Guyver Fan Fiction ❯ The Meaning Of Life- The Merging Of Two Evils sequel ❯ Chapter 7

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Chapter 7

Destruction Can Follow Like A Shadow

Denonu awoke and opened his eyes. He felt weak as if he had fought for days. He also felt groggy so he put his hand against his head. Denonu, noticing that he was still in his armor, made a feign attempt to rub his head. But since he was still covered head to toe it really didn't offer any relief. Instead it made his vision blurrier. And as he kept rubbing it became redder and redder.

Denonu: What the hell?

Denonu looked at his hand and discovered that it was covered with blood. Startled at what he saw he took a couple of steps back and surveyed his surroundings. It was dark, but he could see decrepit buildings, burning hover cars, the ground was also broken up with numerous dead people lying all over.

Denonu: Where am I?

He began walking, looking around for some sign of location. A small newspaper stand on a street corner peaked his interest. Walking closer to it he read one of the many dangling papers covering the stands' counter.

The Paper Read.

West City News

"Metallic Menace Attacks City"

"Great Saiyaman 1 and 2 defend our city"

Denonu was about to read further when the sound of a moan pierced his ears. He turned to the direction of the moan and saw a person wearing a helmet and a cape. The person was clutching their stomach. There was a large gash and a large piece of glass sticking from it. The person began whizzing as their breathing became slower. Denonu walked over and knelt down before and removed the person's helmet. The person was a girl with short black hair. When she looked at Denonu, she became scared. Denonu saw this and retracted his armor, and with his hands h moved the girls' hands away from her stomach. Denonu then clasped the glass with both hands.

Denonu: This is going to hurt.

Denonu yanked the glass shard from the girls' stomach. The girl shouted out in pain as Denonu felt a pain in his hand. He looked at his hand and discovered that the glass had slashed his hand. Denonu didn't pay any attention to it as he tossed the glass aside. Afterward he placed his hands upon the girls' wound to try to stop the bleeding. Denonu stared into the girls' eyes before asking her a question.

Denonu: What happened here?

The girls coughed up some blood before answering.

Girl: What're you joking. You destroyed everything.

Denonu: Where is everyone?

Girl: They're all dead.

Denonu thought for a bit then asked another question.

Denonu: Where's Gohan and his father.

Girl: I don't know. The last time I saw Gohan he was fighting with you.

Denonu: Fighting me. I don't ever remember fighting him.

Denonu pressed down harder on the girl. She winced.

Denonu: This isn't working the wound is too big.

Denonu stood up and removed his shirt before ripping it in half. He took the tattered pieces and wrapped them around the girls' stomach. Tying it in place with a knot where her wound was. Denonu then put his arms under the girl and picked her up.

Girl: What're you doing? Put me down.

Denonu: I'm trying to save your life, but if you prefer to die, let me know.

The girl said nothing.

Denonu: Didn't think so.

Denonu and the girl in his arms then disappeared. They reappeared in front of the masaki house. Denonu entered the front door and suddenly the girl in his arms and everything around him disappeared turning into mist. Leaving Denonu all alone in a vast darkness.

Denonu: Oh great this again. What do you what now?

Unknown Demon: I figure since we're going to be sharing vessels, that I should tell you my name.

Denonu: What is it?

Unknown Demon: Its Zaelus.

The mist around Denonu began to vent and his vision came back into view. The girl was back in his arms and he was staring into an empty house.

Girl: Hey, wake up what's wrong with you?

Denonu: What? What's wrong?

Girl: You just zoned out for a minute.

Denonu: Sorry.

Denonu: glanced down at the girls' wound and seen that it was bleeding through the remnants of his shirt.

Denonu: Looks like we'd better change those.

Denonu entered the living room and placed the girl on the couch, before kneeling. He started to unwrap the dressing when the girl asked him a question.

Girl: Why are you doing this?

Denonu: What do you mean?

Girl: What I mean is that, you go around the planet, destroying city after city, killing anyone or anything that gets in your way. Then you just stop and start helping me out. I don't get it.

Denonu: To tell you the truth, I don't know what you're talking about. The last thing I remember was the tournament.

Girl: The tournament? That was over two weeks ago.

Denonu: Two weeks? /I wonder where the others are? /

As Denonu removed the dressing, everything faded away once more.

Denonu: /What. Not again. /

The darkness faded to light and Denonu was standing in a white room with no door.

Denonu: Oh great. Where am I now?

Denonu walked to the nearest wall and felt it with his left hand. Denonu raised his other arm and punched the wall. Hard. Denonu winced as a bone in his hand broke. Denonu took a step back and shook his hand. Unknown to him, the bone was already healed. A side effect of his armor. The wall that he punched began to glow and it turned into a glass like material. Denonu just stood there looking through the glass as a figure slowly appeared into view. The figure appeared to be a man with his arms crossed. The man smiled for a second then uncrossed his arms.

Unknown Man: Don't remember me?

Denonu: What are you talking about? I've never seen you before.

Unknown Man: Yes, you have. Its just that this body has changed since you last seen it.

Denonu thought for a second then it came to him.

Denonu: Billy.

Billy: So you do remember. But I go by a different name now. Sio. You look different from the last time I saw you.

Denonu: I can't look different I don't age.

After Denonu spoke a lock of his hair passed over his eyes and he noticed that it was blonde. Then Denonu put it together, he was still a super saiyan 3.

Denonu: /That's what he meant. /

Sio: I'm going to give you a day to prepare.

Denonu: Prepare for what?

Sio: We're going to fight and my new associate wants to see how strong you are.

Sio turned around and the air rippled his clothes. Denonu look at something, which caught his attention. On top of Sio's right wrist there was a large "M".

Denonu: / I wonder what that is? /

Sio: Be prepared.

Denonu then found himself back in the living room where he was standing before. He thought for a second. Then a familiar ki made itself known and Denonu turned around. He came face to face with Antwan. Antwan wasn't transformed but he had a stern look on his face. Denonu's aura appeared around him and his hair became short and after that it became black. Denonu knew Antwan; he didn't want to fight now. He wanted to talk.

Antwan: I knew if I hung around her long enough, that you'd show up.

Denonu: Where are they?

Antwan: They're all inside that lab area.

Antwan looked into Denonu's eyes and Denonu could tell that what he was about to say was important.

Antwan: Meet me outside in four hours.

The to former friends went separate ways. Antwan out the front door and Denonu inside the lab door. As soon as the lab door closed behind him an alarm sounded. The loud tone kept repeating over and over. Denonu covered his ears. Suddenly he felt a tingling feeling pass over him and he became immobilized. Denonu fell to the floor with his eyes closed. Before his eyes opened again he heard the sound of talking. The voices were of Washu and Goku.

Goku: Are you sure that's going to hold him?

Washu: Yes that table's controls cycle through an infinite number of variables and dimension forces.

Goku just looked at her with a dumbfounded look on his face.

Washu: Oh great another one.

She covered her face with her hand and she shook her head.

Washu: The control panel picks random numbers. Denonu won't be able to figure them out. Plus with the sedative I gave him he'll be out for days.

Denonu opened his eyes and tried to move but his chest, wrists, and legs were bound. Washu and Goku then left the lab and Denonu tried to break his bonds forcibly. After a couple of minutes he gave up.

Denonu: /Maybe I can power up to get out of here. No Washu's probably got some kind of energy negating field up. Damn how do I get out of here? /

Just as he spoke Denonu felt a pulling sensation in his left hand and silver colored strand came out of it. The strand attached itself to the control panel and it began to cycle through figures. The bond's, which held Denonu, unlatched and he sat up and got off of the table. Denonu raised his left hand and stared and the silver strand.

Denonu: What the hell is this?

The strand detached itself from the panel and whipped back into Denonu's hand.

Denonu: I'll figure this out later.

Denonu disappeared and then reappeared outside by the lake. Antwan was beside him just staring out across the lake.

Antwan: You're early.

Denonu: What's so important?

Antwan: When you found me I was beaten up pretty bad. The person who did that to me was a man named Sio.

Denonu: Sio.

Antwan: You know him/

Denonu: Yeah, when I appeared in front of you, he had just teleported me somewhere and talked to me.

Antwan: What did he say?

Denonu: He said he wanted to see how strong I was and to test me.

Antwan: Same as me. Except he gave me an elaborate bullshit speech about me taking over some kind of dark dimension.

Denonu: Tempted you with power, huh.

Antwan: Yes, listen Denonu his strong even by your standards. We might have to work together on this. If he beats us he'll take over our dimension and probably this one.

Denonu: How do you know that?

Antwan: When I fought him he rambled a lot.

Denonu: You just want my help so you can get Sio out of the way and so you can take over all by yourself.

Antwan: You know me all to well.

The conversation lasted only for a couple of minutes and they just stood there absorbing everything they told each other.

Denonu: It's Billy

Antwan: How I thought she killed him.

Denonu: Apparently not.

The next day came all to quickly and Denonu awoke on the roof of the house, where he slept all night. His stomach growled loudly and he stood up, stretching his arms to the sky. In the distance he heard an explosion. But it was a small explosion; it didn't have a lot of energy behind it. He also sensed Antwan's ki. It was in the same direction as the noise.

Denonu: /Must be training. I'd better do the same. If I want to be ready. /

At that same moment Washu was deciphering several video logs taken from the relic ship. Behind her were Goku, Vegeta, and Gohan. They stood behind her waiting for an explanation for what Denonu did. The video logs then began to play on a computer, which they were in front of. A planet was displayed then it's people. All of the people had long tails, and many of them were fighting among themselves. After that another log displayed a gigantic golden ape. The ape then roared and an energy blast came forth from its mouth.

Washu: Can one of you tell me what that ape creature was?

Gohan: That's the form of a saiyan after looking at the full moon.

Washu: Is it usually gold like that?

Gohan: No, its brown. I wonder why it's gold like that.

Vegeta: Because it's the legendary super saiyan from over one thousand years ago. Yes, that super saiyan could only hold his power in the transformed state. Just as all others before him.

Washu: Legendary Super Saiyan?

Washu began to think and then a thought crossed her mind.

Washu: So that's where they got it.

Goku: Got what?

Washu: Denonu's saiyan d.n.a.

Goku: What do you mean?

Washu: Well Denonu wasn't born a saiyan. He became a saiyan when he bonded with his armor. A couple of billion years ago and alien race known as the Advents must've known about the potential that the saiyan race had. So they picked the strongest one at the time, I assume the legendary saiyan. They took his d.n.a. And enhanced with their most unique tool, the guyver armor. Then somehow it ended up on Denonu's home planet, where he found it.

Vegeta: That would explain why he acted the way the way he did. The prehistoric saiyans weren't evolved enough. They had longer tails and had a more primal nature. They also had fits of extreme rage, which they themselves couldn't control. But that's no excuse if we can't bring the others back with the namek dragonballs. I will kill him myself.

Goku: Vegeta look, you can't blame him for it. He couldn't control himself.

Vegeta: No, Kakarot. I'm sick of this you should feel the same way, he destroyed you're wife and child too.

The next day passed quickly and dusk came swooping down the land like a plague. Denonu and Antwan were battling fiercely, both relying on technique not power. This means no super saiyans or powerups.

Antwan: /Man its cold. /

A fist glanced his face as he finished his thought. He disappeared and reappeared behind Denonu. Grabbing his foot, Antwan screamed and slammed him into the ground face first. Denonu turned face up suddenly. He caught Antwan's leg with his left arm just before the kick connected. Denonu flew backward and swung Antwan like a baseball bat into a large ice cliff. The cliff crumbled to pieces as Antwan shot high into the air and began charging an energy blast. Denonu seeing this began charging one of his own. The energy build up shook the ground and the frozen ice that they were fighting on broke into large masses. Then the two rivals fired their energy blasts and the sky lit up with bright light. The two beams collided. The force pushed Denonu and Antwan back. They both began forcing more energy into their beams. The area then exploded as the energy erupted. The glacier that they were fighting on crumbled into the water. The light in the sky then became dark as the explosion dwindled down to nothing and the two fighters were floating alone.

Antwan: We've never trained together like this.

Denonu: Well we have to start. That was a lot of fun.

Antwan: Yeah, I know. But why did you choose Antarctica?

Denonu: The cold helps keep you focused.

Antwan: You have some really weird training sess----.

His sentence was cut short as he sensed a powerful ki.

Denonu: What, what is it?

Then Denonu felt it.

Denonu: Sio.

At that moment Denonu tried to teleport himself and Antwan, but nothing happened.

Denonu: Shit, not again.

Antwan: What's wrong?

Denonu: Can't teleport. Looks like we're going to have to fly there.

Antwan: It's going to take us a while. We have to travel halfway across the planet.

After he spoke Antwan transformed and his clothes were burnt away. Denonu screamed and his hair rose up and became gold, along with his tail. The two fighters then took off at blinding speeds, leaving a parted ocean in their wake.