Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ What's happening to me? ❯ Chapter one - Yuki and Shuichi ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter one - Yuki and Suichi
Shuichi's POI:
“Yuuuuuukiiiiii!!!!” Shuichi screamed trying and failing to get his lovers attention. “Yuukii! Please!! I really want you to come!! I didn't even write the lyrics this time!! You have to come to my concert!! I haven't had one in a long time!” shuichi sobbed. Yuki had finally had enough of his whining and shoed him out before telling shuichi that he would go to the concert, just to shut him up. Shuichi was over joyed to hear his yuki say he would go want watch him. That when he was shoed through the door he came running back with a huge grin on his face.
“Yuki” he said, “thank you!” and with that last sentence he pulled the much taller cold, blond down and kissed him surprising Yuki, and leaving him in his study. Stunned that Shuichi would ever do that.
“The things I do for that brat.” Yuki said to himself when Shuichi had left.
By this time it was about high noon. That meant Shuichi had to go to work!! He still wasn't done writing the lyrics for there next CD.
“Oh no!! Shuichi thought aloud. “I really need to get going! Or Hiro's going to kill me, and if he doesn't K will.” Shuichi ran to where Yuki was working on his latest Novel. Unbeknownst to him Shuichi was standing right beside him trying to get his attention while Yuki kept typing the same thing over and over again. “Yuuukii…i really need to go now. Can you please come back from la~la~land.” Shuichi started to watch as Yuki kept typing Shuichi over and over again. Shuichi giggled and kissed Yuki on the cheek and said, “Yuki keep typing my name and I'll have to start thinking you actually love me!” then he left leaving Yuki to his thoughts. Thus making Yuki blush at realizing he had been typing Shuichi's name. He filled up about half a page with his name. And so the dreaded delete button was pressed.