Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 5

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 5

The Evil Rises

Azaka and Kamadake got to their feet quickly and began to come up with a strategy.

Azaka: How could a person with this much power, exist without the royal court knowing about him.

Kamadake: I do not know but what are we going to do?

Azaka: We'll wait and see what he does. Then we'll make our move from there.

Kamadake: Right.

Denonu then screamed violently and he disappeared. Kamadake sensing Denonu's energy turned to face Azaka. Azaka rose off of his feet and he saw Denonu reappear below Azaka, holding his head in his right hand. Afterward Denonu slammed Azaka into the ground headfirst. As he hit the ground Azaka's head made a sickening thud. Releasing Azaka's head Denonu turned and faced Kamadake, who held his staff defensively. Kamadake stared into Denonu's cold, lifeless eyes and took a step backward. Denonu then ran toward Kamadake and leaped toward him. In midair Denonu spun and kicked Kamadake in the center of his chest. During the kick Kamadake's ribs broke inward make him cough up blood. Kamadake flew backward off of his feet. Fifty feet away he landed into a wall, before falling to the ground. Denonu then screamed once more as he powered up a bit.

Ayeka: Miss Washu what's wrong with him?

Washu: I don't know, but apparently his not himself. And stop calling me "Miss".

Ayeka: Well we have to do something because in a couple of seconds his probably going to come over here.

As if on cue, Denonu turned and faced them. He then flew towards the two women. Ayeka stretched her arms out and a force field dome appeared around herself and Washu. Denonu slammed in to the shield shoulder first at an incredible speed. The impact shook the ground and Ayeka fell to her knees.

Ayeka: Do something Washu; I don't think I can keep this up for long.

Washu's trusty laptop appeared before her and she began to type on it. A pinkish gas filled the surrounding area. Denonu breathed the gas and he began to fall to the ground. He hit the ground and Ayeka's force field disappeared. Ayeka stood up panting and Washu walked over to Denonu and knelt before him. She typed on her laptop and four waist high robots appeared and picked up the two royal knights. The then robots disappeared with the knights, taking them to her lab for medical attention. A round device appeared before Washu and she took hold of it.

Ayeka: What's that Washu?

Washu: It's a restraint collar.

Washu then placed the collar around Denonu's neck and pressed a button on it. The device emitted a beep letting Washu know that it was active. Suddenly Denonu's aura appeared around him. Being startled by this Washu fell backward and watched Denonu as his hair grew short and became black once again.

Ayeka: What's wrong with him Washu?

Washu got up and scratched her head for a bit before answering.

Washu: I don't know but I'm going to find out.

Not far away, outside of the masaki house the hyper zoaniod team five stood in the woods, waiting, and watching the house. Zektoll soon came up with a plan.

Zektoll: Darzerb, you and Elegan attack from the rear of the house. Thancrus and Gaster attack from each side. And I'll get any stragglers that come out of the front. Our mission is to nab Denonu by any means necessary.

After he spoke Zektoll looked at each of his teammates.

Zektoll: I want to be in and out in by ten minutes. Let's move.

The members of team five got into each of their positions and awaited their leaders signal. Zektoll then began to transform into his zoaniod form. His body grew and it became black. A large appendage grew from his head and light brown areas on his forearms and thighs appeared. When he was done he looked similar to a beetle. The appendage rose up and a large red crystal appeared. The crystal began to glow red before firing a red beam of energy from it. The energy hit near the front of the house and shook the ground.


Inside the house, everyone just finished dinner and they all were scattered around the house doing various things. Walking up the stairs Washu began looking for Ryoko. She went to her guest room and knocked on the door before opening it. She found Ryoko on the bed staring into space.

Washu: How do you feel?

Ryoko sat up and rubbed her face.

Ryoko: I've been better. What's up?

Washu: I was going to wait until you and Denonu were together but he's sleep right now. You know the little red haired girl that played with Sasami all morning.

Ryoko: Yeah, what's she one of your experiments. She always acts funny around me. One minute she having fun Sasami and the next she's all quiet.

Washu: That's because she doesn't know how to act around you.

Ryoko: Why not. I'm just like anyone else.

Washu: Not exactly. Look, what I'm trying to say is that she doesn't know how to act around a mother who doesn't know that she's her daughter.

Ryoko: What do you mean by, "She doesn't know act around a mothe--"

Ryoko stopped in mid-sentence as it finally hit her.

Ryoko: Are you saying that she's my daughter?

Washu: Yes.

Ryoko: How could I have a daughter without being pregnant, Washu?

Washu: You were pregnant you just didn't know it. When you came back from that "cartoon" dimension with Denonu, you told Sasami that you were going out for a walk remember.

Ryoko: Yeah, I passed out in the forest and woke up in your lab.

Washu: You passed out because; your guyver armor didn't know how to compensate for your pregnancy. So it kinda shut you down until the child was removed. But when I studied you I noticed that child couldn't be removed so I removed your armor instead. After that I made a stasis tank to hold your child's fetus. I transplanted the fetus into the tank for accelerated growth. Then a few days later you woke up.

Ryoko: Does Denonu know?

Washu: The others and I haven't told him yet.

Ryoko: Thanks Washu, I'll tell him myself in the morning.

Ryoko started to lie back down but hesitated because of the pain.

Washu: Oh yeah, I also brought these for you.

Washu reached into her pocket and pulled out a couple of pills, before tossing them to Ryoko. Ryoko caught them and looked at them for a second.

Ryoko: What's this?

Washu: Painkillers.

Ryoko: Thanks I really needed these.

Washu then turned out the lights by the door.

Washu: Good night.

Washu then left the room and headed back downstairs. She passed the living room; Denonu was on the couch sleeping off his uncontrollable rage that she witnessed earlier. She stared at him for a second.

Washu: / How can one person hold so much power in them. /

After she pondered the question for a minute she walked toward her lab door and entered. Inside of Denonu's head he dreamt, of himself in an empty void. He looked around but saw nothing but darkness. Afterward a voice rang out through his mind.

Mysterious Voice: Finally, you've come to recognize your true self.

Denonu: What? Who are you?

Mysterious Voice: I am you. You are I.

Denonu: Stop speaking to me in riddles and give me a straight answer.

Mysterious Voice: But life in itself is a riddle. I grow tired of this. Come back when you ready to listen.

Suddenly Denonu awoke. He open his eyes and saw smoke above him. He quickly sat up and stood up. Smoke filled the whole house; he began to feel his way around. Then he heard a loud crash. Something big then smashed him in his chest. That something carried him through the house and smashed him into a wall behind him. The wall broke inward and the unknown force went through that too. The force then stopped and Denonu flew into a tree. The tree cracked on impact and Denonu fell to the ground, clutching his ribs. He looked up to see a white creature with a horn on its head. The creature braced itself; he appeared to be growling, when fire came forth from its mouth. The fire came at Denonu but he rolled out of the way before the heat could burn him. He came out from the roll raising his right hand. He then began charging a small energy sphere in his hand. But unseen by him a purple tentacle wrapped around his ankle and electrocuted him. Denonu screamed out in pain. He fell to the ground once more, his body smoking. The white creature ran toward Denonu and picked him up. The white creature then began to run toward the front of his house, with the purple creature following. The front of the house was in chaos. ADRyoko was fighting a two bladed creature with her energy sword. There was another creature shooting projectiles at Tenchi. The projectile exploded on impact, but Tenchi deflected most of the blast using the Jurian master key. Random energy blasts rocketed the ground to keep Tenchi and the others in disarray. Ayeka shielded some of the blasts from hitting the house, herself, Sasami, and Lufailia who were standing behind her. The white and purple creature ran into the woods and the other creatures broke off their attack. ADRyoko began to chase after the bladed creature but an energy blast came out of nowhere and struck her in her chest. She was sent flying into the ground, shoulder first. In the distance Zektoll stopped shooting his energy blast and ran into the woods, heading for the transport area. When he reached the transport area he found the rest his team. Elegan held a small device. He raised his hands and pressed a button on it. The five zoaniods and Denonu suddenly disappeared. Passing through the dimensional barrier wasn't difficult if you knew how. All you needed to know is, what frequency that your destination, vibrates at. Once you have that you can always get there. Team five reappeared on a large platform in a gigantic room. The room could easily house ten 747's. Three large rings hovered above the platform with a hum coming from them. The five zoaniods walked off of the platform and bowed before Kronos' top scientist, Doctor Valkus.

Doctor Valkus: So how did it go?

Zektoll: There was a little opposition between some girls and two floating logs, but they were defeated.

Doctor Valkus: Good. Take him to the holding cells.

Team Five then left the transport room and entered the main hallway.

Thancrus: I think his profile was misjudged.

Zektoll: Yeah I know what you mean. I was expecting a little more.

Soon Team five reached the holding cells. They entered a room, which had normal cells on one side and enhanced cells on the other. Darzerb went too the first empty enhanced cell and threw Denonu into the cell. Denonu hit the back wall and toppled to the floor. Darzerb pressed numbers on a keypad next to the cell and an energy shield appeared where a cell door should be.

Hours later.

Denonu's eyes fluttered a bit before opening. He began to rub his aching head. After he was finished, he stood up and examined his surroundings. In front of him was the energy shield and the other three walls were made of some kind of super alloy.

Denonu: Time to get out of here.

Denonu powered up and his energy spread out around him in the form of a barrier. The barrier forced against the walls until they were knocked back by the energy. The energy shield in front of him disappeared and he stopped powering up. A loud alarm sounded. Denonu stepped from his cell and he heard footsteps. He turned to his left and a group of Kronos solders rounded the hallway corner. The solders began to transform but before they finished, Denonu raised his hand and fired an energy sphere in their direction. The group of solders scattered but when the sphere hit the wall behind them it exploded and all of the men were vaporized. After the explosion shook the floor Denonu walked over to where his energy sphere exploded. He noticed that the wall was partly vaporized.

Denonu: I've got to learn to control that someday.

He continued down the hallway that the solders previously took. He came to an elevator and entered it. Raising his hand he was about to push the 1st floor button when he felt a familiar presence in his mind.

Denonu: My control metal is here. That must be why I didn't die.

Denonu pushed the level 5-basement button instead and the elevator moved downward. When it stopped the doors opened. He walked out of the elevator and went down the hall. He came to a large door with the letters R and D written on it. He then raised his left hand and felt the door.

Denonu: Research and Development. Titanium door probably 7 inches thick. They don't want to take any chances do they?

Denonu raised his other hand and punched the door. It buckled inward before they fell down to the floor. Stepping on the titanium doors he entered the chamber. On the three walls of the room were three computer terminals with large screens. He walked up to the center terminal and began to examine its console. He typed in a number of keys and the terminal's screen flickered before the room's layout. He began typing again and a cylinder shaped metal casing rose up from the center of the room. Denonu turned around and walked over to the casing. It had a dome glass cover with Denonu's control metal inside of it. He raised his fist and smashed down on the glass cover. It shattered and Denonu reached in and retrieved his control metal. But as he picked it up, it turned into mercury colored liquid. He then felt a sharp pain in his hand as the liquid cut open his palm and inserted itself in the wound. The wound then closed. Denonu stared at his hand for a minute before closing it. A second later another alarm sounded and more Kronos solders came into the room. They surrounded Denonu and then transformed into various creatures. The zoaniod in front of Denonu raised his right arm and pointed it at Denonu.

Lead zoaniod: Give it up you can't beat us all.

Denonu: Oh really.

Denonu raised both of his arms and clenched both his fists. Suddenly the floor began to quake as Denonu began to power up. Pieces of the ceiling began to fall around the R+D lab, making loud crashing noises. Then an energy shock wave came from Denonu and knocked the zoaniods off their feet. Each of them flew back slamming into a wall. After they hit the wall they fell to the floor and began disintegrating.

Denonu: They've got to stop underestimating me.

Denonu's body began to glow then he faded away. Elsewhere near the Masaki household Denonu reappeared. He stood looking over the house and the devastation around it. Trees burnt or knocked over, parts of the house gone, blood stained ground.

Denonu: All of this happened because of me.

A moment later Denonu heard a loud crash in the woods and a second after that he flew off toward it. Flying over the forest he saw trees on the ground and a person he'd never thought he see again. He flew down and landed next to the figure.

Denonu: Antwan.

Antwan was lying on the ground face up. He had been beaten, almost to death. Denonu raised his right arm and pointed it toward Antwan. He opened his palm. A small ki sphere formed in it and Denonu put more energy into it.

Antwan: Wait.

Denonu: Why?

Antwan: We're all in danger.

Antwan then began to cough up blood before he passed out. Denonu was about to fire his ki sphere at Antwan but then he hesitated. His ki sphere disappeared and he lowered his arm.

Denonu: Shit. I have to lose this humanistic soft side of me, if I expect to fight anyone seriously.

Denonu picked Antwan up off the ground and put him over his shoulder then disappeared. He reappeared in the same spot where he previously reappeared. He walked up to the door and entered. As he walked in to the house he looked around, but he saw no one in the room. Denonu walked over to Washu's lab door and opened it. He stepped through the door and peeped in Washu's lab. He saw Washu sitting on her cushion typing on her laptop. Denonu walked up behind Washu and tapped her on her shoulder with his right hand. She turned around and seen Denonu carrying Antwan over his shoulder.

Washu: Denonu? I thought you were kidnapped?

Denonu: Yeah I was. But they couldn't hold me. Where is everybody?

Washu: Oh yeah, Ryoko wanted me to tell you if I saw you that, there is a tournament in that cartoon dimension. They went ahead to watch it.

Washu then looked at Antwan slumped over Denonu's shoulder.

Washu: Is that who I think it is?

Denonu: I found him near the house unconscious. I couldn't leave him there so I brought him here. I need you to restrain him until I get back.

Washu: Sure.

Washu typed on her holographic laptop and Antwan disappeared off of Denonu's shoulder. Washu then hopped off of her cushion and looked Denonu in the eye.

Washu: Ok, let's go.

Denonu: What about the house?

Washu: I have my repair robots set to work on it as soon as we leave.

Washu and Denonu faded away as they teleported to another dimension. When they reappeared they were in an open field.

Denonu: I hope you know which way to go.

Washu: I know they took Ryo-ohki and I feel her presence that way.

Washu pointed off to Denonu's left and then she lowered her arm. Denonu knelt down and picked up Washu, cradling her in his arms. Afterward his aura appeared around him and he and Washu took off into the air. About ten minutes later Washu spoke to Denonu.

Washu: We're already late. You have to go faster if we want to get there before the fighting starts.

Denonu: Alright, hold on.

Denonu suddenly turned super saiyan and he flew even faster, doubling his previous speed. Soon they reached a large island and Denonu saw balloons, festival facilities, and tons of people. He flew down to the main entrance and set Washu down on her feet before landing himself. Denonu stretched his arms and yawn as his hair lowered and became black once again. The scientist and the saiyan then walked through a large gateway and down the main path until it split in two. Two signs were above each path, the left one read "Participants", while the other read "Viewers". Denonu: Well this is where we part.

Washu: What. You're competing?

Denonu: Of course.

Washu: Another chance to see how powerful you are. Hope you win.

Denonu: Thanks.

They each took their own path. Denonu walked until he came to a small desk and a man sitting at it. The man was wearing an orange monk outfit; he carried a pen in his left hand.

Man: Name please?

Denonu: Denonu

Man: Sir I must tell you that since your late, the strength requirement will be increased.

Denonu: Sure.

The man then passed Denonu a piece of paper with a pen.

Man: Please sign on the bottom.

Denonu did as he was told and then handed both pen and paper back to the man.

Man: Thank you. Continue on to the testing area.

Denonu continued through a doorway to the man's right and entered an underpass. The underpass was dark except for two open ends, which were lit by sunlight. Coming to the end of the underpass Denonu squinted his eyes and then he exited. After his eyes adjusted to the sun Denonu looked around and found himself in a clearing with a couple of trees and a line of people. In front of the line of people there was a punching machine with 2 monks on each side of it. Denonu got in line and waited for his turn. Over time the line moved and Denonu was the next it line to test his strength. The man in front of him punched the machine and the machine read 100 pounds of pressure over the already raised testing limit. The man turned around with a smile across his face.

Proud Man: Let's you do even half of that. Chump.

The man then pushed Denonu out of his way and started to walk by Denonu. Denonu looked at the man slightly and saw that the man was very muscular, had an earring in his left ear, and the he had his hair in a ponytail. As the man passed Denonu he reached over and grabbed the man's ponytail and flung "Mr. Ponytail" toward the punching machine. The man hit the punching machine hard and the machine skidded ten feet backward, scrapping the concrete ground. The man fell to the ground as the machine began to calculate Denonu strength limit. The machine read about 200 pounds over the man's previous limit. One of the monks who stood by the machine was in shock, then his partner told Denonu to wait with the other qualifiers. Denonu walked over to an area underneath a tree where the other qualifiers were waiting. A couple of minutes later a man wearing a suit walked up to the qualifiers. The man told the group that they always have two extra slots in their tournament line up for latecomers. He then told them that they were going to have to fight each other to determine who was going to have those slots.


Antwan awoke from his slumber. He looked around for a bit and discovered he was in some sort of glass chamber.

Antwan: Where the hell am I?

He raised his left arm and punched the glass chamber attempting to break it. Apparently it wasn't glass, it didn't break easily. Antwan surveyed his surroundings once more. The walls appeared to be metal; he saw a handheld tool on the floor, two buttons on the far wall in front of him, and a large computer terminal.

Antwan: I must be in some kind of facility.

He began to think of a way out. Then an idea struck him. He used a little of his energy on the tool on the floor. The tool began to float upward and Antwan made it fly into one of the buttons on the wall. Nothing happened. So he tried the other button. When the tool hit the other button his chamber opened and he stepped out. Suddenly a small robot appeared before him.

Robot: Alert! Alert! Alert! Subject Escaping! Subject Escaping!

Antwan raised his right arm and slammed his fist down on the robot's head. A crunching sound was heard and the robot's head was crushed. It fell to the floor sparking.

Antwan: Annoying thing.

He walked over to the computer terminal and examined it. The screen flickered displaying a set of options. Antwan chose the last one, which appeared to be video logs and the screen changed, he saw Denonu and a red haired little girl disappeared.

Antwan: Denonu. So he brought me here. I have to find out where he is.

About a half hour later.

Back at the tournament, Denonu and the other qualifiers were walking down a long corridor out to the ring. At the end of the corridor, they came to the square concrete ring. The audience was seated around the ring on bleachers. There looked to be hundreds of people. All of the qualifiers entered the ring and the announcer said that this was going to be a battle royal match. The crowd cheered in response. Then he announced that it would begin as soon as they found a fifth qualifier. After he spoke Denonu sensed a familiar ki. He looked across the ring and seen Antwan step out from the shadows of the entrance corridor.

Denonu: /Antwan what the hell is he doing here? How did he get here? /

Antwan stepped up to the ring and stood still setting his gaze upon Denonu.

Announcer: It looks like we've found our fifth qualifier folks. Now what do you say. Lets get this thing started. You may begin.

A bell sounded. Two of the three qualifiers beside Denonu and Antwan began fighting each other, while the third attacked Antwan. The third ran toward Antwan. Antwan never took his eyes off Denonu, but when the qualifier ran towards him, he used a tiny portion of his energy to knock the man back. He flew backward about fifteen feet and landed outside of the ring, disqualifying him. The other qualifiers who were fighting each other were good. The both of them were masters of their technique. One man was wearing a white karate gi, while the others was black. The one in white was attacking using punches, and the one in black blocked every punch. Then when he had an opening he parried one of the punches and grabbed his arm and began to throw his opponent out of the ring. But the man in white wasn't going alone. In mid throw he grabbed the man's black gi by the neck with his free arm and using his momentum he pulled himself and his opponent out of the ring, landing on grass.

Announcer: Oh my folks! It's nearly five minutes into the match and we're down to our two finalists.

Denonu: Why are you doing this?

Antwan: Doing what?

Denonu: Forcing me to fight you.

Antwan: Because I what to see the true depths of your power. Every time we fought I sensed that you were holding back tiny part of yourself. So I'm going to force you to show it to me. And if that means I have to kill people in order to do it. You know I will.

Denonu: Don't make me do it. I can't control it. I might kill these people.

Antwan: And if you don't do it there's a certainty that I will kill these people.

Denonu: I could stop you.

Antwan: No you can't, what could you do fight me? I'll just power up and destroy these people. Or you could leave and I would destroy these people then follow you. And then there's the third option do nothing and then I'll kill them anyway. Your only choice is to fight me with your all. I want this to be our true fight, not like our last one where you decided to end it short.

Denonu let his anger get the best of himself.

Denonu: You know what you've really begun to piss me off. Every time I try to do something you always pop up disrupting it. You want me to fight unrestricted fine. Lets hope you can handle it.

Antwan: Enough talk. Let's get it started.