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Title: Christmas What?
Author: Kat
Chapter: 6/10?
Rating: PG 15
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Missions and months passed as the people of the SGC worked to stop Anubis from finding Earth. As Harry managed to adapt to spell work and muggle technology, the rest of SG1 decided to surprise Harry with getting everything together to go to Britain for Christmas; they even sent an owl to Mr. Weasley for a way for them to get from Jack's place to the Burrow. Jack demanded that when Harry did buy his presents, that he brought them over to his place. Luckily Harry had them wrapped before he stored them with the rest of the pile.
Harry was confused when Christmas came around and he was told that he had to pack clothes for a week, since they were going somewhere special for Christmas. Looking warily at his teammates, Harry went and packed a duffel so that they could leave on time. The group drove to Jack's place and Harry's confusion became more apparent. Just as he was about to ask, Jack came out with the bag holding the presents and his bag. Asking Harry to shrink all their things, Jack slipped them all in his pocket, and pulled out a pipe.
“Apparently we all hold on to this and we leave once Harry taps it with his wand and says 'Holidays'. So, grab on kids, I hear its a good ride.” Jack's tone was light but Harry heard the nervousness underneath it. It seems that Harry was the only one who was able to understand Jack so well, and smirked at the man.
“Yes, you don't need to grab it, but do make sure you don't let go before your told.” He looked at everyone and gave a bright smile. “Ready? Good. Holidays.” With a tap of his wand on the pipe, SG1 vanished from the living room.
In the Burrow, Molly was getting a massive dinner ready. She knew that Harry was being taken care of after she got a message from a Colonel Jack O'Neill asking if his team, which included Harry, could come to their home for Christmas. He explained what Arthur and Ron had asked, and she immediately agreed to house Harry and his team. She had a feeling that they were very close, and would have speculated more but the sound of people arriving brought her to the living room.
Harry and his friends were sprawled on the floor, and Harry was laughing hard. “Merlin I forgot how much I hate port-keys.”
Molly let out a shriek of happiness and pulled Harry into a bear hug, and was surprised that Harry hugged back just as tightly. Pulling back to look at her unofficial son, she was happy with what she saw; sparkling green eyes, and a well fed body.
“Well, at least these people can get you to eat properly. Now, let me see these friends of yours.” Harry chuckled at her enthusiasm and introduced everyone to Molly.
“Well, dinner will be ready shortly. One moment please, and I suggest covering your ears. RONALD WEASLEY COME GREET HARRY PROPERLY!” She bellowed up the stairs, and several things dropped as a rush of people came down the stairs.
Harry was soon attacked by his family as the rest of his team silently laughed at him. Harry, not used to being mobbed, apparated from his entourage and reappeared behind Jack. He was laughing slightly, but he was shaking slightly.
“Please guys, I don't need to be mobbed by family. I really don't want you to get hit with the new trigger reflexes I found out that I have.” He smiled to take the sting out of his words, and when he saw Hermione, his expression became guarded.
Jack pulled their shrunken bags out of his pocket and Harry quickly resized them. Jack handed the bag of presents to Molly, and explained that it would be best if she took care of the presents. Laughing, Molly told Bill to show Harry and their other guests to their rooms, so that they could refresh themselves before dinner.
After Harry warned the team not to let the Twins give them anything, especially food, then they would be ok. Also, he warned them that Arthur would ask them about anything muggle. Getting nods from them all, they managed to slink down to the main room, and get them to relax. It didn't last long before Hermione came in and was glaring at Harry. Harry let out a soft groan, and looked to Jack for why this was going to happen to him.
“Harry James Potter! You could have told us that you were going to be here for Christmas. Also, what do you mean you can't tell us about you job?! You used to tell us everything!” Hermione was speaking louder and louder, and Harry snapped.
“My team did this as a surprise for me. They knew that it would be important for me to be with something similar to family around Christmas, and they wanted to meet everyone. I can't tell you about my job because I gave an unbreakable vow to keep this job a secret. If you try to force it out of me, I swear that you'll never hear from me again. Also, I have a life Hermione and you are not my keeper!” His eyes glowed with barely restrained fury as he left the girl shocked and startled as the rest of the people that came with Harry glared at her.
“Listen here young lady. We brought Harry here because we thought that seeing friends and people he views as family would be good for him. Now with what you just did, I'm beginning to regret ever writing that letter even though Molly and Arthur assured me that there would be no problems. If you're so fixated on Harry's life, I suggest that you try to live yours first. Harry has had enough shit in his life, and we, as his teammates and friends, don't want a snivilling little brat to bring him down when he was finally trying to relax after another stressful period in our jobs. Now, you'll either leave him alone, or you'll apologize for being a bitch.” Jack fell into his Colonel persona and gave the girl a verbal tongue lashing. With one final glare, he motioned for the others to help him find Harry.
They found Harry outside practicing some of his attacks, and they winced when they saw the anger in his eyes. Jack motioned that he would handle it and let the others head back into the house. He stood there and watched Harry cast spell after spell, and even use some physical attacks, before he stopped and just stood there.
“Feeling better now? Just so you know, that girl got a verbal lashing for doing that to you.” Jack kept his tone nonchalant, but the worry was there in his eyes. Harry had a few close calls with enough shit, he didn't need harping from friends.
“Truthfully, I'm no longer in the mood to kill her then. I know that she would like answers, but there are better ways than bitching at me to try and get them. This is the main reason I needed to leave you know. I love them all, but they don't understand the restlessness. I needed to help you guys. I needed to be useful. I can't just write books or teach, I have to do something until I feel ready to stop. Does that make sense?” Harry knew he was begging for answers, but Jack was always straight forward with him and he appreciated it.
They did have a very rocky relationship at the start, but Harry could call Jack a friend now, maybe even a best friend. While Harry and Daniel hit it off at the beginning, Harry knew that he passed many tests in Jack's eyes that allowed him to get a similar, maybe even deeper, relationship with him as well.
“You're making perfect sense friend. Now, I'm sure Molly's having a heart attack because you left in a fury, and I hope that you're going to be able to calm her down if you need to.” Jack gave Harry one of his famous smirks, and chuckled at the groan.
Upon entering the house, Harry found Molly giving another tongue lashing to the young girl. She looked indignant, and Harry wondered why he should calm Molly down. It seemed that the rest of the people looking at Hermione thought the same, and Harry let it slide. He nodded to Arthur and motioned to speak with him in private. Following the man into the kitchen, Harry turned to Arthur.
“I know that she did deserve what she's getting, and I would like it that anything given to us from Hermione to please be checked for any spell that could be harmful to us? Like listening charms and things like that. I'm serious when I say that our job is similar to Unspeakable work.” Harry's voice sounded tired to Arthur's ears and he wondered why the girl was being so stubborn.
After chatting a bit more with Arthur about things going on in Britain, there was startled noise in the hallways, that drew them from the kitchen. Curious, Harry walked into the other room and stopped in his tracks. Hermione had her wand trained on everyone, and it seemed as if his team had been frozen. Also, all of the Weasley's had been disarmed. Fury built in Harry's eyes and when Hermione finally did see Harry, she paled drastically. He stalked into the room and used his magic to fling her against the wall. He released everyone from their imprisonment and turned on the witch.
“You're so lucky that I love Molly too much to kill you in front of everyone here, because if you had been anyone else, you'd already be dead. No one hurts or threatens my team if I can help it. Besides, you have no right to do anything to them. As a member of the Wizarding society, you should know better that actions against muggles is even punishable by The Kiss.” Harry's voice was calm and controlled and this frightened Hermione even more.
“I hope for your sake, that you understand when I tell you that I never want to be associated with you again. I love the Weasley family, and I enjoy their company. But I will no longer tolerate your presence in a room alone with myself and my friends.” Harry's voice hardened and he turned from the weeping girl to his team. Quickly checking them for injuries, Harry sat heavily on the sofa and put his head in his hands.
Harry heard the shuffling of people around the room, and felt Daniel sit beside him. Leaning on his friend, Harry played over the past few months and realized that most of his bad days came from letters given to him from Hermione. Groaning at the implications of that, Harry was glad he brushed her off at last. Now he could probably have normal bad days, and not need to attack the minds of Jack and Daniel with the problems that arose because of some stupid letter.
Dinner was a relaxed affair, and Harry was able to calm himself down to the point where he could enjoy himself again. Due to his situation with Hermione, she was kept out of Harry's direct line of sight, and managed to pass the rest of dinner without causing serious bodily harm.
With dinner out of the way, Sam was cornered by Arthur to divulge in different muggle technologies, and items. With Sam explaining everything from a rubber duck to different types of transportations, Harry was able to talk to Bill and Charlie about their jobs as curse breaker and dragon handler. Jack and Daniel, however, were accosted by Molly. She just had to know if they were taking proper care of her adopted son.
“We promise you Molly, we're doing everything we can to keep him happy and out of trouble. He's a good kid and knows what to do when it comes to a situation between us and the enemy. I'm just grateful that he still has your family to fall on if he does need other help that we can't give him.” Jack gave her one of his charming grins. “He's told us that he wouldn't know where to stand if he lost your family's love and understanding.”
Jack wasn't prepared for the patented Molly hug and chuckled at her enthusiasm. Patting her on the back, and slowly getting out of her grip Jack gave her a soft smile.
“He's happy you know, that your family is so understanding. It's only Hermione that's bugging him. He knows that he can live his own life now, but it's like shes determined to keep him locked in with her ideals of what he should be doing.” Daniel pulled Molly's gaze from Jack and she gave him a hug as well.
“Thank you for looking after Harry. He's been alone for so long, and I'm glad that he can do what he feels that must be done. Just make sure he comes to visit every now and then.” Molly gave them both another smile and shooed them into the sitting room where Sam was still answering questions that Arthur was firing off.
Harry and Teal'c were meditating, while the rest of the Weasley boys were playing a card game. Hermione was nowhere to be found, but Jack and Daniel didn't mind as long as she left Harry alone. The pair relaxed on the couch and began going over what they had to do when they returned. Molly came out a few minutes later with a platter filled with dessert, and as she set it down, she got Arthur to stop pounding Sam with questions and to come and eat. They never noticed Hermione leaving with all of her belongings until they all went to turn in.
Christmas morning was a mad rush, and Harry was grateful that the twins didn't try anything to wake him up. Staggering into the kitchen with Daniel at his side, both were glad that Molly had coffee for the two of them that morning. Giving Molly a small smile of thanks over the rim of his mug, Harry was able to fully function properly after his morning fix.
After another large meal, the group made their way to the sitting room, and Arthur passed out the gifts. Harry was surprised at the thoughtfulness of Ron and the others when they got him special gloves and boots made of dragon hide as well as special protective gear for when he was out on missions. They gave the team the same things and explained that they were self sizing. Molly decided to get something extra special for the team and had given them special protective amulets. Each was a different symbol, to show that she took in what each member of the team meant to Harry.
Arthur got them several priceless artifacts from the Department of Mysteries. One was a book written in Ancient and Daniel began flipping through the pages. Jack and Teal'c got two different weapons, and they had a feeling they could pass through the Goa'uld shields. Sam got an advanced healing device that could heal much safer than the device the Tok'ra used. Finally, Harry was given three small boxes of which all had the symbol of magic and Tua'ri on them. He had a feeling that these three boxes could win them the war against Anubis.
With the thanks of gifts and the cleaning done, the rest of the holidays passed quickly. Harry was restless by the end of the week, and even though he would miss the Weasley's, he still needed to do something. The day they left, Harry gave them all a blinding smile, and activated the port-key to send them back to Jack's place. With a day left of leave, Harry was able to calm himself and to prepare for the wave of work.
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