Gundam Wing Fan Fiction ❯ P.S I Hate You ❯ Le Soixante-Cinq Rose Part II ( Chapter 6 )

[ P - Pre-Teen ]

Le Soixante-Cinq Rose
Chapter Five
Part II

Duo took a deep breath and slowly let it go as he stared at himself in the mirror. The thought of the psycho's little fucked up cellar full of hair and eyes from the night before still vividly framed in his mind.
Knowing that there was a serial killer after him was one thing, but seeing what the freak considered a suitable stamp collection put him on a whole another level of freaked out.
He ran his fingers through his long chestnut hair and shivered. There had been way to much fucked up lately, he need a shower.
Duo spied a sexy mop of chocolate hair heading to the washroom, towel thrown across strong muscular shoulders.
"Heero, you better bet your scrawny ass that you're not having a shower before me", Duo yelled from what was now his bedroom.
From his vantage point he could see that he and the perfect solider were the exact same distance from the washroom, Duo's only disadvantage being that he'd have to get his towel, thus slowing down his arrival time had they made a mad dash.
Heero raised an eyebrow.
"My ass is delicious", he said in a serious tone, the same tone he used to state other facts that he assumed everyone knew.
Duo grinned, "It ain't got shit on mine!" He set a dead stare on Heero, who looked directly in his eyes, it took less than a second for realisation to dawn in Heero's eyes, and the mad dash had started.
If there was anything Duo could do better than the other pilots, it was run. Something that had kept him alive for this long, he better damn well be good at it.
And he would have almost made it too if it wasn't for Heero's ability to strategize.
He felt muscular arms wrap around him and tackle him to the floor, instantly ending all progress he made. Heero released him and began to get up.
"This is my place", he said simply, but Duo could hear the smile in his voice and see the laughter in his eyes.
He grabbed Heero's leg closest to him and dragged him down. Heero fell, using his hands to brace himself, he pulled his leg out of Duo's grip, turned around quickly and grabbed Duo's arms, holding them together, pressing them down on the floor.
"What are you going to lose when I get in the shower", Heero asked plainly, like he was asking about the weather. His eyes locked on Duo, Duo could feel his face heating up, he never played around this much with Jackson, somehow, Jackson always managed to ruin the fun.
"I will-", Duo gulped.
"You will what", Heero said, he maintained direct eye contact, his voice teasing.
"You have something on your face", Duo said in a weak attempt to distract him.
"Is it the look of success?" Heero asked innocently, his voice still teasing.
Duo found it amazing how far Heero had come since the war. Yes, Heero had his emotionless moments, many of them actually, and he still had his obsessive compulsive, type A perfectionist asshole moments, which were probably more than his emotionless moments, but then he had these…Heero moments were he was funny, and playful and -
"Duo", Heero interrupted his train of thought, "usually when someone asks a question there expecting and answer".
"I won't speak for one hour of your choosing", Duo complied, "but", he continued with a smirk "when you lose you do the same thing".
"Agreed", Heero said with a smirk.
"Wait a minute, that not even fair you don't talk any-" Duo started to banter but was cut off.
What Heero did next surprised Duo, he knew Heero was super strong.
But still.
Duo felt himself being lifted off the ground, tossed over Heero's shoulders, jogged to his guest room, and thrown on the bed, all before he had time to react. He bounced twice on the bed and onto the floor landing in an ungraceful heap.
"Heero I'm going to fucking kick your ass!" Duo yelled from the guest room, scrambling to his feet, only to see Heero calmly saunter into the washroom, he smirked at Duo again and closed the door.
Duo sat on the bed for several minutes, glaring at the door, waiting for Heero to come out, deciding on whether to tackle his wet ass to the ground, on simply attempt a head lock.
But when Heero open the washroom door, stepping out in a cloud of steam, his back turned to Duo with only a white towel wrapped around his waist, Duo felt his mouth go dry.
"Oh and Duo", Heero said, looking over his shoulder, his damp hair framing his face.
"Uh huh", Duo replied almost breathlessly.
"There's nothing scrawny about this ass", Heero dropped his towel from off his waist and swept it around his shoulders and continued to his room, Duo watching his naked ass the whole way.
Duo grabbed his towel from where he left it on the bed and practically jogged to the washroom, speechless; taking one of the coldest showers he had taken in his life.
"It was so horrible Trowa, I even puked on stage", Quatre sighed depressingly cupping his face in his hands. "I didn't follow my instincts; I didn't check the model before I pulled off the veil".
"I don't see how it's your fault", Trowa said calmly. "How were you to know that this psycho breached the extra security set up?"
"He…" Quatre paused "Or she, to be fair, even got past the Maganac's". He sighed, "it's impressive Trowa, but scary, this guy is really after Duo, but I will not and cannot abandon my friend no matter what happens", Quatre resolved.
He slouched back on his leather couch, an action that was foreign to him, it felt good sometimes to forget his upbringing and let himself go like that.
"Agreed", Trowa stated.
Trowa slightly shifted over on the couch until their thighs were lightly touching. He ran his fingers down Quatre's arm just as lightly. "And I will always be there", he whispered inciting a slight blush on Quatre face, he looked away.
He couldn't do this right now. He loved Trowa, he knew it, and every fibre of his being knew it. But Trowa was a guy, something the face of the Winner Corporation would not stand for, something his sisters would not stand for, denying Trowa was like denying the other half of his soul.
Actually, he was denying the other half of his soul, and until he made a decision…
"I… I think we should check the news, what the media has to say", Quatre stuttered reaching for the remote control, the blush remaining, Trowa was the only person that could make him stutter, ever.
Trowa nodded smoothly, reaching for the remote control himself, their fingers brushed, Quatre could feel his whole body tingling.
He grabbed the remote control and turned on the television.
The bland news reporter's voice filled the room, "…was discovered to apparently be the remains of a dead puppy, here we can see that the CEO and owner of the Winner Corps vomit, is this a publicity stunt or a deliberate attempt by the competitors to destroy the Winner Foundation-"
Quatre changed the channel abruptly; an interview of one of his competitors was on live, a talk show host holding the mic to their mouth. "…think that this is some cry for attention, what better way to kill an animal after he has many campaigns against animal cruelty. Obviously this was a creative way to destroy those who support the necessity of things such as animal testi-"
He changed the channel again, this time, his image popped on screen, replaying his public statement after the incident. "We believe that this is done by a disturbed person who we hope can find the courage to come out and apologise to those he or she hurt by their actions. I will hold nothing against them but it is important that they come forward and explain-".
He changed the channel again, mumbling to Trowa about how he hated watching himself on T.V. A commercial popped on about the importance of minty bubble bath when Trowa plucked the remote control from his hands.
"That's enough", Trowa reprimanded lightly. "Stop watching that, we both know what happened is not your fault, the press will know soon enough".
"Heero told me not to state the details of the case which this incident involves; he states at the moment the preventers are hiding it from the public to prevent mass panic".
"A necessary action", Trowa agreed. He sighed, "Just don't beat yourself up about this". Trowa began to lightly run his fingers up and down Quatres arm again.
"Trowa I - ", Quatre started but was abruptly cut off by Trowa.
"I have to leave", he said simply, gracefully getting up from the couch, face suddenly emotionless.
Quatre hated when Trowa did that, when he would unexpectedly hide his emotions under a mask of indifferent calm, it felt as if he was talking to a different person.
"I was going to ask you if you wanted to stay for dinner", Quatre continued.
"I'm leaving", Trowa repeated again, "I've got to go to the circus".
Quatre knew that Trowa worked there part time with Catherine, his sister.
"Plus", Trowa added quietly, a small smile gracing his lips, "it's still around lunch".
The smile was gone again.
Trowa turned and started walking out of the room, then he paused and turned, looking directly into Quatres eyes, Quatre could feel it, Trowa wanted to ask him something.
Then at what seemed like the last moment Trowa turned around and continued walking, "It's okay Quatre", he said calmly, "I'll let myself out".
"Be careful", Quatre couldn't stop himself from calling out, "I still have it, that bad feeling".
"I will", Trowa looked turned and glanced behind his shoulder, their eyes locking again.
'If only for you' Quatre felt Trowa's emerald eyes say, although there was no emotion on his face.
Quatre looked down, hand on his heart for a second, and in the second it took him to look back up, Trowa was gone.
"Try some of this" Wufei said smoothly as he cut piece of black forest cake and reached his hand over to Sally.
Sally giggled modestly as she slid the cake off with her lips.
She moaned at the taste and Wufei raised an eyebrow.
"The critics are right," Sally said with a smile across her face looking through her long eyelashes "This is the best forest cake in the city."
"Well for twenty-five dollars it better be" Wufei joked as he cut a piece off for himself. He watched as Sally picked up her own fork and took off another piece for herself, gracefully sliding the desert in her mouth.
If Wufei didn't think of it before, he thought of it now, Sally Po was truly beautiful, her hair was in a classic up-do with long curls that came down at the sides, she was wearing a forest green Grecian draped tub dress that just brushed her ankles with a trail making her legs long and her hour glass shape more elongated.
Everything about Sally Po was charming and elegant, she wasn't like the other woman in Wufei's opinion, she always carried herself with such grace, pride and composure as well as strength that Wufei could never miss.
In Wufei's mind, she was a woman of perfection.
"I am surprised that you were able to get reservation here" Sally said as she put another piece of cake in her mouth, "I heard that it is nearly impossible to get reservations at such short notice"
Wufei smiled sweetly and took her hand in his stroking her soft knuckles, "Well it wasn't that much of a short notice, I booked the reservation the day after you told me you wanted to dine here"
"Wufei?" Sally said a little shocked, "I made that statement at least seven months ago"
"Well I didn't get the reservation right then, I was put on a waiting list and by luck got a table" He said pleased with himself, he knew Sally would appreciate the effort.
"And a great table as well" Sally said as she looked out of the large window beside them, the full moon pooled on the city lake making a beautiful scenery.
Wufei then went into the pocket of his black suit pants and pulled out a red velvet box smiling nervously as he brought it into view.
"I…um, I got you something" He said as he opened the box, Sally quietly gasped putting her slender fingers to her lips as he pulled out the sterling silver diamond necklace with a rose shaped pendant with ruby accents. It glittered in the light as Wufei got up from his seat and stood behind Sally, he slowly bent down letting their cheeks touch ever so slightly as he placed the sparkling necklace around her neck.
He felt her place a hand on were he had rested his hand on her neck as she bent back to gaze into Wufeis ink black eyes. He held her gaze, mind being lost in her dark blue orbs; he knew he wanted to spend eternity with this woman one day.
"It's beautiful Wufei" She whispered, the luminescent moon reflecting of her pale skin, "Thank you"
"Happy Anniversary Sally" Wufei bent down slowly never leaving her gaze, and gave her a soft adoring kiss which he felt her breathe into, he pulled away slowly and gave her a quick lingering kiss before he returned back to his seat.
She was still stroking the necklace when her eyes eagerly brightened "I got you something as well" she said as she waved over to the waiter,
"Oh?" Wufei asked, it was always tradition for the man to get his woman a gift, even though Sally got him a gift last year it still surprised him whenever she did go out of her way to get him something.
The waiter came over with a small navy blue velvet box, and Wufei felt a small smile curl on his lips when he realize what it was.
"I could not carry it in my purse, it is way too big" She said amused.
"Sally you really didn't-"
"Oh come on Wufei" Sally laughed as she got up and took the box, "You think you can be the only one who gets the satisfaction of appreciation" She opened the box and took Wufei wrist placing a gold-tone Bulova watch with diamonds marking the hours and diamonds lining the edge of the square face. Wufei felt his lips being taken by a longing lingering kiss, and watched as she smiled contently pulling away.
"You did not think that I would let you ogle that watch everyday and never let you have it did you?" She mocked as she went back to her seat.
"There was no ogling" Wufei joked defensively smiling down at the watch.
"Oh, there was definitely some ogling" Sally respond jokingly putting her fingers to her lips.
"None that I recall" Wufei grumbled back, rolling his eyes.
Wufei heard Sally laugh gracefully and felt himself unable to resist a smile.
"Happy Anniversary Wufei" She smiled, her soft pink lips parting slightly.
Wufei took Sally's hand in his again and was about to say something when he heard loud children's laughter from the other side of the restaurant, he saw one child abruptly get up and start chasing the other child that was already running towards the exit, both of them obstructing a waiters path.
"Children shouldn't be in here" Wufei scolded as he watched the mother round the children up. "This is an adult environment."
"Oh let the children be" Sally said as she went back to eating her abandoned cake, "they are just having fun"
"Yes, but they can do that elsewhere" Wufei stated also returning back to his cake, "Now they have disturbed the quiet evening between their parents."
"It looks more like a family dinner" Sally pointed out, smiling between bites of cake "I think it is sweet."
"Yes, but-" Wufei put another piece of cake in his mouth and glanced over at the father trying to get the attention of his child. "They tend to get in the way sometimes."
"Oh…" Sally said looking down at her plate. "Do…" She paused pushing her cake around, "Have you ever…Thought about having children."
Wufei look at up at Sally questioningly, "Well, yes…" He responded looking back at the family "In the future when I'm more settled down maybe… but not anytime soon."
"Oh…" Sally responded looking down at her plate.
"I was just… wondering that is all" Sally smiled softly as she turned towards the window putting a few of her miss-guided curls behind her ear.
Wufei looked at Sally curiously, he noticed she'd been kind of off all evening, for a matter of fact, she'd been off all week. At first he thought it had something to do with the serial killers case, but now he wasn't to sure. He sighed dismissively at the thought, whatever it was, probably wasn't very important.
"I got an invitation to the Fall party next month from Milliardo Peacecraft this afternoon."
Wufei bit down hard on his fork and winced at the pain, wishing he hadn't done so. He glanced up at Sally who was smiling sweetly back.
"I heard you got one as well" Sally added.
"Yes I did" Wufei nodded. It was severely irritating how Zechs somehow manage to disrupt his perfect evening.
"Would you like to go with me?" Sally asked modestly clasping her hand on her lap.
"I…" Wufei paused; he knew he couldn't just say no. `No' would lead to questions, question better left unanswered.
"I don't know, maybe."
"Noin told me that Zechs would very much like you to attend" Sally said.
Wufei slightly roll his eyes; of course Noin told her that, Wufei thought, that meddling woman.
"Do you not want to go?" Sally asked, He knew Sally caught his rolled eyes and he wished she didn't, Sally was a very intelligent woman, and there wouldn't be anything she didn't miss.
"I think it would be a good opportunity for the two of you too mend your friendship" She chimed in sturdily, padding her mouth with a napkin.
Of course you would, Wufei thought not meeting her eyes.
Wufei remembered he told her that the reason that he and Zechs were no longer friends was because of a huge argument about the war. He knew Sally didn't buy the story entirely and most likely wouldn't drop the subject.
"Our friendship" Wufei grumbled "doesn't need mending."
"I do not understand how such good friends can completely end a friendship based on a silly disagreement over the war," Sally said sternly. "And to tell you the truth, it looks like there is still some ties attached to that friendship that have not been resolved."
Wufei frowned defensively; sometimes Sally was to stubborn for her own good and it was usually at times when he was trying to keep closed doors closed.
It was starting to become annoying.
"Sally I-" Wufei began but was cut off by his phone ringing; he looked at the phone and raised an annoyed eyebrow at the caller ID. He thought he had turned his phone off.
"I unfortunately have to take this" He said apologetically to Sally who looked annoyed.
"Excuse me" He got up and walked towards the hallway and answered his phone.
"Agent Wufei."
"Agent Wufei the suspect Agent Terry would like to speak with you" Brown's nasal voice came over the phone.
"I'm busy" Wufei spat "can't this wait till tomorrow."
What the hell was Agent Terry doing at the office anyway?
"I'm sorry Agent Wufei but the suspect said that this is very urgent."
Wufei sighed loudly.
Agent Terry was probably going to try and weed her way out of any more investigations. He knew, she knew, and Heero knew that there was something off about her interview and she now was under further intense investigation.
"Okay put her on."
"Hello Agent Wufei" the female voice came over the phone.
"What?" Wufei growled.
"Do you think that all hall ways are clear and unsupervised?" Terry asked sarcastically.
"Get to the point Agent Terry, I don't have time-."
"I have a very interesting video I know you want to see" Terry raced defensively.
Wufei paused for a second, video? "What are you talking about?"
"I never knew you and Zechs are such good buddies" Her sly voice cracked over the phone and Wufei became still by the mention of Zech's name.
"What. Are. You. Talking. About?" He asked darkly.
"Let's just say" Terry said suspiciously "This video puts XXX videos to shame" and then he heard the phone hang up.
Wufei stood stiffly in the hallway, clenching his phone so hand he heard it crack. He refused to believe this was happening; he always had a gut feeling that being anywhere near Zechs would jeopardize his career, his future, his name.
But he never thought it would actually take effect.
Wufei turned around and hurriedly went back to his table with Sally. Anger filled his veins at the idea that he had to end his almost perfect evening. He painfully came to the realization that once again, Zechs managed to disrupt his perfect evening.
As Wufei reached the table, Sally looked worried.
"What's wrong?" She asked.
"Work, I'm so sorry Sally but I have to go to the head office" Wufei apologized, he hated to do this to her, but he had to see what was on that tape.
"Into Head Office? Are serious?" Sally protested.
"Yes I know I'm so sorry, I'll make it up to you, I promise"
And he would without a doubt.
"Can this not wait till tomorrow?" She integrated, grabbing her purse.
"No unfortunately not," He pulled out Sally's chair and was about to get her coat when a waiter showed up with a bottle of Moet & Chandon Brut Imperial Champagne, and a large fancy card reading "Happy Anniversary".
"Happy Anniversary Sir, Madam" The waiter said putting the bottle of champagne down and handing over the large card to Wufei.
"What is this?" Wufei growled, he didn't have time for this.
"It's a gift" The waiter said.
"From who?" Sally asked looking the champagne over.
"An anonymous sender Madam."
Wufei took the large card and opened it, face freezing as he read it, "Don't wait to long to marry the damn woman, hope tonight's a blast. P.S. I hate you."
Wufei dropped the card immediately throwing his arm around Sally's shoulder, "We are going now" Wufei said sternly as he stormed out of the restaurant.
"Wufei? What is going on?" Sally asked alarmed.
"Don't worry about it, we just have to leave now."
"Ah, Sir!" The waiter called out "What about the bill?"
"Send it to my work address" Wufei called back, he didn't want any leads to his home address, in case the Serial Killer had informants in the restaurant.
They were just nearing the parking lot when Sally turned around abruptly and put a hand in front of Wufei blocking his path.
"Wufei tell me what is going on this instant" She demanded.
Wufei knew she was a stubborn woman, who always needs to know what going on and be in control, years in the war showed that.
He was just afraid of how much he was going to have to tell.
He inwardly sighed, "Sally I-"
Wufei and Sally ducked as debris and a harsh gust of wind assaulted them.
"What the-" Wufei checked to see if Sally was okay and then diverted his attention to the gust of rising smoke and fire where the cars where lined up.
Something exploded.
"Stay here" Wufei ordered as he got up.
"Please!" He called back as he dashed towards the scene.
When he got there he froze.
There were five cars in wreckage and on fire and six bodies on the ground, most likely dead or dying. A woman was cry and screaming as she bent down holding a burnt bleeding man.
People were crowding around panicking in shock and horror.
He turned around as he heard Sally voice, she was bent down with the crying woman initiating CPR to the bleeding man on the ground.
Wufei smiled proudly, sometimes it was good that that woman was so stubborn.
Then he realized something, there was something missing from this picture, and as some of the smoke faded by the harsh breeze it came to him instantly.
That something was his car.
Wufei clenched his fist and gritted his teeth in anger as he growled
"And this evening was going so well."