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Left on the Wrong Side of Sexuality
Author's Note:Thank you all for your wonderful reviews. It makes me happy that some besides myself enjoys this fanfiction. Okay, yes, sadly Umeda is slightly OOC here, but hey, we knew it had to come, right? Otherwise, how could this story even work? He does change a bit in this fanfiction, but for the better! I promise! Anyway, I'll stop rambling and let you get on to reading the chapter.
Chapter Three: Alone With the Devil
Haru, though one of the top students in her class, was no stranger to skipping class. Usually once a week she would not show up for class and amazingly still be able to show her work for the day. No one really knew the reasons for why she skipped, but there were plenty of rumors floating around. Some say that there is a man that she is involved with, while others would say that she's going off to fight in one of the gangs in the area. None were true (mostly), so she never said anything to make them stop, seeing it as a useless waste of effort.
Today was one of those days where she didn't feel like going to class, so she skipped out and began to wander the city. Dressed in a black T-shirt with a picture of the popular movie 'Nightmare Before Christmas', and dark blue hip-hugger jeans, instead of her school uniform, she walked around without any real purpose. Somehow she found herself wandering up to the Osaka High front gate.
'Of all the places to end up,' she sighed, 'Whatever. Might as well see if Mizuki's around somewhere eating lunch.' It wasn't till that point did she realize that she had been wandering for about four hours and was now hungry. 'Meh.' She wandered between two of the buildings until she heard a voice call out.
"Can I help you?"
She turned around in surprise and came face to face (well, actually face to shirt) with the last person she expected to see again. She backed up with a scowl across her face.
"Oh, its you," Hokuto said flatly, "What do you want?"
"I do have a name you know," she replied hotly, ignoring his question.
"That's nice, so does everybody else," he said sarcastically, "Now tell me why you're here before I call the office to have you escorted out."
"Wandering," she shrugged, "not much else to do." He raised an eyebrow at her comment.
"What about school?" he asked.
"Meh," she replied nonchalant, "as long as my grades don't drop, they don't really care." Just then her stomach growled, loudly, and she looked at him with slight embarrassment. "Right, lunch. I kinda don't have one." Umeda looked down at her with a smirk on his face.
"And that's my problem, how? Whatever, follow me," he commanded, turning and walking towards one of the many buildings on campus.
'Anywhere,' she briefly thought, then she realized what it was that she had thought, 'WHA?! Where did that come from?! I can't stand this guy, he's a total prick!'
'... yet here I am, following him to some place that I don't know. For all I know he could be planning to assault me. I'm a dumbass.' She mentally sighed and followed him through one of the buildings and into a medical office.
"Um, why am I here?" she asked, standing hesitantly in the doorway.
"Sit," was his only response as he began to dig through a large book bag resting on the desk. Haru sat down on a chair beside the desk. Umeda turned and tossed her an object. She caught it one handed and saw that it was a ham sandwich in a plastic bag. He sat down in what was probably his chair, as Haru suspected that this was his office, and took out another sandwich.
"Thanks," she said, taking a huge bite out of the sandwich. A sudden look of suspicion came across her face, "why are you being nice? My first impression of you was that you were a grouchy, old doctor who hates everyone."
"That may be true," he replied, "but at twenty-eight, I should be allowed to act as I please."
"Okay... I take that back, not old, but definitely grouchy," she said, taking another bite of the sandwich. 'And definitely hot! Waitaminute... bad Haru, bad!'
After finishing lunch in silence, Haru asked, "How much longer till the lunch hour is over?" Umeda peered at his watch.
"Twenty minutes," he told her. She skipped towards the hallway, but stopped at the door.
"Hey, do you have any idea where I can find a boy by the name of Ashiya Mizuki?" she asked, not really expecting him to even know Mizuki.
"Check the roof," he answered, turning towards the pile of paper he had to get through on his desk.
"Thanks," she said, grinning, then dashing out the door.
"Hokuto shook his head. 'Strange girl,' he thought before returning to his work.
Haru opened the door at the top of the stairs that led out onto the roof.
"Hi," she said cheerfully, walking over to the stunned group.
"H-Haru! What are you doing here?" Mizuki gasped. Haru grinned at her and sat down beside Sano.
"Geez. I come to visit you guys, and you sound as if you don't want to see me," Haru complained, grabbing a pork bun out of Nakatsu's bag in his lap.
"H-hey!" he sputtered, "That's mine, go buy your own!" He attempted to grab it out of her hand, but was too slow as she quickly stuffed the entire thing in her mouth and glared at him defiantly before he could reach it.
"But what about school? Don't you still have classes right now?" Mizuki inquired worried. Haru chewed and swallowed before answering.
"Probably," was her calm response. She crossed one leg over the other and leaned back against the building.
"Whoa! You mean you're skipping class?" Nakatsu said in awe, "but I thought you were a top grade student."
"I am," she replied, "I just don't feel like going to school sometimes."
"I think that's highly unwise," Sekime noted, pushing his glasses up on his nose, "especially for a beautiful girl like yourself," he said standing up and taking her hand in his. In response she kicked him in the face to impede any further advances.
"Get a life, you pervert," she growled, sitting back down.
"Yes ma'am," he croaked from his position on the ground.
"Boys," she said in disgust. Noe and Nakatsu looked down at Sekime in sympathy.
"Hey Mizuki-" Haru began, only to have the bell cut her off, seemingly determined not to let her ask Mizuki her question. "Never mind. I'll talk to you some other time," she turned and left the roof.
The next day, Haru once again found herself coincidently outside Osaka High, at noon, but this time was different. She had her lunch with her this time. She walked to the building where she knew Hokuto's office was located.
"Knock, knock," she said, opening the door. Surprised, Umeda turned around from the seat in front of his computer.
"Oh, its you again. The girl," he remarked, turning back to his computer.
"My name's Haru," she told him, "remember that." She sad down in the chair beside his desk.
"What are you doing?" he questioned, looking slightly annoyed as he turned to face her.
'Keep it cool, Haru. Ignore the face. Do not focus on the face!' "Eating," she replied, unwrapping her lunch.
"Here?" he raised an eyebrow," just because I let out eat here out of sympathy yesterday, that makes you think you can just waltz in as you please?" Haru shrugged and began to eat. "Do as you wish then" he muttered in amusement, and pulled out his lunch too. They ate in silence for awhile until Haru looked up in sudden remembrance.
"Oh yeah. Thanks for the food yesterday," she said appreciatively.
"It was nothing," he replied.
'Maybe not to you,' she sighed internally. They finished eating and Umeda turned back to his work.
"They're always on the roof during lunch if you're going to visit them again," he informed her. She settled down in her chair and looked out the window.
"I'm going to stay here if you don't mind," she said. 'Ack! Bold move! He's going to kick you out for sure now.' Instead, he shrugged.
"Do whatever you want," he grunted, staring at the computer screen and tapping away at the keyboard. Soon after, the bell rang, but Haru ignored it and stayed where she was seated. Umeda stole a quick glance at he before returning to his work, a slight smile on his face.
As the last bell of the day rang, Mizuki stretched her arms over her head and sighe when her back cracked. 'Maybe I should go see Doctor Umeda about this. He could probably solve my back problems for me. Not without complaining first, of course.' she thought in amusement, picking up her books and heading to the good doctors office. She opened the door and almost gasped when she saw Haru sitting in the chair beside Umeda, looking out the window, apparently in deep thought. Umeda turned around from his paperwork.
Oh, Ashiya, it's you. What can I refuse to help you with this time?" he asked, almost joking. Haru chose this moment to finally snap out of her daze.
"Mizuki, hi!" she said, a smile of contentment on her face.
"Um, Haru, mind it I talk to you for a moment?" she asked.
"Sure," Haru replied.
"Good, come with me," she grabbed Haru by the arm and dragged her out of the office and didn't stop till the front gate.
"Haru, head home, sleep and meet me at L'Arc en Ciel tomorrow at 9:00 am. DO NOT be late!" Mizuki told her forcefully. Haru looked extremely confused, but agreed nonetheless. Making sure that Haru left Osaka High, Mizuki headed back to the main building and used one of the payphones to call Rio.
"Yes, Rio? It seems that we have a slight problem on our hands."
End Chapter Three - To Be Continued