Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 12

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Here's the big time skip some of you were warned about.
Chapter 12
Harry studied the area he had apparated to curiously. The sword of Gryffindor a comforting invisible weight against his back and his wand in its wrist holster as he scanned the area for the person he was seeking along with any possible threats. Hearing the sounds of fighting coming from the warehouse up ahead he slipped into the shadows and made his way over silently. Part of him absently wondered if his family would even recognise him anymore after two years of constant war as he slipped unseen into the warehouse. What he saw made his blood run cold. Sam was tied to a chair, barely conscious as what had to be demons mocked and hit him. With a thought he had wand and sword in hand and was moving towards the demons, magic flaring around him. The first demon looked up only to have the centuries old magical blade sever its vocal chords and then remove its head.
“Now that I have your attention.” Harry stated calmly as the other four demons stared at him in shock. In his chair Sam's eyelids fluttered as he tried to focus but his head was pounding in rhythm to his heartbeat and he slipped into unconsciousness.
Harry flung a cutting curse at one demon even as his sword gutted another. He knew that he was also harming the bodies they were using but he knew they were already dead so he didn't feel bad about going all out on them. All he could do for those poor people was ensuring their bodies would no longer be used to harm others. He winced as one landed a hit, feeling a rib cave under the blow but he pushed the pain away and focused on the fight. Ten minutes later he was the only one standing, after all Sam was sitting, well slouching in his chair really. Harry resheathed his sword and wand and then closed his eyes, slowing his breathing as he focused his magic inward, healing his ribs and then the scattered cuts and bruises he had gained in the fight. When he opened his eyes again they seemed to almost glow for a second before he shook his head and moved over to his cousin.
Harry stared at Sam for a second, taking in the changes time had made to his cousin before untying him with a flick of his wrist. Without the ropes Sam slumped forward and Harry had to grab him before he could hit the ground. Harry checked him over for injuries but there was nothing too bad so he levitated Sam's body and floated him out of the warehouse. He found the Impala parked nearby so he put Sam inside and then got in to drive, thankful he had taken the time to get driving lessons back home, so all he had to do was remember to drive on the opposite side of the road. A search of Sam's pockets revealed a motel room key so he turned the car around and headed into town, looking for the right motel. Finding it he parked and went to Sam's room, opening the door and checking for danger before working to get Sam inside, not an easy task since he had to look normal while doing so in case there were any cameras or people nearby. He poured a few potions down Sam's throat and then rubbed a bruise salve on after the embarrassment of having to strip his cousin had worn off.
Once sure that Sam would be okay he quickly resized his bag and changed into clean clothes before slipping from the room to do some shopping, shaking his head at the lack of food. What was Sam doing alone and trying to either starve himself or get killed by demons? Where was Dean?
Sam lay still as he woke, trying to figure out what had happened. The last thing he remembered was being tied to a chair and being used as a punching bag for a group of demons. But he didn't hurt anymore, he was lying down and he could smell food cooking. Cracking an eye open he was surprised to see what appeared to be his motel room. Peering around slowly he caught sight of a male figure cooking in the small kitchen area. He couldn't see much, just shoulder length dark hair, black jeans and a grey top. Moving slowly he reached under his pillow for Dean's knife and grasped it only to freeze as the person turned and he found himself staring into brilliant green eyes.
“You're finally awake!”
“Who...Harry!” Sam sat up as it hit him exactly who was in the room. He was answered with an embarrassed grin from his cousin. Harry moved over to sit on the edge of the bed and Sam studied the teenager closely. The kid had grown so he was probably close to five ten or eleven and he wasn't wearing the familiar glasses, not to mention he had filled out a bit since Sam had last seen him. The scar that had once been so obvious was now just a thin line on his forehead.
“Is it really you?” Sam whispered, everyone else was dead so it was possible Harry was to. His cousin frowned.
“What do you mean Sam? Look I know I just sort of left without a word but I had to! And I know it's been a while but it was too dangerous to try and send word. I couldn't risk leading the Death Eaters to you guys. I didn't mean to be gone for years, promise.” Harry explained and Sam just stared at him, bewildered.
“Chrsito.” He whispered but there was no reaction except a small smile and eye roll from Harry.
“Not a demon though considering I found you with some I suppose it's a good thing you checked.” Harry said and Sam lunged, pulling the teen into a tight hug. Harry tensed for a second before wrapping his arms around Sam.
“It's okay Sam, not leaving again.” He promised. And he had no plans to ever leave his family again. Three weeks ago he couldn't have made that promise but now? Now he had no reason to go back to England, not after Blaise had....he shoved that thought aside. Sam was obviously upset enough without knowing what had happened to Harry.
“Harry...you grew up.” Sam commented as they separated and Harry shrugged.
“I'm seventeen now Sam, I'd hope I've grown a bit.” Harry answered and Sam frowned, reaching out to trace a scar.
“It's more than that.” He pushed and Harry looked away.
“War isn't exactly nice Sam. Yeah I've got a few new scars and I can fight a lot better than I could when I saw you last time but it hasn't been all bad.” He admitted softly and Sam winced.
“Why did you leave?” He asked, needing to know why Harry had left without a word.
“I had a vision. Voldemort had Sirius...it was a trap. Sirius died and I came back as soon as I could but...I know Uncle John's dead, I was there. I should have let you know but....I'd just lost Sirius and you and Dean looked so torn up...I just had to get out.” Harry explained haltingly and Sam closed his eyes in pain, though at least that was one less death he had to break the news about.
“I'm sorry Harry; I know how much Sirius meant to you. I wish you'd let us know you were there...but I understand why you didn't.” Sam finally told him and Harry relaxed a bit.
“So war...does that mean, since you're back?”
“Voldemort's dead, permanently this time.” Was the curt response and Sam didn't push.
“So what's been going on here? Where's Dean?” Harry asked and then grabbed Sam as he paled, closing his eyes again.
“Sam! Answer me please!” Harry yelled but Sam didn't respond, locked in his own pain over what he saw as his failure. Grumbling under his breath Harry pushed Sam back against the headboard and then slapped his face. Hazel eyes shot open and Sam raised an arm to defend himself only to find concerned green eyes locked on him.
“Back with me cousin?” Harry asked and Sam nodded.
“What happened?” Harry asked nervously and Sam sighed.
“Dean's dead.” Sam whispered and Harry froze. Dean? No he couldn't be dead.
“How?” Harry choked out and haunted hazel eyes met his.
“He sold his soul to bring me back. I should be dead, not him.” Sam answered and Harry pulled him into a hug, practically able to feel Sam's pain. He knew what that sort of gilt was like, Cedric, Sirius, Tonks...all the people who had died because they were in the way or he'd screwed up.
“It's not your fault Sam, Dean chose to do it.” Harry whispered the same words that had been spoken to him a hundred times and he doubted Sam believed them anymore than he did.
“Come on, you need to eat.” He took Sam's hand and tugged lightly, grateful when Sam stumbled to his feet and followed him over to the table. He knew enough for now, no need to make Sam relive such painful memories yet. Maybe he could call Bobby for the rest or even pop in on him while Sam was asleep.
Bobby grabbed his shotgun as a small pop sounded in the yard. He tensed and then looked out when he heard approaching footsteps only to frown at the young man heading for his door. He opened it before his guest could knock and then nearly dropped the shotgun as he realised who was standing in front of him.
“Hey Mr. Singer, mind if I come in?” Harry Potter asked and Bobby nodded, lowering the gun.
“Shit kid, I was starting to think you were dead after you ran off. Nearly two years and not a word!” Bobby exclaimed and Harry ran a hand through his hair nervously.
“Sorry about that but it was too risky. Anyway I'm back now, wars over and the first thing I had to do upon hitting America was save Sam from a bunch of demons. He's too messed up to go over what I missed so....what'd I miss?” Harry asked and then took a step backwards as Bobby glared at him.
“What? Look, I know...about Uncle John, I was actually there for the doctors trying to revive him and Sam managed to tell me Dean's dead and he is blaming himself so can I get the big story please so I know how to help Sam?” Bobby just stared at the teen in shock. All timidness was gone from the kid, but he wasn't really a kid anymore was he? Bobby could see it in his eyes and stance, he'd seen battle now.
“First thing first.” Bobby filled a shot glass and handed it over. Harry smiled but drank the contents without reacting and Bobby relaxed, waving Harry over to the couch.
“You've missed a lot. Speaking of Sam, where is he?”
“Boulder, Colorado and currently fast asleep. I apparated over, figured it'd be better to talk in person than over the phone.”
“Yeah. So you know about John...things started going downhill after that. Did you know about well Sam?”
“What about him? Is he okay, I didn't think he was sick or something?”
“No, nothing like that. I really shouldn't be the one to tell you this but well you are a Wizard yourself so I guess you won't be one to go off about it.”
“Just spit it out already!” Harry growled and Bobby sighed.
“The demon that killed you Aunt...it was there for Sam and he wasn't the only one. It went after a lot of kids on their sixth month birthday. Turns out all the kids were psychic; Sam had visions of things connected to the other kids and the demon. They started fully just after you left. By following his visions Sam and Dean met a few of the kids and...the demon managed to get to a lot of them. They met up with John, went after and managed to get a gun that can kill demons and then went after the demon, except it laid a trap with some help. John got caught and possessed, nearly killed Dean. Then the Impala was hit side on by a truck and Dean ended up in a coma. Suddenly Dean woke up and a few minutes later John was dead and the colt gone. Guess you popped in at some point?”
“Into a janitor's closet at the hospital. Didn't know why they were there and then I saw Sam and Dean standing in a doorway and the doctors working on Uncle John...I stayed till they gave the time of death and then went back to London.”
“Why did you go to the hospital?” Bobby asked and Harry bit his lip.
“Remember the vision I had? It was a trap, they didn't have Sirius, they wanted me. Sirius was part of the rescue party and...I watched him die at the hand of his own psychotic cousin. I came back when it got too much, people yelling and arguing over what to do...wanting me back at my Aunts...stuff like that but when I heard...they had enough to deal with without my stuff on top of it. Then everything went to hell and I couldn't get away again.” Harry explained and Bobby nodded.
“They wouldn't have cared Harry; you scared them with your disappearing act and then no word. I know Dean was wondering if you were...well, dead.”
“I didn't mean too, honest.”
“I know kid. Well, after John died they kept hunting and running into more demons and then bout a year later Sam vanished. Turns out the demon took him and the other kids to an old ghost town called Cold Oak, wanted to thin them out and find the best. Came down to Sam and a guy named Jake, they were fighting when we turned up. Sam knocked Jake out and heard Dean calling, started towards us and then...Jake stabbed him in the back, severed his spine. Sam died in Dean's arms.” Bobby stopped as he saw the tears gathering in Harry's eyes.
“Tell me this Jake is dead.” He bit out and Bobby nodded.
“He was killed a few days later, by Sam. I left Dean alone with Sam's body...boy was inconsolable so I figured he could use the time alone. Except he took off for the nearest crossroads and made a deal, his soul and one year to live in exchange for Sam being alive. Nearly gave me a heart attack when they showed up.” Bobby explained and Harry chuckled.
“What? Didn't try to shoot them?” He teased bravely and Bobby grinned, shaking his head. Tracked Jake to an old cowboy cemetery with a Devil's Gate in it. Know what that is?”
“No but I can take a pretty good guess. Some sort of door to hell?” Harry aksed and Bobby nodded.
“Jake used the Colt to open and then Sam shot him but it was too late. We tried to close it while your cousins ended up facing the demon. Dean eventually managed to shoot it so it's dead but a lot of demons got free while the gate was open. Sam found out about his death and Dean's deal, spent every free moment trying to find a way to break it....we failed. Lilith is the demon that held his deal, we tried to take her out and failed, Dean was killed by her hellhounds and Sam...haven't seen the kid in over a month.” Bobby finished the brief over view and Harry looked away, trying to hide his tears. He couldn't believe Dean was dead and in hell. Maybe he could throw a few taunts Tom's way to make his time there better.
“What happens to a soul in hell Bobby?” Harry asked softly and the old hunter shrugged.
“Honestly kid, no one knows for sure except the demons.” He answered and harry looked at him, tears silently falling. Bobby sighed and reached out to hug the teen, not something he usually did but the boy needed it. Harry pulled back eventually with a blush but managed a shaky smile.
“Thanks Bobby, sorry for getting your shirt wet.”
“Better tears than blood. You bring that idjit cousin of yours around for a visit, you hear?”
“I'll try. Get the feeling we both got the stubborn genes though, I'll make him at least call even if I have to glue the phone to his ear.” Harry promised as he stood. He gave Bobby one last smile and then scared the hunter by apparating out of the room, making him grumble about finding new ways to ward the place against cheeky wizards.
Harry reappeared in the motel to find Sam still out for the count and decided it was about time he got some sleep himself.