Groove Adventure Rave Fan Fiction / Rave Fan Fiction ❯ A Thief's Love ❯ I'll Never Forget That Blissful Day ( Chapter 4 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
Katana flew through the sky on Kish's back towards the mainland. "<What's wrong with me?>" she thought, "<Everywhere I go there is destruction... Is it because of my unknown past?>"

It was pitiful, really. Katana didn't even know her parents, didn't have siblings, and if she did have relatives, she never knew them in her entire life. It was as if she appeared out of nowhere in Bruce City 15 years ago, when she was about 2 years old, on an old man's door step. He rejected her and told her to go to some other house. Katana shuffled her way around the town, dressed in rags, but determined as ever to find her "momma and poppa". Everyone rejected her as kindly as they can saying "I'm sorry, we have no room." or "I cannot afford to support you, maybe my neighbor will help." That is, until she met Melodia and Muchica in the park. She remembered that day well.


A chibi Katana walked through the park, looking for people that would help her. Suddenly, she saw a little boy and a little girl that looked to be about three years old playing in the sandbox. The little girl noticed her and ran up to her, a smile on her face. "<Hi! My name's Melodia! What's yours?>"

Katana smiled back sadly but said "<I don't know if I have one...>"

"<Oh dear... Well, you can come and play with Muchica and me! And when my mommy and Daddy come, I'll ask them if you can stay with us until you find your mommy and daddy, okay?>"

Katana's smile widened, she had some new friends. "<Sure, okay!>" she replied and followed Melodia to the sand box.

The boy had short hair that spiked up a bit and dark brown eyes that seemed to shine in the sunset. "<This is Muchica.>" Melodia said to Katana.

"<Hi...>" he said shyly. (A.N.: AWWW! He's shy!)


Muchica turned to Melodia and said "<What's her name?>"

Melodia looked at him sadly and replied "<She doesn't have one... I think that she's homeless...>"

Muchica and Melodia turned to Katana and Muchica asked "<Where's your mom and dad?>"

"<I don't have any. I just appeared here this morning without any memory about my family...>"

"Gomen..." (Sorry...)

Katana smiled and said "<Let's just forget about it and play, okay!>"

Melodia and Muchica smiled sadly for the poor girl and agreed. Fifteen minutes later, Melodia's parents came to pick her up. "<Come on, Melodia dear!>" her mother called.

"Kaa-san!" she called back as she ran to hug her parents. (Mommy!)

Katana still sat in the sandbox, hands folded on her lap, beside Muchica. "<Who's your new friend?>" Melodia's father asked.

"<Otou-san... She doesn't know her name, or her parents, or her past. Can we adopt her! Pwease! I wanna sister... Plus, she has no where else to go...>"

"<Is this true, little girl?>" her mother asked.

Katana nodded her head and looked at the girl's parents hopefully. "<Well...>" the father began, "<We have a big enough house, and we have enough money to support her... So, let's take in the poor child!>"

"<Yay!>" Melodia exclaimed.

Katana was so happy that she hugged the thing that was closest to her, namely Muchica, causing him to blush. Melodia took Katana's hands and began jumping for joy. "<You hear that! We're gonna be sisters!>" Melodia said happily.

Katana ran towards her new parents and hugged them both, whether they were her real parents or not. "<Thank you so much, Mr. and Mrs. Melodia's parents!>"

Her new father knelt down so that they were eye to eye and said "<You can call us kaa-san and otou-san from now on.>"

"<Okay, otou-san!>" (Otou-san means father.)

"<Now we have to name you...>" her kaa-san said.

"<How about Katana?>" otou-san asked.

"<Do you like that? Katana?>" Melodia asked.

"Hai! Arigato!" Katana exclaimed. (Yes! Thank you!)

"<Let's go home now, girls.>" kaa-san said.

The new family began to walk back to their house, Katana shuffling at Melodia's side, smiling widely. Then she remembered something and turned to face Muchica, who was still in the sandbox. "<Bye, Muchica! Thank you!>" she said.

Then, they left. Muchica still sat there, thinking about how Katana hugged him and blushed a brilliant shade of red.

~*~End Flashback~*~

Katana sighed and thought "<Muchica... I remember that day as if it were yesterday... I hope you are thinking about me too...>"

~*~Silver Rhythm Airship~*~

Muchica stood at the balcony of his room, (The airship is like a flying hotel.) watching the sun set. Them he remembered. He met Katana while the sun was setting. It was exactly 15 years ago. He closed his eyes as he remembered Katana's face in his mind, the wind playing with his long, brown hair. "<Katana...>" he thought, "<It's been a while...>"

He turned around and went into his room. He then took off his shirt and crawled into bed, having comforting dreams of Katana, the girl he loved but left three years ago.