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[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Chapter 2:

~*~One year after Muchica left~*~

Melodia was walking down the street, pissed off because her latest boyfriend, Jou, was cheating on her on some stupid ditz he didn't even know. "<What the hell was I thinking when I agreed to go out with him?!>" Melodia thought angrily.

Suddnenly, someone tapped her on the shoulder and she jumped a foot in the air. Melodia turned around and saw that it was only Katana. "<Kata-san... You nearly gave me a heart attack...>"

Katana smiled nervously and said "<You seem angry, Melodia. What's up lately?>"

"<My boyfriend cheated on me again!>"

"<What do you want me to do? Kill him?>"

"<I wish... But he deserves more than that... Since he cheated on the O-so-beautiful Melodia!>"

Katana sweatdropped as fire seemed to burn behind Melodia as she began to plan evil things to do to her boyfriend. "<Why don't you just dump him?>" Katana asked.

"<Eh?... Yeah, I could do that!>" Melodia said as she made a victory sign.

Katana had no choice but to smile at her friend's cute behaviour. Ever since Muchica left, Melodia was there to help.Katana could always count on her. Suddenly, her face fell as a shadow fell upon the jumping Melodia. "<Uh... Melodia...>"Katana said nervously.

"Hai, Kata-san?" (Yes, Kata-san?)

"<Behind you...>"

Melodia turned around and nearly exploded. "<Jou, you bastard! How dare you cheat on me?!>"

"<Melodia... I didn't->" began Jou, but Melodia still wasn't finished.

"<Don't tell me you didn't, because I know you did! You think I'm stupid, don't you! Well guess what, Jou, we're through! Why don't you go to that stupid bitch you cheated me on!>"

And with that said, Jou left, shoulders sagging, and leaving a steaming Melodia, along with a sweatdropping Katanabehind. When Melodia turned around to face Katana, she was back to her bubbly old self again, smiles and everything. "<So, Kata-san, wanna go out for some sake?!>" she said in her same old cheery voice.

"<Sure!>" Katana replied.

The two of them walked to the place they both loved to go to together ever since Muchica left, Bar Flower. Katana looked around for probably the millionth time in her whole life she spent in Bruce City. Then she saw "the chair", Muchica's favorite place to sit in this place. "Muchica..." Katana murmured.

"<Sorry? Did you say something, Kata-chan?>" Melodia asked.

"Betsuni... <Just talking to myself...>" (Nothing...)

"<Okay! Let's have some sake and drink ourselves silly!>"

Katana shook her head playfully and walked over to the table Melodia was sitting at. Ever since Muchica left, Melodia got more playful with Katana and began to drink after she dumped her cheating boyfriends. Sure, this was unhealthy, but Katana looked out enough for her, so if Melodia got too drunk, Katana would drag her away from the bar. She was the closest Katana could get to family. Katana sat down and accepted a glass of sake from the bartender. "Melodia?" Katana said,

"Hai?!" Melodia said, a little bit too fast. (Yes?!)

"<What would you do if I went after Muchica?>"

All of a sudden, Melodia's face became serious. "<Come one, Kata-chan... We haven't talked about anything that involved Muchica ever since he left. What's up with you?>"

"<I want to go look for him...>"

Melodia smiled brightly, she knew where this was going. Plus, she wanted to help some people get together, instead of splitting with her boyfriends, for once. "<Kata-chan, you can go look for him whenever you want, I'll stay here, though.This is where I belong. And you belong with Muchica. I totally understand if you want to go find him. If you ever need me, you know you can always find me here.>"

Katana smiled wider than she had in a year and stood up. She walked over to Melodia and hugged her. "Arigatou, Melodia... <I can always count on you!>" Katana said. (Thank you, Melodia...)

Melodia patted Katana's back and smiled as a small tear made it's way down her cheek. "<Just come back with him, okay?>" she replied.

"<I will, promise!>"

Katana gave Melodia a sqeeze before running out of Bar Flower to her house. She ran into her room and packed everything she would need for the journey. Katana looked around her room for everything she would need. Then her eyes rested upon her katana. The only thing that her father left to her when he died. She tied it to her belt. When she finally had everything, she walked to the outer wall of the town. "<Muchica, here I come...>" Katana said to herself as she began to walk down the dirt road.


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