Harry Potter - Series Fan Fiction / Supernatural Fan Fiction ❯ Meet Uncle John ❯ Chapter 16

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Chapter 16
Dean smiled as he watched Sam and Harry chase each other across the sand. It was nice to see the two so relaxed and having fun for once. He was glad he'd thought of taking a brief holiday, they all needed the break. Okay so technically Dean had been dead the last four months but he had been in hell, not exactly a vacation destination. And they still didn't know what had yanked him out, other than the fact it was powerful and good, at least that was what Harry believed.
Dean was so lost in thought that he didn't notice the two sneaking up on him. He yelped as they grabbed him and dragged him towards the waves.
“Don't you dare!” He yelled as he struggled but they were both laughing and ignoring his protests.
“Come one, put me down!” He yelled and then gulped at the cheeky grins the two younger men exchanged. Then they did as he asked, right into a wave he hadn't seen. Dean came up spluttering and swearing. He took off after Harry, listening to his laughing and letting it warm him.
“It's good to see him laughing.” Sam whispered and Dean looked over at him.
“Good to see both of you laughing Sammy.” Dean told him and Sam smiled, leaning against Dean's arm and Dean let him. He knew Sam needed to reaffirm Dean was back and after what he'd been through in hell....sometimes he needed it too.
“I'm glad you thought of this Dean. Guess we all needed a break.” Sam admitted and Dean nodded as Harry made his way back over to them only to freeze and then look around.
“Something's here.” Sam said and they raced to the blankets for the weapons they'd brought.
Dean grabbed his gun and then his gaze went to Harry who was standing on the beach, eyes shut and his hair moving in the air around him. Dean swallowed as his sword suddenly appeared in Harry's hand.
“You get used to things like that.” Sam commented, his own gun in his hands.
“Harry?” He called and the teen shrugged before spinning around, sword raised defensively. All three stared at the man in a trench coat that appeared, hands raised.
“I am not here to harm you.” The man said and Harry lowered his sword, backing towards his cousins.
“Harry?” Dean called.
“He's the one that pulled you from hell.”Harry answered and the man nodded.
“Who or what are you?” Dean demanded and them man looked at him.
“I am Castiel, an Angel of the Lord.” He answered and all three stared in shock.
“Why?” Dean asked quietly and Castiel stared at him.
“Because God commanded it.” Was the simple answer.
“Thank you.” Sam whispered and the angel turned to him.
“It was not done for you Sam Winchester.”
“Doesn't mean we can't say thanks.” Harry pointed out and Castiel turned back to him and actually inclined his head, to the shock of the brothers.
“Harry Potter. Gryffindor's Heir, the Master of Death.” Castiel stated and they stared at harry.
“What?” Dean asked but Harry kept staring at the angel.
“So you know who I am.” Harry stated flatly and Castiel nodded.
“All of Heaven was aware of your sacrifice. Many humans would die for those they love but to die for strangers and those who have harmed you? You earnt many angel's respect that day.” Castiel explained and Harry nodded tightly.
“Okay back up. What the hell are you two talking about?” Dean demanded.
“It's nothing Dean.” Harry answered.
“Why did God order you to pull Dean from hell?” Harry changed the subject.
“Because He has work for you.” Castiel answered and Harry rolled his eyes.
“What work?” Harry asked and Dean looked at Sam who shrugged. Neither knew why Harry was so...tense.
“Stopping Lilith from freeing Lucifer.” Castiel answered.
“She's trying to what?” Sam asked shakily and Harry stepped back, nudging him gently.
“Release Lucifer from his cage and bring about hell on earth.” Castiel confirmed.
“That's not good.” Harry whispered and Castiel nodded.
“There are Seals that keep him contained. One has already been broken, another sixty five must be broken. We need you to stop them.” Castiel explained.
“Why us or me?” Dean demanded.
“That I do not know. I was just told to save you and inform you of your job.” Castiel told them and then he was gone.
“Guess the vacation's over.” Sam stated and then they all looked at each other.
“Bobby?” Harry asked and Dean nodded.