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Title: Goa'uld and Hermione
Author: Kat
Chapter: 7/9
Rating: PG 15
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter or Stargate: SG1. If I did, well then I'd be rich, and we could all have a slumber party with them included.
Warning: Language, implied violence, implied bloodshed
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Work was hectic as usual, and Harry was glad that his holidays had been so relaxing. The amount of planets they visited once they had returned had tripled in numbers due to Harry's magical abilities and the fact that he behaved similar to the Ancients. The battles against Anubis were damaging enough, but it seemed as if the Goa'uld wanted Harry as his newest host. This made security checks and medical exams on the SG1 team just more detailed and their planetary explorations even more interesting, and checked over.
Jack had sent up a request for the magical community to keep an eye on one Hermione Granger because of her actions towards Harry. He asked that they be discreet, and that only if she was showing severe signs of harming Harry that she be dealt with.
Harry was twitching to get back out into the field and began talking to himself in parseltongue.
{Stupid security checks, and stupid Anubis. Why does all the evil megalomaniacs always come after me? Do I have a tattoo on my aurora that says “Look at me! I'm perfect for you to try and take over!” Bloody fucking hell!} He never noticed Jack come into the room, but heard the snickering of his friend.
{Yeah, laugh it up old man! I'll give you a reason to laugh!} Harry's voice was indignant, but Jack saw the laughter in his eyes before he got hit with the tickling spell.
Daniel entered the room to see Jack on the floor laughing, and Harry looking smug. Not wanting to stop Harry's form of entertainment, but knowing that they had to go, he cleared his throat.
“Harry, can you take the spell off Jack, we need to head out to the 'Gate room to start missions again.” By the time Daniel was done speaking, Jack had stopped laughing, and Harry was putting several small boxes in a bag with some extra clothes and a small suitcase.
“Well, let's go!” Turning around he saw the amazed look and rolled his eyes. “Daniel, you know I'm a wizard. Now, shoo!”
Jack snickered at the expression on Daniel's face and followed Harry to the 'Gate room, hearing Daniel run to catch up to them after a moment of silence. Daniel gave his friend a look and Jack burst into laughter again at the attempted glare and looks of retribution. Neither saw the smirk on Harry's face as he walked in front of them and as he waved to the General before standing next to Sam and Teal'c.
“What are they laughing about?” Sam asked Harry quietly.
“Daniel forgot I was a wizard,” Harry said simply.
Giving a beaming smile to both Sam and Teal'c causing both to laugh softly. The two chuckles snapped Jack and Daniel out of their bickering, and they glared at Harry in mock anger.
“Children, stop fooling around, it's time for you to go. You are clear for the mission.” General Hammond spoke before anymore laughing could ensue, and the team was off.
----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------
Dodging the blasts from the Jaffa, Harry was protecting Daniel's fallen form. He had been shot in the side, but he had also hit his head as he fell. With several spells around him as a shield, Harry managed to heal Daniel enough to Apparate with him to the 'Gate. Jack was there with Sam and Teal'c, and within moments, they were running back through.
Harry was worried as they ran through the 'Gate. Daniel's injuries were pretty bad, and he had a feeling that Daniel would most likely have a concussion. Seeing his friend in such a state, Harry asked if he could stay with Daniel as he recuperated. Janet gave a small smile and agreed only if Harry followed her rules. With a sad smile and nod, Harry left to get debriefed by the General.
Walking solemnly into the conference room, Harry answered each question directed to him in a quiet monotone voice. After an hour of retelling the situation, Harry was finally allowed to leave, and Sam, Jack and Teal'c were not surprised to see him sit beside Daniel's bed. Jack gave a sad sigh, and motioned Sam to follow him.
“He's very protective of us Sam, and seeing Daniel in such pain is hurting him as well. I can only hope that with Daniel's recovery, Harry can recover as well.” Jack's voice was serious and held a tint of regret.
Sam knew that Harry chose to fight with them, and Jack was hoping that Harry wouldn't regret his decision to help them.
“Harry will keep an eye on Daniel for a while now, and know when to back down. I know that he'll keep fighting, if only to prevent any other injuries to any of us,” Sam spoke with an air of certainty and Jack couldn't help but smile.
Teal'c looked at Harry one last time and commented, “As a warrior, Harry can not leave Daniel Jackson alone. His sense of honour will keep him by Daniel Jackson's side to protect him from harm.” Jack smiled at Teal'c's reasoning.
Giving Sam and Teal'c a nod to show he understood, the three left, not one seeing the shimmer of an invisibility cloak that hid one determined Hermione Granger from view.
----------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------
Harry knew that someone was in the room with him and Daniel, and he had a fairly good idea on who it was. As he made sure that Daniel was comfortable, he pulled out his wand and silently summoned the Invisibility Cloak. Seeing Hermione looking at him with a miffed expression, Harry sighed and went back to taking care of Daniel.
“What do you want Hermione? I've already spoken my point to you about your behaviour concerning me over the holidays.” His voice was soft and calm, holding back the anger and bitterness that she deserved.
“I just wanted to see the so called work that you're doing. All I really see is metal walls and military personnel. Really Harry, this isn't a job -” She was cut off with a slap to the face.
“How dare you insult the people I work with. What we are doing isn't pointless or what you would consider perfect, but it is what I'm doing!” Harry's voice was a dark whisper, reminding Hermione that Harry was protective.
“Well, why can't you say anything then?” She challenged him outright and was about to be smug, when Jack came back in.
“Harry, how's Dan-- What the fuck are you doing here?!” His tone went from friendly to pissed off in no time, alerting several guards, and the ward structure to prevent Hermione from escaping.
“Hermione, this job is classified as Unspeakable work. Thus I can't tell anyone what I do unless they work with me. If you can't get over that, well, then you need to be monitored because you are becoming dangerous with your obsession.” Harry's voice was flat and emotionless, knowing that Hermione would never back down, thus making her a threat, and needed to be placed in intensive care.
She reacted predictably and was quickly apprehended and locked in a warded cell. The cold fury on her face made Hermione look repulsive and Harry had the task of calling in the British Minister of Magic to come in and deal with Hermione. Arthur didn't realize that the girl was so far gone, but had her placed in one of the many rooms of Saint Mugno's to help her overcome her obsessive behaviour.
Seeing that the Wards were working, Harry decided to put another layer of protection as Daniel healed, and let Jack deal with Arthur and General Hammond on the whole problem with Hermione.
----------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------
“Hey Daniel, I do hope you wake soon. I saw the pile of translations on your desk, and I really don't envy the work that you'll have to do when you do finally wake up.” Harry's voice was strained after adding another layer of protection over the base and dealing with the emotions that Hermione forced back into the open.
“I know that you'll want coffee when you wake up, but I suppose that you'll have to settle for candy, just don't tell Janet. She'll skin me alive, even if I do have magic to help me out.” He chuckled mirthlessly and gazed upon his friend with sad green eyes.
“Please wake up soon Daniel, I really need you to wake up soon. Jack can only handle so much, and I'm scared of putting more pressure on him. He dealt with Hermione and answered Arthur's questions, but I don't want to add the layers of what I'm feeling on top of it. I just know that something will give if I do; or that I'll be pushed away.” The last part was said so quietly that Teal'c had to strain to hear the confession, propelling him into the room.
“Harry Potter, I believe that it would be beneficial if you rest, before Daniel Jackson wakes to see you looking worse than he will probably feel.” The soft spoken words, gave Harry a start, but he silently followed Teal'c out of the room to get some rest; hopefully without the nightmares.
Teal'c let Harry get comfortable before commenting that he would be willing to listen and offer advice if Harry needed it. Starting off calmly and with some emotion, Harry began to tell Teal'c what had been on his mind for the longest time. Speaking out his insecurities, his fears and the over bearing guilt that he still carried from the wizarding world's war. By the end of his monologue, Teal'c was cradling Harry as if he were a child, and spoke in reassuring tones the words that were a salvation to Harry's tired soul.
After a while Harry began to fall asleep, and for once, he didn't have nightmares of people dieing in battle, or seeing Daniel falling on the last mission. He was able to sleep the and recuperate the missing bits of peace that he needed for the while to come.
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