Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 13

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Chapter 13
Sam woke up and looked around, seeing Harry asleep on the second bed. He smiled slightly at the sight and wished Dean could know that their cousin was still very much alive even if he had changed a lot. Though Sam guessed war would do that to you, he knew he'd changed after Jess' death, then Dad's and finally Dean's. How many people had Harry seen killed? Moving quietly he slipped out of bed and headed for the shower only to stop and stare at Harry's gear. He frowned as he saw the sword inside its scabbard, didn't it take years to learn how to use one properly but then he remembered Harry showing them the Chamber of Secrets and realised it was the same sword. He shook his head and finished the walk to the bathroom, deciding he might as well have a shower while he was in there. He came out to find Harry thrashing on his bed and several small objects shaking where they sat. Sam hesitated for a second and then slowly made his way towards Harry.
“Harry? It's Sam, you're okay. You need to wake up now.” He called softly as he approached, not wanting to startle the younger male. Larger objects were beginning to shake and Sam knew he had to wake Harry up fast. He made it to the bed and sat beside Harry, reaching out to grasp Harry's shoulders.
“Harry your dreaming, wake up!” he called forcefully and emerald eyes snapped open and then Sam felt as if he was flying for a second before his head collided with something hard and everything went black.
Sam moaned slightly and tried to open his eyes. He could hear someone talking softly nearby and there was a cold cloth on his forehead. He took a deep breath and forced his eyes open to see Harry sitting on the edge of the bed, pale and timid in a way Sam hadn't seen since shortly after Harry had learnt about the family business.
“Harry?” he croaked out and Harry handed him a glass of water without actually looking at him. Sam frowned, trying to remember what happened and then he sighed.
“I'm okay.” He said to reassure his cousin.
“I'm sorry.” Harry whispered sadly and Sam stretched out an arm to grab his hand.
“It's fine Harry, I know you didn't mean to.” Sam answered and Harry slowly looked at him. Sam smiled at him and was happy to see the fear leaving Harry's eyes.
“How long was I out?”
“Not long. I kind of forced a healing potion down your throat to speed things up.” Harry admitted and Sam nodded, hiding a wince at the fading pain in his head as he slowly sat up.
“I should go.” Harry whispered and Sam froze.
“Go where?” He asked and Harry shrugged.
“You're not going anywhere without me Harry. You're all the family I have left and I am not losing you again.” Sam stated forcefully and Harry stared at him in shock.
“No Harry. Family sticks together. I....since Dean....I know I'm a mess Harry, you don't deserve to get saddled with me but I...I need you kiddo.” Sam finished in a whisper and then he had his arms full of his cousin. They clung to each other, both broken in different ways but maybe together they could start to heal?
“Hey Bobby.” Sam's greeting was met by silence for a bit.
“Sam? Bout time you called boy, if Harry hadn't come by to let me know you were okay...” Bobby trailed off and Sam laughed sheepishly.
“He kind of...threatened to stick the phone to my ear if I didn't call. I'm sorry Bobby, I just....”
“I get it Sam, just glad to know you're still alive. Think you and Harry'll be headed my way anytime soon?”
“Not sure, there's a gig in LA we're looking at.” Sam paused and shook his head.
“Never thought I'd be talking about taking Harry on a hunt, hell even Dad was just trying to make sure he could defend himself, not turn him into a hunter.”
“That was before Harry went to war.” Bobby pointed out and Sam sighed.
“I know. He's...different Bobby. I just wish....it's not fair that he had to go through that.”
“We both know. Just be there for him Sam, he'll open up to you eventually.”
“Or accidentally throw me across the room again.” Sam chuckled and heard Bobby gasp.
“He what!”
“Relax, it was an accident, he was having a nightmare and I tried to wake him. We're sharing a bed now so he's more used to me and doesn't react so violently to be woken. He went through a war Bobby; it's not surprising he reacted like that.”
“Yeah. You keep an eye on him; make sure he's handling it. And keep both of you alive.”
“Will do. Bye Bobby.”
Sam grumbled good naturedly as Harry laughed his head off. It was good to see Harry laughing so freely so Sam didn't really mind being the cause but if he didn't get clean soon he was going to stink forever! It was so not his fault he'd landed in a freaking swamp! It was all the fault of that freaky pissed off spirit. He was lucky Harry was with him or else he would have drowned, thankfully the same magic that had sent him into a wall several weeks before had yanked him from the swamp. They staggered into their motel room and Sam headed straight for the shower while Harry started on dinner. Sam was glad for the break from microwave meals and diner food. By the time he'd finally gotten all the swamp goo off Harry had dinner ready and they sat down to watch a movie and eat.
It was amazing really how quickly they'd fallen into a routine but it had happened without either of them noticing and it felt...nice. Not quite as effortless as things had been with Dean but Harry...the wizard was perceptive and knew when Sam needed his space and when he needed to laugh. He'd also thrown a pretty nice stunner the one time Sam had gotten depressed enough to try and make a deal to bring Dean back. He hadn't realised Harry knew such...colourful language until his cousin had revived him and given him the verbal lashing of the century. Harry hadn't let him out of sight for a week after that stunt and Sam was actually grateful for that.
Harry was a great fighter now which had come in handy the two times they'd run into a group of demons. And his sword....it was just as useful as Ruby's knife which Sam still had so between the two of them demons weren't actually much of a problem. It was kind of sad to see Harry fighting the way he did, he'd hoped Harry would be able to retain some sort of innocence but it was pretty obvious the war had stripped that from him. Harry still hadn't said much about his time in England and that worried Sam but then again he really wasn't that much better so he didn't really have the right to say anything.
“Ruby?” Sam asked in shock and the demon smirked.
“Who else. Who's the kid?” She asked and Harry rolled his eyes.
“Like I haven't heard that a million times. Harry Potter.” He answered and Ruby's eyes went wide.
“So this is where the precious saviour vanished too. Know who you're hunting with Sam?” She pushed and Sam nodded.
“My cousin. What do you want Ruby?” He asked tiredly, the day had been going well till now. Harry shifted beside him and Sam could feel the warm rush of Harry's magic surrounding and protecting them.
“Just to keep you alive, kill Lilith, the usual.” She answered and Harry's eyes narrowed, making Sam tense. One thing he'd learnt about Harry, his instincts were very rarely wrong and if he seemed to think Ruby's answer was off then it probably was. Yeah, she'd saved his life before but she'd also led him on about being able to save Dean and if it came to it, he'd trust Harry over her in a heartbeat.
“And we're supposed to trust a demon?” Harry asked tightly and she smirked at him.
“And a wizards so much better? I've heard all about Gryffindor's Heir and what you did in the war. Does Sam know?”
“No and I don't need to. Leave Harry alone Ruby. Just get out of here, we don't need you.” Sam angrily got between them, not liking the way she was attacking Harry. He'd heard Harry's nightmares, he didn't need to know and he wouldn't judge what Harry had done. Ruby's smirk turned to a look of rage and she lunged at Harry, eyes black. Harry reacted instinctively, sword appearing in his hand and right through Ruby's chest. She gasped and the black faded from her eyes as Harry removed the blade from the now dead body.
“Harry? Are you okay?” Sam asked and his cousin nodded shakily.
“I'm okay Sam.” Suddenly his eyes went wide.
“You're bleeding! I'm so sorry!” Harry babbled and Sam suddenly realised that his arm was hurting; Harry must have nicked him with the blade when he'd shoved Sam out of the way. The world suddenly span and Sam found himself on the ground, Harry keeping his head from hitting the ground.
“Harry?” He whispered and Harry swallowed.
“You're going to be okay Sam, just stay awake.” Harry begged and Sam gasped as he felt something flowing through him. It was Harry's magic, warm and comforting, and he knew Harry was healing the wound. The flow of warm energy was so comforting Sam had to struggle to keep his eyes open, a battle he slowly lost.
“I've got you Sam.” Was the last thing he heard as darkness claimed him.
Harry stared down at Sam, fighting tears. He'd come so close to losing the only family he had left and it was his own fault, he should have made sure Sam was out of range before summoning his sword to his hand. He'd seen the painful death the blade gave to humans; he couldn't have lived with himself if Sam had died from the wound. The sword had been forged in the days when wizards still believed in and fought demons, magic had been poured into it during it's making and then it had been soaked in basilisk venom only a few years ago when Harry had killed the one in the Chamber. He'd never cleaned the blade and so the venom had sunk into it, making even a scratch deadly to anyone but him. In saving Sam he'd been counting on the blood that bound them as family, sure it was from the wrong side of the family for the blade to react to Sam but it had been enough for Harry to force the blades wound to heal. He couldn't do anything about the scar it had left behind though.
Harry lowered Sam's head to the ground and walked over to the dead woman Ruby had been possessing. He felt a flash of guilt over killing her, he'd known she was alive when he'd attacked but he'd seen his death in Ruby's eyes and had reacted accordingly. Sighing he raised his hand and sent out a tendril of magic. The body was soon reduced to ash under the heat of magical fire and he returned to Sam's side, apparating them back to their room and then settling Sam into bed before crawling in next to him and curling up around him.