Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 15

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This will obviously be AU for s4.
Chapter 15
Dean bolted upright, gasping for air. He scrambled out of bed and into the bathroom, shutting the door quietly so the light wouldn't wake Sam or Harry. That was why he jumped as the door opened and Harry slipped inside, a worried frown on his face.
“You okay?” Harry whispered and Dean managed a nod which obviously didn't convince his cousin since he was shoved down onto the closed toilet lid and then had a cool cloth pressed to his face. The tap turned on and then Harry handed him a glass of water.
“I've got some Dreamless Sleep potion if you want.” That made Dean look at the floor in shame.
“Dean I'd be shocked if you didn't have nightmares. Even if you don't consciously remember what happened it'll still leave its mark. Ask Sam what it's like to try and wake me up from a nightmare. Why do you think we share a bed? It's so I don't nearly kill him again. You can't just ignore them and hope they go away, sooner or later you're going to have to deal with them.” Harry told him as he ran the cloth over the back of Dean's neck. He smiled as his cousin slowly began to relax, the tension and fear melting out of his body.
“When'd you get so wise?” Dean grumbled and Harry laughed softly.
“Don't know, maybe when I died.” And then he froze, realising Dean didn't know about that yet. His wrist was grabbed in an iron grip as Dean stared up at him in shock.
“What?” He hissed and Harry swallowed.
“Dean calm down, I'm fine now obviously.” Harry tried to reassure him but Dean had yanked him closer and was checking him over.
“What happened?” Dean's question was a bit loud and Harry slammed his free hand over his cousin's mouth.
“You'll wake Sam! This is gonna end in yelling...hang on.” Harry warned and then Dean felt like he was being squeezed through a very narrow tube. He staggered and then stared, finding them somewhere he didn't recognise.
“Apparently Dad had a family apartment in New York. This way we can talk without waking Sam. Do you mind letting go now?” Dean slowly let go, realising that his cousin's appearance wasn't all that had changed in their time apart. Harry yanked the dustcovers off and sat down on the couch and Dean sat beside him.
“Ever heard of something called a horcrux?” The teen asked and Dean shook his head.
“Basically it's a way to achieve immortality but it's very Black Magic. To make a horcrux you kill someone, splitting a piece off your soul and putting it into an object for safe keeping, its how Voldemort survived the night my parents died. And it turns out its how I survived too. He...I ended up a horcrux. In order to kill him we had to destroy them all. I walked into that forest knowing I was going to die and I did. And then I was given a choice, to go and join my family or to come back and finish what I'd started. Guess it's pretty obvious which I chose.” Harry told him and Dean stared in shock. When Harry had said he'd died he'd hoped he just meant something that CPR could handle but this? He stared at Harry, realising that for however long they'd both been dead poor Sam had truly had no family left alive. How close had Harry come to deciding to stay dead?
“Harry...” Dean trailed off, not sure what to say and then he pulled Harry into a hug. Harry clung to him and Dean held him tightly, not saying anything when he felt his shirt become damp.
“I didn't want to die but I couldn't let him win. I didn't want anyone else to die.” Harry whispered and Dean held him tight, this was the little cousin he remembered, it was nice to know he hadn't disappeared into the war hardened veteran.
“It's okay Harry, I'm glad you're alive.” Dean finally whispered and Harry sat back.
“I'm glad you're alive too. Sam really didn't make a deal. He tried once; I knocked him out and then stuck to him 24/7 for a week. I think it annoyed him but...you were dead and I didn't want to lose Sam too.” Harry told him.
“I'm glad you stopped him Harry. I did what I did willingly; I would never have wanted him to take my place. Though it would be nice if we knew how and what was able to bring me back.”
“There's nothing...wrong with how you came back or anything. I can feel it. You're not tied to anything or....You're back fully Dean. Just in case you were worried.” Harry tried to explain and Dean remembered feeling Harry's magic wash over him when the teen had arrived.
“Thanks. You think this psychic Bobby knows will learn anything else?”
“Don't know, I don't know anything about psychics. Seers are really rare in the Wizarding World though I know a lady who's given a few true prophecies. She'll probably need something whatever it was that brought you back touched.” Harry answered and Dean frowned before rolling his sleeve up.
“Like this?” He asked and Harry gasped, eyes going wide.
“Shit.” Harry swore as he felt his ring warm on his hand.
“What? You know what did this?” Dean asked, worried by Harry's reaction.
“It was not a demon. It feels...pure. Like a unicorn or phoenix but a million times more powerful.” Harry whispered in awe.
“So what? You're saying an angel did it?” Dean asked in disbelief only to find Harry was completely serious.
“Dean whatever it was, don't go looking for it.”
Sam looked from his brother to his cousin and knew something had happened while he was asleep that had Harry spooked and Dean unsure. A knock at the door let them know Bobby was up and about for the day.
“So we ready to hit the road?” The older hunter asked and Dean and Harry exchanged a look.
“Thanks Bobby but...I think we'll just leave it be for now. I'm fine and we know none of you made a deal. Why make trouble?” Dean said and Bobby's gaze sharpened.
“Are you sure you're feeling alright?” He asked and Harry sighed.
“Mr Singer it's okay.” Harry stepped in and Sam realised this was what they had talked about during the night.
“We need to know....”
“We know enough.” Harry said and Sam bit his lip, there was a tone of command in his cousin's voice the tone of someone used to giving orders and being obeyed. It would really be good to find out what had happened in England.
“Well....” Bobby seemed unsure so Sam decided to speak up.
“Bobby it's okay. You know us, we deal with things as they come.” Sam said with a grin and Bobby relaxed.
“Alright. So what next?”
“Breakfast?” Dean asked hopefully, his stomach backing him up a second later.
“Sounds good to me.”
“Do I get to know what happened last night?” Sam asked, twisting in his seat so he could see Dean and Harry who was in the backseat once again.
“What makes you think anything happened?” Dean asked, eyes on the road.
“Your sudden turn around on going to see Bobby's friend to start.” Sam answered.
“Whatever yanked Dean out of hell left a mark on his shoulder, I got a look at it last night and it's not demonic. It's also a million times more pure and powerful than a phoenix or unicorn. So trying to track it down and possibly annoying it? Really not smart.” Harry explained and Sam thought it over before nodding, it made sense to him not to annoy something that powerful without a good reason. Instead he sent up a prayer of thanks that he had his brother and cousin back safe and sound.
“Does Sam know the other thing you told me last night?” Dean asked and Harry nodded.
“He knows about the horcrux and how I got rid of it. It was an interesting chat.”
“I um, told Harry about what the demon did to me.” Sam said quietly and Dean nodded, hands tightening on the wheel. Pity he couldn't have dragged that things death out a bit more.
“What do you two say to a few days on a beach somewhere?” Dean suddenly asked.
“What?” Sam's eyes widened in shock.
“You heard me Sammy. We all need a break.” Dean said and Harry smiled.
“I've never been to the beach before.” He whispered and Sam nodded. They were going to take time as a family and just have fun together. Hunting could wait for a while.