Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 7

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Chapter 7
Sam lay still, not sure why he was awake until he heard it again. He didn't even hesitate in leaving his bed and going to the other. Looking down he found Harry locked in another nightmare, his face pale and soaked with sweat. He slipped into the bed and pulled the teen into his arms, trying to comfort him, smiling when Harry slowly began to relax. Sleepy green eyes opened and then went wide.
“It's okay, you were having a nightmare.” Sam whispered and Harry looked away.
“Sorry. I'll be quite, I promise.” Harry whispered and Sam tightened his grip, mad that his Dad and Dean had made Harry's behaviour revert to the way he'd been when he'd first arrived.
“You have nothing to be sorry for Har. I ever tell you what got me back into hunting?” Harry shook his head and slowly looked back at him.
“Dean showed up because he couldn't find Dad. And promptly started flirting with my girlfriend.” That got a small smile.
“So I eventually agreed to go as long as we were back by Monday since I had a big interview. We ended up in the middle of a hunt and then Dean took me back to my place at Stanford. When I got there, the shower was running so I thought Jess was in the shower. I lay down on the bed to wait for her and then I felt something drip onto my face. I looked up and...she was there, pinned to the ceiling and looking terrified. I tried to reach her but I couldn't. Then she burst into flames. Dean had come back and he pulled me out. Our Mom died the same way in my nursery when I was six months old.” Sam explained and suddenly it was his turn to be hugged.
“It hurts.” Harry whispered, burying his head in Sam's shirt.
“Cedric was a few years older than me in Hufflepuff, I'm in Gryffindor. There was this tri-school tournament. But there was a mess up and I ended up entered as well. Cedric helped me out when he could and when it came to the end we reached the cup at the same time. I suggested we both take since it would be a win for Hogwarts no matter what. We didn't know it was a portkey. We ended up in a graveyard and then I heard him, the man that betrayed my parents. He killed Cedric.” Harry sobbed, choking back sobs and Sam tightened his grip. It was amazing that even though they were very different people they had still gone through very similar things.
“What happened wasn't your fault Harry; you're just a kid, no matter what anyone says.” Sam soothed and Harry shook his head, fighting tears.
“It's okay to cry Harry, sometimes it even helps.” Harry gave in and broke down. Sam just held on and let him cry.
He looked up and glared as he saw his Dad hovering at the connecting door. His glare faded as he saw the look of understanding on the older man's face. John left silently and Sam went back to comforting the teen.
Sam woke to find himself alone in the bed. Sitting up in alarm he relaxed as he spotted Harry sitting at the table and then frowned as he watched what the wizard was doing. Harry had an odd looking silver bowl on the table in front of him and a slender stick against his temple. Frowning in concentration Harry pulled the stick away and a silver strand emerged from his head to follow the stick. He gently lowered it into the bowl and then slumped in his chair. That had Sam throwing the covers back and moving to his side.
“Harry, are you alright?” Sam knelt beside him and Harry looked up at him with a small smile.
“Just tired, I've never tried this before.” Harry admitted, leaning into the land Sam had placed against his forehead.
“What did you do?” Sam asked but Harry shook his head.
“After breakfast, it's something for the three of you.” Harry answered and Sam nodded.
“I'm going to go get said food, will you be okay?” Sam's concern made Harry smile.
“I'll have my shower and get dressed.” He told his cousin and Sam nodded, throwing on some clothes and heading out.
When Harry emerged from his shower he stopped dead at the sight of his uncle and older cousin sitting at the table staring at the pensieve.
“Good morning.” He greeted softly and was relieved to see that there was warmth in Dean's eyes when he answered.
“Where's Sam?” John asked brusquely and Harry backed off a bit.
“He went to get breakfast Uncle John.”
Hearing the quiet way Harry answered his Dad made Dean regret his own actions the night before. Because despite everything else he was still just a kid, one they suspected had not been treated well by his family. Dean was grateful that Sammy had rebelled against John for the millionth time and had chosen to stick by Harry. But everything they knew about magic said it was evil and Dean found it harder than Sam to fight against a whole lifetime of believing that. Then he'd look at Harry and it was suddenly easier to believe not all magic was bad. The kid wasn't evil; he was just a lonely teenager who from the look and sound of things had never been treated well by family. And what does his Dad go and do, he pulls a gun on him. Dean sighed, catching Harry's attention. He decided he wasn't going to play peacekeeper, this time he was picking a side.
Harry froze when Dean grinned at him and patted the seat beside him. Dean's grin softened into an understanding smiled and Harry walked over, sitting down beside his cousin. He saw his Uncle tense and flinched slightly only to find a warm hand on his arm. Dean shifted a little so that he was somewhat in front of Harry, protecting him from John's disapproving stare. Harry relaxed as the motel room door opened and Sam came in with the food. Seeing the way they were sitting Sam smiled at Dean who just shrugged.
They ate in silence, Dean and Sam keeping Harry as far from their Dad as possible. No one mentioned the odd bowl after Sam shook his head at Dean when he went to touch it. Once everyone was done they turned to Harry.
“Inside that bowl is a copy of all my memories up to boarding the plane at Heathrow. The bowl is a penseive; they're used to store memories so you can take a closer look at them. It's kind of like a movie but you can move around inside it, you just can't interact and nothing going on can affect you.” Harry explained and Sam's eyes went wide while John looked thoughtful.
“Harry, you didn't have to.”Sam started but Harry cut him off.
“Yes I did.” Harry finally met John's stare.
“You wanted my life story well it's all in there.”
“Sam's right Harry.” Dean tried but Harry simply stared at him and then John and Dean gave up. Harry was right; their Dad was a stubborn bastard, especially when it came to protecting his boys.
“So what do we do?”
“Hold hands.” Harry answered, unable to hide his grin at Dean and John's annoyed looks.
“It needs magic to activate and since I'm the only magical person here I'll be pulling you in with me.” Harry explained and the grudgingly held hands.
“Ready?” At the consenting noises Harry touched the silvery liquid and they plunged into his memories.