Hana Kimi Fan Fiction ❯ Left on the Wrong Side of Sexuallity ❯ The Secret is Known (Again!) ( Chapter 1 )

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Left on the Wrong Side of Sexuality
Author's Note: Please be forgiving... this is my first Hana Kimi fanfiction. On second thought, don't be forgiving at all, tell me anything you think may be wrong, anything I need to improve on, or if you just plain don't like it. I do have an OC in this story and I am sorry if any other characters are OOC. I tried hard to stick with the books.
Disclaimer: Unfortunately, due to unforeseen complications, I was not able to illegally steal Hana Kimi under the cover of darkness and therefore do not own it... as much as I want to that is... but I do own Haru and her family.
Oh, by the way, this story is somewhere at the end of the series... not sure where, but wherever you want it to go I guess.
Chapter One: The Secret is Known (Again!)
You know what I hate about all girls schools? The fact that most of the girls are prissy, rich bitches that look down at the rest of the students who aren't in their social “class”, or are the least bit different, like me. I was born the youngest with three older brothers, so can you blame me for being somewhat of a tomboy? Apparently they can. However, not all the girls are like that. I do have friends, one in particular, Rio Umeda: one of the friendliest, happiest people I know. I've known her since I started school in Saint Blossom High School tow years ago. We have become good friends in that time, although she is leery on telling me anything about her family. Oh well. Anyway, enough of my rambling.
This is my story.
* * *
Haru sighed as she glanced down at her watch for the zillionth time the in last ten minutes.
`No matter how many times you look down at your watch, Haru, it isn't going to make time speed up. You're early for once, Rio's not here yet, deal with it!' she thought, looking down at her watch again.
The one and only reason she was here at the train station plaza waiting for the clock to reach it's ten `o clock mark, instead of sleeping in, as was customary for a Sunday, was that Rio had a friend she wanted them to have lunch with. Haru tucked a strand of her black, slightly longer than shoulder length hair behind her ear and stared at her watch, mentally willing it to sporadically change to ten.
“Haru!” called a voice from across the plaza. She looked up to see Rio waving at her with someone in tow. Haru met them half-way and Rio began her introduction between her two friends.
“Haru, this is Ashiya Mizuki, the guy I was telling you about,” she said, pointing to the boy standing beside her. He was thin, like a girl and was very cute, or that's what Haru thought, he also appeared to be around their age, “Mizuki, this is Kuro Haru. She's my best friend at St. Blossom.”
“Yo,” Haru said, raising her hand in greeting.
“Um, hello,” Mizuki replied with a shy smile.
“Shall we eat?” Rio asked both of them, waving her hand in the direction of a well known coffee shop.
“Please,” Haru said with emphasis, “I skipped out on breakfast so that I could get here to meet you on time.”
Rio leaned over to Mizuki as they followed Haru to the cafe, and whispered behind her hand, “Haru's a bit growly in the morning before she gets some food in her system. She's better to deal with after food.” Ashiya nodded in understanding as her eyes twinkled with amusement.
“Don't worry,” she whispered back “Sano's the same way in the morning. I'm sure I can handle it.”
“Quit dawdling,” Haru called back to them from the cafe door, waving her arms in the air, “I wanna eat!” Giggling Rio rolled her eyes and followed her into the cafe.
* * *
“Ahhh! That hit the spot,” Haru nearly purred as she set her fork down on her plate. She lazily looked over to Mizuki. “So Ashiya, I've heard you're from America. Why come to Japan for school?”
Rio grinned and looked to Mizuki, “see, I told you she was much more manageable after she has some food in her gut.” Haru gave Rio the finger and continued to focus on Mizuki, waiting for the answer.
“well, I came here to go to school with a guy I admire,” Ashiya told her truthfully.
“Wow,” Haru commented thoughtfully, “I can see why you would want to meet the person you admire, but to come all the way from America? Are you in love with this person or something?”
“Oh no!” Mizuki denied hastily, “It's nothing like that!” `Dammit! She hit the nail on the head!' she thought in panic.
“Uh huh,” Haru remained unconvinced. Rio looked back and forth between the two in amusement at their conversation.
“Whatever,” Haru said, waving her hand in indifference, “it's your life, not mine and it's none of my business.”
They packed up their stuff, paid the bill and spent the rest of the day walking around the city. Finally, as the sun dipped low in the sky and street lights were beginning to flicker to life, Rio and Haru bid Mizuki farewell and began their walk home.
“So what do you think of Mizuki?” Rio asked Haru as they walked down the sidewalk. Haru shrugged.
“She's nice, clever and totally in love with this guy Sano, who she keeps talking about, and I now assume is the high jumper Sano Izumi,” Haru answered, watching Rio out of the corner of her eye to see her reaction to what she just said.
She faltered a moment in panic thinking, `Wha?? How does she know?! I was careful to keep Mizuki's identity a secret. Did I slip up at some point?'
“Quit panicking,” Haru told her, “You never missed a beat. I was just able to figure it out. What I'd like to know is how it is that she has kept her secret this long?” Rio stared after her dumbfounded, as Haru continued walking down the sidewalk, talking to herself. She suddenly realized how far behind she was and ran to catch up to Haru.
“How did you know Mizuki was a girl?” she questioned, now over her panic and shock at the situation.
“Simple,” Haru replied, her face neutral, “I've cross dressed as a guy quite a few times before.”
“Bwah!” was the only response Rio could muster, “but why would you do something like that?”
“Once again, another simple question. I was tired of being treated like dirt because I acted like a guy, so when I moved to this area at about the time I was in Grade five; I dressed and acted like a guy, so everyone just assumed that I was one.” Rio shook her head.
“I don't think I'll ever truly understand you, Haru,” she sighed.
Haru grinned, “Well, that's the plan.” They stopped at an intersection that they would have to split up at to return home.
“I'll see you tomorrow at school, kay?” Rio said to Haru. She nodded and waved over her shoulder as she walked away.
* * *
“I'm home,” Haru called out when she entered the house she shared with her mother, father, and three brothers.
“Hey sis,” her eldest brother greeted, sticking his head out of the family computer room. At twenty-seven, he was a computer programmer, and rarely left his room or the computer room, always working on one project or another.
“Hey, Yusuke,” she replied, taking off her shoes, “working on anything worth my time listening to?” Yusuke rolled his eyes.
“What I consider important and what you consider important are completely different things,” he retorted.
“In other words, no,” she said as she passed home and walked into the kitchen, where her other two brothers, twins, were working on a difficult 3-D puzzle. Both nineteen and in university, they were the scientists of the family.
“Hiya, Geek #1, Geek #2,” she greeted them cheerfully, a sigh that foretold danger. Once ignored, as she suspected, she hit them both over the head with one of the books she had bought earlier in the day, on of the thick, heavy hardcover ones. You know the ones.
Shocked back into this reality, they repaid her cheerfulness with a tackle. Akira, who she referred to as Geek #1, held down her arms and legs while Yue, who she called Geek #2, tickled her. Soon her peels of laughter became gasps for breath as they mercilessly tickled her sides.
“Uncle!” she shouted between her laughter, “uncle! I give!” Satisfied Yue stopped tickling her and Akira let her up off the floor. She quickly wiped the tears off her face, still gasping for breath and smiling.
“It's nice to see you too,” they replied in unison. They looked at each other and rolled their eyes before returning to their puzzle.
“Are mom and dad out?” she asked them quickly before they were lost once again in their own little world.
“Yes,” Yue answered. “They said they'd be back at around eleven,” Akira finished. Haru looked at the clock hanging on the wall, it read 10:32.
“Thanks,” she said picking up her bag and book, then heading for the stairs. “I'm beat, I'm going to bed. Please tell them that I returned home on time for once today.”
“Whatever,” they answered her. She made her way upstairs, got ready for bed, and crawled under the cold covers.
`What and interesting day,' she thought wearily, `I never thought that a chick could survive in a place like Osaka High. Heh, go figure.'
End Chapter One - To Be Continued