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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Revolution
Part Fourteen
The morning came, and with it the meat of the trip: a series of diplomatic meetings. From private offices to government buildings Ambassador Dornlan patiently explained his stance, trying to convince the undecided or unwilling. Not normal was the ladies presence, his daughter and the others trailing along for their own safety.
"The colonies should not take up a military posture," Ambassador Dornlan said seriously as he stood in the council hall, "or they will be providing just the sort of provocation that could start a war." The brown haired diplomat took a breath before saying, "Give some time for those that want peace on Earth to work."
'They aren't listening,' Juri thought as she sat in the visitors section along with Hilde, Releena and Colonel Une, 'and even worse, they're looking at him like he's some kind of crackpot.'
"Mr. Ambassador," one of the older men looked amused, "the colonies have never had a military, nor do we plan one."
"Yes, Gundams were launched from the colonies," a young, vaguely weasel like man offered, "but it was done without official permission."
"If it was official or not won't matter," Dornlan looked like he was trying to be patient and failing, "it will merely serve as a pretext. The colonies must follow the examples of their peaceful past and the rulers of the Sank and..."
"Die," Juri murmured softly.
You could have heard a pin drop in the room as eyes turned to her, Juri's voice carrying far more than the orange haired girl had intended. The Ambassador looked seriously annoyed at the interruption while the colony representatives were all studying her thoughtfully.
"And you are?" the first man asked crisply.
"My apologies, I shouldn't have did that," she smiled wryly as she continued, "and my name is Arisugawa Juri."
"So what's your opinion on this, Miss Arisugawa?" an older woman on the council leaned forward to ask her curiously.
Juri hesitated, 'Is saying this worth the sort of trouble I could get into? Yes.' She took a deep breath, "I hold great respect for the Ambassador and his principles, but I think they're simplistic." Juri deliberately didn't look towards Releena or her father as she continued, "Appeasement didn't work with Germany or during the Global Wars, I doubt it will work now."
"No one has spoken of war," the weasel remarked.
"They're certainly talking about it on Earth," Juri shot back. She smiled grimly, "There's a strong war movement on Earth, sponsored by a very powerful patron."
"Romafeller," Someone quietly murmured.
"Who in turn draws much of it's financing from companies that produce the Mobile Suits and other arms," Juri nodded gravely. She felt Une stiffen and fought back a smile as she thought, 'What, you thought that no one would put the pieces together?'
"I object to any such insinuations," Une sputtered.
Another councilor, a younger man raised a hand to silence Une while looking over at Juri thoughtfully. "Even assuming this is true," he said, "what would we do about it?"
"You have one untapped military resource," Juri answered simply, "the Gundams and the people who created them. Contact the scientist and the manufacturers even as you bring the Gundams home, as some kind of peacekeeping force."
"Stop the attacks on OZ?" the first councilor murmured.
"Use the Gundams defensively, make the Specials attack you first," Juri continued, "it puts you in a better position, both diplomatically and tactically." She smiled grimly, "And if it does come down to a war, you'll have your forces gathered and ready."
There was a babble of conversation between the councilors, voices over lapping each other then the chairman got control. "Thank you for your comments," he looked around at the people at the table, "I think we'll call a halt for the day."
The group filed out, Juri looked up at the Ambassador nervously. Oddly the brown haired man was smiling slightly, his expression oddly contemplative. "You cut my legs right out from under me in there," he finally noted.
"I didn't want to lie," Juri answered him calmly, "and I figured that they could make up their own minds, given the facts."
"You really think that pacifism is simplistic?" Dornlan asked.
Juri shrugged uncomfortably. "In a finer, more noble world it could work," she answered, "but not in the world we're living in now."
"Hmm," Dornlan looked thoughtful, "then maybe we need to change the world." With that he excused himself, speeding up to walk beside Une.
"Was all that about the Specials and Romafeller true?" Releena asked. The brown haired young woman looked oddly serious, somehow, and Juri hoped that what happened last night hadn't been the cause. Even stranger was the gold chain that Releena had begun wearing around her neck, something round dangling from it beneath her shirt....
"I did some research on them after the fire at Ohtori and the charges were dismissed," Juri had a haunted look in her eyes as she answered, "it took some digging but the information was there, if you knew exactly where to look."
"I'm sorry," Releena put her hand on Juri's arm and squeezed it comfortingly.
"I'm getting over it," Juri said, forcing a smile. Changing the subject she said, "Is it true your father is cutting this mission short?"
"Mission?" Releena smiled quizzically. When Juri didn't answer she continued, "The Earth government is, yes, they feel the threat of further terrorist attacks is too great."
"Huh," Juri grunted. 'I meant to look into Heero Yui while I was here,' she thought, 'but so far I've found nothing, looks like it was an alias.'
"Disappointed?" Releena asked.
"Sort of," Juri admitted honestly. She smiled slightly as she looked over at Hilde, "Except for the terrorist attack, everyone's been pretty friendly."
"Thank you." Hilde smiled wryly, her short brown hair a touch messy.
"Can you escort everyone back to the hotel?" Juri asked Hilde, "I need to run an errand, if we are going to be leaving soon."
"Where are you going?" Hilde asked.
"I wanted to visit the grave site of your former leader Heero Yui," Juri said calmly, "I thought I should pay my respects."
"Strange," Releena murmured, "that he and our classmate are both named Heero."
"Excuse me," Juri headed off with a steady stride.
The trip across the city was remarkably easy, and again she found herself noting how pleasant most of the people in the colony were. Obviously they were a bit wary of a strange face, but they willingly offered directions or assistance as needed. The colony was a large structure, yet also oddly confined floating there in the void of space.
The marker there was a simple one, the name Heero Yui and dates, much like the ones on Earth. Juri stood there a moment, her simple dress flowing around her as she thought of the young man she had slain back on Earth. 'This isn't your grave,' she mused, 'but I'm hoping you rest in peace, wherever you are now.'
"Miss Arisugawa," the quiet voice said.
"Yes?" Juri answered calmly. She had seen the old man walking nearby, his hair long and gray with small, round glasses over his eyes. One of his hands was gone, replaced with an artificial limb, and he seemed to bear the weight of a great responsibility.
"My name is Dr. J," he nodded, "and it was quite the bold suggestion you made before the colony council today."
Juri turned, her long orange hair blowing in the artificially generated breeze. "I won't ask how you know about that," she said mildly. She took a breath, "Just attacking OZ won't prevent a war, you have to get their backers, too. Not to mention the politicians who support such foolishness."
"There are those who support war here, too," Dr. J noted.
"One thing at a time," Juri answered softly.
"We were both familiar with the young man who carried that name," he nodded to Heero Yui's grave, "and I understand you inherited something that once belonged to him."
'Who is this man?' Juri wondered. "It's possible," she answered cautiously.
He smiled, "I think Heero would have approved." Dr. J looked deadly serious, "Things are about to become very exiting on Earth, you had best be ready."
To be continued....