Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 54

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
The next day Eiri walked into NG and had no trouble there. It seemed the only time he had trouble was getting into Tohma’s office.   The secretary looked up and her expression was easy to read as “Oh it’s you again.” However she said. “Just a moment I’ll call to see if Mr. Seguchi is available.”   As she turned to the phone Eiri thought, ‘Yeah, you do that.’ Then turned and walked straight into the office.   Again the secretary protested. “I told you to wait, Mr. Seguchi is a very busy man.”   Tohma however walked over and looked at his secretary, “It’s fine. Eiri is always welcome, he don’t need an appointment or permission.”   Clearly this annoyed the secretary but she left anyway.   “Eiri what a pleasant surprise. What brings you here?”   “This.” Eiri said throwing a newspaper on his desk. The headline was basically ‘Aizawa of ASK accused of raping and blackmailing former band Strawberry Panic’s female lead singer.’   Tohma looked up at Eiri, “You can’t take things like this serious, Eiri. It’s a rag magazine. Yesterday’s headline read that Ryuichi was abducted by aliens.”   ‘Gee, I’d have thought that one was true.’ Eiri thought. “I know he did something to her. He so much as said so when I came here a few weeks ago, looking for information about Yuki.”   “I’m sure you just misunderstood.”   “Look Tohma I understand they’re your current top band and that’s the reason you’re trying to cover this up. But I’ve also heard that you’ve been having trouble with XMR recently.”   “I didn’t think you kept up on the music scene much less know that much.”   How Eiri wished he could rip that smile off of Tohma’s face, tell him all the things that that bastard Aizawa did to his Shuichi. But that would get him no where. He didn’t want to kill Aizawa, as he didn’t feel like being locked up. Although he mused in this time line no one would ever suspect him as he has no connection apart from this meeting and hell would freeze over before Tohma would tell a cop about this meeting, even if he did suspect Eiri of killing Aizawa. But still if there was an alternative to killing he was willing to try it. “I know quite a few things Tohma. Like how XMR is always trying to steal your company. Why not throw them ASK as a bone to chew on and then perhaps they’ll back off for a while.”   “Does this have anything to do with Shindo?”   “Yes, I don’t want him near that bastard Aizawa.”   “But Eiri you can’t believe all that you see and hear I sure you just misunders…”   “I didn’t misunderstand anything.” Eiri hated begging but if it would keep Shu safe he’d swallow his pride. “Please, Tohma. I’m asking you for a favor, to send that band to America or somewhere far away. Whether what they did is true or not I don’t want to risk their possibly, (definitely if you asked Eiri), hurting Shuichi.”   “Very well, Eiri. I will do this favor for you if you do one for me.”   ‘Here it comes.’ Eiri thought.   “You must go visit your father, this weekend.”   “Fine just don’t expect to see Shuichi next week. I’m taking him with me. I can’t do it this weekend as Shu would like to invite you and Mika to a housewarming party on Saturday.”   Tohma was more than a little surprised. “Well tell Shindo we’ll be happy to come. But I thought you hated parties. Why the sudden change of heart?”   “It’s surprise parties I hate, I simply detest normal parties.”   “Then why have a housewarming party?”   “I told you. It was something Shuichi wanted.”   At that Tohma gave a knowing smile. “I see, so you’re doing this to keep Shindo happy.”   Eiri simply glared at him, “Are you going to do this favor or not?”   “Of course I will Eiri. They may protest but I’m sure XMR will be more than happy to have them.”   ‘Yeah, let them clean up any messes they make.’ Though Eiri hated the idea that Aizawa could possibly do something to someone at XMR, short of killing him there wasn’t anything he could do. This would at least keep Shu safe, he hoped. But at least with them in America odds are they won’t run into each other again.   “Eiri are you sure you wish to take Shindo to meet your father?”   “Yes, if father can’t handle it then that’s too bad. Besides this way if he happens to have some woman there ready for me to remarry Shuichi can chase her off. Perhaps it will anger father but it’s the way it is.”   “I see. Well then I wish you well Eiri and we will be more than happy to come to the party.”   “Good, thank you Tohma.”   “My pleasure Eiri.”   After Eiri left Tohma just smiled and shook his head. Then he sat down and picked up the phone.   “Hello, Rage. I have a little proposition for you.”