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Title: Holding Tempers & Seeing Flashbacks
Author: Kat
Chapter: 4/?
Rating: PG 15
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The flight to America was interesting for Harry. Harry discovered that Jack couldn't speak Ancient, however, he was able to decipher it as well as use anything that enabled the activation codes. Sam was telling Harry about some of the items that they had at the base that would not activate, however were of the same design. Harry had a feeling that he would have to speak Parseltongue just to get the devices to turn on.
Daniel was quickly becoming able to speak Parseltongue, however, his accent was off and Harry knew that this ability would only help with translations, not being able to activate anything. The ride back to the mountain, Harry was glad to be seated next to Teal'c. It gave him the chance to sleep, and pray that no one would try to experiment on him.
As luck would have it, Harry had to go to a meeting as soon as he stepped foot on the base. There he got to meet not only General Hammond, but the President of the United States as well as the Minister of Magic for the country. Harry would be protected from all sanctions of the government, and he had clearance to go off world.
Harry didn't really care about going off world, he just didn't want to become a tester for any new drugs. With permission, Harry was given a lab to brew potions, as well as a room where he could practice his magic. It wouldn't do for him to forget his spells, and to loose his reflexes.
The first few weeks went by quickly, and Harry got into life at the SGC. He was tested by the Military personnel as well as prodded by the Medical staff. After being declared fit for duty, Harry was thrown onto the SG1 rotation, since Jack really wanted the kid with him. Everything was great, until Anise showed up and tried to get Harry to test something for her.
The device she was trying to get him to wear was reacting terribly with is magic. The device wanted to leech it, and his body was trying to keep it. After telling the woman no for what felt like the thousandth time, Harry took the device from her hands, put it on the table and sent a reductor curse at it. She shrieked at his reactions, and only left him alone after Jacob told her to leave Harry alone, or no one would be responsible for her death.
Harry explained what the device felt like it was doing, and if she tried that again, he knew other ways of killing someone other than with a well aimed spell. Cleaning up the area where the device had been, Harry ignored the scientist as he shooed everyone out of his lab so that he could brew some potions and train.
His freedom lasted a good hour before Daniel and Jack hid in his lab. Both were breathless and slumped against the wall. Harry had just finished his spell work, and was coming back into his lab to brew potions when he saw his two teammates on the floor.
“What happened? Did Anise try something again?” Harry's voice was concerned, but anyone could hear the loathing in the name Anise.
“Anise gave Sam an injection of some kind, and now her entire system isn't reacting well. It's as if she's being controlled.” Daniel's voice was confused and worried. His expression changed to concern and fear as Harry's face went white.
“That bitch! She's using an Imperious potion. It takes away the will of another and they become glorified slaves. It's stronger than the spell, but I have the antidote here somewhere. Give me a minute to find it and we'll give it to Sam.” Harry's voice became self-assured within a moment, and Jack was surprised at how quickly Harry would become a hardened warrior.
Finding the potion, Harry lead the others to where Sam was, and they managed to hold her down. Forcing her to drink the potion, Harry waited for the glazed look in her eyes to disappear and her eye colour to return to the blue that it was before. Once Harry was sure that Sam was alright, he brandished his wand at Anise, trying her with ropes.
“You tried to use a mind-controlling substance on one of my friends and co-workers. You tried to force me to wear a device that I did not want to wear because it would have killed me. You are a danger to society as a whole. If it were up to me, you would be punished. Taking control of someone's will is punishable by death to my people.” Harry's voice was soft, but it rang clearly in the quiet room that they were in.
“You have no right to try to play God. By doing so you are no better than the rest of the 'not-snakes', the ones you call Goa'uld. I have been patient with you long enough. If you ever return to this base to 'test' your newest theories in technology, I will kill you myself. I refuse to allow you to become a hazard to these people.” Sharp and jaded green eyes looked at Anise, and he turned to the General.
“I know I went against your rules, however the potion she gave Sam is illegal in the entire Magical community. Yes, it goes against our work ethics here to do such a thing to her, but I would not let her attack anyone on this base by default. Please, get her off the planet; I really don't want to kill her.” Jack could see that Harry was hanging on by a thread, and he motioned Daniel to get him out of the room.
Harry was not in the habit of trusting many people, however, the SGC was growing on him. The staff were great, and Harry knew that he could find whatever he needed if he asked the members of SG1. He seemed closest to Jack and Daniel, since they were so similar to himself. Daniel was also an orphan and Jack was a sports fanatic. The three of them were often found together, thus Harry let Daniel steer him clear of Anise, and into his office. Sitting the Brit down, Harry was given a cup of tea, and Daniel gave himself a coffee.
“My best friend's little sister was given the Imperious Potion in my last year of school. She was then ordered to walk into the enemy camp where she was raped, beaten and killed. My rival in my year was the one that had given her the potion. He had the staff put it in her drinks during meals, and was caught bragging about it by one of the teachers. He was killed the next day after a trail. It didn't matter though, Ginny was dead.” Harry's voice was faint and monotone as he spoke. But his last few words broke his control and silent tears fell down his cheeks.
Daniel wanted to kill Anise himself for awakening such horrible memories for his young friend and he knew that Jack would also fall in the same pit of desire. A knock on the door woke the pair of them from their thoughts, and Jack walked in with Hammond. Harry asked Daniel to explain, without words, since the pain was still too difficult.
Once Daniel was done with his recap of Harry's story, Jack was stiff as a board, and the General's face was expressionless. It took both men a few minutes to calm down, and Harry was asked to try and leave if Anise was going to be on base. If he could not leave, then SG1 would be shipped out so that Harry wouldn't attack the scientist.
Harry was able to explain what had happened to Ginny to Sam, and luckily she let him hover for a few days before she beat him off and told him to work again. She pushed to hard, however, and he retreated into his lab. After not seeing their fifth member for a few days, SG1 entered Harry's lab to find him muttering about potions and spell casting. Once Teal'c got closer, he saw the state of Harry and picked him up. When Harry kept on muttering, the worry increased to panic. Bringing him into see Dr. Frasier, she was shocked at his physical and mental state.
After giving them a stern scolding for the apparent lack of care for their team mate and giving them the basic run down of how to take care of Harry, the team left for Jack's place. Harry had a low fever, and was going through some nasty flash backs, many revolving around Voldemort and times when he was captured, or lost someone.
Sam was with him when he began begging for forgiveness to unknown parents and a godfather. His shrieks and screams caused the tears to fall silently from her eyes. When Teal'c came to relieve her, he said nothing about the tears. Teal'c understood Harry's pain, and did what he could to keep him calm. While Teal'c was there, Harry broke from his self-torment and was told that his battle was done, or that there were people here for him to lean on. At first the words never registered, but after a few hours, Harry was slowly coming back into focus.
It took another two days for Harry to open up about the guilt and pain, and Sam finally cornered him to apologize. Once she heard of what had happened to Ginny in his fevered dreams, she knew that she had not fully grasped the fear that he held. Giving a weak grin back, Harry made her promise to help him get the others to see a quidditch match so that they could see the game in its full glory. It would be fun to regroup with another bonding ritual.
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