Gravitation Fan Fiction ❯ Yuki & Shuichi ❯ Scene 3 ( Chapter 3 )

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Yuki & Shuichi
Summary: A story of two star-crossed lovers. The love of two enemies.
Scene 3
Later that evening, the Shindou ball was in full swing. It was a joyous mélange with people dressed in fine suits and gowns and wearing masks as playful disguise. Nobody noticed three strangers mix among the guests. It was Yuki with his brother and best friend, Tatsuha and Hiroshi Nakano. Of course they were uninvited because they came from the house of Uesagi.
They had heard about the party, and feeling festive, they decided to put on masks and join the fun.
Rows of dances turned in unison, like gems on a bracelet. The three friends looked over the scene surreptitiously. Then Yuki noticed a young beauty at the other end of the hall. He was enchanted. Never had he seen such a lovely boy.
Slowly he made his way through the guests to get a closer look. Shuichi came out from the dance, and laughing, lowered his mask. Just then, his eyes caught Yuki's. From that instant, he knew the breath of love. In the shadows, they spoke, their words dancing with desire.
Little did they know, that they were being sharply observed from the other side of the ballroom.