Groove Adventure Rave Fan Fiction / Rave Fan Fiction ❯ A Thief's Love ❯ You Never Said I love you... ( Chapter 5 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
~*~With Katana and Kish~*~

Katana leaned forward and wrapped her arms around Kish's neck, letting her mane tickle her cheeks, and feeling her wings beat against her legs. (A.N.: I know lioness' don't have manes and Kish is sorta like a lioness but in her species, females and males both have manes but males have bigger ones.) After about ten minutes, Kish roared and as if telling Katana that they were approaching shore. Katana sat up and saw the shoreline. Once they got closer, Katana could see the town of HipHop Town. "<Ah... The mainland... How I have missed thee.>" she quoted from a book.

~*~30 minutes later~*~

Katana jumped 5 feet from Kish's back to the sandy beach and watched as Kish landed. She knelt down and put a hand on Kish's head. "<I don't want you caught by those dog racing fiends like last time, alright? Stay in the outskirts of the city, on a cliff or something. I'll whistle for you when I'm done getting provisions and upgrading my sword.>"

Kish flied off and Katana walked to the bumbling city. As if on instinct, she went to the nearest bar and entered. "<Ah, Katana, long time no see, eh?>" the bartender said.

"<I've only been gone a few days...>" she replied.

"<Yes, but a few days of you gone is a few days of no business!>" he laughed as did she.

"<Haha... I hate to break their hearts but I'm taken.>"

"<Oh? So who's the lucky guy?>"

"Sore wa himitsu desu." (that's my secret)

The bartender laughed again and said "<Anything to keep the guys thinking, right Katana?>"

"<You got that right.>" he laughed.

"<So what's it gonna be, missy?>"

"<Don't call me that... And I'll take the usual.>"

The bartender disappeared under the bar and reappeared with a glass of sake. "<Here you go.>" he said and handed her the glass.

When Katana took it, there was a paper attached to it. On it was someone's phone number. "<Trying to set me up, huh?>" she asked.

"<I don't know what you're talking about...>"

She laughed. "<That's the bad part about lying to me. I can sense it when you are!>"

He got nervous and said "<Okay okay. There was this guy->"

"<He's your son. I can tell, remember?>" she tapped his forehead with her finger.

He put her finger down and said "<You're a smart one for a young'n. Anyway, yes, my son has a crush on you. And I think you're a nice kid so I want you guys to be together. Not against your will, of course.>"

She leaned on the bar with her forearms. "<Sorry. But you can't beat someone's love for a childhood friend can you?>"

He smiled nervously and said "<Well, I guess it's timke for my son to find someone new.>"

She drained the rest of her sake and stood to leave. "<Tell your son not to ever leave that special girl that he finds. Because, I guarantee, she'll go after him, and believe me, it'll be a hard journey for the girl.>"

The bartender was left speachless as Katana left and the bell above the door rang with a deafening clamor in the slience.

~*~15 minutes later~*~

Katana had bought the provisions she needed and just needed to visit the beach to reliever her aching feet. When she got there, she saw Haru and Plue in the distance on a raft. "<What are they doing?>" she thought as she sat down on the sand to wait for them.

~*~30 minutes later (Haru's point of view)~*~

Plue and I just got to the mainland and we were STARVING! We had gone two days without food and Plue's nose... thing was drooping so lo it looked like it was going to melt right off. When we got to the beach, we saw Katana sitting there with... IS THAT FOOD?! I was going to start walking there but Plue beat me to it, Katana was already feeding him a lollipop. She looked at me and said "<Haru! Come over here and eat. By the way Plue's behaving, I'd say you're starving as well.>"

I gratefully went over and sat down beside Plue, across from Katana, and picked up a pork bun. I began eating like I've never ate before. Katana laughed and sweatdropped at my eating. "<So what are you doing here?>" I asked her once I ate my full.

"<Being in the mainland brings me comfort. I'm not used to staying in small islands such as Garage Island. The vast space on the mainland makes me feel like I need to explore. You know what the feeling is, right?>"

"<Yeah, the feeling of adventure!>"

Katana stared off into the ocean and thought "<I guess Muchica went off looking for that feeling...>"

When we were done relaxing, Katana stuffed whatever was left into her back pack and walked towards the city with us. Once we got there, a man with a hollow face went up to us, grabbed Plue, and ran for the hills. "PLUE!" I yelled.

I ran off, leaving Katana where she was and chased the man. I looked all over the city but couldn't find them. I looked around and saw that Katana didn't follow me.

~*~Katana's point of view~*~

I saw Haru run off to chase the man that stole Plue. I was too busy thinking to follow him. I knew something important was coming up and it had something to do with Plue. I saw it on the bar's event calendar... Oh yes! The annual dog races were coming up. I immediately realized that the man wanted to sell Plue to the men there and make them think that Plue was a dog! I then ran to catch up with Haru.

~*~8 minutes later (normal point of view)~*~

Katana ran up to Haru, who was sitting under a tree panting. "<Haru! I know where that man took Plue!>" Katana yelled.

"<Where is he?>" he replied.

"<The man probably took him to the dog racing arena and made the sponsors think that he was a dog. I'm most certainly posotive that Plue will be racing this afternoon!>"

"<Come on, let's go!>"

"<Sorry, I have to go again. Kish is waiting for me in the outskirts of the city, and we have to go again. I hope we meet again.>"

They shook hands and Katana ran off.

~*~Katana's point of view~*~

I ran to the outer wall of the city. As always, the Demon Card was there. I could've called Kish to pick me up and fly me away, out of Demon Card's reach but I didn't want to get on their bad side. I paid them the fee to leave with some conterfeit edals that the bartender gave me. Once i was out, I whistled and waited for Kish to come flying down. When she did, I took my back pack off, attached it to collar, and got on her back. We flew off. I needed to go to Punk Street for an upgrade for my sword. It's starting to dull, I noticed that before I met Haru, while I was training. Then I realized, I'm always running. Whenever I meet someone new, I run. Haru is the only one I've seen twice in one week. Then I realized something else, I've been alone for so long and I have yet to find Muchica. I looked out to the blue sky in front of me and thought "<Muchica... I can't believe you left... You never gave me a chance to say goodbye... Or even I love you... Ever since we met 15 years ago, you were always there for me... I just want to see your face again...>"

~*~Silver Rhythm Airship~*~

Muchica and his gang were in the meeting room deciding where to go next. "<We haven't gone to Punk Street yet, Muchica-buchou!>" one man yelled out.

Many others nodded in a agreement and began discussing among themselves. Muchica banged his fist on the table and spoke "<Okay, guys! We're going to Punk Street! We raid every safe there is and try to find that ship!>"

"<I hear there's a great casino there!>" another gang member said.

"<The whole room was full of sound when everyone started talking about the casino. Muchica sighed and yelled "<Alright, alright, we'll go to the casino. But after we've had our fun, we go to our usual business, okay?>"

Everyone agreed and went to go do their jobs around the ship. Muchica went straight to his room and opened the sliding glass balcony door. He cuold see Punk Street on the horizon. With the airship, they'd be there in about 4 hours. He began to think to himself when he realized, it's been three years ever since he left Bruce City. And it's also been three years ever since he saw Katana and Melodia. "<Katana... I'm sorry for never saying... I love you...>"