Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 46

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Kyo wondered where they were going as he continued to follow Eiri. Though he was getting more and more nervous as time went on. He nearly jumped out of his skin as Eiri opened the door to the bomb shelter/storage area.   “Where are we going?”   “Scared?”   Kyo Growled, your damn right he was scared! “Not on your life! I’m just in a hurry to kick your ass!”   Eiri chose for the moment to ignore his obvious lie. Well half lie really. Eiri was sure that a part of him was really looking forward to the fight. Eiri chalked it all up to this great fantasy the idiot had of winning the fight against him then taking something of his like a trophy and showing Shuichi and believing the boy would fall into his arms and all sins forgiven and they’d live happily ever after. Well Eiri was more than willing to knock that little fantasy out of his head.   “Where are we?”   “It’s a bomb shelter that was used in WWII but now is mostly used as storage for the apartments.”   “Why did you bring me here?” A part of Kyo feared Eiri planned to shot him or kill him in someway and leave him here for dead where no one would find him.   “I chose this place for the simple reason that anywhere else would be too public. People would either stop and stare just to watch a fight or someone would try to break it up.”   Kyo smirked, “You probably also don’t want the media to find out.”   Eiri glared at him, “I suppose you’d like to have your name and face splashed all over the news and Internet as having been seen fighting with Eiri Yuki over his new lover?”   Kyo opened then closed his mouth. No now that he put it that way he’d have fans girls from now till dooms day after his ass stating things such as ‘How dare you touch the Great Eiri Yuki’ and who knows what all. Not to mention he’d get Shuichi into more trouble. But even if Akira forgave him and they continued to play together he seriously feared not just fan girls but most likely a few fan boys too would either boo him off stage or attack him afterwards. No he was right this way was better. The only downsides he saw to this was that no one would be there to see the fall of The Great Eiri Yuki by his hand. Not to mention no one to stop him from killing him if his temper got out of control. Plus Shuichi wouldn’t be there to see his precious Eiri crumble like he’s sure he will when he sees he’s not just playing around he’s serious about this fight.   “So are you ready or do you want to dwell on your fantasy more?”   “It no fantasy that your using Shuichi! For what purpose I can only assume will be sex!”   “You honestly believe I’d go to this much work just for sex?”   “What else could there be? I can’t figure out another angle for you!”   “Have you asked Shuichi?”   “Yeah, but he says its love. I think you manipulated him into this!”   ‘I manipulated him?’ Eiri mused. ‘If anything it’s the other way around! He shows up at my door demanding to move in. Then he burst through the door and tackles me in a hug. I relent and say one week. I meant that too. One week that’s all nothing more nothing less. After that week was over I had every intention of kicking his cute little ass to the curb. Heh, that was what? About a year ago? Only a year huh, it seems much longer than that. And to think this all started because I was in a pissed off mood after Mizuki returned my manuscript with a note saying that well over half needed a complete rewrite. So instead of calling her and telling her to fuck off I instead decide just to go for a walk and cool my head and have a smoke. Then a paper comes flying at me and curious I pick it up. Truthfully I should have just let the wind take it. But no, I had to pick it up and read that dribble/trash. I was in a foul mood anyway so instead of releasing the paper or seeing the boy there just returning it, no I had to share my foul mood by telling the kid exactly how much zero talent he had with those sucky lyrics.’   Eiri was brought out of his musings when Kyo sucker punched him in the jaw. Eiri was stunned but then seeing the smug look on Kyo’s face angered Eiri to know end. So he wasted no time in returning the favor with interest! First he hit him in the jaw and grabbed him to keep him from going backwards then punched him in the gut.   Kyo was on the ground coughing and looked up wide eyed at Eiri, “You-you hit me!”   Eiri rolled his eyes, “What I’m supposed to stand here like a statue and let you beat up on me? Dream on kid!”   Kyo still holding his stomach stood wavering a little, “No, this isn’t how it’s suppose to be!”   Eiri didn’t say anything he just cocked his head a little to the side to try to make sense of Kyo’s ramblings.   “You should be groveling at my feet by now, begging me for forgiveness!”   ‘Ah, so I was right the little punk deluded himself into thinking I’d fall after one punch and he’d have an instant win.’ “I got news for ya punk if I had been the least bit afraid of you or to fight you…” Eiri then moved within a breath of Kyo’s face and said, “I’d have never come down here. If you deluded yourself into thinking that this was all for show let me remind you…it’s not!” With that Eiri pulled his hand back and hit Kyo’s privates hard and the boy sunk to the ground in pain.   ‘Che, I didn’t even hit him that hard.’ Eiri thought. ‘Maa-kun was at least a bit more responsive. Through out his beating.’   “I’m not through yet!” Kyo said and through a punch which Eiri expertly caught.   Kyo was stunned, but not half as much when Eiri sent him flying with a punch to his eye. Kyo didn’t go down without a fight, for which in a way Eiri was grateful, it felt good to beat the snot out of the little punk and unlike Maa-kun who basically accepted that he was to be the one Eiri was planning to beat up, Kyo fought tooth and nail. The downside would be to explain the bruises and scratches the brat had managed to get in here and there to Shuichi.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   A/N: Sorry if this didn’t meet your standards. Fight scenes aren’t really my forte. I did my best but it was kinda hard and the anime was no fun as they blacked it out so you didn’t have anything to go by. Anyone who has any advice on how to help make the scene better please feel free to tell me!