Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 53

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
Shu was in aw of their new place. He and Eiri had went and picked out new furniture for the place and Shu couldn’t get over how great it looked in their new place. He ran upstairs to his room and saw his keyboard all set up and boxes waiting to be unpacked. But he then realized something seemed missing. He ran downstairs and found Eiri unpacking his laptop and a setting up his printer.   “Hey, Eiri I just realized that there’s no bed in my room. I thought we picked one out.”   Eiri walked over to the boy and backed him into a wall. “Now why do you think you need a bed in your room, hmmm?”   Shu blushed with realization of what Eiri was implying. “R-right my mistake.”   Eiri thought he looked adorable blushing. His Shu still acted like this most of the time when he was cornered. Eiri couldn’t resist nibbling on the boy’s inviting neck. “Perhaps we should see if they’ve set up the bed and break in our new house.” Eiri murmured next the boy’s neck and bit down.   Shu gasped, “E-Eiri!” he cried out then moaned.   For some reason every time the boy moans out his first name it stops him in his tracks. He still couldn’t get used to it. All this time hearing the boy call out Yuki it was unnerving to suddenly hear his first name escape the boy’s lips in passion of any kind.   Shu looked up and frowned, “What’s wrong, Eiri? You look distressed.”   Eiri turned away. “It’s nothing, why don’t we see what’s in the kitchen that needs to be in the refrigerator and unpack that and see about lunch.” Then he moved and walked towards the kitchen leaving a confused Shuichi behind.   Shu was confused, ‘This is the second time Eiri had started something but then suddenly stops. Why? Did I say or do something wrong?’ He couldn’t imagine what it was that was bugging Eiri. He made a note to call Hiro later and talk to him about it.   He followed Eiri into the kitchen and after putting all the food up Eiri made sandwiches for lunch and told the boy he could unpack anything else. Eiri had had the movers to unpack the dishes to save him the time and trouble of doing it and to keep the boy from wanting to do it and accidentally break some in the process. Eiri then moved to the bedroom to unpack his stuff. He had bought a dresser just for Shu’s stuff and there were two closets so the boy had his own. He was putting things away in the drawer when Shu came running in.   “Hey, Eiri.”   “Hmm?”   “Do you think when we get a bit more organized we can have a house warming party? You did promise I could meet you brother. Well we could invite him and even Seguchi and your sister!”   Yeah Eiri had told the boy he could meet Tatsuha but he’d been hoping for the meeting to happen this side of never. He should have known the boy would remember a promise he hadn’t planned on keeping to begin with. “What brought on this sudden thoughts for a dinner party?” Eiri asked not knowing that he’d regret the answer.   Shu smiled brightly and held up a white table cloth. “I found this while unpacking. I thought we could put in on the table and it’d make the event special!”   Eiri was too wrapped up in memories to hear anything the boy said. It was the same tablecloth Mika had given it to him for Christmas one year. But the thing that really made Eiri remember it was the fact that his Shuichi had put it on their table with dinner from his favorite restaurant for his birthday, just before he ended up in this world. This set Eiri into a wave of emotions. Here he was getting settled in and he had just not an hour ago tried to push past the fact that this wasn’t his Shu out of his mind. He’d decided that till he knew this Shu was safe and everything was as it should be. As close as he could get it to his world that he was planning to stay here. Though Shu kept calling to him in his dreams he kept fighting against what his heart was trying to force him to do. He didn’t feel ready yet. There were still a few things he wanted to do in this world before he’d decide where he truly belonged. Did he want to remain here and start again fresh? Or did he want to return to the world he knew? There were pros and cons he could see to both. He’d even considered making a list of those pros and cons. But hadn’t done it yet.   Shuichi was worried. He waved his hand in front of Eiri’s face. “Eiri, Eiri are you all right? You seemed to have blacked out on me.”   Eiri shook himself free of his thoughts. “I’m fine.”   “You sure?”   “I said, yes. Now what was it you wanted again?”   “Huh? Oh um I was suggesting a house warming party but if you don’t want too…”   Despite the turbulence of emotions going on in his head Eiri knew this was something the boy wanted. “I have to talk with Tohma about a few things so I’ll invite him and Mika to dinner on Saturday.”   “Really, We can have the party?” Shu asked excitedly.   “Only if the house is unpacked by Saturday. This is Wednesday, the movers have unpacked quite a few things but the rest of the house must be in the same condition.”   “Right! Um but why?”   “You did say this was to be a house warming party and you were planning to invite your family and Hiro too weren’t you?”   “Um, I hadn’t thought about my family and Hiro but yeah that’s a great idea! That way it’s a true house warming party!”   ‘Thrill.’ Eiri thought. He personally detested parties and wanted nothing to do with this but had no choice in the matter. “For a house warming, you will want to show everyone around the house won’t you? Do you want them to see boxes piled up?”   Shu gasped, he hadn’t thought of it that way! ‘Eiri ‘s right! If we invite people over for a house warming they’ll want to see the whole house and it’d look horrible if things were still scattered about or packed up in boxes.’ Shu looked up at Eiri, “You sure you don’t mind the party? You went pale when I asked earlier.”   Eiri didn’t bother to explain that it was the table cloth that had brought about memories and caused him to freeze up. “It’s fine. But the house has to be in top condition!”   Shu kissed him, “Got ya. I promise the house will be spotless before the day of the party!”   After the boy left Eiri just sat down on the bed and stared at the sticker on his lighter and lost himself in memories and thoughts of the future and his ultimate decision which he could feel was getting closer and closer each day. z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   A/N: Aren't you lucky, you get two chapters today! Hope you liked it. If you were expecting more from their moving in sorry if it disappointed I wasn't sure what more to do.