Hana Kimi Fan Fiction ❯ My Sweet Valentine ❯ Misunderstanding ( Chapter 4 )

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Chapter 4 Misunderstanding
Millions of twinkling stars shone in the night sky with a big moon in the middle of all them. A cool breeze began to sway the leaves of the trees that surrounded a lake, Sano stood at the pier of the lake with the present in his arms. He faced the lake looking at the calm water moving slowly. Soft footsteps sounded behind him, he turned to see Mizuki standing a few feet from him. She was wearing a long white gown that fit her precisely. From where Sano stood he could tell she was wearing mascara and light pink lip stick, Mizuki looked absolutely gorgeous. Sano felt his heart beat faster and he held his breath as she moved closer to him. Sano let his breath out slowly when Mizuki stopped three feet in front of him, the fragrance of white lilies ticked his nose.
“I-I have s-something to tell you, Sano.” Mizuki at last spoke, her words tumbled out slowly as if she had a hard time finding the right words.
“I have something to tell you too, Mizuki. In fact I have something here for you.” Sano replied holding out the present to Mizuki.
Mizuki looked at the gift in puzzlement her eyes began to shine when she noted the shape of the present. She glanced up from the gift to look at Sano with glassy eyes. A weak smile appeared on her lips before she turned around to face away from him.
“What’s wrong Mizuki?” Sano asked feeling worry take control of him. He reaches out his hand to touch Mizuki’s shoulder.
Mizuki pulled away from his hand saying, “I have to go back home, to the States. I have been kicked out from Schoolbecause everyone found out I’m a girl. I guess you’re disappointed in me, huh?”
“No, I can never be disappointed in you. In fact I lov-…”
At that moment Nakatsu appeared by Mizuki’s side, he took a hold of her arm and pulled her into his embrace. “I’m not going to let you leave just like that, Mizuki. I am so happy you’re a girl. All this time I thought I was gay; you should’ve told me sooner. No matter I love you!”
Watching Nakatsu hold Mizuki tenderly and hearing him confess his feelings to her fueled Sano with jealousy. Dropping the gift to the ground he rushed to Nakatsu’s side and punched him on the cheek making sure not to hit Mizuki. Nakatsu let Mizuki go from his embrace to turn furiously at Sano. Mizuki look between the two unsure of what to do to prevent them from fighting.
“Why did you hit me for?” Nakatsu asked Sano as he rubbed his cheek.
“Don’t pretend you don’t know. Mizuki and I were in the middle of talking.”
“You’re just upset I beat you, I confessed to Mizuki before you.”
Sano flexed his hand feeling the urge to punch Nakatsu again. Mizuki came in between the two, holding out her arms to prevent them from fighting. “I’m sorry this is all my fault. I should have never come here. I will leave now.”
Mizuki dropped her arms down to her side, her head was down and tears spilled onto the ground. Sano reached out his hand to her arm turning her to him. Nakatsu stood still watching, he was stun by Mizuki’s words.
“Listen it’s not your fault, it could never be your fault. As a matter of fact I am happy you came here, otherwise I would not have met you.” Sano softly said pulling Mizuki into his arms, “I also would not have fallen in love with you.”
Mizuki let out a small gasp of surprise at hearing those words, she hugged Sano tight. Sano returned her embrace, he felt so happy he finally told Mizuki how he really felt.
Mizuki pushed Sano away after a moment she gazed up at him as new tears began to fall from her eyes. Surprised at seeing tears Sano tried to brush them away but Mizuki grabbed his hand holding onto it. “I am grateful to you Sano for saying those words but I know you are only saying them because that is what I always wanted to hear from you. There’s no way you could love me, you love Rika.”
Startled Sano right away said, “What are you saying, Mizuki? I just told you-”
Mizuki stopped him from talking by placing her other free hand onto his mouth. “I must leave now. Bye Sano, I hope you will be happy with Rika.”
Mizuki dropped her hands from Sano and walked away only to say over her shoulder, “It will be hard to forget you but I will try by dating Gilbert.”
Mizuki ran away from a speechless Sano, he couldn’t understand why she said that. The gift he bought her lay on the ground forgotten. “MIZUKI!!!!!”
Sano opened his eyes to see sunlight pouring in from the window. ‘It was only a dream.’ Sighing in relief that it was only a dream Sano felt his heart beat normally, the dream had felt so real his heart had started to ache from thinking Mizuki was definitely leaving him for Gilbert. Looking to the right he saw his alarm clock which showed it was 8:15 a.m., he was late for first period. Sitting up right away Sano ended up hitting his head on Mizuki’s bed. He rubbed his throbbing head as he carefully got out of bed, making sure not to have another accident.
Sano looked up at the top of the bunk to see no sign of Mizuki sleeping there. He turned to the restroom to see the door open so Mizuki wasn’t in there. Apparently she had left him behind which was unlike her.
“Mizuki why didn’t you wake me up? This is the first you left without me, why did you?” Sano whispered puzzled over why Mizuki would leave him without waking him up.
Sano quickly changed into his uniform and brushed his teeth, washed his face, and combed his hair. Before heading to class he picked up his bag, he would have to run to class to avoid missing the entire class period. Dodging a few people who walked in the corridor Sano arrived in front of his classroom door in five minutes. He opened the door and walked in causing all eyes to be on him. Sano only gazed at a certain pair of brown eyes which averted their gaze when they realized Sano was looking into them.
Taking his usual seat by Mizuki, Sano glanced at her but she was concentrating on the board refusing to make eye contact with him. ‘Why is she avoiding me? ‘Hearing a hand hit his desk, Sano glanced up to see his teacher hovering above with a look of malice in his eyes.
“Sano Izumi just because you are training to compete in the high jump does not give you an excuse to oversleep whenever you feel like it. You have to come to class on time not when it is convenient for you.”
“Didn’t your little girlfriend wake you up?” Some students snickered behind the teacher.
Nakatsu angrily told those students, “Shut up!! Mizuki is no one’s girlfriend.”
“Not yours anyways.” One boy said to Nakatsu.
Anger marks popped on Nakatsu’s face as he got up from his seat and went over to him wanting to beat him up but Kayashima held him back by grabbing his arms. The teacher slammed his hand on Sano’s desk again to get everyone’s attention. “That’s enough, Nakatsu you get back to your seat, you too Kayashima. Sano you will report to detention during lunch since you have training after school. Now back to the lesson.”
To Sano class seemed to last for an eternity he wanted to talk to Mizuki, he needed to know why she was avoiding him. He didn’t remember saying anything bad to her last night so he was mystified as to why she would be upset with him. When at last the bell rang signaling class was over Sano went over to Mizuki. She was already walking out of the classroom with Nakatsu, Nakao, and Kayashima.
“Mizuki wait up I need to talk to you.” Sano called after Mizuki.
Mizuki stopped her walking and turned to him waiting for him to go over to where she waited. The other three guys stopped when they realized Mizuki remained behind.
“Mizuki why didn’t you wake me up? Did I do something that upset you?” Sano asked looking straight into her eyes.
Mizuki let her eyes fall to the floor before she put on a fake smile replying, “I thought I should give you more time to sleep. I went to go get breakfast; I figured you put the alarm on to wake up. I didn’t think you would wake up late for first period. I’m so sorry Sano.”
“It’s okay I’m not angry but Mizuki…” Sano started to say but Mizuki turned away from him.
“We better get to our next class before we are late.” Mizuki said walking down the corridor.
Sano stood looking after her still unsure of what he did. Kayashima and Nakao walked after Mizuki while Nakatsu remained behind with Sano. Nakatsu glared at him clearly blaming him for the way Mizuki was behaving.
“What the hell happened between you two? Did you two have another fight?”
“No, not that I know of. I’m just as clueless as you.”
“What did you say Sano?”
“We have no time for this we have to get to the next class.” Sano stated flatly walking away from Nakatsu who fumed with anger. He had no time to deal with him when something was wrong with Mizuki, it was bothering him that he did not know. ‘What could it be?’
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After three more grueling classes with Sano the bell rang at last signaling it was fifth period, lunch time. Mizuki couldn’t be more than happy to get away from Sano who looked like he wanted to talk to her again. She announced to everyone she was going on head to the cafeteria to go eat leaving everyone behind. ‘Why do I feel like such an idiot? I can’t take this feeling anymore.’ When she was in front of the cafeteria she turned away from it walking instead in the general direction of the infirmary. ‘I can’t eat when I feel this way. I have to get this off my chest.’
Mizuki reached Umeda’s office rushing into the room with tears spilling down her cheeks. She could no longer restrain them so they flow down like a river. Umeda was seated in his comfy chair smoking a cigarette her entry startled him he didn’t expect to see her there.
“Mizuki what are you doing here? Why are you crying, wait don’t tell me you had a fight with Sano.”
Mizuki fell onto the bed facedown feeling like her heart was breaking. She clutched the pillow tightly trying to calm down. A few seconds passed before she choked out, “It’s much worser than a fight.”
“What could be much worser than a fight?”
“Sano bought a Valentine’s teddy bear.” Finishing the sentence caused Mizuki to sob harder.
“A Valentine’s teddy bear? What does that have to do with why you are so upset?”
“That’s just it; Sano bought a Valentine’s teddy bear for a girl named Rika. He’s planning on confessing to her about how he feels.”
“How he feels?” Umeda sounded confused about what Mizuki was saying.
“Y-Yes, h-he’s in l-love with her.”
“Um how do you know this? Did Sano tell you this?”
“No I saw the gift hidden under his bed last night. Clearly he doesn’t want me to know about it. I guess he’s afraid she might turn him down.”
Mizuki lifted her head from the pillow when she heard something crash onto the floor. Looking down at the ground she saw it was Umeda. Giving him a questioning look as to why he would fall he got up having a smile on his lips he then surprised even more her by laughing. “What’s so funny?”
“You just came to that conclusion yourself and that is why you are crying? It’s unbelievable. I mean what gave you that idea?”
Huffing from being laughed at Mizuki angrily replied, “Well who else would he give the teddy bear to? It has to be Rika there’s no way Sano would give me something like that when he thinks I’m a guy. He’s not gay.”
Umeda had to hold his sides they were aching from laughing too much which he did not do too often. ‘How could she be so dense?’ “I know very well Sano isn’t gay but honestly how could you not notice the way…”
The door to his office opened Nakatsu stood at the entry of the door panting it was apparent he was looking for Mizuki. “There you are Mizuki; I have been looking for you. When I didn’t see you in the cafeteria I became worried. What’s wrong why are you crying? Does this have to do with Sano?”
Mizuki rubbed her eyes to get rid of the tears she shook her head to answer. Nakatsu was still not convinced but he didn’t push the subject any further. Mizuki got up from the bed her heart still feeling heavy but just a tiny bit lighter after she told Umeda her problem. Heading towards the door to Nakatsu Umeda told her, “Don’t assume anything until you know for sure. It could save unnecessary tears, I have a feeling everything will be resolved.”
Mizuki turned back to look at Umeda a wobbly smile gracing her lips as she softly replied, “Thanks for listening.”
“No problem.” Umeda said sitting back in his chair.
“Let’s go get lunch Mizuki.” Nakatsu suggested pulling Mizuki by the arm to the cafeteria.
‘This will be the first time I will be dreading Valentine’s day because I don’t want to see Sano and Rika together as a couple. If only I could meet Sano as a woman and make him fall in love with me.’ Mizuki sadly thought as she let herself be pulled by Nakatsu to the cafeteria.
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