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Title: New Pets
Author: Kat
Chapter: 3/?
Rating: PG 15
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Stargate: SG1. If I did, well then I'd be rich, and we could all have a slumber party with them included.
AN: This fic is being continued with P.L.S.'s permission. So NYAH! *sticks out tongue*
Harry wasn't surprised to see the Americans and his two friend's from when he visited the Tok'ra arrive at Hogsmade the following day. Seeing them react to how everyone was dressed and the trek to the school, however, made him chuckle. Daniel was the most curious of them all however, asking about all of the different mythologies that were based in the muggle world.
“So your telling me that Unicorns, Basilisks, Gryffions, Phoenixes, Dragons and other creatures are real? How can all of these creatures remain hidden? What prevents them from going and exposing there kind?” Daniel seemed worried, and Harry gave him a small smile.
“Well, firstly there are many magical creatures that are hidden with their own natural shields. There are many areas that are so saturated with magic that the creatures live there, hidden from the eyes of muggles, which is non-magic folk. Fear is a good motivator from showing yourself to another race, simply because they'll either be killed or imprisoned for tests. We, here in the magical community, have laws that forbid many from exposing our race, however, I do believe that I won't have a problem with telling three members of differnet alien species, and the people of Earth who are in constant contact with them.” Harry gave them a cheeky smile and adopted a pensive look. “It could also be because I saved Wizarding Britain by killing Voldemort, and the Government really doesn't want to piss off their 'Saviour'.”
Jack let out a bark of laughter. “You got their balls in a vice don't ya?”
Harry gave an innocent smile that asked 'who me?' and it caused Jack to crack up again. The group made their way up the steps of Hogwarts, and Harry introduced the group to Minerva.
“Are you the one in charge?” Her voice was stern yet kind to Jack as she spoke, and Harry saw the letter in her hand.
“Yes ma'am. We're here to 'pick up' the gate that Harry here was talking about. He also told us that he was willing to help us in our fight. I'm surprised that he volunteered for the job, but I'm not going to turn someone down who's got good training.” Jack was honest, and Harry knew he was going to enjoy what Minerva was going to do next.
“Good. Here is a letter to your commanding officer, I trust that you'll take care of Harry? He has a habit of having trouble following him around like a lost puppy.” Jack laughed, gave her a nod of acceptance and pocketed the letter.
Within moments of their entrance to the castle, Harry had run into Snape again. Just as the man was about to go on a rant about bringing muggles into Hogwarts, Harry sent the man a glare of his own.
“These people are here to collect the Circle. I don't care how much you hate me or want me gone. However, you will let these people do their job, and once we are done, I'll be out of you hair for good.” Teal'c was surprised at Harry's change in tone, as was the rest of the group. This was most likely the persona that defeated this Dark Lord.
Snape gave Harry a curt nod, and left without another word. Still not calm enough to speak, Harry began moving in the direction of the Circle, and knew that there would be some people from the M.O.M there as well so that a Basilisk could be procured. Upon arriving at the room, there was the current Minister of Magic, Amelia Bones, as well as the man in charge of restricted Magical Creatures.
“Good day Mr. Potter. I must say I'm surprised that you requested my presence here as well of Mr. Goldstein's.” Madam Bones was calm about the entire affair, and Harry gave her a small smile.
“I called you here to see that I was requesting a Basilisk to help protect a potentially dangerous artifact. If this falls into the wrong hands, then there could be more problems than a simple Dark Lord running around. Also, I had to explain to these six people that magic exists.” Here Harry had to be cautious, since an exchange of important information would be beneficial to all parties. “Three of which are extraterrestrials and the other three work for the United States Air Force. None have any magical ability, however, they are well versed in the use of the object that resides behind these enchantments.”
Both members of the M.O.M were surprised, however they allowed Harry to give out the information, with caution. Agreeing, Harry opened the pathways to the Circle, as Mr. Goldstein began setting up the placements for a Basilisk to guard this artifact.
Upon entering the room, Daniel began to study and record the markings on the wall. He was pleased that most of the words were written in Ancient Latin, and began firing questions at Harry for clarification. Parseltongue was also written on the walls, and Harry had to give Daniel the translations, or Jack would never see his linguist again.
Reylant and Ygaven were looking around the Circle, and were amazed at how well it was protected. They looked at Harry in a new light, since most of the protections were of the Ancients. Jack saw the look, and pulled Harry towards him.
“Kiddo, what do you know about most of the protections of this thing?” Jack wanted to know if Harry knew what was going on or not.
“The majority of the enchantments are done in Parseltongue, something that was only available to the Slytherin line. After I 'became' the Slytherin heir, I was able to understand the protections. Why? Is there something off with the protections here? I only boosted their power by overlapping the spells again.” Harry looked at Jack in worry and confusion.
“Harry, these enchantments are the work of the Ancients! We, as Tok'ra, have not seen the work of an Ancient in over five thousand years.” Reylant was excited, and Harry just blinked at the implications.
Biting his lip, Harry dragged Jack to the wall and pointed to a section of it. “Read that.” Daniel was about to protest, but Jack began reading the writings as if it was written in plain English.
Harry sighed, “I knew there was more to Parseltongue and Parselmagic than what I was told.”
Jack looked at Harry, silently asking for an explanation. “It seems that you also have the ability to speak to snakes, or at least read the language of snakes. Parseltongue and Parselmagic are extremely rare and considered Dark in Wizarding Britain. Since Salazar Slytherin's line, there have been very few Parseltongue's in the world, outside of his line. Apparently, I am one of the remaining few. You say that those protections are of the Ancients, correct? Then that means that all Ancients are Parseltongues, and thus were the creators of the Slytherin line.”
Harry began muttering about surprises and why wasn't he expecting another thing to be completely different about him. Jack listened to the mutterings with an expression of surprise at all of the curses coming out of Harry's mouth. Looking over at the others, Jack noticed that they were all looking over the room again, and Mr. Goldstein had left the room.
“Mr. Potter,” Goldstein's voice broke Harry out of his rant and made him look at the man. “Here is the Basilisk that you requested. It was hatched over three months ago, and we were going to terminate it. However, this seems to be the best place for it. Here is a list of food the snake can be fed, and the restrictions placed on it.”
Harry took the basket with great care as Daniel took the booklet. Harry put the basket on the floor, and heard the hissing.
{Stupid humans! Feeding me dead rodents!} The voice had a female ring to it and Harry decided to reply.
{Hello little one. Do you have a name?}
{A Speaker! Let me see you please, I promise not to kill you with my eyes.} The snake sounded breathless, and Harry lifted the lid. A beautiful Black Basilisk was curled at the bottom of the basket.
{Such a beautiful serpent. Do you have a name?} Harry reached out to stroke the gleaming black scales, and smiled at the hiss of pleasure.
{I am Medusa, Speaker.}
Harry smiled at the snake. {I have a request for you, my lovely Medusa.} He picked her up from the basket and carried her over to the Circle. {You see this ring? I ask that you guard it well. Two people will be bringing in food that you will enjoy, mostly still alive. I will visit as often as I can, but I am helping some non-speakers in destroying the not-snakes.}
Medusa froze in Harry's grasp. {There are still not-snakes around? But they have been gone for centuries!}
Harry gave a sad chuckle. {They are gone from our world, but they are still harming other people. I need you to guard this place encase the not-snakes ever try to return through this ring. I know that Basilisks are the most knowledgeable of serpents, as well as the most noble and strong. Will you grant me this request Medusa?}
The serpent bobbed her head and hissed an agreement. Setting the snake down, Harry introduced Reylant and Ygaven to Medusa and after scenting them, she turned to Harry.
{They are not-snakes!}
Harry gave her a wicked grin and sat beside her. {These two are a different race of the not-snakes. They will not try to take over this world, they will help the humans around us to stop the other not-snakes. It is like comparing a Basilisk to a Cobra. Both are serpents, however, they are different types of serpent.}
Medusa hissed again and moved about the room. After checking to see if everything was in place, Harry left to get Hagrid and Zeta Numerian, to show them Hogwarts newest pet. Bring in several rabbits with them, Harry fed Medusa and told Hagrid and Zeta what to do.
“Since Medusa is a Basilisk, you must be careful. She will be able to recognize you by scent, but still, do not under estimate her in any way. Feed her two to three times a day. She'll need to have some companionship so that she won't go insane. Hagrid, I know that it's not a dragon, but a Basilisk is just as good I hope?” Harry gave his friend a cheeky smile, and got a booming laugh from Hagrid.
“She's perfect Harry, you know that!”
Harry gave another smile and said goodbye one last time to everyone, including Medusa. Leading them out of the chamber, Harry changed the enchantments in the corridor so that Hagrid and Zeta could feed Medusa and keep her company. With that done, Harry went and collected his belongings to leave with the group of muggles.
With one final look at Hogwarts from the gates, Harry followed the Americans and his three alien friends to their transport back to America.