Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Second Chance ❯ Chapter 52

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
It had been one week since the final incident with Kyo. Eiri was surprised when Shu had told him that Akira Caliban had called and told him that Kyo’s parents had been planning to move to the US for a while, finally did so as they had long been considering professional help from some clinic that was said to be great in California. Eiri could only hope that first he didn’t speak English and second they locked him up and threw away the key.   After living in his apartment with Shu for a week he realized just how small the apartment was. It didn’t seem that small before he moved in. The work on the new condo wasn’t scheduled to be finished for a few more weeks. However unlike some people who just sit back and not keep on them, Eiri did constantly and that must have set a fire under his contractor or something as he called and said that they had finished well above schedule. Eiri had refused to offer a bonus if they finished early. He felt that if they needed that as an encouragement then they’d likely do a poor job just to finish early and get the bonus. Even now Eiri was suspicious of their saying they had weeks worth of work to finish and now their suddenly finished. He hired the same home inspector he did when he bought the place and the two of them went back over the property and there were still a couple of minor pluming and roofing problems those weren’t major and were things Eiri could get fixed over time and it meant that they could move in. Eiri went ahead and hired someone to start work on the roof and by the time he was finished they should be ready to move in. He’d already had the boy work with the contractor on the paint color for his room. Eiri normally preferred white walls he compromised with the boy. Shu wanted a bright color for the room but settled for an almost white blue for the living room. The bedroom was painted with the same color but had small spots of orange mixed in.   While the roofers were working Eiri had sent the boy off to NG for a planning session with Seguchi. He planned to start packing up a few things in his office like his laptop and a few other things. Then he planned to mark the boxes that contained the boy’s stuff and repack as much as he could find. He was thankful the boy hadn’t unpacked much. After he finished with he planned to hire movers to pack up the rest of the house. This way by the time the boy returned they could go straight to their new place and start unpacking.   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z   Shu had been so excited he couldn’t hardly contain his excitement of actually being in NG. Hiro however though he too was excited appeared calm compared to Shu’s bouncing off the walls. They had talked with Tohma and he told them that Monday they would start recording and by Friday he’d allow them to be an opening act for a band he’d chose later. They were leaving when their elevator stopped and some men got on. Shu immediately recognized them.   “Hey, aren’t you ASK?” Shu asked.   Taki looked the boy over, “Yeah, that’s us.”   “Wow, I hope we’ll be as big and popular as you guys are, someday!”   Taki got a disgusted look on his face and asked, “You have a band?”   “Yep, it’s called Bad Luck!”   “Mmm…So, what now NG is allowing anyone, including children to have their own band? Pitiful. Can you even sing, chimp?”   Shu’s anger boiled, “I’m not a chimp and yes I can sing! I’ve been waiting for this day since Seguchi first told us we weren’t ready!”   At that Taki laughed.   Shu growled, “What’s so funny!”   “So, Seguchi turned you down once, how did you finally convince him blackmail?”   “No! He gave it to me. Well he did say I had to leave Eiri first. But even when I refused he still gave it to me.”   “Hmp, just as I thought. You’re going to just be show ponies. He has no real interest in you.”   Hiro held Shu back as Taki laughed and left when the elevator doors opened. After they left Hiro guided Shu out of the elevator also. Shu looked up at Hiro and asked, You don’t think he’s right do you Hiro?”   “No of course not. Don’t worry about it. We’ll prove to them and everyone else that we’re not a band to be messed with!”   “Right!”   z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z -z-z-z-z   Hiro dropped Shu off and though Hiro had tried to cheer him up he was still slightly depressed.   “I’m home.”   “What’s with you brat?”   Shu told Eiri what had happened at work. It was then that Eiri remembered what the other thing was he was forgetting. He had to have a talk with Tohma about getting rid of ASK. The boy had bounced back from the Kyo incident fairly well and his Shu had bounced back from Taki’s attack. He wasn’t sure if this Shu had to deal with Taki’s attack not long after Kyo’s betrayal if he would be able to bounce back quite as easily. So he was going to deal with that as soon as he could.   “Where is everything?” Shu asked noticing almost nothing in the apartment.   “The workers finished the inside of our place and I hired movers to pack everything and move it over there.”   Shu frowned. “Why? We could have done it!”   “You shouldn’t move much till your arm is healed and I’d rather the dishes remain in tact rather than risking you trying to pack them.”   Shu pouted but didn’t comment on what he felt Eiri was probably right about.