Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The Investigation Of Kronos

In Washu's lab Denonu reappeared. He looked around and saw many different machines and devices that he himself didn't recognize.

Denonu: /Why am I not surprised. I wonder where everyone is I assumed they would be here. /

Denonu then called out Washu's name and listened for a response. He heard none but instead he heard the sound of glass breaking.

Denonu: /Maybe that's her. /

Denonu rushed to where he heard the noise. When he got there he didn't find Washu but a small pink haired child. The child was lying on the floor face down when Denonu began to look her over. She was naked and shivering but that wasn't the only thing he noticed. The other thing was that she had a pink tail the same length as his just above her butt. After he looked at her he looked around there was glass on the floor leading to one of the near by machines. The machine used to have a glass tube but now it was shattered around the floor. Just below the tube was a plate with letters on it. Denonu read the letters and then looked back at the girl.

Denonu: /Lufailia. Sounds good. Washu's probably experimenting with Saiyan d.n.a. or something. I wonder why she experiments on everything so much; maybe she has a fetish for it. /

The girl's tail began to twitch as she woke up. Denonu knelt before the girl and she started to cry. He waved his hand over her and a large white t- shirt appeared on her body. After that Denonu nodged the girls shoulder and she rolled over facing him. She opened her eyes and her tears stopped as she looked at Denonu. Her eyes memorized Denonu, they were a light purple but besides the color they seemed to be glowing slightly. While Denonu was staring at her, she looked behind him as Denonu heard footsteps. As Denonu stood up and turned around the girl sat up on her knees and wrapped her arms around his left leg.


Ryoko spewed up even more blood as a piece of rock debris glanced off of her jaw. She blinked and her vision became blurred. Through this vision she looked around and began to weigh her options.

Ryoko: /Okay girl think, she's faster than me, plus she's got more things coming out of that damn arm barrel than I can count. If only I had my gems I could beat her easliy.

Before she could finish her thought a small glimmer caught her eye. The glimmer was in a pile of rocks that was blown up from the groud by the last explosion. The pile of rocks then rolled and fell to the ground as the last dragonball glimmered in the sunlight near her bag.

Ryoko: /Yes its the last dragonball. No wonder I didn't see it, it was underground. But how I am going to get it without Samus noticing. I got it. I'll dive for it when she fires another rocket at me. /

Samus: Give up Ryoko you can't beat me in the condition that your in.

Ryoko mustered all of the strength she had left and stood up staggering. Her beam sword flared in her right hand as it came to life. When it finished forming it began to flicker showing how wear she was.

Samus: Fine if that's the way you want it. /One more rocket should do it. /

Samus raised her arm barrel and target Ryoko through her helmet targeting system. Once it locked on her rocket fired and Ryoko dove for the dragonball and her bag.

Samus: /Where the hell is she going, I know she wouldn't run from a fight she's to proud for that. /

Samus then looked ahead of Ryoko and saw her bag.

Samus: /So that's what she's after. A possible weapon. It could be interesting. But business before plearsure. /

Samus transfigured to her ball form once and rolled after Ryoko. As Ryoko grabbed her bag and the dragonball. She rolled to the ground and quickly put the dragonball in her bag as she looked back to find the bounty hunter. She saw Samus rolling for her and mentally cursed. She reached for her dimensional watch and pressed the red button on the side and she disappeared.

At the site of what used to be the masaki shrine. Five men gathered around one spot in the rubble.

Man # 1: Looks like all the time we watched him paid off.

Man # 2: Yeah.

Man # 3: Did you read his description it says, " he has the power to destroy all of Kronos.

Man # 4: Until now.

Man # 5: It still sounds overrated to me. He's only one man. Everyman has their limits.

Man # 1: I wonder why we didn't receive any orders from the doctor up until now. It's as if were running and hiding from him. It makes me sick.

After their conversation one of the men knelt down and grabbed a small circular object, while another produced a small case. The man stood up and placed it within the case. The man who handled the case closed it and pressed a button on the top of it. The box suddenly became frigid in the man's hands.

Man # 1: Good were finished here.

One of the other men held up a small handheld device and pressed one of the buttons on it. The space around them rippled and a large hole appeared before them.

The man # 3:He'll wish he never found his unit.

The five men began to laugh as they entered the hole one by one. After the last, the hole closed making a small hissing noise.

Hours later

Her body was cold and she was in pain. Both made for an unpleasant feeling. Then she saw a flash of light and her eyes closed. She raised her hands and rubbed them furiously. After what seemed like minutes of rubbing she saw finally opened her eyes. She saw the familiar face of her uncle, Doctor Valkus. He stood there in his normal attire, and carrying a white robe, which she assumed was for her. She stepped out of the raised processing tube noticing that she was naked. Raising her hands over her chest instinctively as the cold air washed over her.

Girl: Hey uncle is that for me?

Doctor Valkus handed her and she quickly put it on.

Girl: Thanks. How did it go?

Valkus: Well Xia, we've managed to link a transmitter to your brain and to the control metal. So you should know better than anybody.

Xia: I don't feel any different. But I'll let you know if I do.

After she was finished she walked to the entrance of the room, but before she left she heard her uncle's voice again.

Doctor Valkus: Xia just make sure you report to me directly.

She kept on walking, but she raised her hand to acknowledge his statement. Xia walked down the well-lit hallway toward her quarters. Just then a memory flashed in her head. It was when she first came to Kronos Japan from the states. They gave her a room close to the zoaniod process lab, but during her first night there, she couldn't sleep because it smelled like a hospital. And the memory stuck in her head like a bad first impression so she wasn't to thrilled to be there. As her mind drifted back to what she was doing, she came to her room. She placed her palm on the d.n.a. Recognizer on the right side of the door. A light ran up and down her hand and the door slid open. She entered her room and she heard the door close behind her. Entering her bedroom on the left, she undid the robe and let it fall on the floor. After that she laid down on her bed, not even worrying any under garments. The next morning she awoke breathing heavily and she sat up in her bed feeling uneasy.

Xia: I don't feel to good.

She got out of bed and headed toward the bathroom. Entering the bathroom she reached over the top of the tub and turned the shower knob to hot. The showerhead instantly sprayed water and Xia stepped in. The water streamed down her face, back, and chest. She reached over on the wall before her and grabbed the bar of soap. She began to wash herself. Moments later she finished and stepped out of the tub, onto the bathroom floor. She walked over along side the tub to find a glass door. She opened the door and stepped in. The door closed and a mild hum filled the small chamber. The air in the chamber began to swirl around and it began to dry Xia's body. In a short while she left her room fully clothed and headed down to the monitoring room, where her uncle usually was. When she entered the room she found her uncle sitting in a chair facing a giant monitor.

Xia: Hey Uncle.

Doctor Valkus: What is it?

Xia: I came to ask you a question?

Doctor Valkus: What question?

Xia: Where did you get the control metal that's linked to my head?

Doctor Valkus: Well, it's a long story, but I'll try to make it short. About eleven years ago we located a relic ship on the east coast of the United States. Before we could retrieve the relic a young boy named Denonu found it and some how entered it. He found a guyver unit and accidentally bonded with it. But his guyver unit wasn't like a normal unit. It changed his genetic makeup to that of an alien race. He became immensely powerful. He could throw energy blasts equivalent to five times that of the mega- smasher with ease. He could move at unprecedented speeds at which the eye couldn't follow and his strength was greater. We've seen him destroy miles of land during his fights. When he first bonded with his unit we assumed that he would be like the other guyvers and oppose us. So we had one of our geneticists, Dr. Gero, recruit someone while we observed the new guyver. He recruited someone who had a grudge against the boy. Dr. Gero then augmented the boy with cybernetic implants, to a point where he was almost completely an android. Of course the recruit didn't know he was going to be altered to that degree, but we persuaded him otherwise.

Xia: You used the mind control chip didn't you?

Doctor Valkus: Yes, then we had him attack Denonu on several occasions to measure how strong him and his unit was. After that fight Denonu left the planet in his relic for seven years and returned with a woman that he was going to make his wife. After we learned this, we had our pawn test him again. He had grown considerably stronger, so we arranged several more productions of the x-crystal. Denonu destroyed our pawn and disappeared for two more years. But during that time Denonu's best friend Antwan took control of our prototype x-crystal and forcibly took control of the planet.

Xia: How did he find our prototype?

Doctor Valkus: One of our agents went rouge and stole it, and tried to trade it for his life. But we killed him anyway. If he knew what he was carrying he probably would've tried to activate it himself.

Xia: He didn't know he was carrying the x-crystal?

Doctor Valkus: No. Everyone in his sector was told that it was a formula to strengthen our mental control over zoaniods, so that no one would get any ideas about opposing us.

Xia: So how did you get Denonu's control metal?

Doctor Valkus: After Antwan took control, he had the governments of the world pool all of their assets into build him the perfect ship that he designed himself. But since we have many political parties under our leadership, we had certain parts of that ship built specifically for our purposes. And through that equipment we monitored Antwan and his ship computer database. We learned that every time Denonu disappears for a while, he travels to a parallel universe that's in synch with our own. Sometime during this period Antwan built a transporter device to take himself to that dimension. After he traveled there we downloaded his ships database and built our own. We had our agents travel there to monitor what was happening. Denonu and Antwan fought. Denonu ended the fight by killing himself and his former friend in a gigantic explosion. After things settled down a bit a sent Team Five to retrieve Denonu's control metal and to bring it back here. I studied the metal but all I concluded was that it was just like any other control metal. So instead I installed a tiny microscopic transmitter to monitor Denonu and his energy. And I connected the receiver to your brain. I know eventually Denonu will come and reclaim his control metal, so I planned for that and hope that he does.

Xia: Why did you connect the receiver to my brain instead of our computer database?

Doctor Valkus: I didn't want anyone to know of this advancement. Someone could easily access the computer if they had the right technology or passwords.

Xia: So what do we do now?

Doctor Valkus: Now, we retrieve him.

Ryoko reappeared on the cold floor of Washu's laboratory. Her body felt warm but cold out the inside.

Ryoko: / It was never like this when I traveled with Denonu. /

As she spoke fatigue began to set in and she soon passed out unconscious. When she awoke she found herself in her guest room in the masaki household.

Ryoko: / how did I end up in this bed? /

She then tried to move but her whole body ached as if she hadn't moved in years. She gave up and looked at the ceiling and noticed one the she overlooked. The room was half-filled with sunlight. Turning her head she looked the open window and smelled the fresh air coming through it. She began to get up, forcing herself through the pain. To her it seemed like hours, but it was merely minutes. When she reached the window the sunlight stung her eyes and warmed her face. Wincing a little, she looked down out of the window. On the ground she saw a black of whiteness, which she assumed was snow. She also saw Sasami and a pink haired girl throwing snowballs at each other near the frozen lake. After the glance she turned around and began to limp her way to the door, heading down stairs. Reaching the bottom of the stairs she headed to the dining room, where she found her dimensional counter part.

ADRyoko: Is it ready yet?

ADRyoko glanced over and noticed Ryoko as she sat down next to her.

ADRyoko: So the dead awake. How do you feel?

Ryoko: I feel like hell.

ADRyoko: Well, that's what you get. I told you to wait for the rest of us. You were too stubborn to listen. Just like me.

Ryoko: What happened?

ADRyoko: About a day ago you appeared in Washu's, on the floor. Washu looked you over and patched you up.

Ryoko: How come everything is back to normal?

ADRyoko: Before you appeared Denonu did.

Ryoko: How?

ADRyoko: I don't know. We asked him, and all he told us was that when he died, somehow he wasn't fully dead or something. After that he took your bag and left. The next we knew we were back here and everything was normal again.

Ryoko: Do you know where he is?

ADRyoko: He went outside earlier.

Suddenly Washu came through the kitchen door carrying 3 bowls. She walked over to the table and placed a bowl in front of each person.

Washu: I thought I heard someone else out here.

ADRyoko looked down at her bowl and felt the steam on her face.

ADRyoko: What's this stuff?

She grabbed the spoon and lifted out of the bowl. After, she turned the spoon upside down and watched its contents dribble back into the bowl.

Washu: Denonu said it was something called Oatmeal. I've never tried it myself, but he said it tastes really good if it's made right.

ADRyoko: Are you sure you made it right? It doesn't look really tasty.

Elsewhere outside the house, leaning up against a tree, was Denonu. He stood watching the two girls play around near the lake. While looking he noticed, out the corner of his eye, he saw a man spying on the two girls and himself. The man suddenly disappeared into the woods frightened because he was seen.

Denonu: / Who the hell was that? /

Denonu's aura surrounded him and he flew off through the air, following the man. Below him he saw the man coming to a stop near a campsite, with tree other men waiting for him. Denonu watched the man talk to the other men, before they began searching for him on the ground.

Denonu: / There's four of them. But I only need one to talk to. /

Denonu focused his thoughts and his sword appeared in his right palm. Denonu lowered his ki and let gravity grab him. While falling he raised his sword, and when he was within striking distance, he sliced the man beneath him right down the middle. The man's body fell apart spewing blood everywhere. The blood would've gotten on Denonu but the invisible latent energy of his ki surrounding him, stopped it. The three other men took off their helmets and threw them to the ground. The clothes on their bodies began to reap and tear as they changed.

Denonu: / What's happening to them? /

The men then transformed into creatures that Denonu never seen before. The man in front was a green creature with a horn on its head. While the other two had hair all over their bodies. The green creature snarled then spoke words to the other two.

Green Creature: Ramotiths, get him.

Ramotith # 1: Did you see what he did to Vamore?

Ramotith # 2: Yeah, but his only one man if we go after him together we'll have him.

The two Ramotiths charged for Denonu with their claws in the air. Denonu pivoted sideways and the blade over the handle of his sword, extended backward. His sword no looked like a double blade staff. Denonu raised his arm and flung the staff in the Ramotiths direction. The blade spun through the air, making a small hum. The blade cut the left Ramotith completely in half across the chest. Watching the disembowelment of his fellow teammate, the other Ramotith turned facing Denonu only to see a sphere of energy flying toward him. He put his arms up as a reaction, but it did no good. The energy sphere hit him head on and he blew up in a small explosion. A familiar hum filled the air and Denonu's staff returned. He caught the staff in his left hand. A moment later the sword began to glow and it slowly disappeared as Denonu sent it away. After it was done he stood still waiting for the green creature to make the first move.

Green Creature: / Shit, I won't be able to beat him. The most I can do is go back and tell my superiors what happened, before I die. /

The green creature then turned around and ran towards a tent behind him. Denonu disappeared, moving at only a fraction of his speed. In almost an instant he appeared before the green creature. And raised his right hand. The green creature stopped running and stood still. Denonu focused his thoughts once again and hit the creature with a psychic attack. The green creature flew backward at least twenty feet, into a large tree. By the time the creature hit the ground Denonu knew it was dead.

Denonu: /Damn. I didn't mean to kill it. I've got to learn to control my psychic energy more precise. /

Suddenly there was a hissing noise behind Denonu and he turned around abruptly. The body of the hairy creature that he cut in half was, dissolving and soon after that the green creature dissolved too. After the creature remains disappeared Denonu entered the tent that the green creature was heading to. Inside the tent Denonu saw a folding chair, a table, and a laptop on top of it. Denonu sat at the chair and examined the laptop. He read what appeared to be log entries. The log entries appeared as followed.

12:03 p.m.

We've arrived safely although I still can't believe we're in another dimension. The surrounding area seems to be a forest, but preliminary studies conclude that theirs nothing extremely different from our dimension. It's just like home.

5:00 p.m.

It's getting dark, and I think we've located Denonu. He seems to be living in a house with nine other people. I still find it hard to believe that this one man is Kronos' top enemy. We had to use our portable barrier shield to protect ourselves from an enormous explosion. We don't know what caused it but, afterward I requested a scientific team to come and inspect the area.

10:00 p.m.

The only orders I received were to stay put. The scientific team came and retrieved something from the debris. I wasn't told what they found.

End Of Logs.

Denonu: / Damn. They have my control metal. The're going to pay, for messing with me. /

Denonu sat up out of the chair and left the tent. Once outside he flew into the air, above the forest. Reaching a safe distance, he formed a small energy sphere in his hand. When he had enough energy, he threw the sphere at the campsite. It hit the ground and exploded, vaporizing the camp. Afterward Denonu flew back toward the lake and landed near the door to the Masaki household. He entered the door and found ADRyoko sitting at the table, shivering. He walked over and sat down next to her.

Denonu: What's wrong with you Ryoko?

ADRyoko: I'm cold. I don't like the cold weather.

Denonu: Come on. It's not that cold in here.

ADRyoko: Not everyone has fur on his or her bodies like you.

As she talked she pointed at Denonu's tail, which was wrapped around his waist.

Denonu: Then try this.

Denonu lifted his hand and formed a blue handheld energy sphere.

ADRyoko: What am I supposed to do with that?

Denonu: Just take it.

ADRyoko reached with her hand and using her own energy she grasped Denonu's energy. She didn't grab it physically but with her energy. The sphere floated above her hand, which was guiding her energy. The energy sphere slowly began to heat the air in the room and ADRyoko with it. Feeling the warmth a smile creped across her face.

ADRyoko: I knew you had your good uses.

Denonu: Thanks, I think.

ADRyoko: Denonu, can I ask you a question?

Denonu: Sure.

ADRyoko: When you first became interested in Ryoko, how did you get her to like you?

Denonu: At first I joined her gang and began stealing with her. Then I tried to like everything she liked in order to get close to her.

ADRyoko: Did it work?

Denonu: Nope. She saw right threw it.

ADRyoko: So, what did you do?

Denonu: I just started acting like myself and she finally began to like me. We went on our first date.

ADRyoko: What happened after that?

Denonu: We had sex for the first time that same night.

ADRyoko: How was it?

Denonu: Exhausting.

ADRyoko: Why?

Denonu: We had sex for one week, straight.

ADRyoko: One whole week. Must've been tough.

Denonu: Yeah, I had to go super Saiyan just to keep up with her. Hey Ryoko, did Sasami cook anything this morning?

ADRyoko: No. She just left to go to the store.

Denonu: Thanks Ryoko.

ADRyoko: No problem monkey boy.

Denonu got up from the table and went outside. He walked across the dock until he reached the edge. He then sat down on it with his feet hanging over. Denonu stared at the water beneath him and he began to think about his life. About twenty minutes later Ayeka came behind him and began speaking with him.

Ayeka: Um, Denonu can you do me a favor.

Denonu: Sure.

Ayeka: Can you let these two royal knights test you?

Denonu turned around as he stood up and he faced the group.

Denonu: Are they strong?

Ayeka: They're quite strong.

Denonu: Why do you want me to fight them?

Ayeka: I'll explain after the test, if you accept.

Denonu: Fine, I'll do it. I need a workout anyway. Where are we going to fight?

Ayeka: Washu's arranging something in her lab.

After they finished talking, the saiyan, princess, and the royal knights reentered the house. Washu was standing in the dining room, waiting for them.

Ayeka: Is it ready Miss Washu?

Washu: Yeah its ready follow me.

Washu, with the others following, entered her lab door. But when they came out of the other side of the door, they weren't in Washu's lab. They were on a gigantic rocky plain, which was empty, beside themselves. Denonu and the knights walked out further on the plain, and faced each other. Washu and Ayeka just stood far off to the side watching.

Denonu: Why don't we just skip the warm-up? Hit me with your best shot.

Azaka and Kamadake spun their staffs in unison and then they slammed them into the ground. An enormous energy blast shot towards Denonu. The energy blast came at Denonu very quickly. Denonu crossed his arms before him and waited for the impact. The energy blast hit Denonu and exploded, causing dust to fill the air. After the smoke and dust settled Denonu uncrossed his arms.

Azaka: How is this possible? The blast was strong enough to destroy a Jurian battleship.

Denonu stretched his arms a bit then he walked over towards Ayeka and Washu.

Denonu: We can stop now.

Washu: Why what's wrong?

Denonu: They're too weak.

Ayeka: What do you mean they're too weak? You haven't even attacked them yet.

Washu: Denonu show them.

Denonu: Fine, but if they get hurt while I power up, don't blame me.

Denonu walked back over towards the fighting area. When he reached his previous spot, he faced the royal knights once again. Denonu raised his arms a bit and focused his energy. Loose rocks and pebbles began to rise up off of the ground. The hair on his head and tail waved back and forth, before it stood on end. Denonu then screamed and his hair turned gold. His aura erupted around his body, as the ground beneath his feet began to quake. As his ki continuously rose, his aura flickered and blue waves of electricity encircled his body as he went to the next level, super saiyan 2. The air around him began to blow everywhere causing high force winds to knock Azaka and Kamadake off their feet and onto the ground. And now for the last one, the strongest one. Denonu leaned backward until his face was no longer seen, then he let out a viscous scream and his eyes changed from green to blue. The electricity began to move more rapidly around his body and his hair began to grow long and thick. His hair grew until it passed his lower back. He had done this in the afterlife many times before, but somehow this on was different. Denonu felt that he was losing control of his body. He tried to lower his energy but he couldn't do it. Then a sharp pain rang out in Denonu's head, casing him to clutch head. His scream then became loud grunts as his conscious mind drifted away. Everything that was happening around Denonu, the ground quaking, the wind gusts, and his grunts, all began to slow to a stop. He then raised his head and the others saw his freighting face. His eyes opened but instead of being blue, they were black.