Hana Kimi Fan Fiction ❯ My Sweet Valentine ❯ An Unexpected Invitation ( Chapter 2 )

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Chapter 2 An Unexpected Invitation
Walking to Nakatsu’s dorm with a skip in her steps, Mizuki felt happy that she was able to tell Sano about her favorite holiday. A sudden thought came to her causing her to pause on her way to Nakatsu’s dorm. What if Sano thought I am a queer for liking such a holiday as Valentine’s Day? Oh no, what did I do? Placing her hands on her hair she began to pull at it in frustration. Mizuki stood frozen on the spot worrying over what Sano would be thinking; she did not see someone running towards her with great speed. Mizuki fell to the ground with a great thump when the person collided with her. Rubbing her sore bottom she stared up to see who it was.
“Dr. Umeda?”
Standing in front of her with his hands on his head stood Dr. Umeda. His face was drenched in sweat as if he ran around the entire building. He managed to say in between breaths, “Mizuki? …Why are you… standing in the middle of the hall… like a statue?”
Dr. Umeda held out his hand to help Mizuki up which she took immediately. When she was on her feet again Dr. Umeda let her hand go. Mizuki gave him a sheepish look before saying, “I was thinking about what I told Sano.”
Before Dr. Umeda could ask more, two voices called out his name; one was female and the other male. Dr. Umeda turned pale and told Mizuki, “Tell me later, I gotta run. The two people that I dislike more than anything have joined forces, if they ask you if you saw me tell them no.”
Dr. Umeda took off down the hall with such speed he looked like a blur dot. A second later Io and Akiha appeared looking worn out.
“Mizuki…? Did… you happen… to see Umeda just now?” Io and Akiha both asked in between breaths.
Mizuki scratched her head nervously trying to decide what to say. “Umm no, why do you ask?”
“The little weasel took off before we could talk to him about helping us plan a party on the 14th. Akiha and I decided to throw a party at my hotel in celebration of Valentine’s Day.” Io explained after catching her breath.
Mizuki‘s eyebrows rose as she heard this and she asked in amazement, “I didn’t know you two knew each?”
“We met when Io here was visiting Umeda the other day. From there we started to talk to each other. I suggested to Io to throw a Valentine’s party at her hotel that way she would get more customers. “Akiha replied pushing his bangs out of his eyes.
“I absolutely loved the idea so I am preparing it. I thought it would be great if my little brother would help but he took off before we could talk to him. Mizuki when you see Umeda try to convince him to attend at least if he does not wish to help plan the party. By the way you and your friends are also welcome to attend the party.” Io said.
“It sounds fun, okay you count on me to go. I’ll ask the guys if they want to come but I’m pretty sure they will agree. Don’t worry I’ll talk to Dr. Umeda about coming.” Mizuki happily said.
“Thanks we knew we could count on you Mizuki!” Io and Akiha both exclaimed hugging Mizuki.
Mizuki turned red and tried to escape their embrace but they held onto her. “Hey what are you doing to Mizuki?! Let him go!”
Nakatsu appeared from around the corner and he looked angrily at Io and Akiha who still held Mizuki.
“We are just thanking him that’s all. There is no need for you to be mad.” Akiha answered letting Mizuki go.
“Humph this idiot takes everything the wrong way when it comes to Mizuki.” Io said still hugging Mizuki.
“I am not an idiot! Can’t you see Mizuki doesn’t like to be hug by old people?” Nakatsu retorted crossing his arms over his chest.
“What was that? Did you just call me old?! You’ll gonna regret calling me old you little brat.” Io said letting Mizuki go at last and she started to advance towards Nakatsu with a death glare in her eyes.
Nakatsu turned around and began to run saying over his shoulder, “I’ll see you later Mizuki!”
Io took off running after Nakatsu, her speed matched Nakatsu. Several people who were in the hall were pushed out of the way by the duo.
A sweat drop appeared on Mizuki and she whispered, “I hope Io won’t kill Nakatsu.”
Akiha heard Mizuki and chuckled. “Don’t worry, Io will only beat him half to death. Well I’ll catch ya later Mizuki, I have a photo shoot to do.”
“Bye.” Mizuki said to Akiha as he walked down the hall calmly whistling.
“I guess I should go get some dinner now. The guys should be there by now.” Mizuki mumbled to herself as she headed to the cafeteria.
Sano walked to the cafeteria slowly so he could have time alone to think about what to do on the 14th. So far no good ideas came to mind on what to do. Damn, he needed to come up with something special fast. He was no good at these things since he never really had a girlfriend to take out. What did couples do anyways on Valentine’s Day? The entrance to the cafeteria loomed ahead; he was out of time in planning for now anyways. Maybe if I ask Mizuki if there is a place she wants to go I could take her there. Yeah that would work out perfectly. Sano thought with satisfaction. He smiled when he spotted Mizuki sitting at their usual table alone with his favorite dish waiting for him. Now was his chance to ask her before any of the guys showed up.
“Sano! Look I got your favorite, veggie stir fry. I had to battle a few guys for it because it was the last one.” Mizuki exclaimed beaming with pride for being able to get his favorite.
Sano smiled widely at her as he sat next to her. He ruffled her hair playfully saying, “Thanks for risking your life to get my favorite plate. You know you didn’t have to.”
“I know but I wanted to.” Mizuki answered blushing slightly.
Sano dropped his hand from her hair to pick up his chopsticks. He avoids his gaze from hers as he slowly asked, “Umm… Mizuki, is there… anywhere you would like to go?”
Mizuki gave Sano a quizzical look; she was unsure what he meant. She couldn’t really say anything because her mouth was full with food.
Upon seeing her questioning gaze, Sano right away explained, “I only meant if there is a place you wanted to visit or something. I was thinking we could go there sometime, it would be something new to do on the weekend.”
Mizuki swallowed her food and instantly replied, “Well I was going to tell you and the guys about a party that Io is throwing at her hotel on the 14th. She invited us to go and I want to go. Sano, would you like to go too?”
Sano felt disappointment seep through him, he wanted to go somewhere with just her not anyone else. Maybe he could convince her to go somewhere else with him. But he had to think of a place first.
The rest of the guys showed up at that moment and they asked right away about the party they overheard Mizuki mention.
Mizuki quickly told the guys about the party and they agreed to go. Sano merely nodded his head in agreement. Nakatsu showed up at last looking worn out and his face had slap marks.
“What in the world happened to you?” Nakao asked appalled at Nakatsu’s appearance.
“I swear Io is the she-devil, she hit me a couple of times for calling her old.” Nakatsu grumpily answered sitting down on the only available chair.
"If I were Io I would have killed you for calling me old." Nakao calmly said as he reached for another drink that Kayashima brought with him.
"I guess I should always be on my guard when I'm around you." Nakatsu sourly replied getting his chopsticks out to wolf down his food.
“We were just talking about Io as a matter fact. She’s throwing a party at her hotel and we all decided to attend. Are you gonna come?” Kayashima said.
“Of course I am. I don’t care if Io is hosting the party. If Mizuki’s going then I am going too.” Nakatsu replied.
Sano slumped in his chair thinking; Just great, he’s going to stick with us like glue. I guess I will have to come up with a way to lose Nakatsu but that will be difficult to do.
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