Hana Kimi Fan Fiction ❯ Left on the Wrong Side of Sexuallity ❯ A Coincidental Meeting ( Chapter 4 )

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Left on the Wrong Side of Sexuality
Author's Note: as promised I am finishing up the last part of Chapter Two... school's started up again so I will be able to update more. (update at all actually...) okay, I'll shut up now and just get on with the story. Enjoy!
Chapter Two: A Coincidental Meeting (Part 3)
"No," Haru responded, "I didn't have much to say, so don't worry about me. I'm fine, really," she added when she saw the Rio didn't believe her.
"Well, as long as you believe everything's okay," Rio sighed, "I can't exactly stop you from being mopey. Just tell me what issues you have someday, and maybe I can help."
I'm not being mopey," Haru growled, sending Rio a glare of daggers, "everything's fine, all hunky dory!"
"Are you guys coming?" Misuki called from the door. The others had already left and were waiting impatiently outside.
"Yes, we're coming," Rio answered. They both rushed to rejoin the others, the earlier conversation already forgotten.
"What should we do now?" Haru asked.
"Sleep," Sano replied, looking as if he was ready to nod off.
"No! The night is still young!" Nakatsu shouted, pointing his finger to the sky.
"Karaoke!" Noe and Sekime shouted together, pumping their fists into the air.
Sing they lived in fairly busy part of the city, it was not hard to locate a karaoke bar. Both Haru and Nakatsu had been there before and had found it to be respectable.
"Who wants to go first?" Haru questioned once they reached their room.
"We will," Noe spoke up, referring to him and Sekime. They sang first one song, then another, then another as they were cheered on by the others. Finally they passed the mic on to Nakatsu, who sang a sappy love song to Mizuki. When he was done, they all sat in tortured silence, waiting for their ears to stop ringing.
"Nakatsu?" Haru asked sweetly, "if you value your life, never, ever sing that song again, or any other like it." Nakatsu looked at her in horror and wordlessly passed the mic to the nearest person, who happened to be none other than Sano.
"And what do you want me to do with this?" he asked Nakatsu, a look of annoyance crossing his face.
"Sing for us!" Mizuki and Rio said together. They started to chant when he vehemently refused, "Sing, sing, sing!" Soon the others joined in until be finally gave in and picked a song. The others were astonished by the skills he appeared to possess for not only high jumping, but singing as well. After the song ended, there was a moment of silence before his crowd of listeners started cheering for him.
"That was amazing!" MIzuki grinned, "I never knew you could sing!"
"I don't think any of us did," Kayashima uncharacteristically piped up, "by the way, were any of you aware that this room is haunted?" After receiving ectoplasm looks from everyone except Sano and Haru, he muttered, "Apparently not." A few more rounds of songs and Haru noticed it was getting late.
"Hey guys... it's already ten. We should probably head home. I don't know about the rest of you, but my curfew is ten-thirty," she informed them. They reluctantly agreed with her and got ready to go home.
"That was fun," MIzuki commented as she and Sano prepared for bed in their dorm room, "I hope we can all do that again sometime." Sano looked at her thoughtfully.
"Did it seem to you that Haru was a little out of it today?" he asked her.
"Yeah," she answered, "I wonder if something's wrong. I'll find out if Rio knows anything tomorrow. She was talking to Haru for a minute or so as we were leaving L'Arc en Ciel. Whatever it is, it's probably already sorted out."
"Hmmm. Maybe," Sano whispered under his breath.
Haru luckily made it home on time and quickly got ready for bed. Crawling into bed a stray thought entered her head.
'What is with that doctor I met today? Does he always act like that, or am I just special? Why do I even care? And why the hell am I still thinking about him?!' Haru moaned in frustration and buried her head under her pillow, welcoming sleep.
End Chapter Two - To Be Continued