Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 11

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Chapter 11
John studied the man Harry had sent for as a tutor. Even in America they'd heard about Sirius Black and to find out he was his nephew's godfather and a wizard? He didn't know how to feel about it even with Harry's assurances that Black was innocent. He trusted Bobby to watch over his nephew though and that would have to do. He'd picked up the demon's trail again and needed to go. He smiled as he watched Harry and Sam gang up on Dean, his eldest going down under the combined assault.
“Thank you.” John looked at the wizard who had spoken and arched an eyebrow.
“I've never seen Harry so...free. Back in England everyone looks at him like a saviour for the most part, though thanks to the Ministry that's changing. They don't want to admit Voldemort's back so they're trying to discredit Harry and Dumbledore. Better he's away from all that and getting the chance to just be a kid for a while.” Sirius explained and John nodded.
“Why Harry?” John finally asked the question that had been plaguing him since he'd learnt the truth of Lily's death and Sirius looked down.
“I don't it all but...shortly after Harry was born a prophecy was made. I don't know what it says; only the ones a prophecy is about can remove it from the Hall of Prophecies inside the Department of Mysteries. I know Dumbledore is the one it was given too and that Voldemort knows part of it due to a spy. All I know is that it spoke of a child born at the end of the seventh month that would be a threat to Voldemort and that it could have been Harry or one of his classmates. Sooner or later Harry will face Voldemort again, he has no choice. Prophecy can't be thwarted, it can be delayed but sooner or later it must be fulfilled.” Sirius explained sadly, staring out at where the boys were fooling around although John could see they were still teaching Harry even while having fun.
“You're telling me my nephew has to face that...thing again? It nearly killed him Black!” John growled and Sirius' eyes went wide.
“You've seen....”
“After we found out Harry was a wizard he did something with a bowl and this silvery liquid.” John said and Sirius nodded thoughtfully.
“A pensieve, I remember Harry saying he's viewed one before. Didn't know he knew how to make one. So how much did he show you?”
“His life.” John answered and Sirius stared in shock.
“Harry....he....” Sirius stuttered out and then took a deep breath.
“Harry guards his privacy jealously. Not even Ron and Hermione know much about his life before Hogwarts and they're his best friends. He must trust you a lot.” Sirius admitted and John could hear the pain in his voice.
“I think it was more he wanted us to understand...we're hunters Black, we hunt down and stop anything that threatens people and in doing that we've run into a few witches. Every one of them made a deal with evil for their power so you can imagine our reactions to Harry using magic.” John admitted and Sirius growled, sounding a lot like the big black dog he'd shown up as.
“Sam accepted his was different pretty much right away, Dean by the next morning but...those boys are all I have left, I have to protect them.”
“So Harry showed you to prove he wasn't evil. Sounds like him. I know you don't trust me but Harry is all I have left really, other than Remus. Anyone wanting to hurt him has to get through me.” Sirius swore and John nodded grudgingly.
“You're leaving.” John spun around at the quiet words to see Harry hovering in the doorway. He sighed and motioned for the kid to come into the room which he did.
“I've got a trail Harry, if I can kill this demon...” John trailed off not sure how to explain but Harry nodded and John realised Harry probably understood better than most.
“You're not telling Dean and Sam? They're going to be mad if they find you gone.”
“I know but I can't risk them on this. If I tell them it'll just lead to a fight.” John said and Harry smiled.
“And then they'll follow you no matter what you say.” He finished for John.
“No what it's like huh?”
“Ron and Hermione.” Harry stated and John grinned.
“You look after yourself Harry, keep up your training and listen to your cousins and godfather.”
“I will.” Harry promised before lunging in to hug John. He froze for a second before holding the teen tightly.
“You better come back alive.” Harry muttered and John smiled.
“I promise to do my best. Off to bed now Harry.” John gave him a small push towards the door, watching the teen walk away. Harry paused in the doorway, turning to stare at John and he realised his nephew was trying to memorise him. Once Harry was gone he gathered his things and headed for his truck. He frowned at the bag already in there but there was a note pinned to the top.
Harry had the feeling you were leaving. Bags full of healing supplies able to be used by muggles plus instructions. The mirror is a two way communications device. I have one and Harry will have his by Christmas. Just say the person's name to activate. Don't make Harry mourn more family.
John shook his head in amusement at Harry's actions. He was grateful for the supplies though.
Harry watched the Impala disappear, fighting the feeling of abandonment as Bobby lay a hand on his shoulder.
“They'll be back for you kid. Family's everything to a Winchester. But they were right, you need to finish school and you aren't ready for hunting.” Bobby told him gruffly and Harry nodded absently. Sirius had gone back to England for a week so it was just him and Bobby now.
“I know.” Harry answered and then gave a small smile.
“Guess I know how my friends feel when I try to leave them behind.” That made Bobby chuckle.
“Come on, you have homework to do and I'd like some more info on that ritual used to bring Voldemort back, see if I can find something to counter it.” Bobby offered and Harry grinned, heading inside to finish his English essay. Bobby sighed and looked back down the road, wanting to knock some sense into a certain older Winchester's head. The kid was not one to take being left behind well and Bobby knew that if word reached them about things in England going bad he wasn't enough to keep Harry in the States.
Bobby bolted towards Harry's room as the screams grew in volume, shotgun ready to fire. What he found had him dropping the gun and rushing to the bed where Harry was convulsing and trying to claw at his face. He pinned the kid's hands, staring in horror at the blood pouring from a scar that looked like a new wound and not the fourteen year old injury it was.
“Harry! Wake up kid!” He shouted but Harry couldn't hear him. He held Harry, calling to him as the boy writhed on the bed until suddenly going limp. If it weren't for the fact he was panting Bobby would have checked for a pulse. Emerald eyes slowly opened and then Harry was rolling to his side to be sick over the edge of the bed.
“Harry?” Bobby called again, relieved when Harry focused on him.
“What happened?” He demanded urgently.
“Got him.” Harry managed to choke out and Bobby looked around, grabbing the half empty bottle of water from Harry's desk and helping the kid drink.
“He's got Sirius. I have to go.” Harry answered, tumbling out of bed to grab his things, shoving them into his bag. Bobby grabbed his arm to stop.
“Harry slow down and think for a moment. Rushing off'll just get you killed.”
“I don't care! I won't let Sirius die like... I won't!” With that Harry bolted past him, Bobby hot on his heels the hunter stopped as Harry vanished several feet into his yard, swearing loudly about idiot Winchesters cause name or not the kid was a Winchester through and through.
“John, Bobby. Harry's gone. I tried to stop him but all he said was something about him having Sirius. Let me know if you hear from the kid.”
“Dean, Bobby. Harry's gone. I told you idjits not to go but...I know it's not your fault so ignore the last part. All I know is it has something to do with Sirius. Let me know if you hear from him.”
“No, no, no, it's our dad. It's our dad!” Dean argued and the approaching nurse left them alone.
“Okay, let's try again -- an amp of atropine.” The doctor ordered and Sam clung to Dean, neither noticing the dark haired figure watching them from down the hall.
“Come on.” They watched tearfully as the doctor tried several more times to revive the fallen man.
“Okay. Stop compression.” The Doctor ordered and Dean shut his eyes.
“Come on, come on.” Dean begged and Sam choked on a sob.
“Still no pulse.” A nurse announced as John flat lined.
“Okay, that's it, everybody. I'll call it. Time of death -- 10:41 AM.” The doctor called and down the hall a small sob was heard as a teen vanished from the hospital.