Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Stronger Without You ❯ Chapter 8

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

The hams were at the clubhouse waiting to get on with the day, but a certain ham hasn't showed up yet. "Does anybody know where Sandy is?" asked Boss. All present ham shook their heads. "Damn, I sure hope that girl's okay..."

"Sandy's strong, Boss." assured Pashmina. "I'm sure she's just fine.

Stan walked in and took his seat, "Well, I didn't see her at home, nor her usual places, nor her safe haven." he said. "I'm out of ideas where she might be."

"For some odd reason, I zhink I might know...." said Bijou.

"Where?" asked everyone else.

At an empty book store, crying her eyes out while holding a letter, Sandy sat alone. I can't believe it, he's... gone.... she thought. And this is all my fault! If only I would've gotten over this earlier....


Sandy looked back at last night. She was just putting Rick down for bed as her sonr was already asleep. She sat there and looked at the youngs hamster, then remembered how angry she was at his father. You know, I was totally hard on Maxwell, and as much as I would love to disagree, he's right. Sandy gave a sigh... Rick needs to know about his father... and despite how uncool I've been with my anger issues, I should at least let Maxwell hold Rick. That settles it, Sandra. Tomorrow, you and Maxwell are going to have a long talk together. A talk... as a family, and the two of you are going to work this out. Then, once everything gets worked out, like, give Rick to his father... I know it'll be hard, but now it totally must be done.

"Now look at this, I drove him away and all he left me was a letter..." Sandy scolded herself as her tears burned her eyes, cheeks and soul. "Now, you'll never get to work it out with him.... Oh well, I guess we better get to the clubhouse, huh Rick?" With that, Sandy stood tall, wiped her kushi kushied clean and dry, then went to the clubhouse.



When Sandy got to the clubhouse, she told everyone about her plan and how it had failed. She also told the rest of the hams that Maxwell and his family moved to America. A hamster year has passed and Rick was now a young ham, one of the youngest of the clubhouse and usually tagged along with his mom, uncle and friends. The clubhouse hams loved Rick, Penelope even more so than the rest, and despite haon the other side of the world, Rick knew about his male parent. Sometimes, Sandy would find Rick in Maxwell's study, reading his father's books and gaining the knowledge from them. "It's a place of solitude." he would tell his mom, and she understood. thanks to the clubhouse hams, Rick was molded properly. As for Sandy, she was still heartbroken about how she drove Maxwell away, but her willpower saw her through each day. She was a good mother to Rick and injoyed her son's company. Sandy became even more of an influence to not only Rick, but the other ham girls as well. She truy proved that she really was stronger without him..... Stronger, without Maxwell.