Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 9

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Chapter 9
“Albus!” The old wizard looked up as Tonks screamed his name, barging into his office with Alastor and Kingsley.
“What seems to be the problem?” he asked kindly, slightly worried since all three had been among those sent to retrieve Harry.
“It's Potter, he's missing.” Kingsley stated before Tonks could answer.
“The Aunt knows something about it, she was way too happy to see us foiled.” Alastor growled.
“I warned you cutting off contact wasn't smart. The boy just lived through hell and you left him there alone.”
“That's enough Alastor; I know what I'm doing. Harry did not need to hear what the Ministry is saying; he needed the time alone to grieve.”
“And now he's gone! What do we do?” Tonks asked, hair shifting colours to reflect her changing emotions.
“Inform the Order and organise a search. He must be found before term starts.”
The three young males woke the next morning to the smell of coffee and pancakes. Much to their surprise John was sitting at the table with a veritable feast spread out in front of him slowly sipping at a cup of coffee.
“You three planning to get up any time today?” He asked and Dean grinned, recognising the apology for what it was. He pulled Harry up out of the bed and gave him a gentle push towards the bathroom with orders to wash up.
It wasn't long before they were all seated and eating, neither Winchester boy commenting on the fact that every breakfast food Harry had admitted to liking was present. When they were all full to bursting they lazed around drinking their beverage of choice, coffee for the Winchester's and hot chocolate for Harry.
“We need to talk about a lot of things.” John finally said and he noticed Harry stiffen.
“I...owe you an apology Harry, you're my nephew and I should never have pulled a gun on you without letting you explain so...I'm sorry.” By the time he was finished Harry was staring at him wide eyed.
“You don't have to...” the teen mumbled and John frowned.
“Yes I do.”
“Okay. But I should have told you when you told me about hunting so it's my fault too.” Dean snorted at that but they decided that was the best they were going to get from the kid.
“So we need to talk about what happens next. For starters I think we're all agreed that you will not be going back to Petunia ever again. I know she was better this summer but you do not deserve what they did to you. Time with us is dangerous but at least it's outside danger.” John explained and Harry stared at him before smiling in thanks.
“That said we need to discuss your schooling. I know I don't like the idea of sending you back to that school for several reason and none of them have to do with the fact it teaches magic. I do however have problems with the way the staff acts and the fact that you aren't getting a normal education as well. And after last year it just plain probably won't be safe.”
“We agree with Dad Harry, that school just isn't safe. Is there any way you could be privately tutored or just swap schools? We could easily home school you for regular high school, it saves on questions about why you move around so much.” Sam explained and Dean nodded to let Harry know they all did agree.
“Leave Hogwarts? I...” Harry trailed off, unsure what to do. He loved the school and his friends, but...why hadn't he heard anything from them all summer? Even when he'd been at the Dursley's there'd been not one owl, not even from Sirius.
“You've still got time Harry, just think about it, please.” Dean told him and Harry nodded.
“Sam, why don't you see about getting some books to try and start him on normal school work, see where he's up to. We're also going to increase your training Harry, if Voldemort has targeted you so many times already then he won't stop and you'll need to be ready.”
“You don't have to do this.”
“Yeah we do, you're family Harry.” Dean stated.
John watched as Sam and Harry sat together, dark heads bent over a workbook of some sort. How could Petunia have neglected their nephew so badly that he had the school knowledge of an eleven year old? She should have done something other than blame all her life problems on the child. It wasn't like he was hard to love; in fact it was all too easy to do so.
Harry still hadn't said anything about school but they still had a few weeks left and he had an idea, as long as his old friend could hold off shooting him long enough for him to explain. Maybe a phone call would be safer? He knew that one day someone would come looking for Harry, especially if he didn't turn up for school, so they needed a safe place for the kid.
“Bobby, its John Winchester. I know you're still mad but don't hang up. I need your help.”
“And why should I give it?”
“Because it'll help make Sam and Dean happy plus keep a kid safe.” John rushed out and smirked when Bobby stayed silent.
“I'm listening.”
“Know anything about wizards? As in people who use a wand and don't make demonic deals?”
“Vague rumours, why?” Bobby asked suspiciously.
“Because my nephew is one and needs a safe place while he finishes school. You're place is the safest I know of.”
“NEPHEW?” John winced at Bobby's shout.
“I have, had, two half-sisters in England. The youngest is dead, he's her son. Due to a war England just isn't safe for him anymore. He's been living with the sister I knew about. Petunia...I'm ashamed to call her my sister after seeing what she's put him through. He's barely fifteen and has been through more near death experiences than any kid should. I want to keep him with us but he needs a stable environment. He hasn't been to anything but a magic school since he was eleven. I know it's a lot to ask...”
“The lot of you get here. I want to meet this kid.” With that Bobby hung up and John relaxed. At least he hadn't said no yet.
Harry looked out over the scrap yard as his uncle parked the truck, Dean pulling up behind them.
“I know it's not much to look at but this place was probably the closest either of the boys had to a home for years.” John explained and Harry grinned.
“It's brilliant.” Sam opened his door and Harry dropped to the ground, having gotten used to the height of the truck weeks ago though he still preferred the Impala. The four of them headed for the house and a gruff looking man emerged.
“Hey Bobby!” Sam called with a grin and the man nodded.
“Good to see you Sam. Get inside the lot of you.” He motioned them inside and Harry raised an eyebrow at the row of shot glasses. Seeing the others pick one up he followed along and then realised what the clear liquid was, holy water.
“So you're John's nephew.” Bobby stated once they'd drunk.
“Yes sir.”
“Drop the sir kid. Name?” Bobby was frowning slightly as he looked Harry over.
“Harry Potter.” Bobby's frown deepened as he thought over why the name was familiar.
“The kid that stopped the last Dark Lord?” He asked and Harry nodded in annoyance.
“Not that a baby can do much, whatever happened was more Mum's doing than mine. Anyway, he's back now.” Bobby groaned at that.
“Targeting you?”
“Yep. So I decided it was a good time to track down the family that showed up in a school project.”
“Alright so what do you need from me John?”
“Since you know about wizards, we need help either finding a school in America or finding a way to get him homeschooled in magic. Plus Sam's been helping him get to the point where we can sign him up for normal school but he needs a permanent address for that.”
“I'm not sure about the magic school. Can't you contact your government? As for normal school, you want him to live here? What happens when I leave on a hunt?”
“I can be left alone for a few days you know.” Harry grumbled.
“I could send a note with Hedwig addressed to the American Wizarding Government, she can find anyone if she has a name.” He shrugged and they nodded.
“At least it's a start.”