Hana Kimi Fan Fiction ❯ Just For A Moment ❯ All I Can Give ( Chapter 1 )

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]
"Hey,I'll catch up to you later." Shouted Mizuki as she watched Sano standing in the door way waiting for her a smile on her face.

"Well, hurry up alright. You're going to miss breakfast at this rate." He said back, running a hand threw his hair .She was such a klutz but , it was something that intreged him about her.He loved her more for it.

Nodding in approval, Mizuki started to increase her pace. Looking around the room, looking for the forgin object that she desperatly needed. This was an almost daily routin for the two of them. One of them would be ready before the other, leave and wait to eat until the other one came to eat as well, just this morning was different. This morning Mizuki was farther behind schedual then she should have been and break fast was almost over and she still wasn't ready.

As the door shut behind Sano, Mizuki started to spaz about on the clothes.Throwing them around the room.Tossing the covers of the beds everywhere looking for this simple object. Then something glimpsed in her eye, sticking out from inside one of the desk drawers. Her vest.

Sighing in releaf, Mizuki walked over to it, tugging it out of it's hiding place as she began to get dressed finally, in a rush, stripping everything off then pulling almost everything on. A voice behind her caught her attention, making her go stiff and rigged knowing who it was.

"I didn't know you were a girl Mizuki." Nakatsu whispered in dis belief as she stood behind her. The door slowly closed as they both stood there, over driven by the silence builting between them.
'Damn it,' Cursed Mizuki in her mind. 'This is bad, real bad. Think, think Mizuki.'
Glancing at the door that was shut, she pulled her shirt to her chest covering her bossom pretending, that Nakatsu didn't see anything.

" What makes you think that Nakatsu?" Walking past him with a fake smirk on her face, with her head held high, she trugged to Sano's bed , finding some socks to put on her feet. "I understand you like me and all but , to think I was actually a girl? pfft, thats funny." She pretended to laugh only to be caught off gaurd by two firm hands enclosed around her chest, pulling her backwards into a broad chest inturn dropping her vest to the floor.

"If you arn't a girl Mizuki, then praytell why on earth does a boy like you have breasts?" Questioning her, Mizuki felt the same string of sensations of being caught in the act filling her sences. Now she was stuck. He knew yet he wasn't pulling away from her. He just stood there, holding her two most sencitive area's , which undeniably felt good yet, she wanted it to be someone else. The heated feeling of sensuality from Nakatsu's hands turned into more of a conforting one. Like a blanket of warmth. Nothing sexual at all.

"I .. You know..." She tried to find the words even as Nakatsu spun her around, gazing at the doll infront of him. Lost for words,Mizuki couldn't get out of this pradicament. Nothing she said now would fix the rising issue infront of her.

"You're a horrible lier, you know that Mizuki?" Nakatsu smiled something that made Mizuki regret not sending him away at once.

His smile seemed sinister, holding on to something that wasn't being said.
His hand crept inbetween her legs reaching down her, into her panties. Shaking her head in protest trying to find words to tell him to stop, only ending in a forced kiss apon her lips as her reached her most sensitive spot, rubbing in circles, trying to get her to feel something. Her body craved it a bit but, mostly regected the initial reaction from him. Her heart and her head didn't want to be touched like this unless it was Sano yet, now she couldn't get out of it.

Pushing on his chest trying to get him to leave her alone, Nakatsu wrapped his arm around her slender form, pulling her back into him as he inserted a finger into her core for a second, then pulled out.

Squealing in horror, Mizuki fell on the bed ,being thrown there only to feel her pants being pulled down to her knees along with her under wear.

"Nakatsu!?" Mizuki cried in horror as he started to undo his pants in front of her , stradling her waist so she had a clear veiw of his lower genitals.

This was too agressive. He never was like this at all. Not once. Not one had he forced himself on her and being Mizuki she didn't now how to avoid the situation without hurting Nakatsu's feelings. He wasn't hurting her in anyway not punching her or teasing her body, he was just jumping to the chase. She wanted to talk about the current situation not sleep with one of her close friends, yet it seemed unevitable as he was showing her what he was going to use to puncture her.

Pushing her legs back on her chest, Nakatsu leaned on her, resting his hands beside her head as she could feel him beginning to move into her,quickly.

This feeling of having something inside her began to hurt imidiatly , her walls stretching painfully, too fast and too quickly.
Panic raged threw her body as she pushed against him with her hands, trying to get him to stop.She didn't want to loose a good friend even if he was forcing himself on her. She knew Nakatsu was a man of many feelings, motives, and he would never do something like this without sometype of motive behind it.

"Nakatsu, stop, please, don't do this!" Whispered Mizuki, not wanting to draw any attention to the room, as people walked by.

Her desperate plees were avoided, as he grabbed her hands, pinning them above her head so she couldn't hit him anymore. Mizuki was over powered even more so now that her arms were pinned. He had a good view of her sensual body this way, if you thought about it.
He drove into her making her close her eyes in pain and a bit of sexual tension. Tears formed in her eyes, and thretened to fall if she opened her eyes. She held them back not wanting Nakatsu to see.

'It wasn't supposto be like this. I was supposto be in love when I slept with someone, not forced into it by my best friend.' She thought, feeling her eyes heating up like hot tubs, swirling about.
"Nakatsu, please don't do thi-"

Being cut off Nakatsu moved in her making her close her mouth in protest.He didn't wait for her to get ajusted and the new size stretching her hurt like a knife twisting slowly inside her. The pain was mixed with sadness that she had trusted Nakatsu for so long and now he was taking advantage of her and she didn't know why.

"Just shut up Mizuki, " He spat at her, crudly with intensions of doing so. She could see tears in his eyes as he kept pumping into her, ushuring little yels and mews from her body, even though she didn't want them to be said.

"I loved you, I was crazy about you. You knew all of this yet what did you do? You told me you were a guy, You made me think I was gay. Going threw all that termoil and anguish even bullying, why? Because I thought I was gay and that I was in love with a boy! Mizuki, at least you could have told me insted of it being said this way. "

He lowered his head as his thursts became more persistant into her, the sweat dripping from his face as he was reaching his final destination.The pinical point of which he was trying to get to this whole time.

"Damn it Mizuki!" He whispered , running a hand threw her hair even though it was hard to as his plees got more desperate. " I want you to feel this pain I feel inside. I don't care if you want to be with Sano, I could care less now but I'm going to keep thrusting into you until he walks in and see's us. I want you to feel how Ido. This pain, this anger, anguish and this crazy deperation to sleep with you because I know your a girl."

Crying out loud, Mizuki felt her walls clutching on to him , trying to rid the pain of the intrustion as it felt worse and worse inside her.The pain wasn't subsiding and now, the notiion in the back of her mind that Sano would open the door ,comming back from breakfast, would happen any second. She felt pain, and the anguish Nakatsu metioned; inflicted this pain on her body. Through this Mizuki felt some sadness towards Nakatsu. She had done some horrible deads to him that him loosing this control over himself was normal. She trusted him even though he was making her sleep with him.

"I'm sorry!" Yelled Mizuki as she felt him draining inside her, reaching his peak even though his pumping didn't subside. It got stronger more demanding as the words came off her tounge.
Tears welling up in Nakatsu's eyes again he clutched the bedside sheet of Sano's bed as he kept going, forcing himself to drive into her deeper, trying to get at her essence even though he had already taken it. He felt so ashamed of doing this to his best friend but, now he couldn't control it. He wanted her to feel what it was like to never be able to be with the one person she cherrished the most.

"Don't say that!" He yelled back as the door began to unbolt, unlock witha click, fading into a from of Sano standing there beside the dorm room, a expression with judgemental emotion of the sex she was having.

Nakatsu looked up at Sano. guilt inflicting him as Mizuki started crying desperatly , even as Nakatsu started to retreat his hands from around Mizuki's slender ,pale arms.
She knew now Sano was in the room, with him.She didn't even have to look up to know he was there.The way Nakatsu started to act in it's self told her the story. The door clicking into place made her explode.She couldn't take this pain any longer. It was hurting more then just inside her woman hood . Her pride was shattered, discarded like worn out shoes.

"God no, no!" Screamed Mizuki, her body trembling in sadness as Sano's just stood there, watching this display infront of him unfold.

Sano's vision was cloudy, feeling his emotions for Mizuki starting to come in to play.He felt usless standing there watching as the girl he was in love with made love to someone else, even though she was crying for him. He didn't know if he should take Mizuki's crying that she was upset about what she was doing or if she was upset that he found out.

"Please no...no...." Whispered Mizuki as Sano's face paled, turning white as he stared at Nakatsu who only looked back with a emotionless expresion. It was then that Nakatsu looked down at Mizuki's depressed form infront of him in his arms that his sences woke up, tingling his eyes to cry that he was hurting someone he never wanted to hurt.

Shaking his head in disbelief, Nakatsu kept looking at Mizuki as she cried
"No, what have I done.. Mizuki... WHAT HAVE I DONE?" He cursed to himself,pulling away from Mizuki's form in the process He hung his head low as the tears stung his eyes, trickling down his face.

Mizuki's eyes were sore from crying, puffy and red as she rolled over on her side, facing away from Sano , holding her form crying from her pain.Sano now knew she was a girl, yet she didn't care anymore. He had just seen her sin infront of him with those beautiful eyes of his she enjoyed gazing up into. Holding on to her body, trying to stop her form from shaking even though it was inevitable because she was crying.