Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Lord Of The Rings Fan Fiction ❯ At Least We're Not Dead ❯ Chapter 4

[ T - Teen: Not suitable for readers under 13 ]

Cedric blocked a blow from Elladan with the sword he was holding. He was panting and sweating from the exertion of working for the few hours he'd been training. First he'd thought this was no problem, this would be easy. Ha! The next time he thought that he'd have to ask Harry to kick him in his ass. He dodges a swing from Elrohir and didn't notice Elladan slip behind him. He did notice, however, his legs coming out from under him and landing on his back. He groaned and saw Elladan and Elrohir standing over him, smirking.
"Better," praised Elrohir as he held out his hand. Cedric grabbed it and was pulled up swiftly; picking up his sword along the way. "Try again."
Cedric readied himself again and wondered what Harry was up to.
Harry wouldn't allow himself to breath. Legolas was holding him snug against his side; not that Harry minded that much, he smelled so good, which was the reason he wouldn't allow himself to breathe. He could stay like this forever if he didn't think Legolas would freak out though. He let out a deep sigh and heard Legolas say something.
"Sorry, what did you say?" Legolas' lips quirked up for a second but Harry saw the worry in his eyes.
"I asked if your leg was bothering you, we could rest if you like." Half of Harry wanted to say 'No, I'm fine' but the other half of him of him want to stop if only to move away from Legolas. Aragorn had excused himself earlier after Harry had met Lady Arwen, leaving him alone with Legolas and his strange feelings for the elf. Harry could tell Arwen and Aragorn fancied each other; love was another story since he himself had never experienced love.
Harry's pride lost his internal battle and he nodded his head towards Legolas. He helped Harry over to an oak tree and sat beside Harry. Legolas worries didn't subside as he felt his mate tense up.
"How is your leg feeling?" Harry let out a short laugh, trying to calm his racing heart. Legolas looked bewildered; trying to figure out what was so funny.
"Do you worry over everyone like you do me?" Harry asked, half joking, half serious. Legolas smiled at him and he had to fight down a furious blush. Why was he so affected by Legolas?
"No, Harry, you're... unique... to me." Harry scrunched up his nose in distaste. Legolas couldn't help but think what a cute sight it was and laughed quietly to himself.
"I really don't like being unique, I was 'unique' to the Wizarding World and it was... difficult." Harry grimaced at the end of his sentence then thought of what Legolas had said. "How am I important to you?"
Legolas thought of lying to Harry but the idea was shot to hell (A/N I don't know if the people in Middle Earth believe in hell or if they call hell by some other name but I'm going with it.) when he looked in Harry' eyes, he knew he couldn't lie to his mate, but he was still terrified of rejection.
"Harry... I-I need to te-" He was cut off by a crack and bright red flames. Legolas quickly put himself in front of Harry and took his sword out of its sheath, ready to fight. He blinked in shock when he saw, instead of an orc (or twenty); he saw beautiful red bird and a white owl carrying... a hat? He blinked a few times; to make sure what he was real. He looked at Harry and saw him looking at the birds in shock and... recognition.
"Hedwig, Fawkes? How are you here?" He asked as if they would respond. The owl gave a chirp and flew over to Harry's shoulder, giving him a look that seemed to say: 'What on Earth have you been up to? I've been worried sick!' Harry gave her a sheepish look. "Sorry, Hedwig."
Ah, so the owl was Hedwig and so the red bird was Fawkes. Who was now on Harry's knee looking at Harry's bandage. Harry looked at Fawkes for a moment and reached down to unwrap his bandage. Legolas grabbed his arm, having put his sword back in its sheath after he saw no threat.
“Harry, what are you doing?!” He said furiously, thinking of all the possible ways Harry could hurt himself further.
“Relax, Legolas. I sure Fawkes is just going to heal my leg.” Harry soothed him. Legolas looked at Fawkes warily before he let out a soft trill and he let go of Harry's arm. Harry continued unwrapping his leg and both he and Legolas winced when they saw its damage. His leg was swollen with splotches of green, blue, and yellow bruises. Yellow puss was coming out of two puncture marks. Fawkes let out a sad trill and bent over his leg; crying. Harry hissed when his bone snapped into place; fully healed. His bruises faded and more puss seeped from the wounds before they closed themselves. Legolas watched in awe and shock as all this happened.
“Thanks, Fawkes!” Harry beamed at him and stroked his feathers. Legolas watched in silence before he spoke.
“Harry, how did Fawkes do heal you?” Harry looked at him then spoke.
“Fawkes is a Phoenix; he is a magical bird in other words. He's able to heal with his tears, carry items four times his weight, and I'm not sure, but I don't think he kind die. I'm not sure.” Harry frowned in thought before he shrugged.
“How can he not die, that's impossible.” Thought Legolas aloud. Harry thought before he said, “I don't know. Cedric might know more though.”
Harry stood, gingerly putting weight on his once injured foot. Sure he had his balance, Harry turned and helped Legolas stand, their hands still intertwined as Legolas led them toward the training area. Hedwig landed on Harry's shoulder when Fawkes left to grab the hat. Hedwig looked their hands before she glared accusingly at Legolas. Harry saw and laughed at Legolas widened eyes which held the `Who, me?' expression.
"Hedwig, be nice." Harry scolded gently. She stuck up her beak and turned away from Legolas then started fly above them. Harry frowned slightly then looked at Legolas. "Sorry, I have no idea what has gotten into her."
They walked in silence awhile before they came to the training area. They saw Cedric on his back with Elrohir's sword pointing at his back while Elladan smirked at Cedric. Harry snickered at poor Cedric.
"Cedric!" He looked over towards them and stood once the sword was removed from his back. He walked towards them while Elladan and Elrohir watched curiously.
"What's up Harry?" Cedric asked, concerned. “Is it your leg?"
“No, I was wondering how much you know about Phoenix." Cedric looked shocked and suspicious.
"Why do you ask?"
"No reason. Well, besides the fact Fawkes and Hedwig arrived hear in a flash, literally." Cedric gaped at him, "close your mouth or you'll catch flies." His jaw snapped close and he shook his head.
"Only you, Harry, only you."