiro purposely made sure Shu was behind him as to be sure Shu didn’t try to forgive him and give in to him.   Kyo glared at Hiro but stopped his advance, then looked pleadingly at Shuichi. “Shuichi, I really am sorry for what happen. I lost control of my emotions. I never meant to hurt you.”   Shuichi looked up at him giving him a sad smile, “It’s all right Kyo. I forgive you.”   Hiro just shook his head he couldn’t believe this.   Kyo smiled even brighter, “Thank you so much, Shu! You wont regret this! We’ll make the band the best this country’s ever seen!”   But at that Shu shook his head, “I’m sorry Kyo. But I don’t think I could ever feel comfortable enough around you to be band mates again. I think there would always be a small fear, especially if we ever ended up alone together.”   Kyo stepped forward but again was blocked by Hiro, “I won’t, I wouldn’t. I promise I’ll never hurt you like that again!”   “Oh and if he comes in after a fight he’s had with Mr. Yuki. I suppose then you would be mister I can keep my hands to myself then as well?”   “What makes you think we’ll fight Hiro?” Shu asked.   “Don’t fret it Shu. It’s normal for couples to have fights and make up.”   “I know I can comfort him and not take advantage of the situation.”   Hiro didn’t much believe that. “Oh really, you’re sure of  that?”   “Yes, I’m sure of that!”   “It doesn’t matter Kyo. Even if I agreed to it, Eiri would never allow it.”   “What gives him all this power?”   “Well Tohma Seguchi is his brother-in-law and Eiri’s lawyers doing all the paperwork for me to sign.”   Kyo was now fuming, ‘So even if I manage to get Shu’s approval he’s still going to listen to that bastard he’s calling a boyfriend!’   “I think you should leave now. We have work to do.”   “Right we promised my mom we’d have the car back to her before four o’clock! We have to get everything packed and moved before then.”   “You’re moving?”   Shu blushed, “Yeah, Eiri wants me to move in with him.”   “I think it’s time for you to go!” Hiro said this time physically throwing Kyo out of the apartment.   Kyo couldn’t believe this! Not only was Shu still hanging off that Eiri guy but now was moving in with him! He had to stop this! He had to show Shu what he precious boyfriend was made of! In all his research he couldn’t find Eiri’s address so he’d have to follow Shu to Eiri’s place.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Eiri had finally managed to get away from Tohma. Though he was sure his brother-in-law wasn’t happy with his answers he was going to have to live with them.   He started towards the apartment building and saw Shu and Hiro opening up the trunk. He walked over causing them both to jump.   “Eiri you scared us!”   Eiri smirked and ignored him and said, “Is this really all you own?”   “Um well no, I have a lot more back at my parents house. My mom really wanted me take then when we borrowed her car but I didn’t want to flood your apartment with everything I own! So I convinced her to keep it till we move into our new place. You’re giving me a room all to myself for my junk so I can wait!” Shu said leaning up to give Eiri a kiss on the lips.   As Eiri looked down at all the stuff the boy had he noted that though it was a lot it was also a lot less than what his Shu has at their apartment. Which only depressed him not knowing if he’ll ever return.   Shu looked up and seeing the sad look wrapped his arms around Eiri’s neck and gave him a light peck on the lips. “What’s wrong? You look sad?”   Eiri couldn’t and wasn’t about to tell the boy the truth. He knew the boy wanted to know but Eiri felt it would only hurt them both if he did. No he would only tell him if he ever decided to or figured out how to get back to his world.   Eiri wrapped his arms around the boy and said, “It’s nothing. I’m just tired. Tohma and my editor were both on my case. It’s only going to be a matter of time till I get a call from my father outraged over everything I’ve done.”   “Is it my fault?”   “No, I was planning to do what I did long before you came along. You just gave me a reason to follow through.”   At that Shu smiled brightly hugged Eiri tightly and said, “I love you!” Then kissed him.   “Yeah, yeah I know you do brat, now hurry up and help Hiro get these boxes in. no since in making him do it all himself.”   “Right!” Shu said grabbing up a box and following Hiro who’d come back for another box. After the two started getting mushy Hiro grabbed a box and still with the key Eiri had given them let himself inside the apartment.   Just out of sight Kyo was fuming mad seeing Shuichi clinging to Eiri like that.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   After Shuichi and Hiro were out of sight Eiri noticed movement behind some bushes. What he saw was a very disturbing sight. He saw that Kyo was watching them. He walked over to him.   “Enjoying the show?”   Kyo glared up at him and said, “Bastard you’re using him for something and I plan to find out what that something is!”   Eiri rolled his eyes, “Can’t leave well enough alone? You nearly broke his arm and now you’re stalking him.”   “I’m not stalking him! I talked to him and he forgave me!” Kyo then looked Eiri in the eye and said, “He even asked me to be a part of his band!” Kyo lied.   “Hmm…now why do I doubt that!”   “It’s true! He also knows that you sleep with everyone and everything! He knows you nothing but a fraud and a coward!”   Eiri smirked, “If he believes all of this then why is he still moving in?”   “Because you’ve brainwashed him into believing you love him!”   “Really I thought that was your job.”   “Are you looking for a fight? I can certainly handle it!”   “Can you now? Let’s see about that.” Eiri said as he turned to where the apartments bomb shelter was. It was now divided up into storage areas and would be the best place to have their little conflict which Eiri wasn’t counting on lasting long. He was sure Kyo would put up a bit more of a fight that Maa-kun did, but was sure it’d last about as long.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   A/N: I had a bit of trouble trying to determine Shu’s attitude in this. I mean we all know he hated Taki after what he did, but this situation is a different. I mean he knew Taki what an hour, two, before he was betrayed? He’s know and been very close to Kyo for almost a year and a half. They’ve played together and he felt close to Kyo trying to make him like Hiro almost. So it was difficult to decide if he should just give in. But in the end I felt that Shu’s a forgiving person and despite what happen would not forget but forgive but would never be able to feel comfortable alone or a part of a band with him again. What do you think was I right, wrong, what?   Thanks goes to Mistress Ryu Youkai, for helping give me a bit of an idea for this chapter. That’s the reason for those on the alert list got this chapter alert twice, I’d skipped over a scene Mistress Ryu Youkai suggested and I’d planned to add in and I really wanted to add it so I went back to add it. I think it made the chapter better. Sorry if Eiri was out of character it was difficult for me to get what needed to be said and try to keep him in character so if he’s way out sorry I’m doing my best.