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GunDread SEED
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Chapter 1
< >: Thoughts
Boys meet Girls
On the distant, all-male planet known as Talark, the Prime Minister and Supreme Commander of the Talark Space Military forces waited as the video on the massive screen behind him. The video being shown was another propaganda film about their most hated enemies the women of Megele and the sorrow of their fellow men the graves of their fallen brethren. As soon as the video faded to be replaced by the symbol of Talark, he opened his mouth and began to give his speech to the graduating cadets of the military of their planet. Behind them was the former colony ship, which was now a battleship known to all as the Ikazuchi.
“And now my fellow warriors, we shall go forth to battle and crush the sworn enemy of our grand and glorious empire! The empire founded by our great forefathers and that of our revered Grand Pa many long years ago!” The strobe lights nearby flared to life as they shone on the statues depicting the eight founding men of Talark. The cadets cheered but immediately became silent as the Prime Minister spoke once more. “We shall go forth and annihilate the accursed monsters known as WOMEN! With the combined power and concerted might of the second and third generations, we shall be triumphant over our greatest enemies! We prove to all the great manliness that is our greatest pride and our greatest heritage! With our newest weapons of war and the return of the Grand Battleship the mighty Ikazuchi, we can not… NO! WE SHALL NOT FAIL!”
The Prime Minister and his staff were greeted with a roaring ovation by the swarms of raw newly trained cadets before them. Near the closest crowds was longhaired individual with a calm and collected demeanor about him. His face showed nothing in terms of emotion as he and the rest of the cadets continued to listen to the rest of the Prime Minister's speech.
“We are now ready to claim our inherited and rightful place among the stars, but first we must wipe clean the scourge of the nefarious pirates that have the sheer arrogance to attack our cargo transports. Why must we wait for the designated time of departure? We will go forth now!”
The crowds once again gave a massive round of applause and cheering.
In the engineering section of the Ikazuchi…
The young engineers looked at one another in shock and surprise.
“What?! He wants to take the ship into combat two hours early?!” A technician asked to his comrades.
“The Prime Minister isn't one would exactly call patient.”
“Can the chatter! You heard the Supreme Commander! All crews and essential personnel! To your assigned stations!” The head engineer ordered through the intercom.
The engineering staff of the battleship moved with maddened speed as they raced to their respective stations to prepare for the launch of the battleship. The engine room gave the impression of a beehive, where all the worker bees were looking as if hooked on steroids, as the men moved about to fulfill their assigned tasks. Huge mechanisms whined and creaked in the sounds of metal against metal as the massive battle-craft began to power up its internal systems. The ship began to accept the massive stream of cadets as the new recruits of the Talark military began to fill up the barracks as they boarded the ship. In less than fifteen minutes, the ship was now fully prepared to leave Talark as the last to board was the prime Minister and his command staff as they entered the command bridge.
It was then that the massive thrusters that would propel the ship to the void of stars fired up. The entire flagship trembled with massive power and it readied itself to leave the men's home world. Outside the huge crowds cheered and watched in anticipation as the crowning achievement of `manhood' was about to bring the war with women to vast ocean of stars above.
Then the powerful engines kicked in as they novaed releasing a massive blast of light, lifting the ship off the ground as it steadily began to gain altitude.
On the ground, several miles from the launching site, an old man in the age of possibly seventy-five wiped his sweaty brow as he looked up from the fields he was working on. He was a well-build man for his age and showed a great deal of wisdom in his eyes that were shaded by his glasses. As he watched the ship leave for the heavens above, he felt a certain unmistakable feeling course through his old yet not frail body. He felt that soon the Ikazuchi was soon to cast in a role, which would determine the destinies of both his home-planet and that of the women. A moment later he went back to work on the sterile, dry and almost desolate soils of Talark.
In the hanger of the Ikazuchi, inside a Vanguard was a young man downloading all the from a nearby command console to a laptop. He was busy when he suddenly felt the whole ship take off. He looked surprised and then got out of the Vanguard and locked back in the cockpit. He then got to a nearby porthole and was surprised even more when he saw the departing surface of the planet of Talark.
<The ship's leaving already? I thought that the launch was two hours later. Hmmm, something's not right.>
With that in mind the young Gundam pilot got ready to leave, but a jolt of the ship's lift-off knocked some nearby crates loose and one small pile of containers landed on him. He was able to knock some aside but was knocked a bit unconscious..
Several hours later, in orbit around the planet of Talark…
The liftoff came without a single problem and the mighty battleship was now in synchronized orbit over the men's home world awaiting their escort/support fleet to join them in their glorious crusade against the monsters of Megele. On the ship's main hall, the cadets of the Talark Space Forces were rather busy enjoying the inauguration ceremonies as they drank their wine and began conversation with one another.
“I can't wait to go into battle!”
“Neither can I!”
“When can we see those new weapons we heard so much about?”
“Those new Vanguards will surely put those women in their rightful places!”
“Say, after all this is over, do you want to make a kid?”
“A kid with you? That's not a bad idea.”
As the various tidbits of conversation waved through the air and the celebration continued, a certain cadet by the name of Duero McFile with three other cadets. The third of their company being the one with raven black braids.
“Hey, Duero. I heard that you made the top of your class.”
The individual named Duero simply gave a nod as he took a slow small sip of his wine. He was a rather tall individual and had long black hair with one bang covering the right side of his face. He carried the demeanor of an educated and yet creative person of mind.
“Yeah, congratulations are in order you know… hell, you could be assigned to head-quarters.” Another cadet spoke out as they approached the four men.
“I hear that when he took the qualification exams he left the position line of his submission entry form completely blank.” Another cadet chimed in as he came to the group.
Just then another cadet came in carrying a box filled with pink and white colored pellets.
“Hey guys! Everyone having a good time now?”
The group turned to see another newcomer arrive; he also wore the same cadet uniform as they did, but totally looked out of place in the atmosphere of a military ship. He lacked the build of a soldier, as he was somewhat skinny, with a shock of blonde hair. His voice was somewhat whiney and seemed to too full of himself. That didn't stop to guy however from offering the group the nutrition pills.
“Here! Take some of this; this stuff is a lot better than those you get in the factories are. I got them through some good connections. Think of these as free samples since I'm handing you some.”
The cadets each gave a rather nervous look at the newcomer before handing out their individual replies to the guy in question.
“Thanks for the offer. But no thanks.”
“Yeah, I'm rather full right now.”
“Same here. Sorry.”
“Thanks for the offer anyway.”
Their answers acted like nails, slowly flattening a tire. As was evident at the slight look of dejection on the blonde man's face. Bart showed briefly his somewhat hurt look and shrugged his shoulders. “Okay if you insist, but know that you might never get another chance to eat good ones like these again.” He moved to another batch of cadets, going through the same selling routine.
“Who was that guy?” one of the cadets asked to his fellow crewmembers.
“His dad owns the Garsus Foods Cooperation. Put it simply, his family feeds us, so let's keep it at that.”
“Geez. The thought of that gives me heartburn.” One cadet said as he thumped on his chest in exaggeration.
Before his comrades (minus Duero since he didn't find that that too funny) could laugh at that, the lights then switched off. They along with every other cadet in the room as another video screen lowered down in front of them. An announcer came to the podium and addressed the assembled personnel. The screen flickered and began showing combat images of the military's latest weapon the Van-type fighter suit. The announcer then made a brief but stunning summary as the images played out.
“Stab! Pierce! Crush! And Slay! With these various weapons and built-in abilities the Tsukumo Van-Type Fighter is a weapon unto itself! It is the new frontline weapon of our glorious Empire's military! Be it the land, the sea, the air, the mountains, the flatlands, or even in the dark void of space! There is no terrain our proud weapon cannot traverse! The new Vanguards are the guardians of our glorious empire and our future. Let us welcome the weapons we shall use in the war against our empire's enemies and the guardians of the hope of our people! Give the Vanguards a round of applause!”
There came a standing ovation as the cadets cheered for their latest tools in their war against the women of Megele. Then the lights were switched back on and a large section of the floor opened up. A large elevator platform rose up with more than two dozen newly completed Vanguards on it.
The applause and the cheering stopped as the assembled men saw… him
Kyo swore slightly as he got some of the crates away from his area and got up. Just his luck to be knocked unconscious by that stray canister, thankfully, his body would heal quite nicely, there wouldn't even be a scar. His attention however was taken elsewhere when the floor began to rise upward, he looked up and had to shield his eyes when bright light flooded the area he was in along with the Vanguards. He wasted no time and got to his feet and got his traveling bag on his shoulder. When the platform reached the top, he suddenly found himself staring back at a score or so of Talark military cadets.
This wasn't going to be a good day…
“Who is that?”
“Look at him! He's a Third-class citizen!”
“How did he get onboard?”
“What's he doing here?”
In the crowds, Duero McFile assessed the stranger. He quickly noted that the new intruder didn't resemble in the least the profile of a normal Third-class citizen, as far as he could see. Kyo was in top physical shape, a fact that was proven with his lean but well muscled build. His clothes were well kept, unlike the dusty garb of the third-class citizenry usually wear. He had deep green pants, black strap-on boots, a long sleeved black suit with open cuffs, a deep red vest with silver trim, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. His brown hair was in a messy style ending in a long ponytail behind, which reached his shoulders. He had the most intriguing blue-violet eyes he had ever seen. His whole appearance made him look like a young man of 19, but he seemed much older, making him look more seasoned. Around his neck was the normal ID tag which showed him as a Third-class citizen along with a strange trinket looking like a cross, but the young doctor felt that this stranger was not a citizen of that rank or even a son of Talark. There was something about him…
At that point a group of security personnel began approaching the stranger to arrest him. However the stranger just lowered his bag, intent on not going away quietly and got into a defensive stance. The guards then attacked him with stun batons, hoping to take him out with sheer force of numbers. That was when Duero and the rest of the Talark men got a full glimpse of the Ultimate Coordinator in combat.
Kyo thought briefly on using diplomacy, but he knew that these guys weren't the least bit interested in that, so he would have to fight. He dodged a blow to his flank, and with a quick spin, belted the guard on the temple with a roundhouse kick. Ducking from another blow, he slammed a fist into the diaphragm on one guard, and grabbing his arm, and with a quick twist sent the guy into one his fellow guards. Two more came at Kyo and each received several fast jabs, and elbow strikes into the temples, knocking them out cold. Three more guards came and Kyo responded with a spinning pair of attacks, a bicycle kick into chest of one guard followed by a reverse spin kick that sent the first slamming into his comrades. Dashing in and avoiding another blow, Kyo leaped upward and got behind another guard, when he turned, he grabbed the man and with a quick throw sent the man crashing into two more guards. In less than four seconds, he had already defeated eleven military men. His memories as Kyo Yamato may be sealed, but his body never forgot what methods and combat skills he had learned when he was still part of the Guardians, and this was boosted by both his Coordinator gene background and the biological alterations done by the Paeksis those centuries ago when he was in suspended animation.
Just as Kyo flipped back for some more room to move about, his ears picked up the sound of rifles being switched to full auto and being aimed at him. He stared behind him and saw eleven guards take out their rifles and leveled them at him. He looked in front of him and saw five more do the same. He considered his options. One he could fight more and use his SEED mode, or he could just surrender and escape later.
After a long tension-filled moment, Kyo decided that option two was a lot more promising. He relaxed himself and raised his hands in a non-threatening gesture and surrendered without uttering a word. It wasn't that he was afraid of the guards, but he knew better. His body was good and so were his skills, but he wasn't going to push his luck. Plus he didn't have any intention of accidentally handing Freedom over to these men.
“I surrender.” He said simply.
Kyo was quickly surrounded on all sides by more guards and his arms were held by restraints. He was quickly ushered off towards the detention area to held there until the top brass decided on his fate, which was likely to be execution. Through all of this, the former Earthling and Guardian operative showed no anxiety or fear.
This lack of fear deeply intrigued Duero as he watched the intruder get taken away. Normally, all Third-class citizens were low in self-esteem and always afraid of their masters. This one however carried himself with a strong wall of confidence and determination, as if he didn't care in the least what was thrown at him. After seeing that display of hand to hand combat skills the young doctor wondered where could a Third-class citizen learn to be so proficient in unarmed combat. If it wasn't for that ID tag , the medic would have mistaken the young intruder for a member of the elite.
“Keep an eye on him, Cell Unit 6.” The guard ordered as a squat egg-shaped mechaniod hovered near the laser bolt grid that served as the barrier to Kyo's cell. The brig was actually nothing more than just a large storage room with piles of crates and spare parts lying around also in piles. It showed that the men of Talark were never planning to take any prisoners in their ongoing war against the women of Megele.
“Beep! Beep! Roger!” The robot replied as it took up its assigned position in front of the cell.
As soon as the guards left, Kyo took stock of the area he was held in. It was relatively cluttered with boxes, crates, spare parts and the like. There was nothing that he could use for his own purposes. The young Gundam pilot sat on the floor cross-legged with his hands forward which were still bound by the wrist restraints, he then decided to take out a small strip of metal wire and kept it in his hand. He then looked at his so-called guard.
The egg-shaped machine was about the size of a small dog, and had a large projection screen of the top half with a small console underneath the lower rim and on the front. The robot floated by means of a special anti-gravity system and remained glued to its post outside of their cage.
Kyo sighed, he had no intention to stay cooped up in this cage, he had to escape and leave. He was planning on staying long either especially on being executed by the Talark officers. He figured that with the use of that special hacking unit in his vest pocket was all he needed. But considering the fact that he had a guard, he decided to bid his time and wait of the right opportunity. So instead, he decided to talk to his guard.
“So… you come down here a lot?”
“Beep! Beep! That does not compute.”
On the main command bridge of the Ikazuchi…
“Cancel the exhibition match.” The Prime Minister said as he and his staff entered the Command Bridge. He then sat down on the captain's chair. “That third class reject ruined the entire ceremony.”
“Yes sir!” An aide saluted as he then moved to fulfill that order. On the main view-screen, were the images of several other ships of the Talark Space Fleet were now moving into position with the Ikazuchi. It won't be long before the assembled fleet would be in a position to move out and strike first at its hated and despised nemesis.
It was then that several small but bright dots of light came streaking out from the deep void of space.
The floor of Kyo's cell shook as a massive explosion rocked the section of the ship that they were in. The impact caused the robotic guard to lose its balance temporarily, the imbalance however was enough to make it pitch forward and slam into the energy grid of the cell, that immediately caused it to short-circuit itself and the grid's systems along with it. The energy bars remained active though now lacking in power and intensity.
Kyo stood up and casually headed for a nearby porthole. Once he looked out the saw flashes of light that were none other than laser bolts, and streaks that were cannon fire lighting up the star studded void of space, that along with explosions coming from missiles. Kyo nodded as he recognized the Talark Space Fleets' attackers to be none other than the Megele Dread interceptors.
“So those are Dreads.” Kyo said to himself as he watched the sleek and well designed space fighters dodged away from the firepower being directed against them by the Talark ships. He all did a comprehensive study of the Megele's main battle fighter, and admitted, that compared to the Vanguard, the Dread was far superior in mobility, range, technology, and firepower. But the Dread was nothing but chicken feed compared to Freedom, and the Vanguards were nothing but junk.
Part of Kyo wanted to go out and fight, but he knew better than to involve himself in such a stupid conflict between genders of the same human blood. It seemed pointless for two sides of the human race to be fighting each other needlessly.
Kyo took the wire he had taken earlier and began picking the locking mechanisms of the restraints and got them open. He then took out the hacker unit and locked in the access cable into a nearby access port in the wall after removing a panel from the wall. He then loaded a program and hacked into the systems. He downloaded an override command which disabled the energy emitters and the beams faded away.
Kyo moved forward and checked if any of the Talark guards were around. Seeing none he walked out, pausing to pick up his travel bag, which was placed there by the side of their cell no doubt by the guards. Just as he was about to leave, he heard the robot give off sounds of electronic pain and began to contemplate it.
Kyo sighed, although it was a machine and not a living organism in the biological sense, he couldn't help but feel sorry for the damaged machine. He decided to pick it up and take it along. He was well aquatinted with technology and therefore had no doubt that he can get it running again. And it with a little reprogramming, the robot could prove useful.
On the main bridge…
Panic and shock ruled the situation at the moment. The Prime Minister looked in shocked surprise along with his subordinates, as their staff tried in desperation to figure out what the hell was going on.
“What's going on?! I thought I ordered the exhibition match to be cancelled!” Shouted the Prime Minister in his shock and confusion.
A lieutenant replied in slight fear as he received data on the attackers. “No sir, this isn't an exhibition! It's the women! They've made a surprise attack!”
The Minister's face contorted with enraged disbelief. “WHAT?!”
In the deep vacuum of space, the battle was now one-sided, that meant that the battle lay in favor of the pirates. The sleek Dreads of the pirate group dodged and ran rings around the technologically inferior ships of their enemies. The slow moving pulse cannon turrets of the male ships tried in desperation to lock on the nimble fighters but due to their slow traversing rate were unable to do so. The nimble fighters dodged each barrage, so the men's ship suffered the effects of friendly fire.
However, most of the damage to the Talark Fleet came from the Dreads and their pilots as they systematically strafed at the escort vessels as they made their way to the main flagship. One after another, each of the smaller vessels were either destroyed or disabled, leaving the Ikazuchi to defend itself from the incoming attacks.
Some distance away was the sleek cruiser that served as the main pirate vessel. It stood poised and ready, and though everyone onboard were ready to intervene they could already see that the Dread squadrons had everything under control. On the cruiser's command bridge, an extremely old woman in robes smiled as she and her second in command witnessed the one sided battle.
“It seems that we've come across a big one.” The second remarked with a smile.
The captain nodded. “Yes, it seems to be our lucky day.”
(Ladies… you have no idea what or rather who are onboard that target of your little raid.)
On the Bridge of the Ikazuchi…
The Prime Minister gave a deeply fierce glare and gritted his teeth in deeper frustration as he got wind of the fact that two more escort ships were destroyed, while the others were either under fire or were disabled, meaning that he had no support fleet.
“What deplorable tactics! They're using the background fire as shields, and none of us can fire without the risk of shooting our own men!”
The first officer nodded with his superior's assessment and saluted. “What do we do now sir?”
“Launch all available Vanguards at once!” The Ikazuchi's commander barked out as his answer.
This didn't suit well to the second in command. “But… most of the Vanguard pilots are mere trainees!”
The Prime Minister snarled. “If we lose this battle because of not using our new weapons, then we shall bring deep shame upon our empire and our great forefather Grand Pa!”
The scramble order was released as the cadets who were graduates in the Vanguard pilot tests rushed immediately to the launch areas. Some of those cadets also rushed to the Vanguards at the main hall. It was then that a speaker blared out.
“Switching to sub-zero gravity to prepare for Vanguard deployment!”
In that moment all the tables, chairs, and any other items that weren't nailed down to the floor floated to the air. Under one particular table, a certain heir to Garsus Foods also became airborne.
“Sir! Some of the Vanguard launching platforms are offline or disabled!”
“I don't care!” The Prime Minister roared in anger. “Launch every available Vanguard!”
Emerging from different areas of the Ikazuchi, several of the humanoid battle machines managed to make it into space. However with just raw recruits with little combat experience outside of the simulators for pilots, the highly vaunted Vanguards were nothing more than animated debris flying out in space uselessly and were of no threat to the Dreads. Some managed to latch on to some of the Dreads as the interceptors passed by, but without the proper training and experience, they could do little to stop the attacks.
“Eeek! What are these things?! They're getting in my way!” One Dread pilot shouted out as she spotted several of the humanoid mecha pound their fists on the canopy of her Dread.
The Dread team leader kept her focus and calm as she replied giving new orders to her squadrons. “Don't worry about the Vanguards. Focus all your attacks on the main enemy flagship.”
A trio of the Dreads accompanied their leader as they made a long strafing run at the Ikazuchi. A section of the outer hull was blasted apart by the attack and with that the fighters dashed straight into the opening.
“Hull breach in sector five! Repeat! Hull breach in sector five! Requesting full re-pressurization!” a petty officer shouted through the emergency line as the anti-breach walls locked in to prevent the loss of needed air, which would escape to space.
The Dreads barreled through the corridors of the ship and landed in the main cargo area. The canopies opened and out came the Dread pilots along with a small team of their comrades, once the disembarked from their craft; they moved to secure the area. They were dressed in formless space suits and facemask/helmets with fierce monster designs, made solely to instill fear in their enemies, the men.
Bart tumbled out of his little hiding place, which rather incidentally was inside the hollow base of the statue of Grand Pa. He cried out in terror as he saw for the first time the enemies of his race.
It was just then that he caught sight of another ship that came barreling through the hull breach at breakneck speed. But in this case, the fighter seemed to be piloted with less skill than the others.
“AAAAAAHHHHHH! I DON'T WANT TO DIE!” Bart shouted as he scrambled back into his little sanctuary under the statue. The ship flashed by him, missing him but not without carving off the head of the statue, and like a comic jack-in-the-box, the cowardly cadet's head took the place of the statue.
Inside the main reactor room, Kyo was carrying the robot under his right arm were crossing over a high catwalk, his travel bag on his left shoulder. It was then that he looked over to see the Paeksis reactor, which was humming with power.
Kyo was about to continue but then, a jolt of awareness hit him, that jolt made him look back at the reactor. He directed his attention to the reactor and a foreign yet strangely familiar sensation washed over him. It seemed that the reactor was… calling to him.
He shook his head and frowned, that thing was a machine! He knew that machine used a massive crystal for power to run the ship by collecting the large amounts of minute but powerful photon energy charges that were given off when the Paeksis expended excess energy within itself. That meant that the thing wasn't alive, but was it?
It was then that he felt his danger senses go on full alert. It was then that he tried leave but as he was about to break off to a run as he did before…
The Dread fighter that decapitated the statue Bart was hiding in was careening out of control as the female pilot inside tried in desperation to control her craft as sped through the corridor.
“AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I CAN'T STOP!” The pilot cried out in fear as she found herself rushing headlong to the wall in front of her. In her desperation she activated her Dread's blasters.
In the reactor-room…
Kyo was about to get halfway through the walkway when he spotted the expanding area that dictated an area of an explosion.
Kyo quickly jumped away as the blast occurred. He however lost his grip on the robot as it was sent elsewhere. As he was flung by the powerful blast, he saw something massive plow through the wall.
Everything went black a few seconds later.
The Ikazuchi's main Command Bridge…
“Minister! Please! You mustn't do this!” The second in command begged.
The supreme commander of the now decimated Talark Space Fleet shook his head as grabbed hold of the large lever designed to separate the old colonial ship section with the new sections. “We can ill-afford to let this entire ship fall into the hands of those pirates! I must at least save the new sections of the ship! Before all is lost I will separate the old from the new!”
With that and with no hesitation, he pushed the lever forward.
Throughout the whole of the Ikazuchi, several chains of explosions were heard as explosive charges were detonated, causing the new sections to be detached from the original vessel. The cadets who were still in the barracks of the old colonial section watched in horror as they were abandoned by their leaders. The only cadet who showed no surprise or fear of this event was none other than Duero. As he knew that for all their talk of bravery the top brass were nothing but cowards and hypocrites.
Back in the Paeksis chamber…
Kyo slowly began regaining consciousness as he slowly came around. His vision was rather blurry, but despite that, he could tell that something was on top of him. He reached out with his hand and felt around and determine what was on top of him. It was then that he encountered something that was round, warm and… rather firm yet pliable.
His eyes recovered instantly as a light blush stained his face. < Oh no. If this is what I think it is…>
He immediately threw off whatever was on top of him, but he knew instantly that what or who he had thrown off him was human and no doubt a female and he scrambled back.
He took stock of the stranger, and found the female to be wearing some sort of humanoid space suit and had on some scary looking mask/helmet. No doubt to hide her real appearance. He was about to keep moving
He stopped immediately. The voice carried the tone and feel that told him that the owner of that voice was sixteen years old… at least three years younger than him. He then watched as the stranger began to remove her face mask/helmet.
Dita Liebely felt so much excitement, more than she had ever felt in her life as she removed her helmet. Her bright blue eyes twinkled cutely as she then shook free her long mane of deep crimson hair. On the top of her head was a strange golden headpiece that had the resemblance of a tiara.
“Wow! It's a real live alien!”
Kyo at first didn't pay any attention to the words spoken by the woman, as he was rather busy taking stock of her appearance. Her hair had a deep red shade and looked well kept and silky with two long tails of her deep red hair framing her face. Her face was well featured and very attractive, further enhanced by the fact of her smooth light cream colored skin. Her eyes were of the deepest aquamarine shade and that made her look like a real babe.
It was then, after his quick but intense study of the female, which lasted for just three seconds, that her words came to his attention.
<She thinks I'm a what?!>
“Excuse me! Who are you calling an alien?”
Dita paid no attention to Kyo's words as she raised her left hand and began making some simple gestures. Kyo looked on totally confused but decided to play along as he moved his own left hand mimicking those gestures. As soon as he did so, the redhead became even more excited.
“I did it! It worked! I made first contact!”
<Oh man! This girl who's supposed to be the `all terrible enemy of men' is a complete ditz! But for idea's sake… she's quite pretty. > Kyo immediately ended that train of thought and got to his feet. He then looked around for something… namely that robot.
<Where is that robot? There it is!> He spotted the robot lying several meters on another catwalk beside him and the Megele female. He got ready and tensed up.
Dita's eyes became wider as she watched the alien stand up look at something, then he seemed to tense up, she directed her gaze to where that alien was looking at. She spotted a sparkle of metal, and spotted an egg shaped object. She was about to speak when she saw the alien leap into the air like a rocket and land gracefully to the catwalk and pick up the robot. She began to applaud gleefully.
“WOW! Alien power is amazing! Please do that again!”
The young Gundam pilot had no time or had any intention of doing circus tricks. He had to escape from the ship and to do that, he had to get to his Gundam. After picking up the robot, he leaped to a lower catwalk. “Got to go! See ya!”
Dita quickly removed her space suit, revealing herself to be wearing a short long sleeved cloth jacket which was cream colored with pink outlining. A tank top which molded well to her chest but exposed her slim waist and stomach, a short skirt that had the same cream color and the same pink lining. And lastly a pair of fabric boots that were up to the half of her calves and were on the same color-coding but had the rims of the feet in black. She then rummaged around her suit for her camera. She began chasing Kyo while calling out.
“Wait! I want to take a picture!”
It had not taken long for the pirates to take over the old section of the ship. They began to round up the Talark male cadets and herded them at gunpoint to the escape pods. Duero and Kyle who were also being herded along with their comrades, they began to listen to the women's conversations as they removed their heavy suits.
“I know that it's a disinfectant, but I doubt that I'll ever get used to that smell.” A tall blonde woman said as she began removing her suit. Her name was Jura Basil Elden, or just Jura to her comrades. She was at the age of twenty. And she was at the height of 5'9. She had a body that would have turned the heads of men (not from Talark, who don't know the beauty of the female figure, well at least not yet anyway) at least a full one-hundred and eighty degrees, all the curves and swells in the right places, and her ample bosom added to that. Her face was pretty similar in complexion, which was light cream white, she had deep emerald green eyes and her face was perfect in most aspects of the beauty of the human female. Her hair was long, reaching her thighs and was like golden silk. She wore a very form-showing dress, which had a plunging neckline and had slits that showed her gorgeous legs from lower hip to ankle, and she wore ankle length boots.
Jura however was no delicate rose despite her appearance as she was second in command of the Dreads, and showed skill in some areas of physical combat as she had a fencing sword strapped to her side.
“Has anyone seen Dita?” Another woman asked as she too removed her suit and helmet. The new woman's name was Meia, Meia Gisborn; she was younger than Jura by at least one year, placing her age at nineteen. She was tall as well, though not as tall as her blonde companion at the height of 5'6. Her body was completely athletic showing also well defined curves that would have attracted the eyes of men who also knew how to appreciate the female figure. Her hair was cut to a short boyish style, which still suited her well. On the left side of her face, which had, a light cream complexion as well was a strange metal circlet that still didn't mar her appearance nor break away the glitter of her blue-green eyes. She also wore a form-fitting suit that was gray, black, and white that also showed her curves even more.
Meia however, showed a great deal of leadership skills on her face, and from the way she carried herself she also had experience in physical combat. This plus her innate talents had made the Dread squadrons' commanding officer.
“The last time I saw her, she went barreling in that direction and crashed through that bulkhead… ouch!” Another woman said but was cut short as she glared at her comrade who was patching up her wound on the right arm. The woman's name was Barnette Orangello or simply Barnette; she was Jura's best friend and wing mate. And like her blonde friend she too had a lush figure that would have made men drool like fountainheads. She wore a dress that showed all of her own well defined curves and swells to the fullest, this dress had an open front that displayed to top areas of her bosom's cleavage. Her hair was dark green and like her commanding officer Meia, her hair was cropped short. Her eyes were of deep violet, which had the look of a field of lavender flowers. But she had skills like her comrades, but at this point she was more concerned with the pain she felt. “Watch it Paiway! My skin's very delicate you know.” She gave frown as she watched the injury she had received when she along with the infiltration team entered the Ikazuchi. The burn was caused when one Talark rifle round managed to bypass her suit's armor began to sting in pain and she knew that there would be a scar after the wound would be healed. She then became a bit distraught as she realized that her perfect skin would now be permanently blemished.
“Just try to endure it for a bit longer.” The apprentice nurse replied as she resumed adding amounts of disinfectant to the wound. Nearby, several other pirates were sitting down and awaiting treatment.
“Nurses are supposed to be more sensitive to their patients.” Barnette complained as she gritted her teeth.
“I am!” Paiway assured. The young girl who served at the medical officer as was indicated by her nurse uniform, of the pirates was only eleven years old with long, dark purple hair, which were held in large odongos that framed her head. Duero took stock of her and saw that she wasn't good at what she was doing. He however could tell that she had the talent and promise to become better suited for the job she had, but she lacked the proper training and the knowledge to treat her patients effectively.
Part of Duero's mind halted him as he looked at the injured pirates, he knew what that urge was. As a graduate of the medical academy of his planet, Duero had been trained to follow the medics and doctors of the past. That was to provide medical treatment to any injured person, whether friend or foe. He took that oath seriously like all the medics of the past. So with that in mind he made his move.
As the men were being herded through and forced to enter the escape pods, Meia went towards one of the holes in the walls. She then directed her attention to Jura and called out to her.
“Jura I'm going to look for Dita.”
The blonde sighed. “This is one of the reasons why I didn't want to take a trainee with us on this raid in the first place.”
“We're rather short-handed right now if you didn't know!” Meia shouted calmly and with restrained impatience. “If you didn't want to come along, then you should have said so back at the hideout.”
“Oh all right! I'm coming along!
In another part of the Ikazuchi…
On the old ship three more of the Megele pirates entered a section which was like a sub-command bridge. As soon as they took off their helms and suits, they approached the consoles in front of them and began to attempt a data access.
“Oh my! I can't read a single word of this!” The first woman to reach the console said in dismay as she looked at the Talark men's language that showed on the screens. The woman's name was Ezra Viviel or just plain Ezra. She was a woman with a quiet and gentle demeanor and brown hair. She had the look of a housewife, which was further indicated by her manner of dress, which naturally fit the profile. She served as part of the Bridge crew of the pirates' cruiser, but on this raid the second in command requested her and the chief engineer to be with them.
“No problem! I can fix that easily!” Said the second woman who had already removed her suit from which she extracted a device. The woman's name was Parfet Balbair or simply Parfet to her fellow pirates. She wore large oversized glasses and had her dark brown hair contained in two large braids and had on a jump suit. She served as the chief engineer of the pirate fleet as she was the most technically proficient of the pirates and was in command of the engineering staff that kept their pirate fleet working in top shape. “I knew something like this would happen so I made this Inter-Pricko device!” She handed it to Ezra.
“What does this do Parfet?”
“It helps translating all known languages and dialects into a tangible form of words we can understand.” She turned to their third companion. “I'll make one for you also Commander…”
The woman in question made no reply as she focused her attention at the screens in front of her, reading the data and downloading all the worthwhile information she could see. Buzam A. Calessa or just BC as she is known by her fellow crewmembers served as second in command of the pirates. She was a tall and statuesque woman with tanned yet attractive skin and long silver-blonde hair, and she wore something similar to and old Arabian harem's outfit though very futuristic. As she continued her downloading of the data, she spoke to her communicator.
“Have all the men been immobilized? Good, then dump them.”
“Huh? You already know how to read the language of the men?!” Parfet gasped at her commanding officer.
“That's the elite for you Parfet.” Ezra shrugged her shoulders.
“Darn! And I worked so hard to make this device too!” Parfet sighed in disappointment.
(Don't worry though… she'll have something that will be worth studying soon enough.)
At another area…
“Hey! What are you two doing?” A guard shouted out as she spotted two men break from the line and headed for a series of lockers.
Duero ignored the guard and reached for a particular locker, and pulled out his trench coat which was issued to all medical experts in the Talark military.
“Get back in the capsule now!” The female pirate demanded as she came closer and readied her weapon, which was a laser rifle.
“There's time enough for that later.” The young yet extremely talented medic replied as he turned around to face the female.
“Do as you're told, or I'll shoot you!” She replied and to further prove her statement, she leveled her weapon at him.
“I'm no threat to you.” Duero spoke as he directed his attention to Paiway and the other pirates who awaited medical treatment. “I happen to be a doctor.”
This made the guard lower her weapon slightly and the other pirates turn and stare at the young Talark medical graduate. An expert physician was something lacked and therefore sorely needed by the female corsairs, as they knew that despite her inner talents, Paiway was still an apprentice nurse. However that didn't erase the fact that they felt uneasy of having a male touch them.
At the other side of the reactor chamber…
“Leave me alone.” Was all that Kyo said as he went in search for his Gundam, while trying not to look back at the female following him. He made that mistake of looking at the young woman in her clothes earlier, and he turned away immediately as he felt his face blush slightly. The woman paid no attention to his words at all as she still followed him like a bloodhound. He was lucky that it won't take long for him to find Freedom, he had placed the Gundam in a hanger which was near the reactor's location.
“Wait! Let's sit down and have a little chat!” Dita called out as she continued to snap a few more pictures of Kyo.
The young Gundam pilot and seasoned martial artist groaned inwardly at that, as he still went on looking for his Mobile Suit. Once he got to his Gundam, they would have to leave the ship via the best possible time. But it wasn't going to be easy as he had this girl who was following him and pestering him. He thought of using some non-lethal restraining moves on her, but that didn't agree to him, as she was not an enemy. And something about her…
“We're really a peaceful race!”
< Yeah I'll bet you are… arrghhh! I don't have time for this?!>
Some distance away…
Several hundred meters away from the old section of the once mighty battleship, the newer section was in orbit above Talark. On it's Command Bridge, was a VERY pissed off man! The Prime Minister gritted his teeth in anger and hatred as his pride had taken a severe beating and was badly bruised at the moment. This was supposed to be his greatest moment, but those bastard female pirates had made a mockery of both him and his assembled Space Fleet. They were even letting go of their male prisoners through the escape pods; he however wasn't fooled by their so-called act of pity. However a thought clicked in his head as he recalled that this section had a pair of weapons he could use against the women.
“Prepare to fire the space torpedo Muramase!”
The second in command looked shocked by that declaration by his commanding officer. “Minister! You can't be actually going to destroy the old section of the Ikazuchi?”
The Prime Minister gave no reply, but in his mind he gave his answer. < I would rather let it be destroyed by my own hands, than let it belong to those women! >
On the underbelly of the new section, a large door opened and a massive cylindrical object came out was lowered.
On the old section…
A warning siren blared out; Ezra using the device Parfet made used it to determine what was going on. Once she deciphered the data, she gave out a gasp of dismay.
“There's a missile being locked in onto us!”
Buzam immediately relayed the information to the captain onboard the pirate cruiser. The aged woman nodded as she replied.
“We see it too BC. I'll admit that losing this ship would be a complete shame, but let's get out of here!”
The order to evacuate was given and the pirate ship came close to the Ikazuchi and began laying down cover fire as it moved closer to retrieve it's crewmembers onboard the old colony ship.
Meanwhile, Duero had just finished his treatment to his last female patient who happened to be none other than Barnette.
“There, that should do it.” He replied as he used his thumb to secure the bandage on Barnette's arm and nodded with satisfaction of his work. With added medication there wouldn't even be a scar.
The medic then took the time he had earned as he decided to contemplate Barnette with a natural curiosity. As a man of Talark, He had never seen a woman in person before in all of his life on his desert homeworld, except for the images shown in the propaganda films. She definitely didn't look like those monsters he had seen in the films and she was definitely human, despite some… physical differences on body structure.
Barnette however noticed the studying look the male doctor was giving her and became extremely agitated at it… “What? Do you find something interesting about me?”
“In truth… actually I do.” Duero replied.
“Don't expect any thanks from me!” Barnette retorted hotly.
“I don't actually. I suppose I should be leaving now.” Duero replied as he got ready to leave.
Duero wasn't aware that behind him, Paiway was also observing him and writing note on her trusty notepad. “He touched a total of five girls.”
The pirate ship arrived at the extraction point, which was the underside of the Ikazuchi and connected a special boarding tube to its side. The crew extraction was going rather well, but time was running short for them.
“Isn't the missile ready yet?” The Prime Minister growled in an impatient manner.
“ No sir! It's still in the process of fueling!” The chief officer of the torpedo deployment team on the bridge.
“It has more than enough fuel! FIRE!”
At that command, the Muramase was launched at the pirates, followed by another torpedo like it.
“What's the status of the evacuation of the crew, BC?” The pirate captain demanded from her second in command.
“Crew extraction is nearly completed Captain.” Buzam replied. “I'm the only one left on my team. Three under Meia's team haven't reported in yet however.”
“We'll let them return on their Dreads. Get back here on the ship on the double!”
Back at the reactor room…
Meia looked around in desperation as she looked for her apprentice pilot. “Where is she?!”
Jura, who was nearby looked at her commanding officer as she checked out Dita's Dread. “At least we know she's here in the reactor room, we found her Dread at least.”
“True, but she's not at the cockpit! She's probably wandering about again.”
“She may also be doing something she isn't suppose to either.”
“What do you mean?”
Meia looked down and saw a tall man with ocean blue hair moving at a rapidly increasing pace. Her eyes widened as she spotted a certain redhead following the stranger.
“DITA!” She called out.
Jura looked and gave her commander a sidelong glance. “See what I mean? She's following a man.”
Both females rushed to the place where their comrade was, which was at a juncture point in the reactor room.
Kyo was nearing the limits of his patience. He had tolerated the redhead's pestering for too long already. He realized that he was just half a block away from where Freedom was, so he picked up the pace.
Dita arrived there, a bit winded but still determined to know more about her Mr. Alien. “ Wait up Mr. Alien!”
Dita turned as her commanding officer arrived; Meia then grasped her shoulders and spoke sternly to her.
“Dita, what are you doing here?! You know better than to wander off on your own!”
Dita looked saddened, and very downcast. “I'm sorry Meia.” Dita apologized as she took one last look at her first live alien. She wasn't aware that her comrades were giving the once over on the man.
Kyo gave the women a quick glance, his look held over to the blue-haired female for a few seconds. <She's quite athletic and has one well-toned body. > Kyo thought as he looked at Meia and also took note of her hair and her blue-green eyes. He then gave a quick but intense glance at the blonde female, and admitted that she looked really sexy. He wasn't aware that the blonde was also giving him the once over.
Jura looked at the man that Dita was chasing. < Hmmm… not bad for a man. I like his shoulders, and look at his height and hair… not to mention his face. > She then shook her head as those thoughts came in. She was from Megele and men were her enemies! Why was she thinking these things?! < Where did that come from?! I don't like men! >
Meia likewise studied the man her subordinate was chasing. She saw his face, which somehow made her heart, beat a little bit faster. < Those eyes… they look like a mix of amelyst and sapphire. > She shook her head in anger and confusion at this unknown train of thought as she ordered her team to head for their Dreads.
“All three are now accounted for. We're leaving now onboard our Dreads!” Meia called out to her communicator as she and her subordinates ran towards their respective ships. However, just as soon as Meia and Jura were lifting off, Dita discovered that she had a slightly tiny problem.
That statement was right on the money. With the walls blasted areas and edges, the Dread as effectively trapped as part of its front was wedged tightly against the sides of the bulkhead. On the other side of the wall Kyo spotted the danger as he had just gotten Freedom online. He had two choices, fly and escape leaving the young redhead to die or rescue her despite the time limit…
Kyo made a quick check and decided to rescue the girl. Activating Freedom's Prominence Phase Shift armor, and taking out one of his beam sabers, he tore off the bulkheads holding the Dread with some precise swipes.
In her cockpit, Dita gasped at the power of the alien's partner. Her heart throbbed a bit faster as she gazed at her first alien who freed her from her predicament. She called out to them. “Wow! You are really cool! Thank You Mr. Alien!”
Kyo gave a small smirk and shrugged his shoulders. He then turned about and powered up Freedom for lift-off.
Meia and Jura breathed a sigh of relief as they saw Dita's dread move back out of the hole it was stuck in. Since they were on the other side, they didn't see how her ship had gotten loose from its bonds. Not that there was time to think about that at all. They had just started to make their escape when they realized that had run out on them.
The pirate ship…
“We can't avoid a direct hit!” One of the Bridge crew declared as she tracked the missiles aimed at them.
“Hit or miss, it's our destiny.” The old captain said as she prepared for the worst to occur.
Just as Kyo was about to launch out of the reactor room after blasting a path with his dual plasma cannons and dual rail cannons, t whole room was once more bathed in light, and this time, it wasn't just Freedom emitting light along with the reactor, but Kyo as well as the torpedoes hit the ship.
On the new sections of the Ikazuchi…
“Minister! We are losing mass at a rapid rate!” An aide called out as he spotted the readouts on his console.
The commander of the Talark Space Force nodded with satisfaction as he witnessed both ships being swallowed into some massive vacuum and disappeared from his field of vision.
“I hope you enjoy the taste of defeat, you vile women pirates!”
Kyo found himself falling into a deep sea of greenish-blue light. His body felt like it was on fire as massive waves of energy flooded him. The sensations were indescribable, as they had never felt it before. But somehow it felt familiar and comforting making them feel more relaxed, there was no pain, but a sense of calm.
As the young man fell, he became aware that there were three others with him, the same women that they met at the reactor. And as soon as the darkness was about to engulf them, each of them spotted glowing dots appearing in front of the women and the dots exploding like sprouting seeds, he then saw images that would change his life forever and shape his future. The images resembled his Freedom but larger and more impressive looking. That last image faded as he heard one certain female's voice call out to him.
To be continued…
Author's notes:
Yes! Now that this chapter is finished, we'll move on to the next chapter soon. The Prominence Phase Shift armor is basically a combination of standard Phase Shift systems coupled with special energy field circuits capable of deflecting beam weapons. So the Gundam not only has near invulnerability to solid and projectile based weapons, it now has an effective system to deflect beam weapons. This system isn't completely full-proof, but it will be very valuable to Kyo in the long run. Plus, those dots in front of Meia, Dita, and Jura? Just wait and see. Let's keep it moving!