Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Denonu vs. Antwan

After he spoke Antwan ran toward Denonu, but before he could attack the announcer shouted on his microphone.

The Announcer: Hey what are you doing? You don't fight now you have to wait for your turn.

Antwan stopped running and glanced an evil look towards the announcer. After a couple of seconds he looked back at Denonu.

Antwan: Fine. I'll play by the rules.

The Announcer: You two have to go to the waiting area.

Denonu and Antwan did as they were told. Upon entering the waiting area, Denonu saw two other men in the waiting area. One was wearing black boxing gloves while the other was wearing gray karate pants with no shirt on. Antwan walked over to the farthest wall, stood against it with his eyes closed and his arms crossed. Denonu just stood near the entrance and looked out toward the ring. About fifteen minutes later the announcer told all of the fighters to come out to the ring. Denonu, Antwan, and the two unknown fighters stepped in the ring. Following them were Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo, Gohan, and Android 18. Goku walked up to Denonu and spoke to him.

Goku: Looks like we're going to get our sparring match.

Denonu: I hope so, it was the only reason I entered this tournament.

Announcer: Okay, everybody. You all are going to pick a number out of this box to determine whom your going to fight.

Everyone formed a line and began to draw numbers. Piccolo drew a eight, Andriod 18 drew a five, Gohan a six, Antwan a three, Goku a nine, The man with boxing gloves drew a ten, Vegeta a two, The man with no shirt drew a one, Denonu drew a four before glancing a look at Antwan. He was smiling. And the Announcer drew the last number for Mr. Satan a seven.

Announcer: Alright folks we have our line up. And up first is Jex vs. Vegeta.

The crowd applauded and the Announcer, along with the other fighters left the ring. The fighters entered the waiting area while Vegeta and Jex remained. A bell sounded and the match began. Denonu found his previous spot on the wall and began to think about his match.

Denonu: /Shit, I didn't want to fight Antwan first. Looks like I won't get that sparring match./

He was so deep in thought that he didn't see Vegeta win the match by punching his opponent out of the ring. The Announcer said that Vegeta was the winner and after a few side comments Vegeta began walking back to the waiting area. He passed Denonu and he noticed that Vegeta was talking to himself.

Vegeta: Weaklings, why do they even bother to show up at these tournaments.

Announcer: Next up, Antwan vs. Denonu!

Antwan walked out of the waiting room toward the ring and Denonu followed. They reached the ring and went to the opposite ends and faced each other. In the crowd Ryoko and the rest of the crew were watching on with concern.

ADRyoko: Do you think Denonu can win?

Ryoko: I don't know there's something different about him.

Sasami: He'll win.

ADRyoko: What do you think Washu?

Washu didn't say anything; she was remembering when Denonu went berserk in her lab. The bell sounded. Antwan disappeared and Denonu was sudden sent flying backward.

Denonu:/Damn his fast./

Denonu flew out of the ring into the concrete stands. His body was embedded in the concrete. Denonu powered up a bit and destroyed the surrounding concrete. Denonu suddenly disappeared and reappeared where he was standing in the ring a moment before.

Denonu: Why don't we just stop toying with each other and fight for real.

Antwan reappeared in front of Denonu, with his arms crossed.

Denonu: You first.

Antwan uncrossed his arms and began to transform into his zoaniod form. His body turned to a chromish color and a crystal formed on his forehead. When he was finished an energy field erupted around him and his clothes were burnt away. Afterward he crossed his arms again, waiting for Denonu. Denonu clenched his fists and screamed, his hair rose up and his eyes turned green. Then in a flash of light his hair became gold and his super saiyan aura surrounded him. Denonu then took up a fighting stance. Antwan disappeared once again and Denonu did the same. The sound of fighting filled the arena. The two fighters reappeared in the air, fist fighting. The crowd was in shock at what they saw. The fighters caught each other's fists and were locked in a struggle. Both of them began to scream as they powered up. The ground began to shake and concrete sections of the ring rose up off the ground. What was left of the ring began to crack under the pressure of the enormous energy, which was being released. The quake became fiercer and the arena showed signs of damage. Then they broke their hold and landed on the ground. The sections of the ring, which rose up, fell back to the ring, making loud-crashing noises.

Antwan: You've gotten stronger. But you'll have too much better than that.

Antwan's ki aura appeared and he began to power up. The ground quaked a little and Antwan's body turned from chrome to red. The quaking subdued and his aura subsided. Afterward Antwan waited, he waited for Denonu to call for his armor. However Denonu did nothing.

Antwan: I thought we had an understanding. But you need more persuasion I see.

Antwan pivoted sideways, raising his arm away from Denonu. He opened his palm and spoke once more.

Antwan: Last chance.

Denonu seeing what Antwan was about to do began to think of a plan.

Denonu:/Damn, he's about to fire an energy blast into the crowd. And his positioned himself in-between me and the crowd so I can't get to it and deflect it away./

Antwan: Why don't we change the direction a bit?

Antwan turned back to his previous position and held his arm to his right. An energy sphere appeared in his palm and he charged it with more energy.

Denonu: /What the hell is he doing? Why would he substitute one group of people for another?/

Denonu cut his eye over to where Antwan was pointing. He saw his wife and the others sitting in the middle of a crowded section of the arena, watching the fight.

Denonu: /Shit, he's aiming at them./

Suddenly, Antwan fired his energy blast at the crowd and Denonu flew off to intercept it. But in mid-flight Antwan appeared before Denonu and kicked him in his chest. Denonu fell toward the ring and crashed deep into the ground. The crowd began to scatter away from the energy blast. Ryoko and ADRyoko stood up and Ryoko form her beamsword.

ADRyoko: What are you doing? You know neither of us is powerful enough to destroy that thing.

Ryoko: I know but I have to do something.

Out of the waiting area Goku and Gohan flew after the energy sphere, hoping to protect the crowd from the attack. Then the red fighter turned toward them and screamed. Goku then felt an impact, as a psychic attack struck both him and his son.

Antwan: /No one is going to stop me from achieving my goal./

The energy blast exploded as it hit and the explosion rocked the arena. Antwan turned toward the explosion and laughed.

Antwan: This will give him even more incentive to fight me.

As the smoke began to clear Antwan saw three rays of light where his energy sphere exploded. The smoke dissipated and he saw a boy standing behind the rays of light holding his arms out in front of him. Covered in the remnants of the concrete ring, Denonu laid unconscious. His mind lost in the guise of sleep. That familiar voice taunted him once more.

Denonu: What do you what now?

Unknown Voice: I just thought I should thank you.

Denonu: Why?

Unknown Voice: You've provided me with a body into the physical realm.

Denonu: What the hell are you talking about?

Unknown Voice: For countless millennia, since before life flourished in your universe. I wondered space in search of power, but during that time my body was destroyed. My essence or "soul" if you prefer, survived that destruction and I continued my search once more. Over the years I witnessed the births of millions of species. However I found that I couldn't interact with anything. Touch, speak, taste, love, hate, pleasure, smell, I could do none of these. Of all the species I encountered none were able to sense or detect my presence. That is until that moment when you destroyed that planet. Ever since then I've been inside you. I still don't know how it happened. And now that I found what I've been looking for, I'm going to use your power for my own purposes.

Denonu: What are you?

Unknown Voice: The closest word in reference to me in your language would have to be a demon.

Denonu: Why me?

Unknown Voice: Why not you? Your immensely powerful compared to normal beings, your power grows over time, and you don't age so your practically immortal thanks to that armor of yours.

Denonu: I won't let you take over my body.

Unknown Voice: You have no choice.

Denonu suddenly woke up beneath tons of rubble. He screamed as he used his energy to knock the rubble of him. Denonu stood up in a large crater, which he himself made.

Antwan: So have you decided to fight me yet?

Denonu's aura appeared around him and he shot forth high into the air.

Antwan: The fool I told him what would happen if he ran away. I thought he had more pride than this. I better get started before he gets away. Antwan raised his left arm and about to form a ki sphere, when all of the electronic equipment in the arena began shorting out or exploding. The ground suddenly quaked fiercely forcing many people off of their feet.

Antwan: What the hell his going on?

Antwan looked up into the air and saw a bright golden light. The quaking subsided and the golden light came towards him. As it came closer he saw that the light was actually Denonu's aura. Denonu landed on the ground and Antwan surveyed him. Denonu's hair was long and he had electricity flowing around him. And now another change happened, a mercury colored tear streamed down the left side of Denonu's face. The tear flowed across his face and his body until it covered him completely. Then his armor's blast field appeared and the mercury colored liquid became his guyver armor. His armor looked the same, except around the head. His armor stopped at his hairline and his super saiyan hair protruded from the top of his head, behind the head fin, and down his back. His motion sensor orbs were still on his head, but instead of being along side the head fin, they were along each side of his head.

Antwan: It's about time. I actually thought you were going to make me kill these people.

Antwan floated down slowly until he landed on the ground.

Antwan: So shall we continue?

Denonu: Not here.

Antwan: Oh I don't know I've grown attached to this place. The more people the better.

Denonu: I'm not asking you I'm telling you.

Denonu raised his left arm and screamed. Antwan was then struck with a psychic blow that sent him flying out of the arena. Denonu followed him until Antwan regained control and stopped himself.

Antwan: You've become more powerful since we last fought.

Denonu: Too bad you haven't.

Antwan: Ah, but how do you know I wasn't holding back either.

Denonu: Enough talk.

Denonu disappeared once more and reappeared in front of Antwan. Then Denonu began to throw a series of punches at Antwan. Antwan tried to block all the punches but occasionally one or more would slip through and hit him. One caught him in the gut and Antwan buckled over. Denonu clasped his hands and raised them above Antwan. He then hit his opponent with a hammer blow, which sent Antwan flying down toward the arena. He hit the ground hard causing the ground to buckle up ward. Denonu just stood there waiting for Antwan. Antwan flew up from the ground and stopped before Denonu.

Antwan: You know, you're stronger and faster than me but, I have a new trick up my sleeve.

Antwan held out his arm and an energy sphere formed in his palm. The energy materialized into a small short dagger. Afterward he disappeared and reappeared in the arena ring. He then looked up in search of Denonu but he couldn't find him.

Denonu: Down here.

Antwan looked down and saw Denonu standing in front of him.

Antwan: /Shit, I didn't even know he moved./ Now what. I bet you've never faced an opponent who had a weapon have you.

Denonu's control metal shined and both of his vibration blades extended from his forearms.

Antwan: /Dammit, I didn't know he could do that. No matter I take him with whatever he's got./

Antwan flew towards Denonu screaming. When he was within range he swung his dagger. Denonu easily blocked the dagger slash. Antwan's dagger struck Denonu's left vibration blade and was instantly severed into two pieces. Denonu took advantage of this and slashed across Antwan's chest with his other blade. The cut was deep and blood gashed from the wound. Antwan fell to the ground clutching his chest. The wound on his chest began to close and soon it was gone. Antwan stood up slowly and looked at Denonu with eyes of fury.

Antwan: You will not beat me.

Antwan then screamed and the ground quaked. Then he began punching at Denonu using no kind of strategy of technique. He was punching out of blind fury. Denonu was blocking every punch with ease. Antwan stuck out at Denonu using his tail. This caught Denonu by surprise. Antwan's tail struck Denonu's control metal and Denonu fell to his knees, disoriented.

Antwan: What the hell? So the great Denonu has a weak spot.

Antwan raised his fist and hit Denonu in the same spot. All Denonu saw was colors and wavy figures, then it felt as if someone hit his head with a sludge hammer and Denonu fell to the ground, with his control metal shining.

[Author's note: I know this is off topic but I drew a picture of Denonu and if anyone wants to see it, just e-mail me or drop me a review.]