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Title: Warding
Author: Kat
Chapter: 5/?
Rating: PG 15
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Missions were going well for the new SG1. Harry's involvement allowed for them to gain more information and technology. It seems that by having charmed the equipment, they would be allowed to get more weapons from other planets and cultures.
It also gave them much more to worry about when it came to the Goa'uld. Anubis heard of Harry's power, and he wanted to harness it for himself. After a quick run in with the False God, who he taunted in Parseltongue, and barely managed to get away without being killed.
Jack was a bit peeved with Harry for his near death experience, but Harry managed to calm the man down with Sam's help by taking them to a quidditch game. To say that Jack wasn't excited was saying that the man didn't like hockey. After explaining the rules to Sam and Teal'c before they got to their seats, Harry smiled and enjoyed the game as two teams battled. Harry had to con Jack into wearing the robes, stating that he's stick out if he didn't wear them, and Harry had gotten Sam to take pictures for a memento.
After the game finished, Harry and Jack fought over game layout, and Harry had won his bet with Daniel, Jack liked quidditch more than hockey now. The ride back to Jack's place for the team dinner was interesting to say the least. They had to port-key back to the parking lot, and then, they all had to get changed. Once Harry had collected all of the robes back from his friends, they began the short ride back.
Upon entering the house, Harry was surprised then angered that Hermione and Ron were in the house uninvited.
“What are you doing here Hermione, Ron? I told you that I would be here in the States and that it would be difficult at best to get together. Besides, this isn't my home, it belongs to my CO.” Harry's voice was stiff and unreadable.
Hermione met Harry's gaze and glared back. “Why didn't you tell us you were planning on leaving?”
Jack snorted. “Are you his keeper? Harry decided on a dime to help us, besides we can't tell you what he's doing or we get Court Marshaled. Leave, now.”
Harry knew that they had to listen to Jack, it was his home and they were now trespassing even more so than before. Hermione had a determined look in her eye and Harry turned to Ron.
“I had to help, I knew that there was a threat that I could help with and chose to. You know that I was having problems settling down after the fall of Voldemort” Ron flinched “Stop that, he's dead. Anyways, Britain has too many bad memories, and these people accepted my help. Besides, you wouldn't believe me if I told you what I was doing with these people now a days.” Harry silently asked Ron to listen to him, and was rewarded.
“Just give us an owl every now and then. I know that you've wanted to keep fighting more on the front lines anyways, and only because of Snape you never got the chance. We'll scat, but mum's worried, send her messages to, she misses ya mate.” Ron gave a wan smile, and Harry grinned back.
Finally getting the pair out of the house by floo, Harry cast charms on Jack's fireplace so that only with his (Jack's) permission could anyone enter. He also set up wards against thieves, apparition and port-keys. Only people keyed to the wards could get past them, and as a result, he weaved SG1's signatures to the wards, with Jack as the key master.
Once he was done, Harry turned around to see the rest of his team looking at him with expressions ranging from curious to questioning. Giving them all a small smile, he asked Jack if they could eat first, before he explained everything.
Once the meal was out of the way, and the dishes in the washer, Harry explained that he had put wards around Jack's home to prevent entrance from unwanted intruders. He explained that it was quite draining and he would either need to eat or sleep to replenish his magical reserves.
“Wards can be breached if they aren't kept up. Let's say I leave the wards alone for ten years, well each year the wards will break down until they are nothing more than a film left to protect you. It's like putting the strongest security device up that you know, and not changing it for better ones over the years because you can't bother. After a while, it's so out-dated that anyone can enter your home, and the security device is nothing more than a dust collector.”
Everyone looked amazed and Harry promised to ward their homes, and the base. With a smile and a wave, Harry stepped out back and apparated to Daniel's apartment and set up the same wards around his place. He remembered the signatures of his team mates and weaved them into the wards, keeping Daniel as the key master.
With that done, Harry stepped out onto the balcony and locked Daniel's apartment again, and apparated back into Jack's back yard. Slowly entering the house, Harry waved to the four and shuffled to the couch.
“Daniel, you're apartment is now warded. I'll do your place tomorrow Sam, and then the base the day after. Bloody hell, I'm tired.” Sam was surprised that it didn't take long for Harry to ward places, but remembered that he was quite powerful and would need his rest.
After being shooed into his room by Sam, Harry crawled into bed and promptly fell asleep. He missed the conversation that the rest of his team was having in the living room.
“We'll have to keep an eye on him when he's setting up the wards. We'll go to the lower most levels and get General Hammond to put the base on lock-down for a few hours. We'll have to get all personnel in, and make sure that they know that Harry is putting up a special security feature that they all need to be in for. We'll let them know that it's only going to be two or three hours at the most.”
Jack was already looking at the possibilities that would stem from this protection. The 'gate room would be well protected from all assailants and once the main warding would be done, Jack would talk to Harry about measures to protect the 'Gate, if anything bad did come through.
Harry's warding of Sam's home was simple and he set up protection wards for when she did her experiments in the house. He returned to Jack's place, and collapsed on the couch. SG1 watched over Harry as he slept another eight hours before waking up starved. As Harry had been sleeping Jack called up the General and told him about the new security measures that could be implemented by Harry tomorrow if all the personnel would be in. He explained how it would take a few hours at most and it would add extra protection if there was a problem with shutting off the gate and it needed to be sealed off.
With all the preparations made for the members of SG1 to be safe in their own homes from Magical Accidents and other problems, Harry was able to relax for the rest of the day, and wrote letters to old friends back home explaining that he left for his own reasons and that he was under a secrecy spell that prevented him from telling too much. He left an address to where he could be reached, but warned them not to floo in uninvited or there would be nasty consequences, since it wasn't his house.
In his letter to the Weasley's, he asked to keep Hermione from forcing herself on him in visits since he was happy where he was. He was making a difference and he didn't regret his choice. He was bored after the war, and that was dangerous since he was so powerful. He told him he might be down for Christmas, but there were no guarantees, and if he could bring his team as well, since they have been helping him out and it would only be fair.
Sending Hedwig and another non-descript owl off to all of those that he promised to write to, Harry wandered back into the living room to see Daniel and Jack fight over which program on the TV to watch. Since every one was so into the argument, Harry flipped on a show that he had been meaning to see, and after a few minutes realized that the room was quiet.
“What?” Harry looked at them bewildered and turned back to his show. “It's not my fault that you were too involved in you argument to notice that I turned on the TV to a show that I wanted to watch.”
Jack and Daniel sat heavily on the couch and glared at Harry for taking the TV. Sam and Teal'c just looked at the glowering adults and tried no to laugh.
“He's right sir, besides when the two of you pout, it's just adorable.” Her voice was bubbling with suppressed laughter, and Teal'c nodded in agreement.
Just as Jack was about to comment on Sam's remark, the door bell rang; then continued to ring, as if someone was playing with it. Harry sighed and went to answer the door, knowing who it would be.
“Hello Mr. Weasley, are you here on ministry business?” Harry smiled at the man he looked at like a father and let him in.
“Yes, actually I am. I know that you have a binding contract with this division of the US military, and I'm just making it formal.” Harry led Arthur up the stairs and introduced him to SG1. “Well, as the Minister of Magic for the British Isles, I only ask that you do take care of Harry. My wife is very protective of her children, and Harry is one in her heart. Mind you, she requests - which really is a demand if you know Molly at all - that you all come over to visit. She wants to meet you all and see if Hermione is worried for nothing.”
Jack gave Arthur a smile and shook his hand. “Harry won't be in much danger if we can help it. But with our track record anything that can go wrong on a mission will go wrong. But, he works fine with all of us, and I've already been told all of Harry's quirks by a Minerva McGonnagal.”
Harry let out a low moan of fear, and he now knew why Jack and Teal'c were so protective. Shaking his head at the memory, Harry waved good bye to Arthur and went to rest up for the warding of the SGC the next day.
Upon entering the mountain Harry began to catalogue the different protections that would come into play when he was done the main warding. Arriving at the lowest point in the mountain and beginning the warding that had to be done, Harry sent wave after wave of energy to protect the base from outside and inside intruders. It took two hours to set up the Wards around the base, and Harry was exhausted.
After eating a large meal, Harry warded the Laboratories against fire and theft. Keeping General Hammond as the Key Master to the Base, Harry was able to finish the Labs after another hour. Barely standing, Harry was carried by Teal'c to a VIP room and was given a four hour period of sleep. Once he woke, Harry was given another large meal, and he warded the debriefing and conference rooms with privacy charms and secrecy protections. It didn't take long, and soon he was in the `Gate room.
He set up a tri layered protection. If there was an unannounced `Gate activation, then a shield would form at a distance of six meters from the `Gate's opening. If there was enemy fire coming in after a team that was being shot at, a wall would absorb the energy blasts and protect the teams leaving the Iris. The third protection was if any dangerous radiation or toxics entered the `Gate room, a barrier would form around the door and if there were any people in the room, they would be trapped in protective bubbles. These bubbles would keep them safe from the danger until the area was vented, or someone could go in to fix what needed to be done.
Harry managed to finish the wards, but instantly collapsed. Teal'c carried him back to his VIP room where he slept the next two days away, building up the massive drain that hit his system from three days of warding. It would only be a matter of time before the wards were tested by an enemy of the Tu'ari people.
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