Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ What's happening to me? ❯ Shuichi and Hiro ( Chapter 2 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter Two - Shuichi and Hiro
Normal POV:
Shuichi was running to bad lucks recording studio as to not be to late.
“oh man, Hiro's going to kill me when I get there. I can believe I slept in so late!! Then I hade to wait for yuki to half answer me with a grunt before I left, or he would kill me when I got home if I wasn't already dead.” Shuichi thought aloud to himself when he ran right into Hiro.
“Shuichi!!!! Your late!!!” Hiro yelled at Shuichi until his ears bleed.
“Hiro, im sorry! I didn't mean to sleep in, it was an accident…I was up late last night helping Yuki with his new novel. He finally asked me to help him! There was no way I was going to not help him!!” Shuichi was in full happy mode now. There was no way Hiro was going to stop him, so he just walked away not even caring that Shuichi was still ranting about Yuki. He hated that guy. Yuki was the one who stole Shuichi from him. He promised himself that he would get Shuichi back no matter what.
“Hiro?” Shuichi asked. “Are you there?”
“huh? Oh yeah, sorry I was just thinking. But we need to get to the recording booth before K kills the both of us.” Hiro said when Shuichi ran up to him from behind and hugged his waist with his head under Hiro's right arm. Hiro blushed.
“hmm, Hiro what's wrong. Your all red.” Shuichi said to his best friend the tomato.
“umm nothing is wrong. Ok? Let's just go.” Hiro said trying his hardest not to stutter or let his face get any darker than it already was. “Hiiiiroooo!!!” some one said in Japanese with a very annoying American accent. “What's taking you so lo-“ he was cut off by the sight in front of him. “oh…I didn't know you swing that way Hiro. And Shuichi, what about Yuki what will he think of you and Hiro.” The annoying American K said.
“You dumbass!!” Hiro and Shuichi both yelled at K.
“I LOVE YUKI!” Shuichi screamed while Hiro was screaming “AND IM STRAIGHT DAMN IT!” while he was thinking `what am I saying. I'm not straight. I love Shuichi, and unless he decided to get a sex change then he is still a HE.'
K noticed Hiro getting redder by the second. `hmmm' he thought. ` I wonder…..' then he pulled Shuichi off Hiro and his blushed disappeared. And then K replaced Shuichi, doing the exact same thing. But the blush didn't reappear Hiro got slightly annoyed and very confused.
“K-kun, what are you doing?” Hiro asked
“just trying something. But Hiro your really well built. Do you work out?” k said no a now heavily blushing Hiro.
“umm yeah I do, every other day i go to the gym.” Hiro said now looking away from K in the direction ok Shuichi. Who was very confused. Because shuichi was now blushing like mad! So Shuichi finally had enough of being confused and grabbed both Hiro and K but the hands and walked to the recoding booth.
“Shuichi?” Hiro said at the same time K said
“Shu-chan?” both of them seemingly very confused, just as Shuichi was, looked at each other and back at `Shu-chan' who was now laughing like a mad man. Just then the synthesizer walked in and gave Shuichi a very weird look. Thinking to himself `what the hell happened to Shu-chan.'