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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
"<..>" = spoken in japanese.par

Things that aren't in these things, <> will be transalted in these things ( ).

~*~Bruce City~*~Three years ago~*~

Muchica was at the bar he always went to, Bar Flower. "<This is the last time I'll be here in a long time...>" he thought to himself as the bartender served him a beer.

There was only one person that knew that he was leaving, Melodia. His ex-girlfriend, whom he still cared about as afriend. "Muchica!" Melodia said as she entered the bar.

"<Ah! Melodia! What are you doing here?>" he asked her.

"<I wanted to see you before you... ya know...>"

"Souda." (Right.)

"<Did you tell her?>"

"<Tell who?>"

"<Don't play dumb with me, Muchica. You know exactly who I mean!>"


"<Did you?!>"

"Iie..." (No.)

"<If you won't tell her, I will!>"

"<No, don't!>"

"<And why not?>" She put her hands on her hips.

"<I don't want her to worry, okay?>"

"Ne... Muchica... <You're so difficult sometimes...>"

"<Is that right?>"

"Hai hai." (Yes, yes.)


"<Why don't you see her one last time...?>"

"<Why should I?>"

"<Because you love her!>"

"... <Fine...>"

"<That's better! Now, she's in the park, watching the sunset.>"

"Arigato, Melodia!" (thank you, Melodia!)

"<No problem!>"

And with that, Muchica ran out of the bar towards the park. "<I probably will never see you again, Katana. I'm sorry I have to leave but there's something I have to find.>"

"Katana!" Muchica called out once he saw her.

She had flowing black hair that went down to her waist and sparkling blue eyes that made Muchica want to stare at them for hours on end. Katana wore black demin jeans and a light, white blouse. "Muchica!" she called back, her musical voice made him want her to continue talking.

When he reached her, she asked "<Didn't I tell you to call me by my nickname, Kata? Anyway, would you like to watch the sunset with me, Muchica?>"

"Hai." (Yes.)

They sat down on the bench, a few inches away from each other, but still close. "Muchica..." Katana said softly.


"<Something's troubling you... What is it?>"

"<It's... It's nothing really...>"

Katana turned to Muchica so that their eyes met. "<I can sense when you're lying, Muchica...>"


"Ne... Muchica... <You don't have to lie to me...>"

"<I won't be here tomorrow...>"

"<Oh? Why not?>"

"<I'm leaving...>"

"<I see...>"

Katana turned back to see the rest of the sunset. It was beautiful. The mix of red, yellow, and orange and then the darkening to black, high towards the sky. Suddenly, Katana layed her hand on top of his and sat back as the last lights of day disappeared to make way for the night. "Muchica..." she said lightly for the third time this night.


"<Why are you leaving?>"

"<I have to find something...>"

"<Well... Whatever you're looking for, I hope you find it, because I'll be waiting for you to come back...>"


"<Yes, Muchica?>"

She turned towards him. expecting him to say something, but was met with his lips touching hers ever so lightly. "Muchica..." Katana whispered as they parted.

"<Don't worry, Kata... I'll be back, and when I come, I'll be looking for you...>"

Muchica stood up and slowly walked away. "Muchica..." Katana whispered, before running home crying.


Ceres: I used the name Katana because it means sword in japanese according to The reason I used the name will come up in later chapters.