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"I'd be very pleased," Releena gracefully offered him the white envelope, "if you'd choose to attend my birthday party." She smiled gently at the mysterious young boy that she had first met on the beach, feeling confident that he would accept the invitation. 'And maybe then we'll become friends,' she thought hopefully.

The approving murmur of the crowd was only just dying down a bit as Heero Yui took the birthday invitation in his hands. With a single smooth gesture he tore it in two, letting the pieces fall to the ground as they heard a soft gasp of shock from Releena.

Releena gazed at him in surprise, "But, why..."

Before either of them could react a figure strode out of the crowd, walking right past where Releena was standing towards where the dark haired boy waited. Slap! She slapped him right across the cheek, her long orange hair flowing around her.

"What in the.. ?" Releena looked at her in shock.

Instead of a standard girl's uniform she wore a boy's one, specially tailored to fit her long thin form. There was a loud murmur from the crowd, both surprise and admiration as the woman looked down at the shorter Heero Yui.

"You should treat a lady with more respect," she said to him coolly.

Releena gazed up at her in honest surprise and real admiration, swiftly recognizing her as the intense young woman who had transferred to the school only a few weeks ago. "Who are you," she murmured to her softly.

She had a surprisingly gentle smile, but her eyes strangely touched by a deep sorrow. "Arisugawa Juri," was the soft answer as she walked away. In seconds Releena found herself surrounded by her friends, Heero Yui having used the distraction to slip away.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Revolution

Part One

The next day, well before their classes started for the day Releena began to quietly ask around about the new transfer student. She quickly put together some information about the mysterious new student, enough to occupy her thoughts until lunch.

From what she heard, it seemed that Arisugawa had been attending the prestigious Ohtori academy up until a few months ago, when a band of colony terrorist had attacked the place. Many of the students and teachers were slain, and some of the stories she heard mentioned that Juri's roommate was among those who had died.

'She must have been still in grieving for her friends when she first arrived here,' Releena thought to herself glumly, sitting in the lunch room among the other students. Juri had held herself apart from other students with her odd dress and cold manner, her rescue of Releena coming as a great surprise. 'Though I wonder why I didn't reach out to her before?' she mused.

There was a small disturbance by the entrance, and Releena looked up from her thoughts to see Juri making her way over to the food counter, collecting her food graciously before turning back to gaze at the crowd. She looked around for a seat a few moments, and without thinking about it Releena shifted to make a bit of space at their table.

"Thank you," Juri said softly as she slid into the opening beside her.

Releena smiled slightly, "The seats tend to fill up very quickly." She was tempted to ask what had held Juri from coming to lunch on time, but hesitated.

"The fencing club has matches later this afternoon," Juri explained softly, "as one of the newer members it was my responsibility to help set up."

One of the other girls down the table gazed at Juri in surprised recognition before she blurted out, "You're the Prince!"

"Prince?" Releena looked over at Juri curiously.

Juri looked down at her plate with a soft sigh. "A nickname that I seem to have acquired," she quietly admitted, "after I won my first few fencing matches here."

"It suits you," Releena murmured, and wondered where that odd idea came from.

A band of white skin on her ring finger was visible as Juri raised a glass, drinking smoothly before putting it back down. "I hope I didn't embarrass you," Juri smiled at Releena slightly, "by slapping that jerk. I just couldn't help myself."

"Oh, no," Releena blushed.

"Good," Juri finished up her meal, neatly stacking her plates.

"When are you going to be competing this afternoon?" the girl who had first identified Juri as 'the Prince' asked her eagerly.

"I'll be in the second set of matches," Juri answered as she rose to go.

Releena even surprised herself when she quietly said, "I'll try to be there."

Standing concealed in another corner of the large and crowded lunch room Heero Yui ate an apple, watching the group talking thoughtfully. He had also been asking some questions about the young woman, but not through the normal student's network, and what he had found out was very interesting, to say the least.

He knew it hadn't been any colony terrorists who had destroyed the woman's school, no matter what the official press releases said. It had been a strike by OZ, probably a attempt to root out a possible source of resistance. There were some odd stories about the school, and strangely the leader of OZ was said to have gone there.

Heero dropped that train of thought, knowing it was mostly irrelevant to the current situation. 'I could have evaded that slap,' he admitted, 'but not without drawing too much attention to myself and what I can really do.' This Arisugawa Juri was clearly quite physically capable, and from what he had been able to lip-read, she was a fencer.

He pushed himself off his position against the wall and made his way towards the exit. 'I think I'll enter the matches this afternoon,' he thought, 'and see how good she really is.'

Time passed slowly in classes, and by the afternoon Arisugawa Juri was almost eager to begin the fencing. She limbered herself up, stretching out dressed in her white fencing uniform. The fencing hall itself was cool, and surprisingly the stands were filled with young men and women.

'Mostly women,' Juri found herself noting.

Sitting near the front row were all the girls from the lunch table, including the young woman whom she had stood up for with that rude young man. 'Releena,' Juri had discovered the girl's name, and how well known she was in the school.

When she had seen the clearly contemptuous way that the boy had torn that invitation apart, Juri had just seen red. Without even thinking about it she had forced her way through the crowd and then struck him across the cheek. She had met his eyes and felt a chill at the deadness in them, the utter lack of any human feeling.

'What does that to a person?' Juri found herself wondering, 'What can kill the soul so completely?' She looked up from her troubling thoughts to gaze at her first opponent, and it didn't even seem a surprise.

Heero Yui met her eyes steadily, "We meet again."

"So we do," Juri quietly agreed.

At the referee's signal Juri slid her protective mask on, as did Heero. "Ready," the referee raised up a hand, then crisply yelled, "Begin!"

With a bright flash of silver their foils met, separated, and then met once again as they gazed at each other intently, searching for any sign of weakness in their opponent. The two figures were like statues, waiting for any opening to strike.

'He's good,' Juri admitted.

Like a shot he moved, their blades tangling up as they stepped in close. "Not bad," Heero admitted, pressing to push her backwards.


Heero's blade broke off, the one end flying away from the crowd luckily, but Heero pressed on. Using what was left of his blade he tried to twist Juri's foil right out of her hands, but she stepped back to avoid the maneuver. Swiftly he lunged for her head, trying to drive the sharpened, broken point of his blade towards her face clear guard, but with remarkable speed she turned it aside, then touching him just above the heart.

"Point, Arisugawa! Arisugawa wins," the referee declared.

"Good match," Juri took her helm off, shaking her head to free her long hair before offering him her hand.

Heero looked down at her hand and smiled slightly. He just turned away from her outstretched hand and then walked away silently.

To be continued...