Gundam Wing Fan Fiction / Utena, Revolutionary Girl Fan Fiction ❯ Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: Revolution ❯ Chapter 26

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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing: RevolutionBook Two: Part Nine

Milliardo Peacecraft paused as he used his modified Tallgeese Zero to hover in space, the engines off and power systems kept at minimal levels. Once the first Tallgeese unit, Zechs had stolen it when his own superiors finally betrayed him, first coming into contact with the eccentric Howard, then under the guidance of his old friend Treise adopting his former identity of Milliardo and taking control of the Sanc.

The colony L1-BO4467 hung in the depths of space as OZ mobile suits zipped around it in defensive patrols, while units similar to his own Tallgeese waited to launch from certain key positions. They were readying for an attack, possibly from the mystery gundam, and didn’t care what damage they did to anything nearby.

‘And I don’t dare act,’ Milliardo admitted as the brown haired pilot drank tea from a thermos, “the residents of the colony are hostages in Catalonia’s hands. If I or anyone else nears, they’ll certainly start killing them one by one.’

The radio crackled and Milliardo scowled as a face appeared on his screen, “Quince, I told you not to contact me again.”

The older man nodded, “Yes, you did but the situation is different now.”

“Of?” Milliardo looked skeptical as he drank a cup of tea.

“We have White Fang operatives within the colony L1-BO4467,” Quince gloated, “and I have a proposition for you.”

Milliardo gave him a dangerous look, “Your proposition.”

Quince paled slightly but continued on bravely, “In exchange for our assistance in rescuing the hostages, you agree to become the leader of White Fang.”

Milliardo paused a moment in consideration, “You realize you’d be better off with a Winner or Duo Maxwell.”

“You have a better reputation,” Quince answered him frankly, “as both Milliardo and as Zechs, sir.” Briskly he continued on, “But we can discuss all of that later. Should I give my people the go ahead?”

Miliardo thought a moment before he answered grimly, “Order your people to begin scouting the locations they’ll need to attack to free the hostages first. I need to make arrangements for reinforcements.”

“Understood,” Quince nodded before signing off.

Milliardo sighed as he returned his gaze to the captive colony, silently wondering if he hadn’t just made a horrible mistake. ‘I suppose we’ll only find that out tomorrow,’ he admitted to himself grimly.

Meanwhile in the headquarters of the colony resistance, Juri Arisugawa was receiving the news of the two OZ pilots intentions to defect with a certain degree of skepticism. “You think they’re really sincere?” the orange haired pilot asked.

“I think so,” Duo agreed as the dark brown haired pilot said, “they’ve been betrayed by Earth and it’s military on a fundamental level, and also by their own superior officer.” He smiled wryly as he added, “I think the only thing that caused them to wait for this long is basic loyalty to their principals.”

“Releena?” Juri looked over at her lover and a person who’s judgement she trusted almost more than all others.

Releena Peacecraft smiled back wryly as the light brown haired woman , “I’m not sure what I can say. From my impressions of her she’s a honorable woman, as is Sally Po.:”

“Beggars can’t be choosers,” Juri murmured to herself before adding in a louder voice to Duo, “I think we’ll take them.”

“You got it,” Duo nodded, “where do you want to with them?”

“What I want to do is stick them in out captive Tallgeeses,” Juri admitted, “but until we’re sure we’ll have to keep a eye on them in normal Ares suits.”

“I’ll let Quatre know,” Duo said with a wave as he hurried off, “and he can pass it on to the other pilots.”
“Isn’t Quatre normally in charge?” Releena quietly asked once he left their suite, “Why did he come to you first?”

“He is, but I’m the one who brought in Noin and Po after they were shot by Catalonia,” Juri explained with a sigh, “I guess he thought I should know.”

“Ah,” Releena nodded. She looked up at Juri as a small smile teased her lips, “You know, I just realized there’s no emergencies or meetings to attend to....”

“No, there isn’t,” Juri agreed in a purring tone as she looked down at Releena with a spark of hunger in her eyes. She bent forward to kiss her gently, then nibbled at her neck as she began to pull her jacket off....

Just then there was a knock on the door. “Oh,” Releena growled in frustration, “you have GOT to be kidding!”

“Damn it,” Juri scowled as she stalked over to the door with murder in her eyes. “What!” she demanded as she flung it open.

The young man looked visibly frightened as he took a step back. “Ma’am,” he said weakly, “there’s a call for the ambassador. Top priority.”

Releena sighed as she straightened up her clothes, “Thank you, I’ll take it here.” She closed the door as she gave Juri an apologetic look, “I’m sorry.”

“It’s all right,” Juri sighed, “but it had better be a real emergency or....”

“Agreed,” Releena nodded as she activated the communications system and saw her brother’s face appear. “Milliardo,” she said dryly, “what a pleasure to see you.”

“Indeed,” Milliardo said coolly in response. He paused, a slight smile on his face, “You might want to turn up the collar of your jacket a bit.”

“Eh?” Releena blinked.

“I think you’ve been bit,” Milliardo said, trying to hide his amusement.

Releena found her hand moving to where Juri had nibbled, then forced it down. “I thought you said this was urgent?” she asked her brother frostily.

Milliardo nodded grimly, “I’m sure you’re aware of Catalonia’s take lover of a colony?”

“I’ve been briefed,” Releena agreed, “she’s illegally taken over colony L1-BO4467 and has taken the inhabitants hostage. They’re fortifying the interior as much as they can, according to my contacts.”

“Exactly,” Milliardo agreed. “I’ve been contacted by a source inside the colony,” he said seriously, “they’re planning a rescue of the colonists.”

Releena narrowed her eyes as she quickly saw, “They’ll need outside help, or the rescue would be pointless.”

“The rescue attempt inside might make a fine distraction for a outside assault,” Milliardo noted smugly, “especially if they get that snake Catalonia.”

“We couldn’t be that lucky,” Juri murmured, though if she was honest she’d only believe the woman was dead if she saw it herself.

“Heh,” Releena hid a smile at that comment. Looking up at Milliardo she said, “I’ll put your proposal to the colonies government. They’ll have to decide to act.”

“Thank you,” Milliardo nodded, “I look forward to hearing from you.”

With that the screen went blank, but not before each sibling seemed to want to say something more, and failed. Juri walked up and gently squeezed her partner’s shoulder as she softly asked, “Are you all right?”

“Yes,” Releena sighed as she looked up at Juri, “It’s just... I want to say things to him but I can never find the words.”

“Give it time,” Juri said to her reasonably, “it hasn’t been that long since you learned he was your brother.”

Releena nodded slightly, “You’re right.” She reached up to squeeze Juri’s hand thoughtfully, “You know this is urgent, right?”

“We’ll get back to this later,” Juri sighed as she kissed Releena’s cheek then let go.

“Count on it,” Releena agreed as they both headed out to spread the word.

To be continued....