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Warning: Slash, language, and light mentions of abuse.
Here's chapter 3
Harry groaned when the light hit his eyes and tried to move away from it, but was pinned down. Frustrated and confused, he looked up to see Cedric laying half on top of him. He blinked in confusion and then remembered yesterday. Already in a bad mood, he tried to shove Cedric off of him. This just caused Cedric to open his mouth and start to drool. Harry started to panic.
"Cedric! Cedric wake up or I swear-CEDRIC!" He screamed when some of the drool fell on his cheek. Cedric jolted awake and looked, confused, down at Harry.
"Harry... Why are you crying?" He asked. Harry snapped.
"I AM NOT CRYING YOU FUCKING GIT! NOW GET OFF OF ME!" Cedric jumped (more like fell) off the bed, figuring out A) what he must have done and B) it's best to listen to Harry in times like this. Harry took several deep breaths to calm himself. There was no way he was going back to sleep now. He looked at Cedric and sighed. He swung his legs off the bed and stood.
"Never mention this. Got it?" Cedric nodded mutely and Harry smiled. Cedric quietly let out a sigh of relief. He walked over to him and slid his arm around Harry's waist and took Harry's arm and put it around his neck. They left the healing wing they spent the night in after they changed (Harry can at least change by himself) into some clothes they found there for them. They both looked in opposite directions, silently deciding which way to go. Ten minutes later they found themselves completely and utterly lost. Then Cedric slapped himself in the head.
"What?" Harry asked, bewildered, as Cedric pulled out his wand. He laid it down in his palm.
"Cuspis Praebeo Nutrimens*." The wand pointed the way they had just come. They groaned but turned around and continued going. Later they found themselves at the dining hall table getting stared at by nearly everyone there. Harry, still peeved about getting bodily fluids dripped on his face, said a 'What?' and everyone looked away. Shrugging, he went back to his meal until he heard a chuckle beside him. Intent on telling the person to screw off, he looked up coming face to face with Legolas.
"Bad morning, my friend?" Harry heard a scoff to his right and saw Aragorn looking at them with his own meal. Where were these people coming from, the sky?
"Why do you ask?" He saw mirth dancing in Legolas' eyes.
"It's been long since I've heard such shouting," Harry blushed. He didn't yell that loud, did he?
"I hate mornings." He groaned.
"What had happened?" Asked Aragorn, Cedric answered as Harry continued with his own meal, trying not to listen.
"Harry woke before I did and I was on top of him. I guess I, er, drooled on him." He and Harry blushed when he said. "And, uh, Harry wasn't that happy."
Legolas had narrowed his eyes when Cedric mentioned he slept with his mate. They didn't look that much alike, were they really brothers?
Aragorn saw the jealous look on his best friend's face. Legolas had told Aragorn about finding his mate last night and he had wanted to know him better. He quickly ask before Cedric was killed,"You are brothers, and yet you look nothing alike."
Harry and Cedric both stiffened at the hidden question. Should they tell their new friends after just meeting them? They had a silent discussion over what to tell them.
After a few seconds Harry softly spoke, "They'll find out eventually Cedric." Cedric sighed in defeat and looked down at the table. "Do you want me to tell them or you?" Cedric looked up with a pleading look in his eyes. Harry sighed.
"Alright, my parents are not Cedric's parents, but he is my brother." Aragorn and Legolas were confused by that but didn't interrupt. "My aunt and her family /generously/ took me in and basically made me their slave. Basically if one thing was wrong I got a beating. "Harry closed his eyes at the memories and didn't see Legolas' dark look, then he opened them and continued.
"This summer it was worst. I got a beating nearly every day, sometimes I couldn't wake up early enough to cook their breakfast the next day and I got another beating for that. When I left with the Weasley's I had to wear Glamour, a spell that hides your true appearance, because of all the bruises. When I met Cedric it was like he knew something wasn't right, even though he didn't know me. I went back to Hogwarts and became close friends with Cedric a few weeks later. I got sick of Hermione and Ron going for each others throats. " He added sheepishly.
"The Triwizard Tournament started and Ron thought I got Cedric to enter my name. I told him he was being stupid, why would Cedric put my name in if he was competing too? Ron didn't listen though. I spent more time with Cedric and because I was so busy I forgot to respell the glamour charm. Cedric saw and demanded to know what had happened or else he'd get Dumbledore or McGonagall. When I told him he was disgusted and tried to get Dumbledore to do something. Dumbledore told him there was one thing possible and that was blood adoption. Cedric owled his dad and got a positive response, saying he'd be thrilled to have another son, and two vials full of Cedric's mom and dad's blood. Then Cedric asked me if I would like to be his little brother. Obviously I said yes. Dumbledore asked Snape to make us the potion for us, and grudgingly he agreed. About a month later, while everyone was at the Halloween party, we were in Cedric's Head Boys room. I drank the potion after both vials of blood were put in. The next 24 hours were a painful blur. Then I woke up and I was Harry James Diggory. My appearance had changed a bit, I could see without glasses, my eye color changed a bit, and I grew an inch or two. I had to keep glamors on so no one got suspicious. I also kept my glasses but lost the horrid things in that graveyard." Harry said smugly, glad he didn't have to wear them again.
"Why did you say we would find out anyways?" Asked Legolas curiously.
"I can't do magic until my leg heals or it will take longer than necessary, so the glamors will eventually fade." Harry answered. Any further conversation was interrupted when Elrond came over to them with what looked like two younger versions of himself. They all exchanged good mornings.
"Cedric," said Elrond, "do you know how to use a sword?" Cedric looked shocked at the question but mentally shook himself out of his stupor.
"For the journey you and Harry will be going on you both need to learn how to use a sword to properly defend yourself. Since Harry is injured for now you will train on your own with my two sons, Elrohir and Eladan." The two looked at Cedric and bowed. "I hope they will teach you well." Elrond said, smiling slightly, and walked away.
"Come," said Eladan. "We shall start right away." Cedric gulped nervously and followed after saying he'd see Harry later. Harry sighed and stood on one wobbly leg. A hand on his shoulder kept him from crashing to the floor. He looked up and saw Legolas standing over him, an unreadable look on his face. He gently wrapped an arm around Harry's shoulder.
"Would you like Aragorn and I to show you Rivendell?" Harry nodded, hoping Cedric wouldn't be missing limbs when he got back
*It roughly means 'point me to food'.