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Minako yawned as she made her way up the steps to school. It was a long night last night and she wasn't too sure that what had been discussed there was real or not. With a shrug she disregarded the thought for Ami's voice had echoed in her mind.
“I want you all to relax tomorrow and enjoy yourselves because we don't know if we'll be so lax later on.”
It all seemed so unrealistic. Sure, she had seen many “supernatural” things but last night's meeting was well beyond what she considered normal. She felt as if they had all been sucked into some movie.
“Hello Minako-san,” said a boy with a wave. She just smiled and waved back. “Will you be playing volleyball with us at lunch today?”
“Sure thing!” she said. “Why? You nervous?” she teased with a wink.
The boy scoffed, “No, you're on my team remember?”
“Oh yeah,” she said as she scratched the back of her head.
“Well, see you then Minako-san.”
“Minako-chan!” wailed a girl from down the hall. `Geez,' she thought, `I never knew this many people knew me.'
“Good morning Saia-chan,” she replied with a wave. The said girl gave a lopsided grin and paused temporarily trying to catch her breath. “What's up?” asked Minako.
“You're the vice-president of the Friends' club aren't you?” she asked and Minako nodded in confirmation. “That's great! Well the president isn't here today and well you're next up in line.”
“What, is it some orientation speech or something?” asked Minako.
“No,” said Saia. “There's a new student.”
“New student huh?” asked Minako. It wasn't often that people moved into their school district so this sort of seemed like a surprise. After all, she was the newest student in the school besides the freshmen and she had moved there three and a half years ago.
“Yup,” said Saia. “Will you show him around?”
“Him?” said Minako with a raised eyebrow a sly grin suddenly curling on her lips. “With pleasure.”
“Great!” Exclaimed Saia. “They say that he's pretty shy.”
“That's even better!” said Minako with a broad grin. “Shy is always so mysterious…” she drooled.
“Whatever you say Minako-chan. You're supposed to meet him at the front office.”
“Okay,” she said. “I'll head over there now.”
“Thanks Minako-chan.”
“No problem,” she winked. Already, possible scenarios were playing through her head about the “meeting”. She sighed as she dwelt on a picture of a tall, dark-haired boy with broad shoulders, nice muscles, and an untucked white collared shirt with a loose fitted tie, hands in his pockets and willing to sweep her off her feet. A small blush crept onto her cheek as she thought of him and her eyes grew into big sparkling blue sapphires. He'd be shy, of course, but she'd bring him out of that bubble soon enough. She paused momentarily before she opened the office door.
“Minako,” said the secretary. “Right this way,” she said directing her to the principal's office.
“Thank you,” said Minako politely with a small bow.
“Minako-san,” said the principal lightly. “I'm glad you could make it.”
She nodded and took a glance at the boy to her side. Long chestnut brown hair pulled into a long braid. He looked foreign which was even better for her and his eyes were the prettiest blue she had ever seen in her life. Sure her eyes were blue but they were bright, his were dark and mysterious. To her dismay though, his shirt was neatly tucked in and his creased pants were wrinkle free. Nonetheless, he was undoubtedly “hot” to say the least.
“I'm glad I could be of assistance,” she smiled. The principal nodded approvingly and moved to introduce the new student.
“This is-”
“Duo Maxwell,” interrupted the boy as he put a hand out for her to shake. She arced an eyebrow and shook his hand. `So he's shy huh?' she mentally asked herself.
“It's a pleasure to meet you,” she said.
“Oh no,” he replied with a lopsided grin. “The pleasure's all mine.” He said lightly kissing her hand. If the principal wasn't standing in the room then Minako was sure that she'd be jumping into his arms. Forget the shy mysterious ones, this one was too much for her to handle!
She blushed madly as she took back her hand and struggled to keep from shaking all over. “My name's Minako, by the way.”
“Minako,” he repeated in his low sultry voice. “How enticing…” she gulped. She had to hand it to him; he was a really good flirt. Whether he meant to be or not, she couldn't see how any girl could get away from him so easily.
“Thanks,” she muttered trying to avert his gaze.
“Well,” said the Principal. “I leave you in good hands Duo Maxwell, Minako will show you your classes and I'm sure she'll help you make some new friends.”
“I'd be fine with just Minako-chan as a companion,” he said with a wink completely skipping formalities and assuming friendship. Again she blushed.
The principal chuckled. “Well then, I'll let you two go. If you need anything Duo just ask.”
“Thank you sir,” he said respectfully with a bow suddenly turning and taking Minako's hand in his. “I'm sure I'll learn to love this school.” With that he proceeded to walk out of the room with Minako's hand still in his.
“u-uh,” she stuttered. “C-can I g-get my hand back?” she asked. He stopped and turned around looking at their interlocking fingers in question.
“hehe,” he laughed. “Sorry, I sometimes lose my manners when in the presence of a gorgeous lady.” Her cheeks were burning now. She couldn't remember any other time that she had been so nervous around a guy and she wasn't sure if this would be good for her health. He released her hand and scratched his head.
“So, where do we start?” he asked.
She just stared at him. Wow, he was even taller than Mako-chan. What a hunk! She shook her head in dismay. What was wrong with her? Sure she was boy crazy but her mind was running overtime with her imaginations.
“Let's just start with the cafeteria,” she mumbled sickly as she felt her stomach churn with uncertainty. This guy would be the end of her if she didn't get herself together.
Usagi sprinted along the sidewalk. Late again!! Her teacher would kill her! She only hoped that the teacher wouldn't spring a surprise quiz on everyone at the beginning of class. She panted as she pushed her fatigue to the back of her mind. Why did she always have to be so late? If only school had started a bit later…
“Hey, Usagi-chan!” cried a familiar voice.
“Mako-chan?” responded Usagi as she skidded to a halt. She stopped and pointed a finger in her friend's direction. “You're late again!?!”
Makoto sweat-dropped and nodded. “I could say the same about you,” she said sticking a tongue out as she linked arms with Usagi and dragged her along towards school.
“Ah! Mako-chan you run too fast!!” yelped Usagi as she felt herself being pulled harshly towards her destination. `If only my legs were as long as Mako-chan's,' she groaned mentally as she finally gave up and just let Mako haul her the rest of the way. So there she was, her arm linked with Makoto's her body flailing in the air behind her tall brunette friend. Well one thing was for sure; she wouldn't be out of breath when they reached school so that was a plus!
Mako suddenly stopped and Usagi somehow ended up on her feet right behind Mako looking at the door to their classroom. Mako took a few seconds to catch her breath and finally opened the door.
“TSUKINO-” the teacher stopped blinking in disbelief. “Kino-san?”
Mako nervously scratched the back of her head and Usagi tried to sneak in behind her friend unnoticed which ended horribly.
“Oww!” she yelped as she hit her head against something. There was a low growl and Usa quickly looked up in fear that she had rammed into a dog or something but looked to meet the charcoal eyes of a Chinese boy...a very cute Chinese boy at that; she quickly shook that from her head and started apologizing profusely.
“TSUKINO, USAGI!” yelled the teacher suddenly forgetting her surprise all together. “NOT ONLY ARE YOU LATE, BUT YOU'VE ALREADY STARTED HARASSING ONE OF THE NEW STUDENTS!” By then Haruna Sensei's eyes were spitting fireballs and Usagi-chan somewhat inched slowly to hide back behind Makoto who was smiling nervously and sweat-dropping.
“It's quite alright Haruna Sensei,” spoke up a young light haired blonde will royal blue eyes. “Wu-Fei has seen worse,” he said with a light laugh. Instantly Usagi's eyes turned into hearts. How cute! He was trying to rescue her! A true knight in shining armor!
The teacher groaned. “Fine, Usagi take your seat and you too Miss Kino. I'll discuss your punishment after class.” Makoto sighed appreciatively and was about to walk to her seat as she noticed that Usagi was glued to the ground she stood. With a slight look of embarrassment Makoto dragged Usagi for the second time today as the blonde ondago-atama just stared helplessly at the blonde boy drool showing clearly from her mouth.
The boy blushed as she passed him and scratched his head nervously.
“Usa,” scolded Mako-chan. “Show some kind of dignity sheesh!” But the words fell on deaf ears as Mako almost nearly had to push Usagi into her seat. Makoto smiled clearly out of embarrassment and sighed as she finally reached her seat and sunk into it as if to hide from the stares she assumed were directed at Usagi and herself.
“Well,” started Haruna Sensei. “These are our new students. Please give them a warm welcome. Now boys if you'd be so kind as to introduce yourselves.”
With a nod the blonde stepped up first. “Quatre Winner,” he said with a smile and a wave and Usagi waved helplessly back. `Oh jeez,' groaned Makoto to herself as embarrassment from her friend was rekindled. Quatre had only smiled wider at Usagi's actions.
“Wu-Fei Chang,” said the Chinese boy with a stern look. Makoto frowned as she watched him glare at Usagi who was too far gone to even notice.
“Well, it's a pleasure to meat you two. You may take any seat that is open,” said Haruna Sensei with a smile. The boys nodded with thanks and headed towards the desks. “Now, pop quiz!” The class groaned unanimously and somehow those words seemed to reap a look of terror on Usagi's once love-bound features. Makoto laughed and stopped as the Chinese boy suddenly took a seat to her left. She chanced a glance and met his cold stare which she unconsciously matched and shook it off as the teacher “ahem”ed to her right as she placed the quiz on her desk.
“No cheating,” she said and gave word for the students to start. With a sigh Mako shook off the feeling of suspicion from her mind and turned the paper over to see what kind of damage she could do this time. Oh boy, this most definitely meant she'd be doing extra credit later…
Rei walked leisurely through the halls finding herself getting annoyed at the giggling groups that she passed. Giggling girls was something she found highly irritating these days. She walked briskly past them making sure not to show any interest in the topic of their discussion and couldn't help but pick up “did you see the new teacher?” Her mind seemed somewhat interested in this. Girls were giggling about a new instructor? That was strange, either the teacher looked ridiculous or they did something outrageous either way she shook it off and continued to class.
To Rei's terrible dismay she had walked in to find even more groups of giggling girls. She groaned. `Can't they just grow up,' she complained mentally. Still she ignored the chatter and took her seat waiting as patiently as she could for the arrival of their teacher.
“Good morning Ami,” said the professor with a nod.
“Good morning sir,” she responded with a slight bow.
The professor smiled. “Would you mind doing me a favor?”
Ami blinked and anxiously responded. “Of course sir.”
He extended his arm then to a boy that she had yet to take notice of. “This is Heero Yuy,” she nodded and he did so back. “He's new to our school and I was hoping that you could possibly help him catch up on the class material?”
“Of course,” said Ami again. “It would be no trouble.”
“Just what I like to hear,” said the professor approvingly. “Then Mr. Yuy, you may follow Miss Mizuno to your seat.”
With another nod “Yuy” obediently followed Ami to their said workstation.
“I'm Ami,” she said politely with an outstretched hand.
“Heero,” replied Yuy as he ignored her friendly gesture and took his seat next to her. She blushed in embarrassment and retracted her hand. This would be interesting….
Rei stared mindlessly at the blank scene before her. Pitch black and she stood in the middle of it in her priestess robes.
“Rei,” came a faint whisper. She jerked her head in the direction she heard it and saw nothing. “Rei,” she heard again but still no owner to the voice. It was Makoto she was certain.
“Mako-chan, where are you?” she said aloud as she began to walk in the direction she thought she'd find her.
“Rei” came another faint whisper behind her. She turned and gasped when Makoto's figure slowly appeared on the ground in front of her. Rei rushed to her side frantic. Makoto's eyes were teary and her body shook in Rei's arms. Warm blood was soaking her robe as she held her and Rei grew anxious.
“Mako-chan, we'll make it,” she said and Mako scoffed. Her clothes were drenched in crimson and her breathing was rugged and harsh.
“Get out of here Rei,” she said and Rei shook her head in disobedience. Makoto's eyes turned to pleading. “Go.” She said and her body started to dissipate. Rei's heart throbbed as she kept trying to grab at Makoto's fading body as if to pull her back and keep her there.
“Makoto!” she yelled as tears just started pouring.
“REI!” came a yell that sounded like Usagi's voice. She looked up to face what looked like an explosion of fire coming right towards her. She froze and looked to the side and watched as Usagi with her muted screams was reaching out to her but being held back by her blue-haired friend. Usagi's features were frantic and Ami was crying as all she could do was watch. Rei stared and everything seemed to go in slow motion. She nodded towards Ami knowing she did the right thing and stood up. In an instant she faced the fire that barreled towards her and closed her eyes.
Rei shot up from her seat in a cold sweat and heard the girls around her giggle. She hastily apologized and seated herself with her chin resting on her desk. The girls around her were whispering and Rei was too caught up in her dream to even notice. What did it mean? She couldn't tell. She only hoped that it was just a dream and not a premonition…
The bell rang and Rei snapped out of her trance to gather her things. She put the strap of her bag over her shoulder and walked head down towards the door.
“Enjoy your sleep?” said the new instructor who she had completely forgotten about. Her head slumped down lower.
“Gomen nasai sensei,” she whispered. “It won't happen again.” With that she rushed out the door before he could say anything back. He stared after her with his one visible eye then averted his gaze to his desk when she was out of sight. He hadn't really cared if she slept in his class, as a matter of fact he wouldn't care much if they all decided to nap in his class but he had to make a good front whether he like it or not. He sighed and gathered his things. The price he must pay for missions like these.
Usagi dragged herself through the front door. Another long laboring day at school ugh. When would this be over? She shrugged and dropped her bag at the door and headed for the fridge. Ah! Mom didn't go grocery shopping yet. She whimpered and closed the door in disappointment and shuffled up the stairs to her room.
“Not now,” she said to her brother as she felt some kind of snide comment coming her way.
“Ugh, what's wrong with you?” he mumbled and she just walked into her room and closed the door. She spread herself across her bed and stayed there in silence. Her ears were peeked listening to anything and everything. She could hear her brother clumping through the hallways and could faintly hear the sound of the air conditioning. She continued listening and suddenly heard creaking noises. She grinned smugly and waited until the creaking got louder and finally when it was loud enough she grabbed a pillow and threw it full force at the edge of her bed.
“Agh what the heck?”
“HAHA Luna you know better than to try and sneak up on me,” exclaimed Usagi as she stood triumphantly on the top of her bed with throbbing stars in her eyes. There was choking coming from under the pillow that distracted Usagi a bit. “Oops did I throw that too hard?” she whispered to herself with a finger on her lip. Then she smirked. “Hehe maybe I'm getting stronger!” and again she returned to her triumphant pose with star-filled eyes.
“Ah, air! Finally!”
Usagi giggled. “That's what you get Luna! I told you I'd get you back for all those times that you scratched my f- - Artemis?” she froze.
“Yeah,” he said as he shook himself then licked his paw. “Next time I'll knock.”
Usagi slowly lowered to a seated position. “Sorry,” she mumbled, as her eyes grew darker. “I thought you were Luna…”
Artemis' ears perked as he heard the depression in her voice.
“We'll find her Usagi don't worry.” She nodded.
“So what are you here for Artemis?”
“I have a message from Ami.”
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