Groove Adventure Rave Fan Fiction / Rave Fan Fiction ❯ A Thief's Love ❯ Trouble ( Chapter 7 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]
~*~The gate in front of Lance's mansion~*~

Katana and Muchica arrived at Lance's mansion and were waiting for Haru to come back from getting the Ten Commandments. "<Three years huh?>" Muchica muttered quietly to Katana.

She nodded and closed her eyes for a moment. "<Three long years.>" she replied.

"<Remember, when we first met, you didn't know anything about your past?>"

"<Yes, I remember that day as if it were yesterday.>"

He hesitated before speaking again. "<I think I've found out why you don't have memory of your past.>" She said nothing so he continued, suspecting that she was in shock. "<Legend tells of a girl that holds a sixth Rave within her body. It is said that she is not to be born of man but will be mortal all the same. She will obtain psychic and healing powers from the Rave within her body. If needed, she cacn remove the Rave from herself and give it to the Rave Master to save the world.>"

Katana turned around and said "<You can't possibly think that the girl from that legend is me?>"

Muchica faced her and embraced her saying "<I think you're her. It all adds up. Your lost memory, your psychic abilities, and remember that time I broke my leg and you stayed with me the whole time? It healed much faster than it should have.>"

Katana buried her face in his shirt and said "<I understand now... Thank you, Muchica... Promise me one thing?>"


"<Always be there for me?>"

"<Forever, I promise.>"

She kissed him and said "<Let's pay attention to the situation at hand. Then later, I promise I'll spend as much time as I can with you.>"

"<It's a deal.>" He went back to his position.

A few seconds later, Katana took her sword out and whispered "<There's a guard coming.>"

Muchica nodded and transformed his silver into the staff with the arrow-head at the end. In no time flat, Muchica sliced the guard on his stomach and he was down for the count. "<One down... And a whole lot more to go.>" Muchica muttered.

Katana punched another guard that was sneaking around the outer wall where Katana and Muchica was. "<We don't have enough time. The guards will find us soon.>" she said.

"<How much more time left does Haru have?>"

"<Forty-five minutes, I'd say.>"

"<Looks like we're gonna have to go ahead then...>"

"<Give him ten more minutes.>"

"<Okay, but after ten minutes, we go inside.>"


~*~With Haru~*~

The new core for the Ten Commandments was finished and the metal was half done to being fully molded. "<Hurry, Muchica! Elie needs me>!" Haru said.

"<You can't rush this. I'm almost done. Just let me brand the sign of Muchcia on the sword and I'll cool it. Then it'll be ready.>" the old man replied, sweat on his brow.

~*~Lance's Mansion~*~

"<We have to go now! The guards will be all over us if Haru doesn't hurry>!" Katana said worriedly.

"<Don't worry. Let's just give the guards a little beating that's all.>" Muchica replied.

"<You mean get in a fight?>"

"<Yeah, we're going to have to anyway.>"

"<Alright, then, let's do it.>"

They rounded the wall that surrounded the mansion and pushed the iron-wrought gate open. There were about 20-25 guards there and none looked too bright nor did they look like much of a challenge, but looks can be decieving. Muchica had already restored his weapon back to the skull beaded necklace he had before and got ready to play with fists. Katana however, unsheathed her katana and bent her knees slightly, ready to charge. "<Intruders!>" a guard yelled and more came, bringing the total up to about 30 guards.

"<Ready?>" Katana said.

"Sou." (Right.) Muchica replied.

"<Then, let's go!>" Katana charged.

Katana slashed through the rushing crowd of guards and killed about five of them with one stroke. Muchica, on the other hand, was doing very well dodging the guards and making them kill themselves when they bumped into each other. When all the guards were either dead or severely injured, Muchica didn't even use his weapon and Katana had blood all over her sword. "<Ugh, this is messy work.>" she said and flicked the blood off her beloved katana.

Muchica agreed and wiped off some blood on her cheek with his thumb. "<How much more time left?>" he asked.

Her face paled and she said "<No more than 15 minutes.>"

"<Then we're going in.>"

Katana nodded and kicked the door. It flew off it's hinges and they ran down the entrance hall to the chamber where Lance was. There were two guards there but Katana easily killed them both. While she hid the bodies, Muchica snuck into the room and crept up behind a column. Katana threw the corpses behind a tapestry and snuck up behind Muchica. There was Lance, sitting on his "big boss" chair, resting his head on the hilt of his sword while Elie was trying to get him to talk. Suddenly, Lance brought stood up and practically flung his sword at Elie, narrowly missing her arm. He walked up to her and said "<I'm tired of that litte mouth of yours. Shut up and I'll let you live.>" he growled.

Muchica stepped out of his hiding place and flung a dagger at Elie's chains, causing them to break and let her go from her hanging/standing position. "<Step away from the girl, you old perv.>" Muchica said, "<I'm here to rescue the girl.>"

"Muchica!" Elie yelled happily.

"<Aww... I wanted to make a good entrance.>" Katana said from her hiding spot, sarcasm dripping from her very tone.

"<Come out, girl!>" Lance yelled.

"<As you wish...>"

Katana stepped out, but when she did, she threw a shiruken at Lance, barely missing his head and lodging itself into the wall with a thud. "<Heh, can you do any better, girl?>" Lance asked.

Katana laughed and said "<Hah! That was just a warning throw. I'm MUCH better than you think, DESPITE my gender.>"

"<I doubt that.>"

Katana growled and almost charged but Muchica held out his arm, putting it in her way. "<Let me handle him.>" Muchica whispered.

Katana would've protested but stepped back and let him have his fun. "<I have no business with you. Where's the Rave Master?>" Lance asked impatiently.

"<You guys don't know me very well, do you?>" Muchica asked "<I'm Muchica, leader of the Silver Rhythm Gang and I'm helping Haru and Elie out.>"

"<A gang?>" Katana thought curiously, "<He never told me about any gang.>"

Suddenly, a fat (and probably obese ^^;;) man with screws on his head and a mohawk ran into the room and said "<Master Lance, what's going on? I saw all the guards were dead so I came out here. What the?>"

"<Where have you been Bis?>" Lance said.

"<I saw at the old man's and I was beating him up and he wouldn't give me the Rave then some kid came and punched me and I got knocked into the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall...>"

"<Translation please?>" Lance asked the men behind him.

They shook their heads and as suddenly as he came in, Bis said "<Hey! I've heard reports of kids that looked like them!>" pointing at Muchica and Katana, "<They must've been the people that beat up the guards!>"

"<Brilliant deduction, Sherlock...>" Katana said. She was leaning against the wall, her arms crossed in front of her chest and her head hanging, her bangs hiding her eyes. "<Do you want a cookie for solving that or should I give you the Weight Watcher's special dessert?>" She smirked.

"<Why you?!>" Bis yelled and steam (literally) seemed to come out of his nostrils.

"<Watch out with that temper, Bub, or you might explode.>"

Bis turned to one of the guards that were still alive and said "<Get me the CRANK MASTER 3000!>"

"<Yes sir!>" the guard said and ran off.

When he returned, he carried a large drill-like contraption that can be hooked up to the arm. "<Ooooh. I'm so scared that Im shaking in my boots.>" Katana said, sarcasm dripped from her statement.

"<I'm going to teach you not to mess with me!>" Bis yelled, still steaming while hooking up the weapon up to his shoulders.

"<Heh, and I'm going to teach you what it's like to see birds flying around your head.>" Katana replied, stepping away from the wall and showing the determination in her eyes along with the amused smirk on her face.

"<Don't be stupid, Kata! Let me handle him!>" Muchica said.

"<It's alright. I'm sure I'll be able to handle him. It'll save us time, too. You deal with Lance while I take care of the pig.>" Katana replied.

Muchica retreated from protesting and watched as Katana unsheathed her katana and Bis charged up his machine. "You ready, big boy?>" Katana asked.

"<I'll make you eat those words!>" Bis yelled back, just a few more moments and his machine will be all charged up.

"<Thinking about eating are we?>" Katana chuckled.


He thrust his machine at her and Katana jumped up, making it look like she teleported. "<He doesn't realize I can hear his thoughts and predict his moves.>" she thought.

Katana came back down with her sword over her head ready to strike. She slashed down his back and he was down with an "<Auuuuuugh...>" Bis was dead.

"<Weak fool...>" Katana muttered as she flicked the blood off her sword.

"<Yeah, Kata!>" Elie yelled with her chained arms above her head.

Muchia smirked and watched as Katana stretched. "<Good job, Kata!>" he said.

"<Thanks!>" she replied with the cute anime face with her eyes closed and everything.

Suddenly, Lance was gone. "<Where is he?!>" Muchcia yelled.

Just as suddenly as he disappeared, he reappeared behind Katana and slashed down her back with his sword. Katana screamed and dropped to the floor, blood flowing from her back. "Kata-chan!" Elie yelled, she was on the verge of tears.

"Ka-KATA!" Muchica yelled, his eyes wide with shock.

"Na... ni?..." Katana muttered before she passed out. (

Muchica ran to her and Lance laughed. "Na...naze?!" Muchica whispered, pulling Katana onto his lap. (Wh... Why?!)

"<Her arrogance was becoming a bother. I had to eliminate her.>" Lance replied.

"<I'll kill you!>" Muchica gently laid her down on the floor after checking her pulse and then stood up.

"<Oh? You can never survive against my beasts!>"

"<And you say Katana's arrogance is annoying...>" Elie muttered under her breath.

"<What was that, girl?!>"

"<Nothing, nothing at all... jerk...>" She whispered the last part so he couldn't hear her.

"<I'll take you on!>" Muchcia challenged Lance, "<For Katana's sake.>"

Katana slowly opened her eyes just to see Muchica say his last statement. "<Muchica...>" she whispered, tears brimming at the edge of her eyes.

~*~With Haru~*~

Haru was running through the steets towards Lance's mansion. "<I hope Kata and Muchica bought me enough time. And I hope that they're safe.>" he thought.

Suddenly, he heard a roar and four thumps were heard beside him. He looked to his side and saw Kish running along with him. Haru smiled and said "<You sense your mistress in trouble, right?>"

Kish roared and ran faster, Haru at her back. A few seconds later, the mansion came into view, along with about 30 injured guards.


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