Groove Adventure Rave Fan Fiction / Rave Fan Fiction ❯ A Thief's Love ❯ Kinou Kara Kyou E ( Chapter 3 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
~*~Present Day~*~Garage Island~*~

"Hm... <What are you?>" Haru asked a shivering Plue that he had fished out of the ocean.

Suddenly, Haru heard something move in the bushes. He turned around sharply to find a tall girl no older than 17 "<Can you help me?>" the girl asked.

"<Sister always taught me not to talk to people I didn't know.>" he replied.

"<My name is Katana. I need your help.>"

"<Alright. So what is it you need?>"

"<Is there anyone named Muchica one this island?>"

"<Sorry. I've lived here my whole life and I know everyone here, but I know no one named Muchica.>

Katana was disappointed. She's been looking for Muchica for two years now, and she still hasn't found him. "<Muchica. Where can you be?>" she thought as she stared off into the distance.

"<Hello...>" Haru said as he waved his hand in front of Katana's face.

Katana snapped out of it when the lion-like nudged her arm. She turned to the animal and said "<What is it, Kish?>"

The animal, now known as Kish, nodded towards Haru and Katana looked at him in response. "<Oh... I'm sorry, did you say something? I was zoning out...>" Katana said.

"<Katana... What's that animal by you?>"

"<Please, call me Kata. This is Kish, my companion. She is big enough for me to ride on her, it helps me on my travels to find Muchica.>"

"<I see...>" he said, examining Kish, as she growled and looked at him as if she was saying "Go ahead, I DARE you to lay one grimy finger of your's on me!"

Katana sighed and said "<I have to go and eat something. Which direction is the nearest town?>"

Haru pointed to inland and said "<It's about half a mile from here. Hope to see you soon, Kata-chan!>" as he smiled.

Katana smiled as she waved and began to walk towards the city. Once she disappeared, Haru turned to Plue and asked "<What are you?!?!?!>"

~*~Garage Island Town~*~

Katana just walked into a bar and sat down in front of the bartender. "<Shrimp dimplings and some sake, please.>"

"<You shouldn't drink, you know...>" Katana heard a familiar voice say from behind her.

She turned around and saw Haru standing there, holding Plue. She immediately turned back to the glass of sake in front of her and said "<Sorry, kid, but I love drinking sake once in a while.>"

Haru shrugged and said "<I guess once in a while isn't so bad...>"

He sat down beside her and ordered a soda from the bartender. As he got his drink, he heard Katana say "<Why did you follow me here, kid?>"

"<I was curious and I know you aren't from around here.>"

Suddenly, an old man popped out of no where and looked at Plue excitedly. "<Plue! Plue! Plue, is it really you?!>"

Haru was taken back, along with Katana, as they were both blown to the other side of the bar from the old man's sudden apprearence. "<Who the heck are you, old man?! You nearly gave us a heart attack!>" Katana yelled.

"<Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm Shiba, Sword Saint.>"

"<SHIBA 'THE' SWORD SAINT?! You've got to be kidding me, old man!>" she replied, as she took a few steps closer.

"<You've heard of this man?>" Haru asked her.

She nodded and said "<I've been traveling the world for two years and I've heard many stories of a man named Shiba, The Sword Saint. 50 years ago, he was the controller of Rave that defeated the mother Dark Bring...>"

Shiba nodded and said "<You got that right, little girl!>" as he smiled proudly.

"<LITTLE GIRL?!>" Katana yelled.

Suddenly, Katana began to throw her hot dumplings at the old man while screaming "<Nobody calls me little girl and gets away with it! Get back here so I can take better aim, ya old windbag! You're SOOO lucky that I'm not using my katana on you!>"

Haru, Plue, and Kish bother sweatdropped at the sight of the Katana throwing perfectly good shrimp dumplings at Shiba from across the room.

"<Give an old man some slack, would you?!>" Shiba yelled.

~*~10 minutes later~*~

Katana and Shiba sat at opposite ends of the couch, with Haru standing in front of them scoldingly. They were now in Haru's house with Haru's older sister, Cattleya, in the background sweatdropping with Kish and Plue at her sides. Haru exhaled and said "<Katana, you know better than to disrespect your elders. Shiba, you know better than to insult someone you do not even know. Now say you guys are sorry.>"

Shiba and Katana mumbled but Haru couldn't understand them. "<What was that?>" Haru asked.

"<WE'RE SORRY!>" the two 'delinquents' said in chorus to each other.

"<Now, Shiba, how do you know Plue?>" Haru asked the old man.

"<Plue is the messenger of Rave.>"

"NANI?!" Katana screamed. (WHAT?!) "<You mean that that... THING is the messenger of RAVE?!>"

Shiba nodded and Haru looked lost. Katana sighed and explained. "<The messenger of Rave knows where the five lost Raves are. It is also said that the messenger of Rave saved Shiba from dieing 50 years ago.>"

Shiba piped in. "<It seems that you've been doing your homework, Katana.>"

"<If you've been travelling for as long as I have, you'd know more stories about yourself than even you can figure.>"

Kish padded towards Katana and plopped down on the floor beside her. She began to purr as Katana stroked inbetweenher ears. Katana stood and said "<I'm gonna go out for a walk. Haru, you can talk to Shiba.>"

Katana walked out of the room with Kish loyally following her mistress.

~*~Sunset that day~*~

Katana and Kish were sitting on a cliff overlooking the sunset. Katana was singing a song in memory of Muchica:

"itsu made mo wasurenai
takusan no mono moratta ne
sora no iro utsushite hikaru aoi houseki ya
koinu-tachi hanemawaru hiroi niwa ja nai
motto motto daiji na mono wo

kinou kara kyou e kyou kara asu e to
boku-tachi wa aruite yuku yo

yuuyake no sakamichi de
kataguruma shite moratta ne
warui koto shikarazu ni tada kanashii me wo shita
tooi hibi utsusu KAMERA dare no kokoro ni mo
kitto kitto aru hazu dakara

hitomi toji mekuru ARUBAMU no kazu dake
boku-tachi wa OTONA ni naru yo

tsunaide'ku kizuna hitori kara futari e
te to te wo kasaneai
ato kara kuru KIMI ni
onaji mono watashitai kara

kinou kara kyou e kyou kara asu e to
boku-tachi wa aruite yuku yo

kinou kara kyou e kyou kara asu e to
boku-tachi wa aruite yuku yo"

Suddenly, Haru came running up to them. "Kata-chan!" Haru called desperately.

"<What's wrong, Haru?!>" she replied.

"<The village was attacked and Shiba is injured!>"


"<You have to come with me, quickly!>"

Katana nodded and ran after Haru, Kish following her. When they arrived at Haru's house, Katana saw Shiba lying on the couch, with a washcloth on his forehead. Then, Haru led her outside and Katana gasped. The buildings were down and smoking. It seems as if no one but Haru, Shiba, Cattleya, and Katana herself were the only ones that survived. Kish whined and rubbed against Katana. Katana looked down at her friend and smiled sadly. Then she turned to Haru. "<It seems that it's time for me to go to the mainland for something. I hope we see each other again if you ever come to the mainland.>"

Haru nodded and watched as Katana sat on Kish the same way you would a horse and floated up to the sky. "<Goodbye, my friend!>" Katana said from above.

Haru waved along with Plue as they both watched their new friend fly away into the sunset.


Here's english lyrics to the song Katana was singing. The reason I used the ssong will make sense:

I always forget
The many things I've received
The sky's color like a shining blue gemstone
Puppies jumping around, but the garden's not that wide
More and more the important things are

Yesterday to today, from today to tomorrow
We will be walking together.

The sunset on the hilly road
Where you gave me a piggy back ride
But the bad things still make my eyes sad
Every day I move the camera and wonder who's heart is behind it
Always, always we should live like this, but...

With open eyes I tear photos from the album
We are becoming adults

Our bond is connected, from alone to together
Hand in hand, we repeat
After until you come
I want that same thing

Yesterday to today, from today to tomorrow
We will be walking together.

Yesterday to today, from today to tomorrow
We will be walking together.

Yep, that's the Gatekeeper's ending theme.