Hana Kimi Fan Fiction ❯ My Sweet Valentine ❯ Counting the Days ( Chapter 1 )

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My Sweet Valentine
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Chapter 1 Counting the Days
Snow continued to fall without stopping making it freezing cold however inside the dorm room it was warm. Mizuki Ashiya crossed out another day off on her calendar. Humming to herself she turned around and saw her love standing in the door way looking at her. Blushing slightly Mizuki exclaimed, “How was your training Sano?”
“It was good. So what's the deal with the calendar? Are you going somewhere on the 14th or something?” Sano asked walking closer to Mizuki.
Mizuki scratched her head nervously and said, “I am not going anywhere on that day, it's just that it's Valentine's Day. Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday so I am looking forward to.”
“O I see. Are you planning to give a girl a gift on that day?” Sano innocently asked knowing full well Mizuki would become fluster.
As he thought Mizuki turned bright red and flung her arms around as she hastily said,“No. I have no girl I want to give a gift to. I just like the day that is all.”
Sano smiled widely and patted her on the head she was so fun to tease, one of the many things he loved about her. Mizuki's blush deepens and she hurriedly went to straighten her bed out. Papers laid scattered on her bed because she was looking for her classic Japanese notes to lend to Nakatsu.
“Ah, here it is!” Mizuki exclaimed holding up the paper in triumph.
“What did you find that has you so excited?' Sano asked getting closer to her.
“It's today notes from classic Japanese. Nakatsu asked me to lend them to him because he fell asleep while we were taking the notes.” Mizuki answered.
“I wonder why he fell asleep in class. Usually he is wide awake arguing with Nakao.” Sano said. “That's true but he is practicing extra hard in soccer because he has an upcoming tournament.” Mizuki replied. “O yeah, I forgot about it. It's the 15th right?” Sano said.
Mizuki nodded her head and turned to go out of the room. “I am going to give these to Nakatsu, see you at dinner Sano.” Mizuki said over her shoulder as opened the door to go out.
“See you later.” Sano replied.
The door closed behind Mizuki and Sano stood staring at the door, an idea just came to mind. Since Mizuki liked Valentine's Day so much he could plan something special for them to do on that day. With any luck it will be a great day to tell her how he really felt and hopefully no one would interfere.
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