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Soixante-Cinq Rose
Chapter Five Part I
Wufei checked his watch, 11:55.
He speedily walked through the corridors of the head Preventer's office. He recently got a call from Noin telling him he had to come into operations to sign some forms for Une about the last investigation on the Serial Killer case.
He didn't mind coming in and signing some papers, He just wished Noin could have called him at a better time; he wanted to grab a quick lunch so he could get to the meeting early.
It wasn't that he was having a terrible week; actually it was going quite pleasant.
He woke up early everyday in time for his morning run; was able to finish his breakfast, water the garden and make it into work ten minutes earlier then usual. He even was able to make dinner reservation at a five star restaurant Les Soixante-cinq Roses, for his two year anniversary with Sally tomorrow.
Wufei smiled in satisfaction, yes everything seems to be going very well, until he walked straight into something;
Something tall.
Something built.
And something overly platinum blond.
"Oh my, what a surprise" Wufei looked to see an unpleasant sight looking down at him; he frowned and took a few steps back in annoyance.
"Well good afternoon Chang" Zechs sang flashing that fake charming smile he always had plastered on his face.
He was in a very expensive looking grey pin-striped suit with a white dress shirt and a violet tie.
Wufei slightly raised and eyebrow at the tie.
How many purple clothing articles did Zechs have?
He then narrowed his eyes in obvious irritation.
And this week was going so well.
"Don't call me that" Wufei growled in a low tone.
Out of the people he had to bump into today, why in heavens name did it have to be Zechs Marquise.
Zechs chuckled lightly mask still in place "Oh I'm terribly sorry Wufei" Zechs exaggerated as he leaned casually against the wall putting his hands in his pockets, "Fine day is it not? And how has the morning been treating you?"
"Just fine, excuse me please" Wufei said dryly as he stepped around Zechs hastily, he didn't have time for meaningless conversations.
"I was just surprised to see you in the main preventers building" He heard Zechs say behind him.
He wanted to ignore Zechs, he really did, but something about Zechs pretentious manner just somehow commanded his negative attention.
Wufei turned around to see Zechs now facing him still leaning casually against the wall with that same fake charming smile.
"I was about to say the same thing, considering that I work here and you do not" Wufei said frowning annoyingly; some female employees passed by giggling girlishly as they waved `hello' to Zechs.
Wufei rolled his eyes in even more announce, feeling that he some how had become like those women in away.
Zechs flashed the women with one of his smiles and sang good morning back, making the women giggle some more.
"Now come on now Chan- I mean… Wufei," Zechs said with a smug expression "I did practically build this building"
"You funded it" Wufei corrected, "and that doesn't mean you always have to be here, now get out"
Zechs for a split second visibly stiffened at the attack but recovered with a classy smug smile.
"Oh but I still do fund not only for all the building bills, but for all the departments in this building, actually all the Preventers buildings world wide"
Zechs took a few steps forward until he was directly in front of Wufei, arrogance radiating off of him. "Actually for a matter a fact, I fund every single Preventer employees pay cheque… including yours"
Zechs reached up and picked of a pieces of lint off Wufei Preventers uniform, eyes becoming cold.
"So I think maybe you should… Get out." Zechs tone changed from cool and smug to cold and bitter in a matter of seconds.
Wufei stood his ground, angry black eyes meet ice cold blues ones, bitter heated tension shock waves darted between the two of them as they stared each other down.
It wasn't always like this Wufei thought as he remembered when the only tension shared between them was…
He shook those thoughts out of his mind.
Now was definitely not the time for them.
"I don't have time to conduct a staring contest with the likes of you Milliardo" Wufei spat viciously and turned on his heels.
What he was doing was childish, but for some reason, everything he did was childish when it came to Zechs.
"Oh come on now Chang can we please be at least civil" Zechs called out, arrogance still in his tone. "I just…want to see how you were doing"
Wufei felt the sincerity in his voice then, the sincerity he only used when they use to be alone, but this only made him even more irritated.
Wufei turned around again, meeting Zechs closer than he thought, he didn't realize Zechs started to follow him "You don't get to see how I'm doing anymore" Wufei growled coldly.
Zechs was about to say something but was cut off by the annoying sound of Noin's voice behind him.
"Oh Zechs you're here" Noin said brightly as she bounce over to where Wufei and Zechs was standing.
Zechs straighten his back and turned around turning his charming smile on before she came over.
"I'm sorry I'm late Dear" Zechs said as Noin rapped her arms around his neck and kissed him,
Wufei diverted his eyes from the two of them, he didn't quit care to watch a woman carelessly through herself onto another man in public, Wufei found it shameful.
His week definitely got less pleasant.
"Oh Wufei what a pleasant surprise" Noin said curiously looking between the two of them.
"That's what I said" Zechs said haughtily, Wufei shot a side glare at Zechs as Noin continued
"I thought you would've signed the papers and went off to lunch by now, what's keeping you?"
Your arrogant boyfriend.
"Nothing" Wufei said dryly.
"Well Zechs and I are having a lunch date" Noin needlessly informed, she rested her hand on Zechss chest and smiled up at him "If you are not doing anything for lunch I don't think either of us would mind if you joined us"
"Actually-" Zechs started but Wufei cut him off.
"Actually, I have to finish signing the papers for Une and be on my way" Wufei said politely "Have a good time on your lunch date" He smiled at Noin and glanced at Zechs, thankful for an exit.
"If you would excuse me" Wufei bowed and turned to leave.
"Oh Zechs the Gladiolus and For-Get-Me-Nots you got me today where lovely" He heard Noin coo adoringly.
Wufei he glance behind him at the couple just in time for Noin to call out to him.
"Oh Wufei, you will be attending our Fall party right?" Noin was clinging on to Zechs arm like a silly school girl and Wufei had to restrain himself from rolling his eyes in annoyance.
"I will have to check my schedule" Wufei said.
"You can bring anyone you want, even Sally" she added in brightly swinging on Zechss arm.
Wufei nodded and started to walk again, but before he turned his head he thought he saw for a very brief second a look of regret appear on Zechs's face, but it was only for a second.
"Is everyone trying to make me late for this meeting", Wufei asked annoyed.
"But come on Wufei, don't you owe me one?".
"No", Wufei responded.
"Please". Duo pleaded.
"No", Wufei responded, "I will not go and get your car from the mechanics shop when all your limbs seem to be in perfect working order".
"But-", Duo started.
"No, what happened to your partner?" Wufei asked irritated.
"I don't trust him", Duo grumbled, "with sensitive personal information about me which this visit might entail".
"Why don't you ask Heero to do it?"
"About that..." Duo trailed off, "because I can't Wufei, this is something I can only trust you with".
"I thought Hilde was one of your best friends", Wufei stated.
"You see…" Duo sighed not knowing if he should start again, "look you're not going to tell anyone are you?"
"No", Wufei rolled his eyes, almost bored.
"Hilde thinks I stole Jackson from her". Duo said. He could tell it caught Wufei's attention because his expression went from bored to puzzled.
"Didn't Jackson relentlessly pursue you until you dated him?" Wufei asked humorously.
"Yes", Duo agreed looking down.
"And didn't Hilde already have a boyfriend when she introduced Jackson to everyone?" Wufei continued.
"Two actually", Duo corrected, "She said she was 'between emotions and not in the condition to make a decision over which one to date'". Duo dramatically rolled his eyes doing an exaggerated impression of a damsel in distress.
"Then why-".
"Because Hilde likes conquests and she feels like Jackson is a failed conquest", Duo stated annoyed.
"Are you sure it's failed?" Wufei asked, eyebrow raised.
"Excuse me, what"? Duo asked defensively confused.
"I have happened to have the misfortune of seeing Hilde in the back hallway with Jackson on several occasions".
"Oh that's nothing", Duo said dismissively, ignoring his street instincts that clearly signalled,
Something was up.
"Hilde and Jackson have been friends for a while".
"If you say so", Wufei said not convinced as he turned to leave.
"Hey wait, where are you going?" Duo asked grabbing Wufei attention again.
"Meeting", Wufei stated in a matter of fact tone.
"But I can't face her", Duo wined.
"Deal with it, she's just a stupid woman", Wufei stated.
"That you had a fling with", Duo muttered loud enough for Wufei to hear.
Wufei turned around narrowing his.
"Thought I didn't know about that huh?", Duo said with a smirk, "I didn't want to have to use it on you Wuffers, but you made me".
"Wufei", Wufei growled. "And I thought she was an honourable woman at that time, I had no idea I was being fooled".
"There's a lot of damage I can do with that piece of information", Duo sang in a bribing tone.
Wufei growled. "It wasn't even a date", he said to defend himself, "She said she was hungry, I happened to be hungry too, long day at work, we went to get dinner, and she practically threw herself at me although she knew I was dating Sally, so I threw her off of me, the sordid woman".
"Does Sally know", Duo said innocently batting his eyelashes.
"…So all I have to do is get the car?"
"Thank you Fei Fei", Duo said happily.
"Go to hell", Wufei mumbled, "And it's Wufei!"
Duo burst into a triumphant laugh and bounced away, he always did find a way to run from his problems.

"So the Duo loving freak is a dude", Jackson said angrily to himself. He tapped his pencil on the black ceramic table "I knew it".
Heero couldn't help but role his eyes.
This meeting was going to be great he thought sarcastically.
Heero now absolutely regretted letting Duo talk him into going out and trying a Cappuccino from this new little coffee shop that afternoon. He pulled up in the preventer's staff parking lot at 12:59, for a meeting at 13:00.
This, in his books meant he was late.
On time meant that he was sitting in the board room when the clock turned to 13:00. On top of this, because of Duo's ridiculously sugary concoction, he was overly awake and could hear what Jackson had to say all the more.
"Can you keep your comments to yourself", Heero growled, only to get a smirk from Jackson.
"Are you upset because every morning you see Duo you know he's not yours", Jackson mumbled.
Heero ignored him and kept his eyes on Dorothy, who was a member of the evidence team.
"From the foot print that we found in the wood we can ascertain that it most likely belongs to a male, between 180-220 pounds around 6'1 in height", Dorothy said with much confidence. "Our team was able to verify that this perp was walking, and", Dorothy paused, "the most interesting piece of information is our perp was wearing standard war issued boots, ladies and gentlemen", Dorothy said for dramatic effect, "or perp is a war vet".
The general reaction to Dorothy's statement was slight indifference.
It made sense, Heero thought, for someone to be able to do what this person was doing and not get caught, definitely had to have some sort of training.
Heero glanced around the black ceramic table, spinning his chair in a tiny semi circle as he did.
Wufei, Jackson, Brown, Une, Dorothy and the psychologist, some petite oriental woman with unusually big eyes for her frame, all sat in a large board room. The agents were debriefing and updating on the status of the serial killer.
"We also were not able to find any prints on any of the pictures in the house", Dorothy continued. "We are still going through the auditorium from the charity event for anything that could contribute to this case as well as the kennel and a grid search is being conducted of the woods".
She looked like she was finished but at the last minute she added, "also, from the angle of the pictures that were taken we were able to figure out that all the pictures of the subject in the apartment were taken from the parking lot across the street, this perp has access to some serious cash as the camera he had to use is one of the most expensive ones on the market".
Heero knew Duo had a thing for seeing the earth sky and always had his curtains and blinds open at all times at his apartment, which resulted in the problem that he had now.
Heero saw Une look at the psychologist.
"Orejana", Une said.
Cindy, Heero remembered, the psychologist first name was Cindy.
Heero hated that name, or maybe it was the agent...
Cindy began to speak, Heero was surprised that Jackson was able not to make any dumb comments up till now.
'Go ahead beautiful' Jackson mouthed to the psychologist as soon as Une looked down at her paper work.
Cindy blushed and fidgeted with her glasses while glancing back at Jackson, attempting not to make it obvious as she began speaking with a tiny voice. "This killer is most likely a male, in his thirties, he most likely is unknown to the people he has killed, probably resents society due to his own failings, most likely has a type of schizophrenia".
"I could have guessed that", Jackson muttered.
Heero discreetly sighed, of course Jackson could have guessed that, he thought sarcastically, because Jackson has an invisible psychology degree.
"We believe he has strong delusions and fantasies that he tries to play out in the real world", Cindy continued.
"I have fantasies", Jackson stated, "I'm not some killer".
"Good for you", Heero heard Wufei muter under his breath, he smirked.
"Well", Cindy explained clearing her throat, "Our killer most likely had a pre crime stressor, something that tipped him over, now his only motive is probably to make his dark fantasies real. We believe he is a psychopath suffering from chronic mental disorders with violent or abnormal social behaviours [1]. He sees himself as dominant, controlling and powerful. We can confirm this by our serial killers tendency to take his victims hair and eyes as all the bodies, our detectives", Cindy nodded towards Jackson, "have found missing hair and eyes".
"This is why we suggested that Heero and Duo remain together", Une clarified.
Heero glanced at Jackson, he seemed angry that Une simply mentioned his and Duo's name in the same sentence.
"If the perp see's himself as dominant, controlling and powerful, he is bound to attack our two best agents, this way we can take him down", Une concluded.
Heero found her logic slightly flawed but chose not to say anything.
"Thank you Orejana", Une stated. She paused looking down at her phone.
"Something came up", Une said looking around the room. "Let take a break and resume this meeting in five minutes". She stood up quickly and hurried out of the board room.
The moment her Raulph Lauren shoes stepped outside of the board room Heero heard the displeasure of Jackson speaking.
What was more unfortunate, was that it was to him.
"I want my boyfriend back", Jackson hissed, "You stole him from me".
Heero took a deep breath and ignored him, he looked at where Wufei was seated and realised that Wufei wasn't there anymore.
Great, Wufei probably went to take full advantage of the break. Wufei has said something about being screwed out of a lunch break earlier anyway.
"If you don't listen to me I will make your life a fucking nightmare, Ex-Gundam pilot or not", Jackson threatened heatedly.
Heero wondered why Jackson was still talking.
"I have nothing to say to you", Heero said in a monotone, "but destroy Une's investigation process if you wish".
He heard Jackson growl.
"He hasn't returned my calls or any of my messages; and I know you have something to do with it". Jackson stated.
Heero continued to ignore him, where the hell was Wufei...
"Jackson", Wufei said curtly, walking up to his previous seat and sitting down, "Is there anything you would like to discuss?"
Heero felt himself relax.
He complimented Wufei for having the necessary self restraint to deal with Jackson, as Jackson was speaking to him, he had thought-out four different scenarios' to kill Jackson and dispose of the body.
"Your dumb shit partner here-"
"If you continue to speak I will be forced to kill you", Heero stated, his eyes narrowing, death glare in full attack "you have been lucky up till now". Heeros' cold calbat blue eyes made direct contact with dark hazel ones, making Jackson divert his eyes to the side.
"We'll see", Jackson mumbled as Une walked in, she nodded in Heero's direction to resume the meeting.
Heero could feel everyone's eyes on him and he honestly didn't care. "I analyzed the pictures", Heero stated. "The serial killer has been planning this for just about two years".
"How the fuck do you know", Jackson said snidely, earning a cross look from Une.
"In the pictures if you carefully study the attributes of the subject taken, you will notice subtle changes that establish a time line". Heero answered as if it was common sense, which he felt it was.
He looked pointedly at Jackson. Then he nodded to Wufei for him to continue their report.
"The killer has infiltrated the preventers numerous times, we believe he is working with someone, if not someone within the organisation". Wufei cleared his throat. "All video footage that would hypothetically incriminate the perp has been compromised. This perp seems to generally know the affected agents likes and dislikes. In order to rectify this Heero and I propose that all the swipe cards are re registered in order to eliminate the perps access, or to identify it as one of the preventers staff. We also propose that the security team in charge of the camera's on the morning of the "puppy incident" be interviewed immediately".
"Of course", Une agreed. She looked at Heero, who was speaking in hushed tones to Wufei. Odd, she thought to herself, Heero wasn't one to ever do something disrespectful in a meeting unless he discovered something absolutely important.
"Yuy", she asked; "care to share?"
"The picture off my desk went missing the day before we infiltrated the serial killers house", Heero suddenly stated. He took a long glance at Jackson eyes narrowing slightly, "the serial killer wanted us to find it".

"Why am I here?", Terry asked, she looked around at the detectives in the room, she would have absolutely loved to be trapped in a room with Chang Wufei and Heero Yuy, but definitely under different circumstances...and maybe their bodies.
Too bad they had no idea what they were messing with.
"We just have a couple questions about the security camera's and your shift the morning when the puppies were discovered missing", Chang Wufei said politely to her.
"Okay", she said rudely. "What do you want to know? And couldn't you of just emailed me or something, instead of dragging me here on my day off?"
She was annoyed, so what if the detectives were hot, she could always watch them on the security camera's when she was working, it was all she did anyway, and the job would have been so boring if they're lives weren't so entertaining.
"We do apologise for the inconvenience", Wufei said patiently, "but you have to understand that this is a time sensitive issue".
"I don't care", Terry spat back. "How are things with Sally?" She gave a fake smile,
"Introduced her to Zechs yet?" she smirked.
Wufei narrowed his eyes, she shrivelled under his glare. She could tell he wasn't someone you should randomly piss off, but her back was against a wall.
"Sorry about that", she muttered looking away.
"So your partner was sick the day before, leaving you to be the only person watching the camera's?" Wufei asked her, the niceness dropped from his voice.
"Duhh", she said, she looked at Heero Yuy, damn he was sexy, and his piercing cobalt blue eyes stared directly at her.
He didn't look happy, she gulped.
"I mean yeah", she looked at Wufei, "food poisoning".
"How did you know that?" Heero suddenly asked, his voice cold.
"Know what?" she asked, dumb expression on her face expecting Heero to respond.
A moment of silence passed.
She guessed not.
"The food poisoning?" She reasoned on her own, "um, the guard told me, the one who booked off."
"Are you sure?", Wufei asked.
"Of course", she smiled, feeling she covered her tracks.
"From the hospital?" Heero stated, he looked directly at her now, she felt herself involuntarily shiver, his expression was so cold, his face so emotionless.
"Uhh, what?" Terry asked, confused.
"It turns out your partner was poisoned…not by food", Wufei stated, "surprised?"
Terry shrugged, "He was fat anyways, are we done now?"
"We will be investigating your actions further", Heero stated, "Our particular point of interest is the $5000.00 that magically found its way into your bank account the night before the incident".
This time, Terry couldn't hide her surprise.
"You can't do that!", she spat, "You can't check my personal information like that without having a signed consent or a warrant". She smiled confidently; until Wufei pulled out a piece of documentation with Terry's signature on it.
"Do you remember this?" He asked her, pointing at the piece of paper, "you signed it as a condition of your employment, giving the preventers rights to your bank statements and phone records".
"Oh yeah", Terry mumbled. "So Heero", she looked directly at him. "How are things with Relena, have you told her that-". She cut herself off when Heero glared at her, then moved her chair slightly back.
"So what if I got $5000.00 dollars wired to me in my bank account, I have rich relatives". As hot as these detectives were, she felt intimidated, as would anybody who was sitting in an interrogation room with men that could kill you with their bare hands since they were fifteen.
"I'm sure you do", Wufei said sarcastically.
"We have interviewed the other staff", Heero stated, "from what we have gathered, you're the only one that had the opportunity to bug the systems, or give access to someone to bug the systems for you."
"Yeah and?" Terry asked rudely swinging her high blond ponytail to the side.
"Do you smoke?" Wufei randomly asked.
Terry narrowed her eyes, "Why?" she asked.
"Yes or no", Heero's voice was dangerously low.
"Um, Yes", she stated, "I do, and the time you have my swipe card recorded for opening the front door, I was going out for a smoke", she paused to think, then continued "on the front steps".
"You know smoking is not permitted within 9 meters of Preventers property", Heero asked, his voice bored.
Terry made a face. "Is that it?" she asked.
"Until your caught", Heero answered "Yes" and walked out of the room.

Heero opened his condominium door to be assaulted by the smell of something burning, Duo definitely made it home before he did.
"In my next house my kitchen is going to have a vending machine", Duo said frustrated as Heero walked in to the kitchen.
"I made you dinner", Duo chirped, a big smile on his face, however, Heero could tell it was a mask. He remembered one of his previous conversations with Duo.
Jackson always criticized everything he cooked.
Heero wasn't surprised that it smelt good. He knew Duo had picked up a couple things from the times he stayed at Quatres house...
And when they were on an undercover mission
When they were still partners...
Duo turned around, facing Heero, his back to the stove, on his head was a silly chefs hat that had 'kiss the cook' scribbled in red writing.
"Can I", Heero asked pointedly looking at the hat, taking a step towards Duo.
"Can you do what?" Duo asked looking genuinely confused. "Can you..." he then seemed to have got it because he blushed.
These moments were becoming more frequent between them, but Heero wanted to know, he wanted to know if Duo had genuine feelings for him or if Duo simply saw it as flirting with his best friend.
Duo took a slight step back and one of the meatballs fell off of Duo's plate and onto the floor, rolling across the kitchen to the carpet. Heero forced his eyes away from Duo's face and his luscious lips to stop the meatballs journey, Duo beat him too it.
"Oh my God I'm so sorry 'Ro, it just fell and now it's under the couch", Duo got down on his hands and knees and looked under the couch, then stretched out his hand attempting to reach it.
Heero smiled softly, walked across the kitchen, into the living room and grabbed the end of the couch; he moved it slightly for Duo to get the meatball and was hit with a flashback.
His eyes followed the sticky red-brownish trail the meatball left on kitchen floor and onto his living room carpet.
"We never pried the floor boards". Heero said out loud.
"Um..." Duo responded jokingly, "I don't think you have to pry up your floor to get the meatball".
Heero briskly walked past Duo, picked up his car keys from where he left them on the kitchen table and headed to the closet by the door to get his coat.
"Where are you going?" Duo asked confused. His voice sounded a little hurt. "Does this have anything to do with my cooking?"
"No", Heero said simply, his hand grazed the door handle, "I know you cook well, Baka", he said softly. "I have to go check something out".
"I can come?" Duo offered.
And for a moment, Heero pondered it. The pictures would be gone by now, the evidence team would have removed them, they would have to sneak in the house, as it was all taped off, he could use Duo's skills.
"Hn", Heero agreed.
Duo scampered to his room to get dressed. "But I'm leaving now", Heero opened the door to emphasize the point and came face to face with,
Heero took a minute to take this realization seriously.
Jackson made himself out to be a man that everyone should worship, but here he was, at his front door uninvited.
"I can smell that crappy meatball stuff from the fucking hallway", Jackson said snidely, "Did Duo attempt to make you dinner? Because if he did, word of advice, throw it out".
Heero sighed,
Why did he have to deal with this shit twice in one fucking day.
"And if you think your going to pull the same stunt as last time" Jackson continued "don't, I have a gun-".
Heero cut Jackson off by placing a gun to his temple.
"Then next time, pull it out faster", Heero said, expressionless.
"Once he see's me he's going to come back to me", Jackson pointed out. "He's going to hate you when he figures out you have blocked every opportunity I have had to see him".
Heero's expression did not change, his face was impassive, no emotion.
"You think I didn't know, I know that you made sure Duo's schedule was opposite from mine, that way we would never run into each other at work, that I was always in meetings or assigned to do things outside the office. Do you think he will still talk to you after he knows, after I tell him? Whatever game you're playing Yuy, won't work", Jackson grinned confidently, even though a gun was pressed to his head. "Duo's mine and you're just scared".
Heero clenched his jaw; he clicked the safety off the gun and watched Jackson eyes widen. He had one minute to take care of this before Duo was finished changing.
"Leave", Heero said dryly.
"No", Jackson challenged, "When Duo see's how you really are, he'll come back to me".
Heero quickly glanced over his shoulder, stepped outside his condo and closed the door behind him; his gun still pressed to Jacksons head. He wondered what would happen if one of his neighbours came down the hall. He was glad he picked this condo because the residences were all working professionals that were either always in their home or never home.
"You should be grateful I haven't killed you", Heero paused, seemingly in thought.
"Yet", he finished.
"I don't care for the way you treat him so I have taken the liberty to minimize that as much as possible, I don't care whether you know or not".
"One day when I come knocking on your door, Duo is going to open it", Jackson smirked, "then what"?
"Leave", Heero repeated again, his death glare burning holes in Jackson eyes. "I'll tell Une that you informed me that you weren't feeling well".
"What-?" Jackson asked confused.
Heero took his gun and smashed it across Jackson's temple; his body slumped to the ground.
Heero effortlessly picked Jackson up.
Walked down the hallway to the elevator.
Opened it.
Dumped Jackson's body inside,
Then sent the elevator to the basement.
On his way back to his condo the door opened. "What was that?" Duo asked.
"Nothing", Heero responded, "just taking out the garbage, ready?"
"Yeah", Duo said, he closed the condo door behind him and began sauntering towards the elevator.
"My car's closer to the stairs", Heero stated, then turned to the direction opposite the elevator.
"Whatever you say, He-man", Duo said with a smile, he could of sworn he heard voices a minute, he'd bring up it later. "Whatever you say".

"You'd think this guy was obsessive compulsive until you checked out this shit hole", Duo commented while looking around.
He looked at the wall, the striped hot pink and baby blue wall paper was peeling off, little pieces of it lay on the pepper red carpet, the lining was a weird navy blue and gold.
"This place is as tacky as hell", Duo muttered, "At least when I had nothing I made it look good".
He looked around again, "just fuckin' tacky".
Heero walked across the floor, staring down at it.
"Here", Heero said, "the basement ended here", he looked across the floor. "It's missing eight by ten feet of the living room".
Duo frowned, "The same size as a prison cell". He looked at the portion of the floor that Heero was mentioning. "So now what?"
"Crowbar", Heero stated simply. "Stay here".
Heero came back in a minute holding a crowbar that he must have gotten from his trunk. Jamming the crowbar between a plywood floor, he ripped the board up. Duo couldn't help but stare at Heero's muscles as he attacked the floor.
The board pried up with a deafening creak.
Heero couldn't help but think that he would have discovered this sooner if the picture he found in the basement hadn't wiped out his concentration; he frowned to himself and vowed not to let it happen again.
"Security's still sleeping?" Heero asked.
"Of course", Duo stated, a mischievous smile on his face.
"Hn", Heero replied, then he looked at Duo again, assessed his look, "How long will they be sleeping for?"
"Couple hours, give or take", Duo said with a grin, "don't worry, I didn't kill anyone, although they might be cold without their clothes", he said with an even bigger grin.
Heero snorted and continued ripping up the floor.
"Want some help?" Duo asked. Heero tossed him the crowbar and began ripping out the floor with his bare hands, no need to waste time.
"Damn", Duo muttered, admiring the brute strength of Heero. Heero looked up at him, raising an eyebrow. He saw Duo blush, mutter something and take the crowbar and rip up some of the floor.
It took them a combined fifteen minutes but eventually the whole space covering 8 by 10 feet was ripped off.
"Now who the fuck would of seen this coming", Duo mumbled. He whistled while looking down.
"Damn this guy is fucking sick".
It looked like a morbid library from a badly done Halloween movie; although, if Heero had to compliment the killer on one thing, it would be organization.
They were looking down at a room that was approximately 8 by 10 feet. Long jagged shelved lined both sides of the small damp room. Heero could smell the smell of rotting wood combined with something distinctly dead.
On the shelves closest to where Heero was looking down were jars filled with hair, obviously scalped off their victims, floating in some sort of fluid. Across from that, the opposite shelves hosted the missing eyes, all labelled, all dated.
This, Heero assumed, was definitely something the perp didn't expect or want them to find.
He saw Duo look around the cellar; he used the light from his phone to get a better look, noting the damp smell came of a carpet in the cellar, stained with blood, the makings of an ugly pattern.
"Your right", Heero agreed, "this place is tacky as hell".

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