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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Revolution
Part Twelve

Colonel Une watched Juri and Releena step out in the partial darkness of the roof, a gentle breeze blowing across the tiled surface. She stood waiting at the far corner, her brown hair tied back in it's normal style, a slim rapier held at the ready. A rose was in her breast pocket, the color that she had chosen an odd green.

"I'm glad I picked up the rose from the shop downstairs," Juri murmured, holding up the slim orange flower that matched the color of her long hair.

Releena reached out to gently take it from her, "Let me." The brown haired girl slid it into Juri's pocket, settling it into place carefully before stepping back, "There."

"Thank you," Juri smiled.

"Are you ready?" Colonel Une asked as she tried not to smile, her glasses catrching the moonlight as she tilted her head back.

"Let's go," Juri answered.

"Indeed," Une agreed. Without warning she swiftly raced forward, warily watching how Juri would react to her attack.

Juri just stood there silently, a dark figure dressed in black jacket and red pants, calmly waiting for her strike. 'That's the same style that Tenjou Utena once wore,' Une thought, 'does she see herself in that role, now?'

Swords rang as they came together, Juri parrying the first attack with a smooth confidence. She was used to the rapier, Une could instantly tell, handling the slim blade's rapid attacks with easy confidence, the sword she used nearly dancing.

"Be careful, Juri," Releena called breathlessly, her expression fearful.

They seperated a moment, both standing calmly as the breeze blew around them, Une surprised to find herself just a bit breathless. "You're living up to your reputation, Arisugawa," she said, meeting those eyes and seeing a spark of excitement.

"You're not so bad yourself," Juri offered, the slightest of smiles teasing her lips.

Une felt a stab of nervousness, meeting those cool eyes. 'She's so confident,' Une thought, 'sure of her victory.' Une swept forward, sword flashing as she tried a complicated series of feints and attacks, trying to break through the other woman's guard.

Juri was like water, the sword unable to find it's target. She moved her blade so gracefully it almost became a waltz, turning Une's attacks aside with a surprising sort of delicacy. Her footwork was so sure, her ballance nearly perfect as she moved across the rooftop, the wind sending her hair swirling around her shoulders.

'There!' Une lunged for the opening, her sword flashing.

Juri easily captured her blade, pulling the startled Une off balance before swiftly striking out once. Une froze as she felt the tearing, the remains of her rose dropping in a rain of petals to the rough material of the roof as she fell to her knees.

"You're good," Juri sighed, "but you're no Miki, either."

"That's it?" Releena walked forward, looking at the two of them nervously.

"Yes," Juri nodded to Releena with a reassuring smile. She turned and offered Une her gloved hand as she asked, "Are you all right?"

Une brushed it aside, her own hand shaking slightly as she fought to regain her selfcontrol. She got to her feet then met Juri's eyes as she said, "Well done, Arisugawa, you won." She tilted her head back, feeling oddly bereft as she sighed, "I didn't expect to lose."

"I didn't expect it either when Utena defeated me," Juri offered to Une softlly, "but you do get over it, eventually." She looked up, the circular space construct around them dark with the simulated night and added, "Can we get inside, please?"

Une followed Juri and Releea inside, smiling slightly as she saw the younger girl take Juri's arm. Her feet felt heavy as she took the stairs down, wondering what she was going to say to Treize about this, how she was going to tell him. Part of her wanted to be a good loser, shrug her defeat off, but she couldn't quite manage it.

She excused herself then Une returned to her room. Her brown hair fell into her eyes as she fought back her tears, rooting through her luggage before she found what she was looking for. The personal computer was set up first, then she attached the communications modules. She took her glasses off, wiping her eyes, then she set up the connection.

When he came on Treize Khushrenada studied her intently, his short brown hair styled back. He had such a presence about him that Une felt her breath catch, all asgainst her will. He raised an eyebrow, "I didn't expect to hear from you so soon."

"There's been complications," Une said dryly.

Treize seemed to lean forward, his attention now subtlely more focused on what she was saying. "Oh?" he prompted her curiously.

Calmly Une sketched in the details of the explosion at their first hotel, a third party's crude attempt at assassination. She even included details of how Arisugawa had saved her life, helping pull her to relative safety. "I felt that carrying through on our own plans now would be...." she searched for the best word, "imprudent, at this juncture."

"True," Treize nodded. He looked thoughtful, "We knew there was a Colony movement interested in a war, but I didn't believe they were so well organized."

"The White Fang," Une agreed, "a fringe group, though our inteligence indicates that they do have a powerful backer, the Barton family."

"We don't know their entire agenda," Treize mused then came to a decision. "I want you to protect the Ambassador and the others, get them back to Earth safely."

Une looked surprised, "But our other operations...?"

With a ghost of a smile Treize calmly said, "While I'd prefer acting boldly, at times caution is also required." He studied her a moment, "There's something else?"

Une felt a moment of fear but forced herself to say calmly, "I Dueled with Arisugawa, but was unable to defeat her."

"I'm not surprised," Treize said calmly. When Une looked at him in surprise as he continued, "Arisugawa is a dangerous opponent, one that shouldn't be underestimated."

"True," Une admitted, "but I regret in acting without consulting you first, sir." She took a breath, "I would hate to disappoint you."

"You would never disappoint me," Treize flashed a smile. With that he signed off, leaving Une to sit staring at the blank screen.

"I won't fail you, my love," Une sighed.

Colonel Une got up from her seat, quickly dissassembling her communications equipment and stowing it away. She tidied her uiniform unconsciously then headed out, moving down the hall to the other's room. Une rapped on the door, waiting patiently for an answer.

Arisugawa Juri opened her bedroom door, blinking at Une in surprise. She had already undressed, a long nightgown partially covering her beautiful body. "Something I can do for you, Colonel?" she asked with a frown.

Une steeled her will as she quietly said, "I've been ordered to oversee the protection of the Ambassador and his party."

Juri snorted her amusement, "Makes me wonder what your previous orders were."

Une felt her lips lift slightly in amusement, 'She certainly has me pegged.' Aloud she said, "I hope I'll have your cooperation in keeping everyone safe."

"You've got that," Juri nodded firmly, "though I'm surprised that you're standing here asking for my help, Colonel."

Une fought back her iritation, biting off the first thing she wanted to say. "You're capable, I saw that when the explosion went off," Une said coldly. She paused a moment, "This isn't over, between us. I will Duel you again."

"Ready and waiting for you," Juri answered calmly as Une walked away.

To be continued....