Hamtaro Fan Fiction ❯ Stronger Without You ❯ Chapter 7

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Sandy leaves her safe haven witha pack to go hunt for seeds, leaving Rick safely in the haven. And as she leaves, a certain bookworm found her safe haven. I should've known Sandy would've placed the safe haven where we had our passionate moment. Thought Maxwell. Now I can finally see my son. Then I'll take himaway for a while and give him back. Maxwell headed for the safe haven. Hold on Rick, you're gonna see your daddy soon. Maxwell headed for the entrance when all of a sudden.... "Ahhhh!" he fell into a pit. "Where the hell did this thing come from? Er, Sandy must've dug it. Well it'll take more than a lousy sinkhole to keep me from getting to my son."

Maxwell was determined to see Rick and climbed out of the pit..... only to fall into another one. That Sandy sure is practical.... she must've got help from Panda on making these pits.... Maxwell climbed out of the second pit and took a step. Nice try Sandy, I this part of the ground fells funny. I'll just jump over this pit. Maxwell jumped over that pit cleanly..... and landed into another pit. Now he was pissed, How many fucking pits did she dig?! Maxwell climbed out of that pit and leapt over another pit, landing on solid ground near the entrance to the safe haven. "Now to see my son." Maxwell took one step forward and fell into yet another pit. "Sandy, you baka!"

Poor Maxwell, he just doesn't seem to get any breaks. After he got out of that pit, he was finally inside the haven and saw the nest where Rick was sleeping. "Finally, now to get to that nest." Predicting another pit, Maxwell leapt a good distance and landed soundly in front of the nest, only to be disappointed. "What the, it's just a rock, Rick's not even here." Maxwell threw the rock behind him, which triggered the pit and he once again took a fall. "Whooooooooooa, oof. Man, this is the pits!" Maxwell yelled and stomped his foot. This of course cost him as the floor collapsed underhim and he fell deeper into the pit, and since he landed the wrong way, the floor gave way under him again and he was finally trapped. A three stage pit, that's a first.

"I knew you show up."

Maxwell looked up and saw Sandy. "Like I told you before, you will NEVER see your son."

"Sandy please, just let me be in his life." said Maxwell.

"I tried to tell you that I was pregnant with him, to give you a chance to be in his life," Sandy began, "but what did you do? Turned away from me because of some stupid books. But it's totally okay, because we don't want or need you."


"I'm stronger without you, Maxwell. Stronger, not weaker, and that is what I'll continually get. Do yourself a favor and forget it, it will only bring you pain."

"But he wasn't even here...."
"I know, that's why I made it so predictable for you. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go get Rick from his uncle. And while you're down there, you can rot."
"How am I gonna get out of here?"

"Surely you've like, read about it in one of those million books you had..." With that, Sandy give Maxwell the royal finger and leaves Maxwell to his prison, and when he was finally alone, Maxwell began to cry.